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    Condition Red! Prepare for attack! All pilots man your Destroids!
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    I am absolutely thrilled to report that my story seems to have a happy ending. I got my package today from the seller. I examined it closely and it seems Bandai went ahead and just replaced the entire toy. The stress crack I gave it the first day isn't there. The re-glued fingertips I broke off aren't there. And most importantly, the LEG I RIPPED OFF is intact and whole. I think they just said "screw it" and threw a replacement toy in there. Now, I have no way to know if mine isn't made of refurbished parts from other rejects, but I don't care, cause I got it back and it's FIXED. Head laser is still intact! All the other parts, the pilot figures, the gun, all the missiles....those are mine from before. The box is even mine. The only thing that's different is the main toy. Thank god. Out of the box, it doesn't appear to peg together as flush as my first one, but hey, this one has two legs, so I'll take it. Tail fins are as pathetic as ever. Just looking at them makes them fall off. Bandai included an additional insert about the tail fins, so that's obviously a widespread issue. THIS TIME....I unscrewed the legs and gave the inner screws a bit of an unwinding. So far so good....in Battroid mode everything pegs together just fine. Still a little gappy in fighter mode but I'll live with it, and maybe it'll improve over time. I AM GOING TO BE SO GODDAMN CAREFUL WITH THIS THING. I really am thrilled. Man, did I luck out. I take back all the angry frustrated things I said when I got this toy the first day. I love it. I really do love it. I finally own a YF-19. Whew. After three weeks I think I can finally unclench.
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    That's awesome and interesting coincidence I had taken this shot last night.
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    Definitely the high point of interstellar civilization right there.
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    Captain’s Log: Friday, October 10th. Southern-Cross garage kits are among the rarest of the rare, assuming there are any out there at all. A while back, I was approached by a fellow MWer about mastering the patterns for the Bioroid drop-ship. It seemed like it would be a fun project, so I gladly accepted. So as with all projects, I begin by drafting some basic technical drawings from which I can carve parts. As is to be expected from line-art of that by-gone era, the different views of the ship don’t even correspond with each other, and this case is a particularly bad one! So after a bit of back_&-forth with the client, I finalize the diagrams and can now begin making a mess in my workshop! I had a block of modeling board, but the edges were rough so I had to mill it down to create some square edges. The block is so large that I had to get « creative » just to be able to work on it (pic 1) Now I have drawings, style-sheet reference, and a block of modeling board: watch me turn this block into a finished set of masters in 30 days or less! (pic 2) Pic 3: the block is so large that it just barely fits under the bandsaw at maximum clearance: problematic, but not insurmountable. We will take the long road… Pic 4: I use my trusty drill press with a cutting wheel mounted. Since I can’t cut all the way through such a large part, I settle for notching the cut mark all around the part. Pic 5: time to break-out the hack-saw and manually cut the board! It’s a long, tedious process, but it must be done. Pic 6: the cut came out a lot rougher than I would have liked, but no worries. Back to the drill press, this time using a grinding stone to level the surface of the cut and make it perfectly flat. Pic 7: there were still some nasty saw-marks in the board, even after the grinding. To avoid removing too much (very expensive) material, I just use some polyester putty to cover the scars. Easy-peasy! Pic 8: now that I have smaller parts, I can cut them on the bandsaw to remove excess material and begin to shape the parts accordingly. Pic 9: after some grinding and sanding, the parts are starting to come along. I will likely want to fiddle with some of the details as I go along, simply because the line-art is so loosey-goosey and there’s leeway for tweaking to get the coolest looking shapes possible. Stay tuned!
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    That, and so the audience is forced to let go of the original trio... neatly preventing other writers from dragging them back over and over again like the old Star Wars EU did to the original trilogy cast and doing what Robotech continues to do to its Macross holdover characters. Kawamori has always maintained that Hikaru, Misa, and Minmay sailed off into the proverbial sunset and their story is over. This postcard is him drawing a double underline and six exclamation marks on the word "over".
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    Oh I hope not... if the Walkure fanboys want wrist exercise they can just buy the f***ing h-doujinshi. I'd like to see something of actual substance.
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    An early test shot using VF-19 Advance as a stand in to prepare for the YF-19 arrival and photoshoot.
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    I was able to snag one... was doubting but Im glad I went for it. Is it me or does it feel heavier / sturdier than the vf 19A right out of the box?? Plastic and paint feel so much better!! Also the big tampo kite, UN Spacy, Sinsei, Super Nova Project are just awesome!!! In the back my proud vf 19A with its reconstructed intake / hip Will not transform it cause it looks gorgeous just as it is. PERFECT
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    I think you're all missing the obvious here. Rey is all-powerful for the same reason Anakin was:
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    Many thanks to @ChaoticYeti for helping me out with adapters for my Maketoys seekers!!! I think I over complicated things with elbows but I like this set up. Need to open up Skywarp to display all 3 in alt mode
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    The Zeta finally landed with some other goodies!
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    That's an impossibility, as the energy beings that possessed the Evhil-series bodies (bodies made by the Protoculture, BTW), come from a sub-dimension. The "dark hole" that Minmei et al entered mostly likely leads to a different reality, but the same dimension (or the same dimensional characteristics. In short, definitely not a sub-dimension inhabited by energy based beings.)
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    There is a lawsuit involving Crytek because StarCitizen change the engine (Cryengine) at middle development and chose the Amazon Engine instead, so Crytek sue CIG for breaching of contract or something like that.
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    You know, this is the problem with going all in on these social issues for the movies, they've done such a horrible job that they end up making woman look bad. The impression you walk away with on Phasma is that she is nothing more than a specially dressed, babble spouting, idiotic nutjob. Congrats Hollywood, way to make a strong female character. Then with Rey, they went the opposite direction, she's essentially the second coming of Anakin Skywalker, so damned powerful that she can fly ships without training, duel with lightsaber and use the force with nary a glance. Disney should just stick with what its good at, great popcorn flicks, stop trying to be so social on everything.
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    Kshatriya should be big in 1/100 scale. It's taller than Unicorn. Did they show a Metal Composite Unicorn in the video? I haven't seen that YouTube clip posted by Numbninja so I'm not sure if they featured the Unicorn to scale and compare with. Now I'm rethinking if I'm going to get one. Because for its price, it's cheaper than a regular Bandai Metal Build figure.
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    Wrapping up the electronics now. This is my first Bluetooth controlled project (with the HC-06 board), so it took some time to learn. It was pretty easy actually. Otherwise its the same setup I always use with the Mini Arduino, LiPo, SD Card, amplifier, and speaker for the sound effects. It has 25x RBG Neopixels and 3x normal leds (for the lasers and pulsar cannons). They are all separately controlled by Bluetooth, with the Ardudroid app, for the landing gears, stairs, cockpit, gun pit, engine, and 14 spotlights with fiber optics. It's my first completely wireless project that doesn't need a base, because all the electronics fit in the body. Although at this scale it was a tight fit, especially the fiber, It has an external power switch under the engine, and removable side access for charging and programming. Now I'm trying to figure out how to shoot this little guy. I'm hoping to do a Picture in Picture video to show the Bluetooth control in action.
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    Yes. For its backpack’s 3 nozzle size discussion.
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    Hopefully it'll be an empowering movie just like WW. Don't ask me who it should be empowering, if I had to guess, I would say fish. But only to the extent that they should strive to be tastier on the dinner plates.
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