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  1. Akim, you always have the best resources!! So seeing this line art with the central missile pod, does that imply it was not an Imai invented gimmick, but perhaps cannon? Google Translate can't make out the top left text....are these options for gun placement? Carl asked a few hundred ages ago, but does anyone remember the original source of the "Imai invented the central missile pod" statement?
  2. That Bandai kit originated with a Imai 1/100 Super, and the Strike variant was released in 1984 for the movie. Imai did some really fantastic work (aside from their hook-nose gerwalks ha)!!| Their 1/100 Battroid was miles ahead of its Arii brother, and the only time they shared a large scale. It is a very odd release. And this is another fantastic Gray build vs white...these are really are growing on me!
  3. Shawn

    MΔ - VF-9

    That is incredible! Fantastic job
  4. Shawn

    Macross Books

    Uhmmm...WHAT? 608 pages? My goodness. His last variable fighters book was huge at 280...this is more than 2x that pre-ordered! and pre-order fails because of my address...so will wait for the october release
  5. Thank you for the video! I wonder why is the hip section need to be so complex? I get it...to put in optimal position, but man. I just realized we need a tool. Know how iFixit has the plastic spudgers to separate phone screens from the back cases and whatnot? We need a plastic thimble set with a variety of little tabs at the end to slip on your finger tips to get access to all the little crevices and tab. Comes in a 5 pack, made of material that won't scratch your toys. We can even sell custom sets (or finger plugins on the finger base) for various toys if they need special sizes/angles. Patent Pending.
  6. You guys are breaking the law, and you will be reported to the appropriate authorities. It clearly states, in a suspiciously LARGE English font for some reason, only Sold in Japan.
  7. In Chrome, I can no longer do the 2x site to break through the geo-fencing filters which is just awesome.
  8. Am I crazy, or was there a picture at one point on the side of the valk that said 'Roy Focker Special' in fancy script Looking now I see Skull Leader I guess I could have been dreaming it...not the first time
  9. Cockpit says Focker, no Hikaru this round
  10. watching now LIFT THAT TUBE!
  11. Wonderful review, thank you for writing that! The comparison pics are amazing. There is so much variety in execution of this design. Sentinel really nailed it!
  12. They could do it in one release for 12k yen tv fast packs tv reaction missiles hikaru figure and a decal with pilot h.iichijo you would put over the existing focker one(Unless the canopy is removeable? Then they might just replace it instead) and one more decal for the stand I think Hikaru would keep the Roy Focker Special script on the side of the plane out of respect. We know bandai is doing stickers with the kakizaki release, so why not a small supplemental pack for this we'll know soon enough
  13. Love the milia in her TV flight suit cels...I always liked that throwback they did in m7 with it.
  14. So if they show a Focker Special vf1s with fast packs do we get to scream there was no such thing as Hikaru was the pilot when fast packs debuted?
  15. Yeah-definitely TV Color Fast Packs coming soon, gonna be sweet! So does that make the VF-1J even more desirable? Now you need: 1x Normal No Armor 1x for GBP 1x for Fast Pack Actually-I guess you don't technically need the last one with a Fast pack...Hikaru never had a fast pack in a J in the TV series, Booby Duck was in the VF-1S So the Super J Hikaru is just a model kit/yamato custom creation? Even so I love the Yamato 1/48 version, so I'd definitely trick out one of the Js with Super parts.
  16. $300 on YJA https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&fr=auc_top&p=マクロス+vf-1s+DX超合金+フォッカー&x=0&y=0
  17. Incredible! I love the gray color vs the white, gives is an additional sense or realism. The upper intake accent is also a great touch. Can't believe you did it in 172 scale...the parts are sometimes so frustratingly small! Now do it in 1/48!!!
  18. IMAI from me too...love those variable kits! For the poor kids, they were the only things we could get (Takas were simply unavilable, and if the were way too expensive) I'll admit I also went K-Mart Vexar a couple times when the Imai itself was too expensive or unavailable!
  19. I guess that would make sense, as if you were on a production line churning out thousands of valkyrie toys, if you could simply have a press in peg for some items vs a small screw, it could save a lot of time. Great detective work on that!!
  20. Ah yes-right next to the Rescue...doh! Thanks!!
  21. What is ' Jet Nose'? I looked on the toys and that is what it says.
  22. I would totally watch an anime made of these characters. This glaug is just insane. And the mouth of the Zentradi ship?! No words. https://twitter.com/hashtag/真空路守?src=hashtag_click
  23. Ninja-deul Ger! https://twitter.com/mummy_models/status/1211900385536794625
  24. Another cel shaded model kit...my brain really cannot process how this looks like in real life, just wow https://twitter.com/ufjmFR0BF7t5Jq7
  25. Huh...I never noticed that! Nice find, but yes that is what those would be for!
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