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    I could not find anything about this done before, so I’d like show my repaint of VF-25s Tornado Pack to fit on the YF-25 Prophecy. The YF-25 is still my favorite Valkyrie due to it’s colors and design (Maybe this will change after the release of the VF-31A Kairos though ). When the Tornado Packs for the renewal versions of the VF-25 came out, I always tried to get a hand on Michel’s blue colored pack, but I couldn’t grab one at a reasonable price. But then I made a good deal on ebay and got a second Alto version and decided to make a repaint to fit an the YF-25. The outcome you can see below. I’m glad I went for this „Tornado“-solution for my YF-25, as in my opinion Michel’s Tornado Pack is much too colorful for the YF-25 and its shade of blue doesn’t match the blue color behind the cockpit of the YF-25.
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    Next up from evo...
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    Been super busy lately, haven't had much time to process some shots. Hopefully I can I have some time.
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    Have you ever seen a Legioss that could pull off a two-handed grip? Forward and back. Well, the rotating shoulder hinge is die-cast, but the parts that connect to the arm are all plastic... However, there are more significant causes of concern. For starters, there's the faux ankle joint: Those are some scary-looking stress marks holding the piece that connects the foot to the leg. As you can see, there are two little screws that attach the ankle piece to the leg, but the connection isn't particularly solid; there's definitely a little side-to-side play, but don't mistake it for actual ankle tilt. If you try to twist the foot in one direction or the other, you're just going to cause further stress to that connection. I actually had to replace the upper screw there with a larger one just to keep the piece secure, since it had worked itself loose in the hours or so since I first got the figure... Note the stress mark on the tip of the rectenna fin, too; it's just a little too long to properly stow under the panel in Armo-Fighter mode, and will likely get bent every time you go back to fighter again. Thankfully, Evo used the best possible plastic for pieces like this -- rigid enough to hold the shape, but soft enough to bend without snapping off -- so regardless of what you think of the aesthetics, it's an excellent choice for the durability of the toy. Nonetheless, I'd recommend just trimming the top 5-6mm off that fin. A more complicated problem is the missile cover hinge on the shoulders. It's a double-jointed design, meant to open up and then fold down flat against the side of the shoulder, but there isn't enough clearance to get the piece to fold properly. I'm afraid to force it, especially since it's just as likely to scratch the painted surface as it is to snap off at the hinge, so it only opens up half way. It's a relatively minor issue, but one to be wary of nevertheless. I'll let you know if I encounter any serious problems. Exactly the same height as Granddaddy Gakken, as it turns out! Or, to be more precise:
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    Who said it's not doing well? I don't think we've seen any proof of that yet. If our members here are any indication (and unfortunately, they're probably not) the line is doing extremely well! We'vehad releases of all sorts of goodness so far and I don't think there's any proof HM-R is suffering that I've seen. In my opinion, if it weren't going well, we'd never have seen the Missile Regult due in December at all. Just my take on things.
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    Shoot me a pm I can send you one of mine. Free of charge.
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    Upcoming VF-1A. April 2018 release .
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    ... actually, yes. Dimension Eater weaponry in the Macross universe is broadly similar to the Vortex weaponry found in Warhammer 40,000. Minus, of course, the fact that fold space is a heck of a lot lower on the "hyperspace is a scary place" brown pants index than The Warp. In principle, MDE beam weaponry isn't all that different from more traditional forms of dimensional beam weaponry like the heavy quantum reaction beam weapons used for practically every scale of starship-mounted energy weapon or the heavy quantum beam rifles employed by the most recent models of variable fighter. They employ a fold dimensional resonance effect to produce and store heavy quantum, a form of exotic matter that exists simultaneously in fold space and normal space which possesses an impossibly high mass on the side in fold space. The dimensional resonator in the weapon that catalyzes the creation of heavy quantum is made of fold carbon, or in the MDE's case, fold quartz. Heavy Quantum Reaction Beam weapons1 use a resonance fold effect to excite the collected heavy quantum, causing its full mass to drop into normal space. The gravity produced by its impossibly high mass causes the heavy quantum to collapse in on itself so intensely that the result is an incredibly violent thermonuclear fusion reaction. This reaction (really more of an explosion) is corralled by the weapon to form a beam of heavy quantum fusion plasma that's carrying a colossal amount of thermal and kinetic energy. Heavy Quantum beam weapons skip that last step, and just lob beams or bolts of the excited heavy quantum at the enemy. The high mass of the heavy quantum dropping fully into three dimensional space results in an enormous transfer of kinetic energy to the target. (It's kinda like having a potato gun fire a potato made of styrofoam that transmutes into a potato made from solid depleted uranium after firing.) Micro-Dimension Eater beam weapons operate much like a Heavy Quantum Reaction Beam weapon. The key difference is that they use high-purity fold quartz instead of the synthetic fold carbon resonator, producing a "super" heavy quantum that carries substantially greater mass than regular heavy quantum. Instead of collapsing on itself so hard it auto-ignites in thermonuclear fusion, that superheavy quantum collapses straight back into fold space in a short-lived but intense fold not dissimilar to a black hole. The MDE beam weapon is firing a particle beam made up of microsingularities, tiny clots of superheavy quantum whose ultra-intense gravitational pull violently draws in any matter nearby before it collapses into a fold effect that draws the superheavy quantum and captured matter into fold space. The same principles used in the heavy quantum reaction beam weapon and MDE beam weapon apply in thermonuclear reaction warheads and dimensional warheads respectively, though in the former case the heavy quantum is used mainly to compress elemental hydrogen in the warhead, acting as a trigger for a "pure" fusion bomb. I guess you could say the chief difference between MDE beam weapons and a D-cannon is the quantity of singularities fired... the D-cannon normally fires one big one, the MDE weapon fires billions of microscopic ones, sandblasting the target out of reality. All of those things would be essentially contingent on the output of the Nousjadeul-Ger's reactor, as dimensional beam weapon technology is scalable enough to be used on every level from the coaxial gunmounts on the heads of VFs and small-scale built-in beam weaponry (as on the VF-22) right up to "that's no moon, that's a space station" level applications with barrels kilometers across like the Grand Cannon or Boddole Zer mobile fortress. The main sticking points would be having a reactor powerful enough to recharge the weapon quickly, a cooling system sufficient to keep the weapon's components from melting (extra important on the heavy quantum reaction guns), and whether the desired rate of fire would mean a reduction in power sufficient to render the weapon ineffective. All told, I'd expect a MDE beam weapon's range to be reduced substantially in atmosphere as there would be more matter for the microsingularities in the beam to interact with between the firing unit and target in an atmosphere. A few kilometers at most, from a mecha-scale weapon. Depends on how big the warhead is. Damage will be more or less directly proportionate to the amount of superheavy quantum in the warhead. For most purposes, the benefit of MDE isn't in massive area damage... it's in the way MDE is essentially the last word in armor-piercing. Armor can't repel MDE weapons, because it's not acting against the kinetic or thermal damage resistance of the armor, its intense gravity is simply tearing the armor apart at the atomic level and sucking the resulting mess out of reality. Given the size of the typical armament on a Regult with missile racks, I wouldn't expect them to be markedly more destructive in terms of blast radius, etc. than a conventional warhead.
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    Can we contact Weijiang and ask them to make a KO of this guy that both fixes it's problems,makes it out of much better materials and for less money? If they can do that for transformers, why not this guy?
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    Thanks. Yeah it was this one but it needs to be updated. I want to take another VF-1 Battroid group pic, VF-1 Fighter pic, and a pic of all of my HMR together.
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    Just finished this guy. (The MG Zaku standing behind it isn't mine).
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    Well, if you insist...
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    Here's some pics of how it attaches: Peg on the VF-31. Hole on the weapons pod.
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    Depends if they're mecha-oriented fans like us, or the more typical Delta fan who'd probably ask if you'd hit your head if you said it was a mecha series.
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    Which made all our previous Wars kinda seem like mere bagatelles...
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    After a couple of years not working on any models stashed away half way completed I started, yet again, working on some 1/144's there still about 20 other models on the back log in different building stages ...
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    I find Skullface pretty good. He interacts ok with his subs. Outside of the transformation blah blah blah, which at times is useful as I need help with some of the steps as I never use the instructions., I like his final thoughts as they seem to be the most unbiased. What I am really interested in is a recommend or not. All I did with Kuma was pay a nice compliment to his photography skills and mentioned how cool it would be with backgrounds. And then he gets snarky. He has a history of this. And its amusing watching him use the search function furiously to find any thread related to Third Party thread to litter his pics with. So much for a guy who doesnt care positive or negative what people think. Outside of that beauty of the shots, I really like our long time resident that posts his reviews in this thread.
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    @Tking22 nice pickup on the Mechagodzilla, I love it too! Did a photo shoot of it this past weekend.
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    hacchaka just got his HMR VF2SS Silvie pictorialized: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/52016411.html samples:
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    If the mods want to delete this thread, due to the separate ones, then I understand. At the moment, there look to be about 4 or 5 threads on various Megazone 23 products in the first few pages here. Since there are so many different items coming out this year and next, I figure that it might be helpful to have a single thread to keep them all straight, and to compare/contrast. We have: - Arcadia 1/24 (thread at ) - Freeing 1/20 (thread at ) - Fewture 1/20... or 1/15... unclear (thread at - The old Yamato, which can be great for comparison, 1/15 (rider was closer to 1/18) (thread at ) - Aoshima also made a 1/24 model (no recently active thread on that) So, here is how things look to me: Arcadia: 1/24 "die cast model". The big deal to this one, in my opinion, is that they have shown prototypes of Hagans and Proto Garland (at Wonderfest in 2016, and updated in 2017). So, while this one looks largely like a scaled-down Yamato, it might be worth getting if it is going to be part of a full in-scale line of Megazone 23 products. They have also more recently revealed an add-on strike Garland pack (shields and weapons that add on to make it look like the Strike Garland). Price: 25,800 at HLJ for Garland, 24,510 at CDJ, 23,994 at A-E, 25,300 for the Garland; 64,584 for the blue and white version; 25,704 for the Strike Parts; all at AmiAmi (the latter two appearing to be incentives from the Kickstarter for the new anime); Release: 12/2017 Freeing: 1/20 scale This one wins on robot mode, but the bike mode looks a little crushed together. The video that they put out showing the transformation of this thing looks, in my opinion, terrible. Just way way WAY too finicky. On the other hand, it's an E=X Garland, and I've wanted one since I first saw Megazone 23 Part III, and never thought we'd get one. The figure that comes with it looks kind of cool. Price: 26,213 on HLJ, 24,834 on CDJ, 23,460 on A-E; Release: 02/2018 Fewture: 1/20, though it seems closer to 1/15 in robot mode Looks similar to the Yamato, but with more elongation and sharp points. Maybe a little artistic license taken to make it look more dynamic. The paint job definitely looks less plastic and more paint, with a darker color than I think we've seen before. It does look detailed, though the figure that comes with it looks a little iffy. Price: 39,800 on HLJ. 39,800 on CDJ, 37,810 on A-E; Release: 04/2018 So, what are everyone's thoughts, looking at all of these together? The Fewture looks detailed, but I'm not a fan of the paint, and the pricing is just way way too high for my tastes. The Freeing looks cool, but finicky. Tempted to get it due to no other E=X figures being out there, but not sure what you're getting justifies the price. To me, the Arcadia is the only one I'm seriously considering. The pricing is a little more reasonable, but still up there, so I'm on the fence. On the other hand, if this does become a larger line, with multiple versions of the Garland, plus Harguns, maybe cheaper strike packs down the road, and if they have a deal to make figures for the new anime (which may be the case, looking at the Kickstarter incentives), then I know I'm going to be kicking myself later if I don't get this one.
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    Not swappable into 1S is such a fail!
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    Sweet, got one in-thanks F360! My regular mainstays for plastic crack were letting me down.
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    Up at NY, still 11,480¥ https://www.nippon-yasan.com/21553-hi-metal-r-vf-2ss-valkyrie-ii-sap-silvie-gena-custom.html
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    Cool, I hope this is carried on for future releases too. I love the box arts for the Hi-Metal R's.
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    Unfortunately (for the wallet,) I'm getting both since they're in different scales and sooooo different design-wise. I'm looking forward to the FansHobby **more** but excited for both.
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    Maybe so, but you'd think they would've at least programmed their walking apocalypse to get a second opinion before trying to end the world. I mean, what if a disillusioned total misanthrope managed to unearth the damned thing and became the one it interrogated? Nonsense, it was a medical shank. Sterile interrogative violence!
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    Wasn’t expecting to see this in plastic. Saw the pic at tag hobby, 1/144 web exclusive.
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    It's easily the best Legioss toy we've ever got -- faint praise, given the competition, but nonetheless satisfying -- despite the inherent weaknesses of an Evolution Toys product. While it looks the part, fighter mode doesn't hold together very well... but fighter's always been the weakest mode of any transformable Legioss. Armo-Diver mode has all the requisite articulation to strike the iconic poses, but you can see visible mold flash on the inside of the left leg there... Armo-Soldier is where the figure really shines. It's well-proportioned and holds together best in this mode. Surprisingly well-articulated, too... even the head! Of course! It would look awfully plain without them. There are plenty of markings included, for all three basic variants.
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    Are we counting the novelization in this? If so, yes. Otherwise it's a very definite "maybe"... unless you didn't specifically mean Variable Fighters, since they did have the AIF-9V Ghosts seen in the last episode and the QF-5100D Goblin II drones seen in the second movie as part of the VF-27's Super Pack. Back in Macross R, set a year before the Vajra conflict, the Macross Galaxy corporate army did have at least one unit (Pegasus squadron) which was outfitted with a local specification version of the old VF-19C (VF-19C/MG21). The first volume of the Macross Frontier novelization ("Close Encounter") puts a number of other units in the Galaxy fleet's arsenal including a never-before-seen and unfortunately unelaborated-upon VF-17 variant (VF-17F) and several VF-9's that are presumably (but not explicitly said to be) the upgraded VF-9E type. I would assume that they hadn't had time to upgrade every unit in their corporate army to the VF-27 yet, so there were probably VF-171s offscreen as well.
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    ^ Whoa! Was there ever a kit of that thing? _ More work on the X:
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    This looks absolutely dumb, stupid, vapid, and all manner of silly adjectives. And yet I love the hell outta Battleship. I suspect this will turn out the same way and I'll be singing its praises for years to come.
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    Looks good but will we see the monsters eat people out of buildings to regenerate health?
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    Some more progress on the 1/144 GiMix Macross Airshow display Discovered that the GiMix macros decals that come with the VFs actually have a carrier film over the top of them that you need to remove after the decals are stuck down. Masking tape takes it off without damaging the decals.
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    I honestly couldn't give two shakes about the paintscheme and logo, I think they should all go back to tail markings and be done with the spine-art. All I care about is Bandai FINALLY releasing something with some actual external ordinance that I could potentially mount on something, and they decided to lock it behind a freaking convention exclusive/lottery release.
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    What does a Blue and Black Valk with a cool logo have to do with a character in a show? I don't have to attribute any sort of character trait to the design to enjoy it.
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    Fixed that for ya! Mirage was the only Siegfried I wanted. Because I love Mirage. Also, they're all practically the same, and I've never been able to afford to buy whole platoons, As much as I would love to, so I picked the one for my favorite character. The Only reason I got the Sv-262Hs was because they didn't release the non commander type, and probably won't. Also, that is a sick photo. Mirage looking good, but how can she not?
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    I can't really bring myself to get excited about this. It's not that I don't think FansToys will do a good job, I just don't trust a FansToys announcement to go from CGI renders to something I could actually buy in less than three years. And even then, how many other figures will they decide to do and somehow get out the door first? Asking for a friend that goes by Hoodlum.
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    Frankly, I'm a bit miffed by the treatment Mirage got. She's a Jenius. So she starts out as a by the book pilot, very little improv, just enough to be slightly better than average, per her lineage. She should have gotten the loosen up lecture sooner and had more time to blossom, and show everyone that her name isn't just an accident of birth. But she got outshined by Hayate, and that's not cool. Also, I agree that Mirage should have been handing Bogue's ass to him on a platter for the whole show. More CF's did need to bite it, and Herman should have been given some pineapple salad.
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    Oh, that's lovely right there! Love the shade of that red. Thanks! Now, I'm doing a lot of sanding. The bomb bay doors were a pretty poor fit, so that needed filler down the middle, and will need more scribing there. A lot of sanding has happened since...
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    This is basically the sin of most of the main cast it seems. Someone does something with a "Screw the rules, I'm doing what's right" mentality but they really aren't doing anything but making themselves and maybe their personal friends feel better about themselves while impeding people trying to actually help. The entire series can basically be reviewed as NUNS saying "Told ya so." when everything keeps getting worse. Meanwhile our 'heroes' can sleep at night because they made sure everyone heard how upset they were NUNS lit off a reaction warhead on Ragna, or that they wanted to use dimensional weapons instead of singing. At least in Macross 7 there was enough reason to assume singing was actually a better call for fighting the Protodeviln than just blowing them up (though they did try that too, and only really Basara had any issues with it) because that was the way to ultimately stop them. In Delta, sure they could undo the effects of the ketchup song but when you can just solve the whole thing at once with military action where singing was really just a stalling tactic... NUNS was right that time.
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    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
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    All i know is that http://www.bandaionline.com/ could not fulfill my preorder of Metal Build Exia so I will never be using them again.