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  1. https://www.picuki.com/profile/rodrigobarrazaaviationprofiles he has been doing new work,...the yf-19 is amazing, wow
  2. I love a good conspiracy story and I I think I'd like to believe that Bandai bit the big one and hosed up the 100 on the VF-1S tail fin. And to prevent every valk being returned as defective or having to issue a billion right tail fins for people to replace, they doubled down on the aesthetic angle and burned the Kakizaki too. Then offered up the decal set for the 'purists'. Heck, protos that floated around in magazines, and their own promo literature had 001 on the tail fin (and I assume the one samples they send to Kawamori for his standard 'approval' all said 001 or he would have caught that too). I do think it is a very easy mistake for someone to make with all these individual parts not knowing which part is up or down, heck promo shot even one had 100 on the right ventral fin. Someone loaded the tampo machine backwards for that single stamp and as from Goodfellas... No, we had a problem... and uh, we tried to do everything we could. What d'you mean? Well, you know what I mean. Its done, and we couldn't do nothing about it. :P
  3. Think I will wait it out for these to appear on YJA as usual. If I translate correctly, you can order up to 6 valks. So I imagine people will do as they did with the others...they will order 3 or 4, sell 2 or 3 for $60-$80 over the orig price, and end up with a free valkyrie for themselves. I've resigned to paying $240-$280 for these things until someday they are available worldwide (let me dream in 2021 ok?) S
  4. Bringing this post back from the dead, sorry! Has anyone ever peeled away the black Bandai sticker on their 1/55 to see if it has the Takatoku stamp behind it? Its only been 35 years....SOMEONE must have peeked right??? S
  5. Our server is changing to a new location on Thursday 3/19/2020 at 11pm The site will be down for the night and back up running sometime Friday morning Thank you! Shawn
  6. Absolutely beautiful work!! I love your layouts and photography. Your themes and character choices are top-notch. Thank you VERY much for sharing this!! S
  7. Please tone it down - if you don't like it then just pass on it, no need to bash the shit of of them. thanks S
  8. argh, sorry, I think I did a PHP upgrade recently and I bet some upload settings go set to default I'll check on them this week and verify. I think the forum also had some sort of picture size (pixel) limitation like 1920x1080 or something. Will see if I can loosen that up if the problem lies there.
  9. I played it no problems on my LG BluRay player. I don't think the DVD it is region locked. It is much longer version of the released commercial (what I could make out of it!) I think it was 20 something minutes. Definitely worth if it you can find it cheap. Was fun to watch. S
  10. Highly recommended this series too, binged it a few months ago. Some of the episodes had some remarkable moments.
  11. Yes-please tell if so! Was wondering who got that one!
  12. Sweet pictures Christopher...and another Orange Collection valk I see in there too! (my fav 1/72s) S
  13. One thing I discovered with my DX'es mobility the other day is that I can go full Vexar! (or Axoid to be perfectly correct)
  14. Sharp eye on the VT-1 leg in the corner, nice! I missed out on all versions of this, so I would be very excited to start off with the PF of this.
  15. Nice coloring! Now I know how the Focker variation will look! Thank you! S
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