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  1. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Why SD Valkyries? WHY?

    I have a set of clear Toynami morphers.. with a collectors cell... somewhere... I thought they were pretty silly IMO. I ended up Going all in on the KC SD Valks.. I have everything out except for the fokker 1S.. which reminds me I need to send them an email about that. I was using them as toppers for my SDF Macross Pachislo machine.. they replaced the HMR valks that replaced my original topper, which was a Max and Millia Super Posables from toynami.
  2. haha lmao.. seriously though these titles now are turning into full on sentences.. Full title is.. What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?
  3. Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl, blah blah blah.. was the breakout of last season IMO. Sad part is Aniplex has the rights to it, so expect an overpriced blu-ray if you want it. I was On Call this weekend so I was chained to the station which left me with lots of free time.. I finished World End.. Blah blah blah long title. The series was interesting, I think I will need to rewatch this title as I kept getting interrupted but it was refreshing coming off the drek that was Rosario Crapfest. I also got through most of High Score Girl, considering the main heroine says absolutely nothing the entire series I actually am enjoying it. Feel kinda sorry for the blonde in this series. The main heroine seems pretty 1 dimensional because she never says anything.
  4. Rosario Vampire Season 2 might be one of the worst anime's I have ever seen in my life. The first season was very bland, and while not terrible the premise was stale by the beginning of the 2nd season. The 2nd season took everything from the first and made it SUPER awkward. The main protagonist is your typical vanilla clueless and gutless lead, and this gets amplified when they start hinting at something bigger, just to end the show when he starts to stop being gutless.. -5/10 yes I went negative This is a shame as I have read most if not all of the manga series and it's actually not bad.
  5. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I think that since this is a new endeavor for KC, and not knowing if this will sell.. you have to pick what your battles. And Fokker's 1S is a hill that makes sense in a retail standpoint to die on. Hikki's 1J will probably be right on it's heels if this is profitable.
  6. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Doesn't look bad.. the stand could probably use a coat of flat black or something to make it less obnoxious.
  7. Honestly I think this was a poor anime adaptation of the source material. But your not the first person to mention this, I read the manga first and couldn't get past 2 episodes. The people who enjoyed this were first time viewers for the most part. The manga is good enough for me to recommend.. the anime... not so much. I slogged my way through the first season of Rosario Vampire.. and meh. I have read the source material for this series as well, as @Seto Kaiba mentioned previously and enjoyed it. The anime is a far cry from that at least as of the 1st season.
  8. Just wrapped up Eureka 7.. I dropped this series when it first came out because the characters were annoying.. I gave it a go again since I got the blu-ray cheap and my initial observations still stand. 50 episodes was too long for this series and the amount of teen angst and drama really drags this down. While overall I would give this series a 6.5/10 it is mediocre at best, never understood the hype behind it. Also finished Chivalry of a Failed Knight another title I picked up cheaply. This probably had some good source material, but the anime did not convey it very well. It started with a fanservice scene right off the bat so you knew where this was going. It spent more time on pointless fights early on, and then totally blew the last and only fight that I was looking forward to watching in the last episode. Then explained it all away with anime magica or something. I know I am being harsher then I should be since I picked this up cheap, but it deserves the bargain bin treatment. 4/10 Next on my list is What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? and Rosario Vampire.. WorldEnd has my interest, Rosario Vampire.. not at all. Gonna take abit of a break first though Eureka 7 wiped me out.
  9. Stampeed Valkyrie

    All things Voltron

    well lets discuss the "gay" character then. The whole Shiro is gay thing comes right out of left field.. it had no plot merit, and his partner is killed off in what.. 5 min? I can't look at that any other way then pandering to a specific fansbase.. Why kill the partner off so quick if it was to be a thing? 2nd.. the last scene Wedding.. really? Again right out of left field... no plot merit.. closing scene and... there it is. so Fail.
  10. Stampeed Valkyrie

    All things Voltron

    Sorry, but this series was bad beyond just the SJW inserts.. Yes this series went Woke.. but that is not my only issue with this reboot. This should have been named Paladins.. not Voltron. The robot title character literally disappears for a good part of the story more so early on. This leads to some of the most boring content of this series.. and 1 season where literally nothing worth noting happens.
  11. Chugging along on a rewatch of Eureka 7. Currently on ep 20 out of 50. I remember watching parts of this series back when it first came out and I dropped it. Also started back up with Index 3 again.. I think the creator of this series just wanted to toss in random English words, and needed a reason.. the sheer number of random groups with English names is silly (School, Item, Member) The plot is so far gone at this point, I don't know who is on who's side and Accelerator is the only real redeeming character and that is stretching it. Ultimately I may end up dropping this franchise, which is a shame since this was one of my favorites.
  12. I think this series was the breakout title of this season. Possibly one of the best of 2018. SSSS.Gridman was also pretty good, more so then I expected.
  13. Stampeed Valkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    so in other news... Any additional information on any other VF-4 releases.. I saw the Max and Millia versions, and have been getting the itch.. lol
  14. Stampeed Valkyrie

    This was bound to happen...gray market VF's?

    My order just came in. Not much to comment on that hasn't been said already. Overall quality is pretty good and I am happy with this purchase.
  15. Stampeed Valkyrie

    All things Voltron

    So I Just finished the 8th Season of Woketron Legendary lameness and good riddance. It had much promise in the first few seasons.. then they went Woke.. and then it all went to crap. I'd take Voltron 3D over this dumpster fire.