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  1. Shawn

    Macross Books

    Got my book this morning, and if you haven't bought one yet, I definitely recommend it! Lots of wonderful pictures. They go into a basic parts breakdown/build for a few of the kits showing design features and whatnot. Armed with my google translate app, it was a great read! And I did get to the surprise page, was awesome! (see the last few pages of the cel collectors thread in this section of the forum) Again, awesome magazine, get it!
  2. Good god that thing is HUGE....wow. I have the forums upload at 4500x4500 pixels...not sure why you 3024x4032 isn't working, sorry
  3. Just imagine during peacetime, a micronized Exodol tours the valkyrie hangar deck and sees the thousands of kills each squadron made against his own. Awkward! Maybe someone can do the reverse...for the Hi Metal Glaug or the Yamato Q-Rau....put some valkyrie and destroid emblems on those. Can you make a special decal for Hikaru where it is just the head of Bodolza? Guess it might look like an octopus if it is just the silhouette.
  4. Shawn

    Macross Books

    Wow! Thank you for the pictures. How are you getting these so damn fast? Mine is stuck somewhere in Cincinnati. Those model kit rough sketches have never been published before, very excited to see those up close!! I had no idea Kawamori (and Miyatake!) would have done the action poses to hand off to Takani! (I see his sig on the bottom) That is crazy! This makes me think we might see more of these Kawamori sketches in his upcoming book! What a great time for Macross art fans. https://www.sbcr.jp/product/4797397185/ "In this book, we aim to collect as many rough sketches as possible, which are often omitted or omitted in existing books and magazines that have been set, and to publish them in the largest number possible. It was There are also quite a few drafts that I have never seen before. The book, which has about 600 pages (planned), is probably unprecedented as a book consisting of only preliminary drafts. It can be said that it is a permanent preservation version that fans must have."
  5. Shawn

    Pic upload

    Can you clarify? I can copy paste pictures right into the post or I can add them as an attachment (2nd ver)
  6. I've read the responses back and forth, In my mind this is what I understand happened Seller sold buyer opened non-transformed toy Buyer got toy, sees defects, contacts buyer They discuss over a couple days Buyer offers up partial refund ($70), seller declines ($100 was their minimum) Buyer files claims with paypal, paypal denies Seller is now offering no refund Buyer is going to try a CC claim Quite a mess going on. But the basic question is, does this seller deserve to belong on the blacklist for this transaction. I am going to say "no", with my reasons here with available internet "evidence", for what its worth. I spent two hours going through the vf-31 thread, and CAN see some of the minor defects the buyer listed on other toys, so I am going to classify those under issues as likely to be caused because it is a mass-produced toy. Yes, when you ask, the videos and pictures I looked at were from transformed products, but that is all I have access to. I could not find a picture of one straight out of the box, so I cannot definitively say this is, or is not, a direct result of a transformation. All I can say is that there appear to be common defects with this toy at some point in its life. The winglet bend bugs me the most, as it is pretty obvious in my eyes even without a red circle. I believe this should have been noticed and disclosed by the seller. I do feel the $70 credit for the winglet bend could have been adequate compensation, but unfortunately it was not accepted, and is not on the table as an option anymore. It would go a long way for the seller to re-offer this as an option, but it is not for me to force it, and there is the question if the buyer would even accept it. I am sorry this transaction did not turn out well. We should all seriously consider this as a lesson we can all learn from when dealing with these multi-hundred dollar toys. We will write up a help guide for the For Sale section on open boxed/used items to try and help members steer clear of these problems in the future. On a side note (not that is matters), I do think the buyer got an incredible toy-I never looked twice at these in the past, but the engineering and detail is quite amazing. I can now understand the very high demand for these very limited pieces. I see why they are $500-$1000 on Yahoo Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NX7ChV1Jag Jump to 3:37 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n450276694 https://game.watch.impress.co.jp/img/gmw/docs/1114/501/html/at_15.jpg.html
  7. jvmacross has had the cool head here with the compromise option...just following suit. I'm sure everyone involved would love to put this thing in the past asap and get back to selling and buying stuff
  8. Not sure where we are with this one right now, I asked a couple more questions and will hopefully have answers tomorrow I don't think the partial refund is on the table anymore due to the buyer filing a claim Not sure how long the back and forth went before it escalated to that either Not sure how the item was described in the original ad other than stating it was not-transformed, but pictures also mean it was an open box/used item. Sure we'll clear it up tomorrow and be able to move forward. We should probably post some newer recommendations for sellers/buyers so they can both protect themselves if something is unsatisfactory in a transaction. Maybe also some general reconciliation options if that happens, before things get escalated and tempers flair up. I wish these items were readily available outside of Japan, and certainly wish they not all several hundreds of dollars each...that is a lot of money on the line vs a $20 action figure.
  9. this thing called Google is pretty useful!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/madoverlord/megazone-23-omega-edition/posts/2938422
  10. Any updates on this? Did I ever post some screengrabs from part 1 where the enemy is actually the Macross itself? Getting to old to remember jump to 49:30 ish vs a VF-1 the macross itself!
  11. I just can't comprehend how something so minor (having white wheels on the landing gear) makes such a huge improvement in fighter mode in my old eyes. It really shouldn't matter, but I stumble every time I see the default gray there.
  12. As jvmacross suggested, I would try to agree with the 70 ish as a compromise and move forward if that was still an option on the table. Not trying to be loose with someone else's money (your $30), but these are mass produced and can have issues one might not know about (scratch) I always lean to the side of something being a mistake vs actual malice, so just asking, if possible, please put another proposal to the seller on what could work for you, and let us know the result. If it was truly the wrong one packaged that should be able to be resolved. Good luck
  13. My Amazon seller for the Kakizaki refunded me 1000 yen on the shipping, because apparently it is coming by SEA I hope it is packed well
  14. Shawn

    Macross Books

    Weird...this one was no-shipping I swear, and now it is shipping enabled. And the Roy Focker is apparently out, at least via Amazon. Odd..HLJ is in stock for HJ Vintage, but Amazon says on the 3rd, but Amazon says Focker is out now, but HLJ shows not in stock yet.
  15. Shawn

    Pic upload

    i think the max pic upload dimensions are 4500x4500, so if you keep it under that it should be ok
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