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    And of course the most important mode for any valkyrie toy. Hikaru was so happy when the UN government finally allocated some funds for ejection seats.
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    I don't have the mad skills to panel line and wash like others on this thread, so I cheat with a 0.3mm pencil . It's a very subtle effect, but works for me.
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    I'm loving this toy, thought I'd chime in after seeing all these amazing photos and really glad to see people taking them out of the boxes and playing and panel lining them! Bravo. Toys are mean to be played that's what I liked best with this one, I love playing with it and handling it. It doesn't feel fragile or over complicated - its a joy to transform, I hope the joints hold up. I use the Flory Wash (its water/clay based and completely inert to the plastic). I use black and two shades, a light grey and dark grey for the panel lines, I use the black for all the vents and moveable surfaces, dark grey for the access panels and slats that's supposed to move and light grey for the rest of the panel lines that make up the rest of the plane, I find this a bit more subtle and gives a bit of life to the paneling. Just adding that outside black ring all around the circular vernier thruster makes a huge difference! I also added the Ejection Triangle graphic (really unforgivable Bandai!) and the "VF" on the legs as for me this defines the TV from the DRYL - also its the first VF-1 that I would want to display in Battroid mode often (fighter has always been my favourite). I haven't decided on post-shading it yet, but might do a light one with some subtle streaking to tie it into the rest of my collection as I have to seal it in with a semi-satin clear coat anyways, but I do love the light grey satin finish Bandai chose. I always have a fondness for the original old 1/48 from Yamato - mainly due to the fact that they were optimized for fighter mode which is my favorite mode. There's no doubt that this is the most advanced VF-1 toy and the improvements all add up to a great toy that wants to be played with. However I feel a little disappointed that they seemed to have missed some opportunities if they wanted to genuinely make this the ultimate Valkyrie. Since they were doing the 1/48 scale again, I would have thought they would have taken some cues from the Club-M resin 1/48 model. Wish list (comments/thoughts/suggestions); -they could have included some more panel lines with some rivet details (there's really no more panel lines than the old Yamato 1/48) -I do love the detail at the top of the chest in Battroid mode with the edge detail all around and folding flaps -I wished they included a double joint in the knee so it can truely kneel and fold back on itself -I wished the canopy was done in two pieces, opaque frame with clear inserts (like the Club-M model) -with all those crazy/non-canon extra markings, they missed the ejection triangle and cockpit display?! really Bandai? -wished instead of the rectangular holes in the legs, they used hidden magnets to hold the fast packs in the future -those three long rectangular indented details on the leg exterior are too high and interferes with the "U.N. SPACY" lettering in an unattractive way -hated that notch under the wing root that seats the arm/shoulder pivot -I'd love to see the swing wings geared to move with each other, or have detents at the very lease to they are extended in a symmetrical fashion -would love to see the wing cross section slight thicker (more of an airfoil shape) so the mounts for the weapons become flush -the wingtip slimelight, red & blue nav lights should be clear inserts at this scale -the back airbrake should have see through louvered slats -the legs should have removable exterior that show off the leg interior mechanics like the 1/48 Hasegawa model -I don't mind the flaps (they work for me but if mine were broken or floppy then it would be annoying) -I wish the ventral fins had a much stiffer joint and something that locks them in position (I wouldn't miss this if it were fixed instead of jointed) -I wished the vernier thrusters were actually cones with a fin on top like the 1/48 Hasegawa model instead of a flat printed graphic -would have loved to see those lighted gimmicks Bandai teased us with the 1/35 scale -the gunpod is just too big, it needs to be 10-15% smaller please That all said I am looking forward to the Roy's VF-1S.
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    Added some detailing to the DX to bring her up to speed with my Yamatos. Battroid
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    I actually prefer the lighter panel lining on this one, the lines themselves are deep enough to show even without lining. Black just seems a bit too much to me.
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    Found the best vf-1J
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    I’m guessing the latter box in this picture row is the latter release. Photos from Jenius’ Anymoon site.
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    You can probably find the answer for that in here: Everyone check it out, I finally got a video review up! Updated title of the review for those of you trying to sneak this in at the office...
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    Hello again fellow enthusiasts. I wanted to share another 1/48. This is one of my favorites a VF-1D M&M Virgin Road. It’s a kit I created many years ago, but has the finishing touches done by Kurt.
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    Well, I reversed the fighter holder on the exclusive stand to get the following results: Flight 2 by Vicki Lee, on Flickr Flight 1 by Vicki Lee, on Flickr Flight 3 by Vicki Lee, on Flickr Flight 4 by Vicki Lee, on Flickr I guess it's a another nice display option if you don't mind displaying the stand backwards for this.
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    So due to my clumsy American hands, my DX Chogokin masterpiece took a shelf dive this morning. Actually more like a coffee table dive, but onto a hardwood floor. Everything's fine though. No scuffs, marks, or broken pieces. Really speaks to the superior quality of this piece.
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    So this happened.... Yes. that's Leia in cardboxnite...
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    TWE Battroid/GERWALK gun coming up!
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    Obviously the gun has an E-Ink display on each side, so it can change the orientation of the markings dependent on mode. Realistically, I prefer when it's right-side up in fighter mode.
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    My cousin is a huge Garfield nut and would absolutely adore this. I need to find this for him.
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    Less than 3 days to ship from Amazon Japan! Until I have time to transform, here's an old vs. new jet shot.
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    Finally have enough details for Double Strike Packm whohoo!! Also a Flashlight
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    sorry i havnt post in a LONG time but im geting really close to calling her done
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    It's because the Zero was the prototype, and they hadn't locked down how the marking should be oriented. HAHA!
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