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  1. This is the placeholder for all bugs and config changes with the new software. Please post any issues here! Thank you Shawn
  2. Hi,

    Are you having any problems logging in? I received a request from a user dax009 saying they were you

    Just trying to verify identity here..


  3. Obscure valk drawing (VF-G1A?)

    man, drawing a blank right now, but swear I've seen the companion vf-4 before arghhh where???!!!
  4. Macross Books

    Wow-thanks for the heads up on the Hasegawa catalog-nice!
  5. Looking for MacrossWorld Con? It’s now SUPER DIMENSION CONVENTION! Returning this year to the Torrance Cultural Arts on Saturday, October 28th. This year we welcome the return of our Guest of Honor, Mari Iijima, along with Special Guest, world-renowned Japanese cosplayer Reika. Everything that you’ve come to know about the event will be there, including the Dealer’s Hall, Collector’s Museum, Custom Contest, Idol Contest, and more. Registration starts at just $15 https://www.facebook.com/SuperDimensionConvention https://sdcon.ticketleap.com/sdcon2017 Please come for another fantastic year!! Shawn
  6. Anyone going to this concert? I think it would be incredible to hear the music performed live... http://macross.jp/news/?id=601 http://macross.jp/special/orchestra2017/ Arghhh
  7. Thank you so much for posting the concert event summary. I got chills when you were describing the SDF-1 coming out of the shadows in the beginning of the movie timed to the music. I can only hope they do a Blu-Ray release of the event, totally regret not finding some way to make it there. Again, thank you for taking us (virtually) there. Tom sure knows his Macross music!!! Shawn
  8. Macross Concert in September

    So far the SpeakerPodCast Team is the source for more info! http://www.decultureshock.com/speakerpodcast-ep-90-superdimensional-orchestra/
  9. Thank you!!!!!!! Been waiting for this one!! (a whole 24hours) You guys rock!
  10. Macross Concert in September

    Some very special guests...so who went? Have to see if Gwyn or team were able to go...need a report! https://twitter.com/hashtag/超時空管弦楽
  11. Macross Concert in September

    They updated their good website...I totally dig the spiral notebooks! https://official-goods-store.jp/macross-orchestra/ And the playing card reprints...very cool!
  12. Google isn't doing to well for me here-Macross stamp frames? Anyone have any ideas what this is? (related to the concert coming up in Sep) https://www.post.japanpost.jp/kitte_hagaki/stamp/frame/detail.php?id=274 Shawn
  13. Timer is only on the default dark, but it could be used for something cool for sure. Congrats on cracking the Billy code! LOL
  14. The 73rd birthday countdown is just a fun light-hearted Macross-related riddle for those who have been monitoring recent events, will remove it later tonight. Saw a 'countdown' feature in the new theme update, and wanted to see what it did/looked like. Will update the other skin headers/logos and other issues tonight as well. Thanks for your patience with these things
  15. Updated themes..there are 4 available right now Still need to tweak things, like pagination colors for one.... Hopefully one of these will work for you on a device until I fix the little issues. Shawn
  16. blah testing

    more blah test
  17. Japan Post - Macross stamps?

    Seems the stamps went on sale this morning...any lucky winners here?
  18. I'm very much getting quite tired of IPB changes ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS breaking skins/css themes...its like they break things just to keep the people fixing these things busy. Last night it barked at me doing a security update, which I did, and it bumped us an entire revision and pow, things are broken. I am very sorry everyone, I'll address the theme fixes over this weekend. Shawn
  19. Japan Post - Macross stamps?

    Nice!!! I've gotta get a set!!
  20. Macross Concert in September

    I wonder if they will record it? Would love to hear a cd from the event. I SOOO want to go to this, the music in Macross is just incredible. Listen to the soundtracks all the time at work on my headphones, makes it very easy to concentrate.
  21. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    Browsing YJA, ran across this https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v511827806 YAMATO 【完全変形】SDF-1 マクロス 1/2000 プロトタイプ レプリカキット I've never seen this variation of the kit-do you think it is an original? Early WF release? A recast? Shawn
  22. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    Well at the moment, the auction was ended, was probably bought by someone local at the shop it was held at? (was BookOff) Will have to keep our eyes peeled for anything like that again!
  23. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    All the 1/2000s are called Replica Prototype Kits, so not entirely sure it is 'the/a' Yamato 1/2000 prototype. Having a label on the box doesn't imply its a one-off proto in my humble opinion, but who knows. Sure would like a cleaner pic of that label!! I'm leaning towards the Sankyo kit. Looks like it might have been offered in some sort of mail in campaign...if google translate can be trusted(it can't) S
  24. Yamato 1/2000 Recast or Original?

    its ok...I'm probably the #1 lurker here