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  1. So I gave this a watch just for giggles and Sh*ts. First thing I took note of is the voice actors for Prime and Megatron trying to sound like the originals. I haven't sat down and watched transformers on TV since the 80's. It's like going back now as adult and re-watching, Voltron, or Gi Joe.. and seeing how silly it really was. Great for nostalgia but no. As for movies.. I saw the 86 movie in 1986! I never thought any of the Bay movies were even worth the time or effort, I saw the first one and bailed on the rest. I did give the Bumblebee movie a go and I thought it w
  2. So I just recently came back from a screening of the 3rd movie of the FSN Heavens Feel Trilogy. Spring Song was IMO very well animated and continues UFO tables legacy of Fate series adaptations. However.. Yes here it comes, I do not think the adaptation to a movie format was the correct choice. I will focus on the finale here, as I would need to refresh myself on the other 2 parts, but it feels like much of the main plot is completely left on the editing room floor. I can only hope that they do right by Heavens Feel and give it a full TV Series like they have done with U
  3. Well, my Hikki 1S arrived along with 2 sets of SSP. I am eyeing other planes from this line, should probably get my hands on the Kakizaki release at some point. Probably already gonna a hit to the wallet when I do.
  4. Currently I am attempting to catch up on Log Horizon before the 3rd season hits Next anime season. Still watching Kamisama ni Natta Hi and I still don't know where its going and we are 8 episodes in at this point.
  5. And this is why I have been put off this line. I have enough expensive hobbies as it is, and a happy Mrs. is the most expensive one.. lol I FINALLY bit the bullet and picked up the Fokker 1S damn you @sqidd and your links. I also just went and got the missle set, at some point before they become unobtanium I need a strike/super set. But I really am having a hard time justifying the price points for any of this.
  6. I was in the same situation, got a login for CBS and started watching. I got through the 1st season and gave up. The worst part is there were no really memorable moments for me and I would be hard pressed to have something stand out.. maybe the ridiculous looks Klingon ship designs..
  7. I just finished Ep 3 of Kamisama ni Natta Hi. Verdict is still out on this.. too early for me to get a feel yet as to how it is going to go. But I expect an attempt at the Feels by then end as Key is so known for.
  8. ?? There are some groups out there like USCCA that have some good information and offer services. https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/ Your best bet for insurance, is to learn your local laws, take some classes, there are several that deal with CCW and get proficient with your handgun.
  9. @rick.vale my original plan fell apart. However I did locate a fairly cheap countercade that I can use. PM away. Rob
  10. Lisa just arrived, not bad. She will sit in her box for awhile until I finally finish my shelving solution.
  11. And another update.. Interesting because they mention the SBA4 pistol brace directly.
  12. LOL shhh, the fanboys will come running. Most of the series is a slog, it does have it's moments and does pickup towards the end. Honestly I got through it once and that was enough.
  13. I just watched the first episode of Kamisama ni Natta Hi. For those that don't know this is the latest Anime project from Key/Visual Arts.. (Angel Beats, Charlotte.. etc) Typical first episode, could go either way and I am seriously hoping this doesn't go down the path of ReWrite as that anime adaptation was a dumpster fire.
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