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    We did a security update to the kernel last night, I restarted, and its been hung since. Just got home, and was able to continue working on it and we are up and running again! Shawn
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    Got Hayate transformed into Battroid mode sans Super Parts for a group photo. Come on Bandai bring on Arad and Chuck so Delta Flight can be complete!
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    Vf-31C fighter mode photos are done.
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    Thank you @Lolicon & @sumyumgoy. Next up Gerwalk mode.
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    Fighter mode shots processed. Hope you like them. As side note: This is the 2nd Valk to draw blood from me when setting up for a shoot.
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    Delta 02 and Delta 05
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    another day, another Zentradi encounter Pedestrian view
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    Fun with Valkyries.
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    Wow, its been 3 years ago today sinceI took this pic.
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    I was reviewing some pics and this is still one of my favorites. The Heroes Gallery.
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    "I don't know about that little guy with the glasses, but I think the big guy's gonna go far!"
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    Some fighter pics of Xigfrid's Custom VF-0B: Wanted to recreate the artwork but I don't have a carrier deck model We'll get higher and higher straight up we'll climb! Flyby
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    Here's our full gallery from Wonder Festival today. http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2017-summer/
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    Hi everyone, Glad to see you on the other end of this maintenance cycle! Server migration completed, still bringing up the Main site. This migration was painful, but worth it. We are now on Invision Board 4.x, and many things are different. I know nobody enjoys change, but it will get better as our muscle memory relearns. Please give it a little time. The 3.x software is nearing its maintenance cycle, so it was best to move forward. We are also on a default darker blue theme, which if you hate, you can change by going to the very bottom of the forums page and selecting 'Theme' and going with MWDefaultWhiteBlue. It will reset the board back to the brighter white/blue theme we've run for 10+ years. Staring into what is effectively a 24" LCD flashlight for hours at a time is burning my retinas out, so trying something easier on the eyes for a bit. Will get some Macross flavors into both themes in the next week or two. Other minor changes involve putting out a call for some additional voluntary moderators. The team we've had so far have done a fantastic job (it would be chaos without their help), but with this New Year and New Server, we will be trying something new. To try and prevent any burnout, we'll be rotating mods every 4-6 months. Moderating is NOT fun. All you get is people arguing with your about why they are right and you are wrong(It is a selfless job to police internet forums). While we gather some additional volunteers (will send the word out soon) new forum registrations are going to temporarily be suspended, probably just for a week or two until we sort things out with the server migration and all the spamming filters. With this New Year we'll also be a bit more strict on forum behavior. You'll get just 2x warnings then you are permanently banned. The moderation team was really much more patient than I would be. I really don't want to bring everyone down with this talk, but this (Macross) is a supposed to be hobby for us to enjoy in our time off, so lets have fun!!! If you encounter any bugs in the forums, please post them here and we'll get them ironed out asap. Regarding our Facebook/Social Media presence change, I'll be absolutely honest. I don't use FB/Twitter, and years ago when Exo said we should have a FB account I literally said 'We already have a forum, but ok'. But what he created and nurtured is incredible, reaching out to thousands of fans across the world. It is more international that these forums will ever be, and that is my dilemma. I like a smaller community plain and simple. But he grew it into something larger and more successful than I could ever imagine, and that is why it changed. He can now grow even more without this old man's stupid restrictions. If you have not bookmarked it please do so!! Again great job Exo!! https://www.facebook.com/MacrossFanCentral/ Thank you all for reading, and please have a good time here! Shawn
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    I've got some sample rods showing up today so I can see how thin I want to go. Unfortunately a full 1mm thick rod like I'd prefer wouldn't quite fit. Made up a colored render to show the detail a bit better.
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    Quick camera phone shot of the VF-31F and VF-31J equipped with Super Parts.
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    Thanks @ChaoticYeti! It looks extremely lethal in Gerwalk mode. I tried to position the wings below the shoulders armor, but the Lill Drakens would always cause the wings to rotate down. Post up some pics! [Update] Battraoid photos are done.
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    Will do once I get my next set of Yeti stands! Nah, that's just my old 1J I detailed way back when. Since I converted my premium finish Roy into my TV squadron Roy, I took the premium finish strike parts and gave them to my old DYRL Roy.
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    Finally Yeti'd up my TV squadron. DYRL squadron next! Maybe.
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    Um.. wow? Found on taghobby.
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    At long last I have a 00 Gundam Seven Sword.
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    Just wanted to share a photo that I had not posted of the VF-31J.
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    After thinning away several duplicate items, a display clean and reshuffle AND some new LED lighting!, I thought I'd share some pics!
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    For everyone in the US, Happy 4th of July and for everyone outside the US here's Milia x Hikaru x Max.
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    Legally speaking, that's not a good analogy to make. While Big West, Bandai, et al. can't ship Macross toys outside of Japan, re-sellers in Japan (eg: HLJ) are under no such restriction. So if you buy a 1/60 VF-1S from HLJ and they ship it directly to you in the USA, then none of Harmony Gold's rights are infringed. In addition, these types of restrictions don't apply to private individuals with intent of keeping the goods in their private collections, since the damage to Harmony Gold is deemed negligible. That's why Harmony Gold hasn't sent HLJ any cease & desists, nor have they tried to shut down MacrossWorld's For Sale forum. However, if store located in the USA, such as BigBad ToyStore, were to buy one hundred 1/60 VF-1S' from a re-seller in Japan, and then market those VF-1S' here in the USA, then Harmony Gold's rights would be infringed for two reasons. First, a Macross branded toy is being marketed in the USA without HG's approval. Second, as a large scale retailer, BBTS can't make the argument that they're simply engaging in a small, private transaction; their intent was clearly to resell those VF-1S' in the USA on a mass scale. As for a bit of trivia, BBTS did receive a cease & desist a while ago, which is why they now only sell Harmony Gold/Tatsunoko Production branded Macross toys. On an unrelated note, why does the topic refer to these bootlegs as "gray market" toys? There's nothing gray market about them.
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    I'll post the pics in sets.
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    So the infamous DYRL TV Special is finally out of the bag! Someone posted their version online! For the old timers, if you remember our good friend Seiichi, he provided me a copy which I had translated (none other than Matt Alt!) 15 years ago, had subbed, and showed at I think 2 MW Cons, way back in the day. The subbed version disappeared with another old MW member who moved out of state. Been looking for my copy since, but now someone else has posted theirs! This TV Special is absolutely incredible, and worth the 30 minutes to view in its entirety. When you get to the 21 minute 21 second mark, you'll get goosebumps going behind the scenes at Tatsunoku Studios when they are actually animating the movie. Enjoy the video, and enjoy the translation, which I'm attaching as a PDF here!! 1...2...3... MACROSS!!!!!!!!!!! Macross_DYRL_TV_Special_1984_MacrossWorld.pdf
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    Do you like to be abused on the internet? Do you like to work hours per month receiving nothing but contempt for your actions!? Well have I got a gig for you. Think of it like Jury duty, except you don't get paid $15 or get reimbursed for parking. Seriously I am putting out a call for some volunteers who want to try their hands at being a Macross World Forum Moderator. Looking for 2-3 people maximum, it is a temp position for 3-6 months tops. We'll be rotating regularly to prevent any burnout. If interested please PM me, I'll go through the initial list and select a few. Sometimes it really isn't a fun thing to do/be, you will get kickback, and in 3-6 months will be 'just' a member again, so really think it over. Also, we are going to be getting a lot stricter around here about respect and courtesy, there will be no more 'bullies' here. You'll get 2x soft warnings then get banned. If we lose members because if this, remember it is on you. You do not need to respond to every post you don't agree with, contradict someone for liking something you do not, or correct people when they make a mistake. Just skip that post and move on to something you enjoy. Seriously re-read this a few times over. Remember this is a fun hobby, FUN!! Thank you all for reading!! Shawn
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    I got Mirage's plane last week, but I didn't have any time to take some photos. But this week I do! I hope the Macross Delta Movie gives us more in-sync dancing combat!
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    Just working on some of my favorite things of macross, mospeada and southerncross. here is a video of the gallant and how it assembles:
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    A view inside the Arcadia offices on Forbes. Perhaps more Megazone the MACROSS, but still nice to hear what the designers have to say. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2017/09/08/arcadia-talks-about-how-it-makes-the-best-macross-and-megazone-23-toys-out-there/#47206ecfe974
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    Hey guys I'm not sure what post I should of put this in but I've been detailing my sdf-1 and I'm about done with these god awful stickers. I'm not sure whether I need to use a clear coat or flat coat to keep the decals safe. Any suggestions?
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    These 0B are a must have, really. And they can even transform:
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    Thank you @no3Ljm Thank you @spanner The armor pieces on the left leg on mine were a bit finicky, I got the right leg armor to click into place easily but the left leg too a bit more work get into to place. Thank @Master Dex. I guess forum title I was given still holds true. I am taking a break from photographing the VF-31J, here's a preview.
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