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    Condition Red! Prepare for attack! All pilots man your Destroids!
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    Message: Hello, Thank you for contacting us, We do not have an expected timeline for the creation of a dedicated NY issue thread yet. You have the possibility to participate in other threads. Your NY issue has been done too long ago. We will not be able to answer or alleviate your concerns at this time. Kind regards, Bandai DX VF-31 Thread
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    Got my Sentinel Ride Armor as well, but I wanted to do something different than my normal photoshoots. MOSPEADA with an homage to another well known manga/anime, hope you guys like it.
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    Ikuze Kawaiko-chan! YF-19 Figher mode set.
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    How abt this instead?
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    And now the Battroid Set.
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    A different change of pace from standard shots.
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    Made one for the occasion!
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    She's a beauty, lean mean cannon fodder machine!
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    Or you can do it like this and call it a day
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    The page on Arcadia is about to turn. They will always have the distinction of the following: Challeging engineering and daring to take on Bandai. That took guts for a small company. They then provided over a decade of dominance, knocking everyone else out. I believe it is Yamato/Arcadia that we can thank for the renaissance we have seen in Valk toys Competitors lost market share and had to compete, Valk toys began to be improved and dusted off everywhere at toy companies. Macross came back, finally. They introduced premium type molding: replacing paint with clear plastic, minimal but real world Tampo markings. They introduced the matte finish that we all love and Bandai now emulates. They set the standard for perfect transformation vs parts swapping, down to the very level of the heatshield being integrated. They set the standard for a valk to also come with a painted removable pilot. Yamato Arcadia essentially established the scorecard that all future valks are measured against. They are the standard, even when they are no longer the best, being the standard occupies more space then the best ever occupies. The best is temporary. I recognize that it hasn’t even been delivered and evaluated, but from what I see, if the joints hold, the DX VF-1 will be best in class. Best in the class that Yamato and Arcadia built and established.
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    My YF-19 antenna came fine, but I can understand the feeling of loosing an antenna because I lost my VF-31J's one last year ... So since I was taking measurements to make new heels and feet, I made up a replacement antenna, and uploaded a pack of 2x antennas for those who would need them. I haven't printed them yet, but I have double checked and they should be good to print. I wouldn't place an order for just this pack alone, but if ever you have a Shapeways order running, you can add them for an additional 4 USD.
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    @seti88 here's Gerwalk Setup takes a bit longer for the shot and to also setup the hanger.
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    Gerwalk set uploaded.
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    Mirage all dressed up.
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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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