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  1. So I started watching Fate Extra Last Encore.. It's pleasantly better then expected so far.. only 4 episodes in so far. I am surprised Netflix has this.
  2. Hi-Metal R

    I just grabbed it from NY.. MW is not healthy for my wallet.. lol
  3. Wrapped up Beatless and meh.. while not bad it never reached its potential and while technically it didn't have an ending the later episodes really fell apart with the plot going off the rails. It's hinted there is more... but I'm not holding my breath. DxD Hero.. I can't say this series is not predictable. While episode 11 was good, the series is still failing to catch the first season in regards to overall quality. But at least Hero is leaps and bounds over the last 2 seasons. FMP.. The animation quality is pretty bad.. its not even worth talking about the latest plot points.. thats how terrible it was. People are complaining about the AS sequences and I am dismayed by just the character animation in general... and it really rears its head in Episode 10. 3 times worth noting Sosuke when injured and in bed.. they kept panning to the same creepy and unnatural half head cocked view. 2nd.. When Tessa is back in her quarters.. it really gets sloppy and 3rd.. Kaname in the pool.. the animation just goes to crap..
  4. Just for the heck of it, I watched Knights of Sidonia.. I expected it to suck.. and was pleasantly surprised when it did not! They left it hanging though.. which I found annoying.. and several major plot points left unresolved... season 3 maybe?
  5. OK first off.. I want my 18 or so minutes back from watching that video... If I wanted my anime to be realistic.. I'd be watching TV.. and on top of that if i wanted to analyze and use logic to decipher problems.. I'd be at work... again Anime.. not real.. nuff said. Needless to say.. there are some good points made in regards to general plot progression.. however since this video was made before the latest episode (ep.20 as of this post) some of what he critiques is already obsolete. However after episode 20 at this point even I am trying to figure out what the hell I just watched..
  6. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Just an FYI.. I reached out to Kitz Concepts awhile back inquiring about any additional releases of the TV Fokker 1S SD valk.. They kept telling me soon.. Well I just got a response saying that they should be putting it out again in Q3 2018.. Its the only SD Valk I have not been able to snag.. when it pops on ebay it's waaaaaay overpriced.
  7. I'd be willing to check out season 3.. This series was a strange one IMO.. I enjoyed Index... but I loathed Railgun, and the other spinoff with Accelerator or whatever his name was just seemed blah at best. Besides Darling in the Franx there is nothing out this season that I am real into.. FMP reboot is ok not bad but ok. Grancrest Senki.. while interesting is very rushed.. they went from a run.. to a mad dash. Megalo Box.. actually is pretty good.. High School DxD Hero... Meh.. Hinamatsuri.. Kinda funny, Kinda stupid Beatless.. It has potential, but it seems as if the shows creator is asleep at the wheel currently.
  8. Weapons Banter Thread

    The FS2000 could be very picky with magazines. As you discovered aluminum GI magazines worked the best. Our department had a handful of these to try out when they were exploring different patrol carbine options.. I personally prefer the IWI Tavor over the FS2000 to be honest.. but that is an asthetics thing for me.. both rifles function as intended.
  9. Bubblegum Crisis OVA Blu-ray Direct Release

    I saw this earlier.. it's cool that BGC is getting a wider release then just kickstarter.. I have the Kickstarter and that is good enough for me.. but for those that don't get it! BGC is a classic!
  10. Arcadia SDF-1 Movie version 1/3000 reissue

    The pictures did me in... my wallet is sad now... lol
  11. Hi-Metal R

    I have 1 VT-1 on preorder.. I should probably get a 2nd one just to show off the other figures.. I don't go pre-order crazy cause I still need to report to the CFO (the mrs.) lol
  12. I am finally going through Amazon's anime catalogue since they dissolved Strike. Watched Eromanga Sensei.. and I had mixed feelings about it.. on one hand it had a pretty high creep factor.. on the other Kuroneko made a brief cameo.. so meh Just finished rewatching Saekano.. I really enjoyed this one.. yes they use all the standard tropes and they make fun of themselves doing it. The strength in this series is the character interactions.. onwards towards Season 2.
  13. Hi-Metal R

    Got my DYRL Hikaru 1A Super last night from HLJ, I haven't done anything but ogle the box art yet...
  14. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    well I paid more then I should have but I ended up snagging one. Let's hope they make a YF-21 next.
  15. BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Too early to say in or out, I would want to see some better pictures. I definitely have more interest in this then I do in Frontier or Delta stuff.. YF-21 next maybe?