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  1. All my VF-1 stuff came in. I have managed to pick up everything from both the F14 and VF1 Calibre Wings has put out to date. on the VF-1 side they all look pretty good, I am partial to the Farewell big brother 1S, and the low viz 1S. on the F-14 side its a harder choice.. I really like the VF-1D TV paint scheme.. it's just ugly and its great. But I am also privy to the tomcat in an all black scheme like VX-9. So the Stealth version also gets a high rating.
  2. Flying Mule dumped the rest of my Cailbre Wings PO's I would need to check but I think I am current now with all releases.
  3. KC did an SD TV valk toy for him. I'll try and dig up my pic somewhere in the toy thread. Found it Max is a bonus.
  4. I got notification of a bunch of my pre-order stuff got shipped last week.
  5. Just way too much this season to keep up. I just watched up to ep 7 of Last Dungeon.. and meh. It's not terrible but it's not actually that good either. The whole selling point of this show is that the main character is OP to normies, but weak around others from his village. At first it's amusing but it's getting stale, and with all the female characters going gaga over this guy its starting to get annoying. I may end up dropping this in the next ep or 2.
  6. wow, yeah that just looks bad. And this is coming from someone who has a soft spot for the old Mechwarrior RPG artwork.. lol.
  7. The Rebuild movies are not a requirement for evangelion. Doesn't mean they aren't any good, the 1st and 2nd are up there.. the 3rd.. meh. NGE TV ep 1-26 EOE and D&R are however. Sadamato's Manga is also highly recommended.. it has a different take on some pretty big events during NGE.
  8. I was told to check out Horimiya, and it's pretty good so far upto Ep 3.
  9. and on a lighter note.. ReZero S2 Part 2, 3 episodes in and its still doing quite well. I was worried that the 2nd season would kinda fall flat, but so far so good. I need to catch up on the Novels, but I still need to finish Goblin Slayer, and Suka Suka first.
  10. Finished the Strike the blood 2 OVA's, overall not as good as the first season. I can see why this was in OVA format as every episode seemed to feature one of the Heroines topless, which is creepy due to age of some of the Heroines.. the Mrs. was amused by this so.. bonus I guess? @Hikaru Ichijo SL Good to hear you finished M7. I watched it way back and it is a title I will never go back and rewatch again. Not that it was bad, but it definitely was not any good either. My 2 biggest complaints were it took something like 35+ episodes before it actually picked up,
  11. I just started wrapped up Ep 3 of the Strike the Blood 2 OVAs. Kinda meh on this title, while I enjoyed the first season, so far this is pretty unremarkable. I am going to hold off for an episode or 2 on Winter 2021 titles, give myself some breathing room.
  12. I just wrapped up Tonikawa, Over the Moon and I have to say I enjoyed it. Nothing really outstanding about it but it was enjoyable. Also on a recommendation watched Princess Connect Re:Dive. Another title that entertained me even though it was pretty generic, kinda got a konosuba type vibe to it. and lastly Kami-sama ni Natta Hi "The day I became a god" Pass on this one. This series was a disaster, it had some funny in the beginning, but when it came time for the big reveal it completely fell on its face. It at least landed the ending, but at that point I no longer c
  13. My point still stands, DX's for MSRP.. where? Can I get a Hikky 1J TV for MSRP? (No in all seriousness? this is the only one I don't have currently) How about a Max TV 1A? Fast Packs? TV Fast Packs? Any of that near MSRP? But putting that aside.. we have a thread for DX toys.. this is not it. MW has this habit of poo-pooing on anything not Bandai.. I'm tired of it. I cared when I was younger then I grew up.. just sayin.
  14. Your joking right? MSRP DXs if you get in on an early preorder. I don't think I have managed that once. $200 nets you both the KC VF1 and the fast packs in comparison to $250+ for the DX VF1 and another $150-200 for the DX fast packs. I could understand this argument if they were both in the same price point.. but they are not even close. I bought in on the KC line for the SD Valks.. and then went for the 1/72 releases because they have impressed me. I have yet to see KC not address a problem when brought to their attention, both this thread and the 1.0 thread have exa
  15. Pre-order is up for a Rick Hunter 1S with or without fastpacks. Assuming this is a V2 release of the Fokker 1S with some tampo changes.
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