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  1. So the Black and Gold version is available again? I just got my notice that the "Black and Red" version shipped. I don't think you will go wrong at this price point if you want the unique paint scheme. The B&G version looks very nice in person, and is a good display piece.
  2. I guess I have the unpopular opinion. I have 2 MT cars.. a 69 Charger and a 2007 Civic Si. Both are totally different beasts driving MT but I wouldn't want it any other way. my 2 4Runners are AT, though if I could locate a solid 3rd Gen T4R in MT, I would be all over it.
  3. Lost Universe is on my list to watch. I watched this years ago... I picked it up pretty cheaply pretty recently, so its on my list. Demi-chan.. Not bad, definate slice of life. or cute monster girls doing cute things. I am doing another watch of Bunny Girl Sempai to prepare for Rascal does not dream of dreaming girl movie coming out early next month. I missed the movie at AX.. and I will catch it in theatres. Anyone going to the Promare movie premier next week?
  4. The SOC Voltron is very cool.. a definate keeper. As for the definitive Voltron? I'm gonna stick with the one I grew up with, which was my Matchbox Voltron III. Yep Chunky, not posable.. but 80's awesome to this day.
  5. I was able to swing by the homestead today during work, and low and behold there was Hikaru. I have a feeling I will be displaying him with his flight helmet on, looks pretty nice.
  6. I don't think the scale is off by much.. looking at the infamous couple photo, Minmay's top of her head comes just about even with Hikaru's eyes. The figure has it very close.. Not that anime hasn't taught us that we can't use scenes for scaling.. cause anime magica or something
  7. Just got my GX-71 from BBTS. I just got around to opening the box, and haven't had time to fiddle with it.. much joy to be had! It will have a home between my Matchbox Voltron III and my 20th Anniversary Toynami.
  8. great review @jenius I like the paint scheme now even more. Eventually I will be able to unbox this ans some others and put them on a shelf.. for now though.. in the closet they go.
  9. I still haven't changed my original statement about this season being Dull for the most part. Again Dumbells, Danmachi 2, are the standouts for me. Arfureta has gone down hill fast Accelerator so far seems to be good as well.
  10. so I caught up on Accelerator for now. It's kinda showing the same cracks that Index and the other spinoffs have been showing for awhile. Apparently there are even more factions with nonsense names and you hear about them for 1 or 2 episodes.... sigh. However... at this point I am enjoying Accelerator. Much more then say Index 3.. which was a bust.
  11. Glad to hear you found one. I have a fairly long email chain with KC and to their credit they are pretty responsive. I am still nagging them about the Fokker 1S SD version, which I have but is missing one of the heads.
  12. Interesting comparisons between the KC,Calibre, and Bandai. I have both versions of Calibre's Fokker's TV 1S coming in short order from BBTS. Eventually once I complete my game room I am hoping to display them. Along with all the Macross F-14 variants.
  13. Well my "Dark Gold Version" Fokker TV 1S arrived today. Typical packaging with an outer and inner box which is standard on KC releases. I am not gonna open this one up until I complete my game room renovations and have someplace to display it. 581/660 so fairly late to end of the run. I am more interested to see if they kept that Neon Green Display Stand with this release. Front Outer Box Side Outer Box Rear Outer Box Front Inner Box Inner Side Box Inner Rear Box
  14. So I am watching Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. I have completed Season 1 and moving onto Season 2.. yeah I still have no idea what I am watching. I think I got this cheap with a Sentai Sale.. The entire plot really does not make any sense.. I would hope the source material if any, is better because the anime is barely coherent at this point. oh yea and I forgot to mention Boobs... pretty gratuitous on this aspect.. no outright nudity but pretty close. so maybe that was the whole point of this series?
  15. All in all I am pretty disappointed as a whole with Summer 2019 anime season. I am still following several series but for the most part I'd say this season is a bust. Exceptions being at this point, Danmachi S2, Copcraft, Dumbells, and maybe Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou. My verdict is still out on Kanata no Astra but I am not really motivated to keep going with it either.
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