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    speaking of swoosability....anyone have a gopro+macross?
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    Finally finished setting up most of my detolf shelves and these are how i am going for for my delta valks
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    Just a head's-up on a 30% off coupon Tokyo Otaku Mode are running on figures through August 31. Works on preorders, too. Kudos to F360. There's some neat stuff there. The Gundam stuff I saw from a quick perusal include the Metal Robot Damashii 00 Raiser Robot Damashii FA 0 Gundam the recent Zeta Plius C1 figure, forget the line other Robot Damashii figures some Formania busts https://otakumode.com/shop Code: ENJOYOTAKON
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    Best of what I got from Offutt today: (and today was the first time I finally got to see the full F-22 demo--every other time it's had to abort mid-way for a tech failure) Other highlights: First time seeing a P-40 Sat in KC-10 captain’s seat Sat in KC-10 boom operator’s seat (steep entry ladder, low ceiling!). Also, there’s an interesting optical effect—-there’s a series of mirrors set up, that basically shows you “through” the rear fuselage. It basically looks like there’s a hole through the back of the plane. Your mind knows you should be looking at a wall/bulkhead, but instead you can see perfectly well what’s right behind the tailcone....
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    Get in the zone. Megazone 23. My thoughts on the Arcadia Garland. Bike mode: It's very solid with some excellent heft. Initially out of the box the swing bars were disconnected from the arms and connecting it to the half moon shaped peg was odd, but I eventually got them in. It didn't help these pegs are all painted so expect some paint to come off here and there. With that being said every surface is painted in a gloss or matte paint. One of the half moon pegs I think I sheared off a small chunk of paint to get the socket pegged on. With everything pegged in it's a lovely hefty brick. Shogo's figure goes right on and fits over the handlebars like a dream. Transformation and robot mode: Transformation was pretty smooth and wotafa's video review made things clearer. Everything locks is in very solidly with the exception of the crotch armor which basically rests on the wheel. A major improvement over the old 1/15 Yamato Garland is the wheels lock into the chest VERY SOLIDLY this time around. No more weird jiggling for robot mode. My favorite part of the transformation is how when you rotate the chest forward the head pops out in unison. It's a pretty cool transformation moment. Robot mode and Articulation: All of the joints are friction joints and no ratchets. All of them are perfectly tight with the exception of the shoulders. The shoulders are not loose, but they could be a bit stiffer. The hand proportions and articulation are excellent, but there's no peg to hold the gun. The fingers can hold the gun no problem, but a guiding peg and slot would have been more ideal. Elbows and knees are double jointed. Ankles are on an interesting 4 hinge mechanism that gives a pretty good range of motion either way you want. Verdict so far: This a very fine Garland toy and assuming Arcadia used good materials this time around it shouldn't crumble. Diecast was used in a lot of much more fragile areas as well as parts of the biceps and the red parts of the lower legs. Transformation is complex, but fun. If you're looking for an animation accurate Garland from Part 1 this could be what you're looking for.
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    Tamashii Stage Act 5 for mechanics.
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    Discotek just blew up Otakon https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-08-12/discotek-licenses-giant-robo-kimagure-orange-road-galaxy-express-999-more/.135382 - Giant Robo (BD) - Galaxy Express TV (BD) - Godmars - Voltes V - Kimagure Orange Road (BD) - Baldios TV - Area 88 OVA
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    The head can be placed this way too.
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    Got my shipping notice today for my OWL 1 units. Which arrived yesterday. Today some stuff I bought on Yahoo Japan Auctions showed up.
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    Offutt airshow tomorrow, I plan to be there. Great lineup this year: F-22, F-35, P-38, B-52, B-2.
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    Thank you @ScrambledValkyrie! Bonus pic.
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    Why Yamato never did that scheme in 1:60 Ver.2 is just beyond me..it would have sold like crazy.
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    So far, I do it on all my cars...I get all windows tinted with quality ceramic films, including 80% on the windshield and it keeps my cars cooler inside even after parked under the sun all day and provides UV protection all around. Definitely noticeable because you can get burned driving in the sun with windows up but not in my cars. Anyways, when picking a film, just make sure you read the specs and make sure it has 99% or more UV protection. Here is a site for one company that I have used and you can see spec sheets for all their films to get an idea of the options.
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    Due to this conversation, I rewatched the 2009 movie last night, and... well, it doesn't hold up very well now that we're getting a stream of Star Wars movies to fill the craving for sci-fi movies. :wink: While the characterization and chemistry between the principle cast (that I mentioned earlier) holds up, it struck me that the action scenes (in particular) are a confusing visual mess. I'm not referring to the lens flare (that just compounded the problem). On top of Mommar's point (thanks!) about the cameras being too close, there's the split second cuts, and excessive camera shaking. Ugh. It makes me thankful that the Star Wars filmmakers haven't adopted that (and JJ Abrams himself scaled those things back significantly in SW7). What about Into Darkness and Beyond? Do viewers have to suffer through the same bad combination of split second cuts, extreme camera shaking, and blinding lens flare? Or is the 2009 film the worst for that?
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    This review shows the weight difference between MB strike (366g) and MB red frame (268g) Pretty much all the outside silver framing is diecast, lots of diecast everywhere.
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    Unmanned and manned commercial flight getting one step closer to sharing flight space.
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    I saw it yesterday in Akihabara with my own eyes. It's effing beautiful.
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    Make Macross Great Again.
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