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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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    Got FP Exo-Realm Pinchar, my FP Dinobots are finally complete.
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    Been noticing this since the site’s overhaul in which we don’t have this feature before. Don’t worry about it. The only time I’ll be worried is that if that ‘downvoting’ is going to affect my money. If not, the heck with it. They can downvote my posts everytime. So please feel free to downvote this everyone.
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    Thanks! I don’t collect very many TFs but here is one more TF that arrived. Maketoys Thunder Manus x Divine Armor (R)
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    Really, any story arc in which Mirage is actually allowed to grow and develop as a character would be an improvement on what the Macross Delta series did with her... she's Hayate's instructor for a while and then she's just sort of hanging around out of focus. I'd have liked to see her come into her own as a pilot and become a worthy successor to the Jenius family tradition and the franchise's latest lady ace... a criminally underappreciated segment of the franchise's casting. The series kind of built it up like the Immelmann Dance was going to be how Mirage finally broke through into greatness, but it never paid off. I could kind of see singing as a alternate route for that tho...
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    Cool, thanks for the link. Looks like lots of cool stuff.
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    We've just posted a massive, 450 photo blowout from last Sunday's Wonder Festival over at Decultureshock. Drop by and take a look! http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2018-winter/
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    This came today. F-14B Jolly Rogers by Calibre Wings. The amount of details on this (and other rival companies) is astounding. I wish Arcadia could do the same amount of tampo prints on their VF-1. Here's some sneak peeks :
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    Slowly updating this thread, the painting is progressing at a lower speed because of a very busy work and family schedules. Still a lot to do, but it gots some presence already.
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    Metal Build Mazinger Z (shown with Riobot Mazinkaiser for scaling comparison)
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    Separate canopy frame. Interesting. Removable(?) cockpit. Also interesting. Snap assembly? Triple interesting...
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    Not sure if trolling, or actually don't know about: http://www.macross2.net/m3/macrossga/sdp-1.htm But that will probably never see any sort of "official" release. But yeah, I do get a little tired of the same vf-1, that's why I want the "rare" ones like the ve-1, vt-1, and vf-1d from Arcadia . I'm also not crazy about the idea of paying $300+ for each of those, though.
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    I upvoted ur downvoting request Noel.
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    Been taking all my white valks out of their boxes with the reports of yellowing lately. The only decent Yeti solution I could come up with using what I had at hand for the RVF-171, what with the huge ventral fin and wonky stand adapter. Hopefully the addition of armor packs won't mess this up.
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    Oh man, the posts I've made about everybody using deep trans-blue windshields on Hot Rod.... (which, due to budget only ever allowing one type of clear plastic, always leads to deep blue headlights...)
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    Wow, it looks like the Gerwalk joint is bent two clicks in fighter mode to accommodate the Armor Pack. On the right. Armored Kairos's.
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    Opened up my VE-1. Surprisingly, I like it a lot more than the regular HMR VF-1 releases. The extra packs really hide the ugly HMR fighter mode (I said the same thing way back when we got Hikaru's Strike 1S) and makes it look so much better. And, strangely enough, the tabs actually hold the legs in place in fighter mode, something that was a real problem on my past HMRs. It's a step down from the Yamato VE-1, but if you missed out on that, this one is fine. Why, the VE-1 is positively adequate. Adequatulent, even! Is the radome supposed to sit that high? It looks weird like that. It's not perfect though. It has a crooked nose, like it got broken in a bar fight and didn't heal right. That UN Spacy kite is comically large; I measured it and it's even bigger than the 1/60 version. My copy also has a nasty paint splash on the cockpit UN Spacy kite. Love that HMR quality! With its big brother.
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    hacchaka's GX-77 pictorial is up: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/52021070.html samples:
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    I'm sure there will be a bunch available once people actually get them in hand.
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    Taken from a quote by William Cowper's poem, “The Task” (1785): “Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.”
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    Opened 3 sets so far. Keeping one set MISB. Lovely box art.
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    Very cool models Just remember to make plan for sanding as the end product is a bit rough and will need to be sanded down .Is the models thin walled or solid ? What scale do you intend to use for print ?
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    I noticed the same. Could be somenone from Toynami?
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    *Look at this son of a bitch's audacity.
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    All this talk of Zero makes me want to watch it again.
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    And that's a problem. It should not take side-material to explain it to me. If it could be, then it should be done within the context of the show. I should not have to rely on side material to explain it to me. Those wasted TV episodes could have done this but they choose not to and wasted time.
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    Macross zero... I loved it, and maybe is my favorite episode in the whole macross series. Why? It was really focused on pew pew pew and swooshing. It was like 'hey fans! This is a short short story (its 6 ep long, some slack is granted) of how you went from f 14s to VFs We will put some love triangle here, and protoculture there (that goes nowhere...) It was a honest story... No idols, no macross cities, no colonies... precious vf0s and sv51s flying over the ocean, just because.
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    It's a discussion forum, and I like to discuss. I dunno what else to say. That's projecting a bit. I don't think you're a racist, fascist hate monger. I certainly hope you aren't. The only things I know about you are what you've said, and what you've said conflicts with other things that you've said. But then who doesn't contradict themselves from time to time. If you really want to know, I think you're being a bit intellectually dishonest when you say that gender roles is the lesser criticism you have of Frontier, Delta, and the upcoming Macross show. I think you consider it the graver sin, judging by how much you talk about it and what you have to say about it. I think you could tolerate Delta's shoddy writing the way you tolerate Zero's shoddy writing if only the men and boys were more "manly." Perhaps "narrow" does have a bit of an accusatory tone to it, doesn't it? My apologies for the tone, but what else should I call it when what you define (or view) as being appropriately "masculine" is only a (narrow) fraction of the larger body of experience that has ever been considered masculine? You say that Alto's being pretty and playing a woman in kabuki makes him less "manly." But that conclusion can only be reached if you limit, intentionally or otherwise, the definition of masculinity. Do the Japanese just not know what masculinity is, that they consider his prettiness and kabuki roles irrelevant to his gender? True, but... we're on a discussion forum. There wouldn't be much to discuss if all we did was state our opinions.
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    I’ve thought about combining them both. I’ve also found a way the build a stand for them so I can have one as a coffee table as I’ve always wanted and the other looking like it’s flying on a shelf.
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    Brother I'm right there with you hopin' my man! I rewatched all 5 Mac Zero last night after not watching for several years. Man I forgot just how good it was. I needed a good classic Macross fix to rinse away this new crap.
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    Par for the course... Macross started to color-coordinate the trim on FAST Packs with the pilot color scheme of the VF way back in DYRL?, when they made the background of the SVF-1 Skulls roundel match the trim color of the character's VF. It's certainly practical for helping tell VFs apart when so much of the airframe is covered by bolt-on hardware. (To their credit, the animators working on Frontier even went to the trouble of recoloring the VF-25 Super Pack trim to khaki for the few seconds it was seen on a VF-25A.)
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    ^Sweet! Must be something else to see it in a theater.
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    Most of the criticisms of the show voiced on these boards are the kind of thing I was talking about a few posts back... fans who have very specific, well-reasoned arguments for finding portions of Delta unsatisfying. There's very little actual bashing of the show here, it's almost entirely "I wish they'd done this part better". Kudos to Kawamori if he did in fact take the constructive criticism to heart for Passionate Walkure. The more balanced presentation of action and music that fans over in Japan have reported most definitely suggests that the staff were paying attention. (I just wish they put more effort into characterizing the Aerial Knights. The White Knight of the Black Wing did a great job making the young Knights feel like true Macross antagonists... people who aren't bad or evil, but merely doing what they think is right or the best for their people.) The community here is usually pretty good about shutting down the unreasonable criticisms of the series too... like the notorious "they're magical girls" argument that dogged every review thread on the boards for like the first eight episodes. You can't please everyone, but at least you can insist upon reasonable criticism. Let us not forget that this site had a pretty big problem with that kind of behavior in the not-too-distant past. You used to be able to expect a small crowd to descend upon you to tell you what a tosser they thought you were if you said anything remotely negative about Macross 7, or positive about Macross II. That only got cleared up for good when Kawamori himself sank the basis for it when he did a fan Q&A and said II was as valid a Macross series as any other.
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    I think what Macross has taught me is that people WILL pay through the nose for all of it. Sooner or later.
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    Please refrain from posting scans of the comics. Only the public previews. Thank you.
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    Cat's Eye? Definitely would buy an HM-R version....
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    ... did y'all skip the parts where the reviewer complained that, even in the first half, the film's story was an unfocused mess that unceremoniously drops plot threads and shifts focus without rhyme or reason? Or that it became nigh-incomprehensible in the second half, that the climax hinged on a character who the film forgot to develop, that the new animation is spotty and has jarring quality issues, or that the choreography in the idol performances is weak? If you actually summarize this review, it'd be: "I like the designs, the music, and the mecha action sequences, but the animation has some major issues, the story's a mess, and I had no idea what was going on 90% of the time". That their overall score for the film was a B-, with the story only meriting a C, argues strongly for that being overall a rather tepid review. "It wasn't very good, but I had fun regardless".
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    If we get a boy band, im out!!!!
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    Probably because doing a compilation movie is significantly cheaper than an all-new film, allowing them to do the movie faster with less money and studio manpower. Japanese audiences are already well-accustomed to compilation movies with a good deal less new footage than Macross Delta: Passionate Walkure has, so they're not likely to care overmuch about not getting an all-original anime film. The fact that the Macross Delta series itself wasn't really all that remarkable, and served mainly as a vehicle to launch Walkure, would've made it unlikely that they'd do an all-original movie to riff on a barely-there story for the sake of a two-hour AMV. With a new Macross series already under development, a compilation movie was probably a smart way to go with the remaining manpower.
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    Grassor looks to be an almost-perfect Slag. If his robot wings were broader, the dinosaur radiator boxes on the shoulders were square(which would really be automatic with broader robowings since there's a space issue there right now), the missile launchers pegged into his shoulders instead of hips(fixable with a small drillbit and a couple minutes?), and HIS DINO JAW WAS SILVER SERIOUSLY WTF?!?!... he'd be the perfect Slag. But he's got a lot of good points. Comes with translucent dinobits and a proper black robot head as well as the bare-gold/red head nonsense, so he can be toy-accurate OR wrong, and everyone's happy(except for the whole tail transformation issue). His frill isn't so wrong as to be an instant dealbreaker. Not top-tier, but not awful. It is a pretty good frill. The problems he has aren't dealbreakers, and they are smaller issues than the problems every OTHER Slag has. This is the first I've seen and thought "I want this on my shelf".
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    Yours looks amazing! Great job! I'd like to see what others did with theirs too! Pulled some pics from the way back machine:
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    My two year old will be bummed out when Rebels ends. She loves Chopper and "Ezba". I've really enjoyed the series myself; like Clone Wars it kind of started slow but ramped up into something good. But they'd been writing stories that have been getting closer and closer to A New Hope that you knew it had to end sooner or later. Really hope the next Star Wars series is as good as Rebels and Clone Wars.