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  1. Gasaraki, the OP is probably my strongest memory of this show. It wasn't particularly bad, but it tried to have some "meta" type elements and I don't think it pulled it off very well. The mecha were pretty interesting and not way out spacey there like Gundam.. mostly because it was supposed to be sold as a modern day possibility utilizing current technology. There was a scene where one of these had an air battle with some Russian styled Flankers.. that was pretty interesting.
  2. meh, I am on the fence with these things.. I played RT RPG tactics a handful of times, and the big chore was building them.. But did I play it enough to justify the cost of admission at $10 a figure... probably not.
  3. I have one of those non transforming VF-1 fighters in a different paint scheme. I think its more HIkaru DYRL paint scheme if I remember correctly.. and it came from a toyline called ExoSquad or something along those lines. I remember looking at it like WTF?
  4. Finished No Guns Life and Shinchou Yuusha. No Guns life was probably my choice for best of Fall 2019 anime season. Shinchou Yuusha felt like there was s disconnect somewhere between episode 9 and 10. And IMO it really hurt the ending flow of the series. But all in all not bad.
  5. While I am still enjoying their releases.. IMO what originally sold me on KC were the SD figures. I'd love to see the GBP SD figure get released at some point. Sucks really considering most of the SD line is dried up or waaaay overpriced.
  6. Mayo Chiki wasn't bad. It had its moments unlike most of this anime season. So I wrapped up Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo. There are just so many things that I find wrong with this series.. between unlikable characters.. extremely weak secondary characters.. And character art that literally creeped me out. The plot or lack of any pretty much dominated the 2nd half.. so if Saekano was the good way to handle a harem type anime.. this series is the exact opposite. Spoiler.. it ends on a cliff hanger... double spoiler... it still didn't make any sense.
  7. Macross 7... umm yeah where to begin with that one. This was the macross low point for me that was just replaced by Delta. What I always thought was funny was how people would knock Macross 2, but be gaga over Macross 7.. I am still churning through anime I picked up cheaply last year.. Log Horizon... 8 episodes in and its not bad.
  8. I hear ya, most of the cars I have been dabbling in lately are 30+ years old and just about all of them are manual. Only recent exception was an 1982 280ZX. Probably would have held it longer if it was manual.
  9. Adding another email from KC.. about Hikaru/Rick's TV 1J Dear Customers, Thank you for your order. Please be advised that production of the first batch of our 1/72 VF 1-J Rick is expected to be completed around Christmas. Kindly understand that as a lot of manual processes are involved in assembling the product, the quantity per batch is very small. We will try our best to arrange delivery of all the preorders before Chinese New Year. Thank you in advance for your patience in waiting for your turn. Paypal invoice for the balance will be sent to you 1-2 weeks before delivery. If there are any changes in your shipping details, please let us know promptly. (If you have already selected the Packaging Upgrade option, please ignore this paragraph.) Also, please be reminded that our free shipping ( or special shipping) is applicable to standard shipping packaging only, i.e. 8 protective corners + plastic bubble sheet + vinyl shipping bag. For customers with higher demand on the packaging boxes, there is an option to pack the item(s) with an extra carton box at the following additional charge per unit. US, Australia and New Zealand USD5.00 SE Asia USD3.00 Europe USD8.00 HK USD2.00 Others USD10.00 If you would like to opt in, please revert and we will include the charge in your balance invoice. For customers who order more than 1 unit and would like to opt in, please contact us for quotation on the additional charge. Thank you again for your support! Regards, Kitzconcept Ltd
  10. meh, I don't care enough about star trek anymore to get worked up about it. The Kelvin timeline or whatever term they are calling it now is "OK" no great but not terrible. However Discovery.. Hard pass. This new Piccard Series.. probably a Hard pass. New Kelvin timeline Star Trek.. maybe
  11. I got mine earlier this week. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet. I probably should have gotten in the Riding Bean one as well, but that was my laziness.
  12. Tanya and the Saga of Evil was much better then I expected. I avoided this title as well because from the reviews and previews it just didn't sound like something I would enjoy. I am glad I gave it a shot. So I came back from a screening of the Konosuba movie this week. All in all I enjoyed it, much better then I thought it was going to be 9/10. This movie focused on Megumin and her relationship with Kazuma. WIthout going into spoilers there was a reverse Goblin Slayer moment.. lol. Megumin's backstory and family are explored in this movie and Chuni's abound. Here is to a 3rd season and beyond.
  13. In for Roy.. Also in for a Hikaru TV -1J with fast packs... which I thought I ordered already but apparently did not. As for scale.. honestly don't care. If it looks good and displays well with the others scale means nothing to me. What ever happened to the SD Valk line.. they hinted a GBP 1J.. where is that?
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