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    Message: Hello, Thank you for contacting us, We do not have an expected timeline for the creation of a dedicated NY issue thread yet. You have the possibility to participate in other threads. Your NY issue has been done too long ago. We will not be able to answer or alleviate your concerns at this time. Kind regards, Bandai DX VF-31 Thread
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    Got my Sentinel Ride Armor as well, but I wanted to do something different than my normal photoshoots. MOSPEADA with an homage to another well known manga/anime, hope you guys like it.
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    A different change of pace from standard shots.
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    Made one for the occasion!
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    She's a beauty, lean mean cannon fodder machine!
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    Thanks wmkjr! Married life sure is different! Haven't had time to touch a model in 6 months, hopefully after the 1st of the year things will slow down a bit, and I'll be able to get back to the hobby! I did not ever pic up Capt's Legioss, just couldn't swing that one! One wedding picture.. sorry it's OT, but she looked amazing! :-)
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    Mirage all dressed up.
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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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    Regult reinforcements have arrived!
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    While cleaning Detolf shevles, Delta meets Frontier.
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    As I was downloading vacation photos I found this photo I had taken before my vacation.
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    Ray is sure popular right now.
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    It should say SOLDOUT, not ROLLOUT.
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    Even the anime isn’t anime-accurate. I just don’t care enough about these things. I’m no rivet-counter, I’m too happy these things exist at all. When I was a kid, these things would never have been contemplated. Then the original Yamato 1/72 19 and 21 were being advertised in Inquest and EGM and I thought they were the Second Coming. Then I learned about the SHE kits (from this very site) and their complexity and faithfulness to the original lineart (and amazing cost) astonished me. Now we have a more detailed, more gimmicky, more durable, larger, pre-painted-and-assembled toy that’s kinda the same price as the SHE kit (or I’m just earning more now.) It’s an amazing, amazing time to be a Macross fan, right now. Bandai pre-order shenanigans be damned.
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    All three are out of their boxes, have been inspected and put on display for now. As far as I can tell they are all perfect with no visible or obvious defects. Thoroughly impressed with them! Loving the clear canopy! Would love to switch their modes for display but it's getting late and I need sleep. Here's a photo to enjoy!
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    Finally had some time to fix up the VF-2SS SAP a bit so they didn't look so plain. It's the best VF-2SS toy around so I wanted it to not look so out of place next to my 1/60s.
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    Mirage's VF-31C
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    Just got started on taking studio shots, here's a preview. I hope for all you who are waiting for your notices, you receive them soon.
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    Did some Yetistand rearranging of some of my valkyries so they're sorted by series/pilots better. Just some quick pics. Prototype and mass production. Basara's rides. Gamlin's rides. The other skull leaders. Hikaru's other rides.
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    In 2018 I finally got all of the 1/60 VF-1s I've always wanted, most importantly it was Max and Milia.
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