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  1. And the rest of my uhmmm..."collection"....LOL Nothing compared to what I've seen posted here!!!! This type of collecting is way to expensive, I'll stick to my cheap-o model kits.
  2. I don't want to get all doom and gloom here and derail this super thread, but in short events happened and were handled with as delicate a hand as I have for this type of thing, I trust I won't regret it. I'll have to post my cel here..I only have 2 or 3 but this is my favorite. Its that DYRL painting mistake (not ever seen in the movie) on YJ a few months ago. I think it is awesome, I like the weird stuff! In person it is amazing looking.
  3. We interrupt this awesome Cel Collection thread to remind people to relax a little, take a breather, and remember we are all fans here supporting the same awesome franchise. Please have fun here. Remember you when frustrated you can always just close the forums and take a break. The people who disagree with you will always be here when you get back with newer and better comebacks Just kidding, but seriously please keep it down to a gentle holler in here. Thank you!
  4. doh! Good catch, will fix. The front page got updated and a theme broke and it all went to hell, so I did a quick un-theme, but lost the menus for the links thanks!!
  5. Please keep things civil, no personal attacks are allowed on anyone here! The thought of possible license change in 2 years was interesting...the thoughts of getting a Yamato or Bandai DX toy without the insanity markups we are all so used to would be great, but we honestly did know what, if anything, would have happened, it was all conjecture. Things simply go along being the same for the foreseeable future. ( I think I wrote this exact thing 20 years ago here and on alt.fan.macross when Toycom announced their HG issues with the then-new YF-19 toy at SDCCU. Somethings will never change, ha! )
  6. Shawn

    test upgrade

    blah blah blah test post blah blah blah
  7. Thank you Gwyn for the fantastic article! It was great seeing the results and a that we have such an intensively diverse fan group. There literally is a Macross series suitable for everyone out there. Thank you so much for spending the time aggregating the results for us! Shawn
  8. uhmm..i did not know we could hide our own posts, so news to me! (they always add new features, so I'm always lagging) I can see your post, but I can't quite tell you how to find it yet... i unhid it, so maybe try again, and see if it tells you anything when you hide it again?
  9. Was this still an issue? (uploading to the gallery?)
  10. Shawn

    Shawn's Macross Collection

    Testing out the Gallery<br />We still need to add Categories, and fix some link buttons.
  11. Fantastic, and thank you for the feedback!
  12. The White/blue themes are throwing errors in the admin form, the templates are not compat with the latest board software Please change to the Default_IPB. I'll migrate the white/blue members to the default theme soon. Aside from thebackground color, it is 90% the white/blue theme...i'll see how i can tweak it to match the old.
  13. Shawn

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    blah blah blah forums updated what broke...
  14. We've updated the forums to the latest versions...sigh, you know the drill!! :P Any problems please post here and I'll get to fixing Thank you!!!
  15. This is a not friendly reminder.... Stop attacking, criticizing, placating, aggravating, provoking, instigating, and all the other 'ing nonsense with other members on the board. IF YOU DON'T AGREE WITH SOMEONES OPINION you are not entitled to lobby back at them how idiotic they are. I simply do not care. This is not a free speech zone, we have rules of conduct, and if you continue to violate these be-nice-to-your-Macross-neighbor rules then you will be escorted off the forums. This is a place for having friendly and polite conversations with other people about Macross related themes. If you must have political-level debates with other people about our jet cartoon, then please start up your own forum or facebook page or whatever, link to it in our forums section to get your visibility, and have away at it. We continue to have the need to post these types of warnings about forum behavior, and most can agree it is tiresome and old and honestly WAY past the point of 'Why do I even come here to see all this bickering about Macross'....if I'm being honest. Hell, I lurk on my own website more than anyone here, because sometimes I just can't get past some of the insane arguments about NOTHING. We've had a decent 20 year run, but I am not opposed to just shutting it all down and disappearing into the ether. I am asking you all, one last and final time, PLEASE be nice to each other, and don't respond to every little thing you disagree with. Have fun here and LIGHTEN UP....please. Thank you, Shawn (the guy paying the bills here)
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