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  1. Just got my Fast Pack set. I like the details, but the level of tampo printing seems a little excessive (my opinion). Securing the legs in fighter mode was a little stressful, the tolerances are quite tight when pushing the legs armor into the male pins form the plane. I am a bit disappointed on the Fast Pack attachment slider-under-the-backpack mechanism, there is a lot of sliding and slight bending of parts where i can see some tampo on the backpack getting rubbed off. I personally like the simple 'slot the fast pack into the backpack' idea like the Yamato 1/48, but the DX could not do that because there is no lock to keep the back packs up (like the Yamato with the little clip that spins and secure on top). Minor gripe. Taking off the engine cover to change out the skull insignia was also a bit scary. Everything is just so damn tight. Overall I dig the fast packs, but feel they are grossly overpriced for non home market people like myself (I got mine for $110, and that felt $50 too much for what I got). So...stupid question, what the heck is the deal with the little rubber o-ring type things on the leg attachment, and why do they need to be rotated between fighter and battroid? What purpose do they serve? Are they simply filler so the leg 'axles' don't look so long in battroid mode? In fighter mode there is already a u-clip for the axle to snap into. Just can't figure out why they exist. Maybe a better attachment to the stand? Thanks! Shawn
  2. I never thought about the parts swap for the GBP but you are right. Perhaps instead of a replacement head though, they will ret-con it and do an armor protection ring that slides over the existing sensor goggle on the head. I could imagine that was why it changed color.
  3. Was just looking at my VF-1J and wondering about the sure to come (if the tampo on the toys is accurate about connection points) GBP armor. Do you think Bandai is going to re-release the VF-1J as a Gray Google version? (sorry if this has been asked before, assume so) S
  4. Did anyone here collect these? Know where I could find an extra volume #4?
  5. Shawn

    Bye Yamcadia?

    I personally will always enjoy the Yamato 1/48s, think they did a fantastic job on the sculpt and features. Great news is that the price has dropped for them, so I was finally able to get the later 2010 releases at decent prices. Bandai's Dx is fantastic and I will surely support and get them all, but in my opinion their design is more evolutionary, not revolutionary like the Yamatos when they came out, in what was it, 2002 or 3? Here is a nice comparison video. I think the Yamato holds up quite well after all this time. I think we all too often say 'XYZ' crushes 'ABC', and it honestly gets old. Why can't we can just have multiple nice versions of things. shows
  6. Got my S today, really enjoy taking time when transforming it an noticing all the little details how things move and pivot and lock. Can't wait for the Fast Packs later this month! Oh, and this is my first S with a beak
  7. Sorry-not to derail the thread, but what size pictures are uploading that give an error? I've tried 4.2MB and no problems. Let me know the size so I can adjust the server! (We prefer the pics on the server if at all possible because image hosts tend to come and go, and when going back 15 years in the forums like we do, its nice to see the pictures that were in the post at the time) Shawn
  8. Wow that white landing gear really makes a gigantic difference. I am personally not a fan of the gray metal they chose. Really makes the valks pop again in fighter mode. Thank you for showing us what was possible! S
  9. Already on YJA...they have 5 in hand at 26800 each buy it now. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g386911115 and another https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/t686489740 so we should all be getting some shipping notifications soon! S
  10. And full on the VF-1Js too....no sale on my items either LOL Stay the course! S
  11. RIBFIR was a great transaction, recommend!
  12. Please start using PM for direct discussions between each other on this, keep the blacklist thread for people who actually steal your money without delivering the goods. Stuff happens, things get delayed, people back out of deals whatever. This is not our full time job and we are not Amazon, so expect things to not go perfect everytime. Hell I was trying to go to the post office today at lunch but could not get out. Please think twice before posting, not everything requires a comeback response. Thanks for not replying and just letting this thread air out for a couple days Shawn
  13. Thank you for the info! Not on Facebook but can find a way.
  14. I have no idea. I tried looking for his book online (WWII) but was unsuccessful as well. Not sure if some of my searches are geo-fenced or something...
  15. Nice! I would really like to get some of his prints, they are beautiful!! (grabbed some images below)
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