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  1. As I mentioned earlier, the manga for this title is much better. But the Anime was OK. I'm not too surprised about this.. what does surpise me is the 2nd season announcement of Fairy Gone..
  2. I am finally catching up on all the Series I was following as they finally wrap up. Isekai Quartet.. except for the last 2 episodes turned out much better then I expected.. happy to see a 2nd season in works. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari.. This title consistently held my interest, I'd like to see more if it if they decided to ever keep going. Another example of anime never telling the full story and just being an advertisement for the light novels. Kenja no Mago.. Started out pretty well, but got Dull quickly. It seemed to revel in being completely generic with all the standard tropes. While not a stinker, not worth a pickup or a rewatch. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai.. Your typical Harem/School Rom-com anime. The manga IMO is much better. I have yet to watch the final episode but I am not expecting greatness from it. Dororo.. I am waaay behind on this, just started watching the 2nd cour now. What I have seen so far I have enjoyed so I am hoping the latter half doesn't go downhill. Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!?... I don't even know what to say about this one.. more censorship then anything else. A friend of mine is telling me this is Korean in origin... way to go Korea! Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san.. This is a safe title to watch with the Significant other.. unlike the last title I listed above. If you like Moe your good with this one. I still need to watch the last episode.. but pretty harmless. Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai... Actually not bad at all. This series ended up being popular with some of the female members of the viewing group, and the OP was pretty catchy. Fairy Gone... Dunno Dropped after the 3rd episode. 2nd season announced.. Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO... on my list to watch probably will get to it after AX this year. Apparently the VN it is based off of is getting a western release, and has been recommended to me. Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin.. On the fence with this one, while not bad it wasn't great either. Too many loose threads left over for a 12 episode series. Probably could use another season to flesh out it's core concepts.. unlikely I would watch it though. Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma.. no just no Chou Kadou Girl ⅙: Amazing Stranger.. AOTY! lol seriously though I wanted to see more of this. It was enjoyable and was this seasons guilty pleasure. Shoumetsu Toshi... Another title I dropped fairly early on in the season. With my current backlog its unlikely I will come back to it. And that was my list.. give or take some stuff from previous seasons. Speaking of Previous seasons, I have been reading Domestic Girlfriend.. Which I nominated for Anime Train Wreck of the Year 2019.. and the manga is surprisingly good. I am well past where the series ended, and hopefully it wraps up soon. With everyone out of High School now its getting long in the tooth.
  3. Background checks for ammo purchases.. probably won't be around for very long. I am not sure how this passes the sniff test on constitutional muster. Not to mention the fact that you can just drive across state lines and have at it. I am willing to bet shops start selling lots of ammo to CA residents in short order. As for voluntarily registering weapons.. another bad idea. Can't say I'd comply.
  4. I watched ep 1 on Netflix.. 2 things worth noting. Shinji now sounds like Rei.. or to be more accurate.. the VA could do either character with the same acting.. just sayin. And no more fly me to the moon... boo. Misato's english VA just seems to be meh. I probably will push further hear what Rei sounds like.. and eventually Asuka. But Shinji is fail.
  5. So when I inquired about who the distributor of the KC gold VF-1S was from.. This is the response I got. Our wholesaler is Animie-Pro in HK. Thank you MY
  6. I honestly thought these turned into Vapor-ware when the release date kept getting pushed further and further back. Now I need to locate the VF-1D variant.
  7. hmmm I am going to reach out to KC and see what they say about getting one of these things.
  8. I have caught up for the most part. Isekai quartet has turned out much better then I expected. Shield hero seems to be winding down now, at least it didn't bottom out like slime did. Wiseman's grandson has gotten very stale.. I haven't stopped watching it yet, but it has gotten so generic that I don't care to keep going I tried to binge eps. 6-9 and meh. I am planning on finally watching my copy of Orguss this weekend.
  9. I've been rebuilding 2 m1 carbines that I picked up at auction a few years back. US. Postal Meter and a Saginaw Gear. Most of the parts are correct, with some different manufacturer stamps here and there. They sat for awhile and are both just about done, I'll see if I can get pictures at some point.
  10. Normally I would be right with everyone in knocking ADVs normally crappy dubs. However.. in this instance Asuka's JP VA generally makes my ears bleed. That combined with the mangling of German.. hard pass. As far as dubs go, eva's dub while not perfect is not half as bad as people here are making it sound. And if you compare it to modern dubs... even the worst ADV dub is a masterpiece. Modern dubs have nosedived into Dumpster fire territory and I doubt this will be any different. So hard pass on the new Dub.
  11. I'm behind on Isekai Quartet, Shield Hero, and One Punch Man S2. Hopefully I can get the time to catch up this weekend. Also dusted off and wrapping up Tora Dora.. a low key favorite of mine. Finally watched a silent voice.. not bad. oh and Amazing Stranger.. It's this season guilty pleasure title.. lol
  12. I just pre-ordered the Rick 1J almost missed that.
  13. @jvmacross Try hitting up KC customer service via email. I got mine originally via BBTS but its no longer listed on their website. Ebay has it, but no way would I pay anywhere close to what they are asking for it.
  14. So Rolling this thread back abit.. I finally acquired the Fokker 1S. This completes the SD collection for now... still waiting on the GBP Armor SD valk. Interesting thing worth noting is that only 2 valks have boxes that integrated the fast packs.. M&M Super 1Js 2 other valks bundled the fast packs with the valk in the brown box.. Hikaru 1S and CF 1A. The rest I got spare sets for... (not pictured)
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