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  1. I just pre-ordered the Rick 1J almost missed that.
  2. @jvmacross Try hitting up KC customer service via email. I got mine originally via BBTS but its no longer listed on their website. Ebay has it, but no way would I pay anywhere close to what they are asking for it.
  3. So Rolling this thread back abit.. I finally acquired the Fokker 1S. This completes the SD collection for now... still waiting on the GBP Armor SD valk. Interesting thing worth noting is that only 2 valks have boxes that integrated the fast packs.. M&M Super 1Js 2 other valks bundled the fast packs with the valk in the brown box.. Hikaru 1S and CF 1A. The rest I got spare sets for... (not pictured)
  4. Mine arrived earlier today, got some quick pictures..
  5. I just got my notification as well. I still haven't had a chance to really fiddle with the VF-1S yet. so this might be my excuse to do so.
  6. I've seen that pop up recently on Netflix.. was gonna give it a go at some point. I just finished watching the Please Teacher Blu ray release by Rightstuf. I haven't watched this title since 2003, and it brought me back.
  7. I'm still watching Domestic X Kanojo.. I can't pull away from this series. It's not particularly good or bad, but watching things blow up in the main characters face is entertainment by itself. As for the 3rd Season of Snafu... that is great news.. I was resigned to having to read the LN if I wanted to see how it turned out.
  8. I started watching Domestic no Kanojo... Only 1 ep in at this point and it feels like a setup for an VN..
  9. While I am getting the Index III episodes I haven't gone past the episode where I last commented on it. It was getting too silly for me. As for Date a Live III, Best Girl (Kurumi) may have just saved the entire season. The introduction of the 2nd loli was fairly boring, and the Oregami reveal was very ho hum as well. This latest plot turn however has me taking notice.
  10. I agree that Shield hero has gotten really good, I would have to say I am enjoying Love is War better though.
  11. So do I drop slime now? It sounds to me like it's going to keep getting more and more ... MEH. My trek through cheap holiday anime continues.. Watamote is on my plate. I have gone through 2 episodes and its pretty stupid so far.
  12. So 2 of the current titles am following have flip flopped in regards to my interest on them. Slime is getting very MEH, the latest episode is very Dull which is bad when it was supposed to be the culmination of an Action Arc. And on the flip side Rising Shield hero which started as MEH is actually getting quite good IMO. Finished my NIS copy of Kotaru-san, I enjoyed it, not sure I would give it a general recommendation though not for everyone.
  13. I was able to snag a title that just went out of print that I completely forgot about. Kotoura-san or as NIS America titled it The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura. Apparently just recently went OOP, I kinda scrambled to find it, so now that I have it I am giving it a rewatch. Not a great title in the slightest, but I would have been upset had I never gotten around to acquiring it. I also just finished a rewatch of the Funimation release of Ancient Magus Bride.. overall the first half of this series was excellent.
  14. I should probably sit down and give that a rewatch, I just remember the main character to be obnoxious and unlikable. The movie on the other hand was pretty good, better IMO then the TV series. I am continuing my trek through holiday anime purchases.. Still need to finish your lie, but just wrapped up Overlord 2.. I must say S3 of Overlord was such a disappointment compared to S1 and S2.
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