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    Hi guys, I have been busy last days (couple months... in fact) with a very challenging design from Macross Delta: the VF-9, aka Cutlass. This is a small fighter designed to support the VF-1 in mission. Guess what ? It is even shorter than a VF-1. I tried my best to make a great looking transforming toy in all three modes for the 1:60 scale, printable in WSF (SLS nylon powder). So far, I am pretty confident that I will soon have something printable. 90% of the model is good to go using M1.7x6mm, M1.7x10mm screws and 1mm diameter rods. I need to refine the design of a few parts such as the Head, the right shoulder and the vertical stabilizers. I also need to decide if it can have retractable or swap-able landing gears. The battroid mode should have sufficient articulation to compare with an Arcadia VF-1, I just hope all the joints will be tight enough. A few pictures !
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    You know I wonder if this SJW talk borders on Political debates. I'm sick of term SJW. I'm sick of watching some YouTube opinion piece where I'm in agreement with some critic's on view pop culture until they start talking about how it's the fault of the SJW. If you spend 20 minutes viewing online fandom you'll believe everyone is either a SJW or Misogynist. I like to believe those people only represent 10% of fandom. They just have the loudest voices. Majority of us don't have the time to make videos, podcasts and engage in every discussion. Sometimes these extremist of both sides have valid points. It is easy to feel pulled towards one team when the other team accuses you of being an SJW or Misogynist just because you agree with them on a couple of things. You'll start thinking they were right those people are impossible to deal with and your journey to fandom extremism begins. Yes I think they over do it with the diversity. There are already minority characters out there who they could easily expand on without having to change a 50 year old iconic character. Yes I thought that movie sucked. It wasn't because of the changes for diversity. However, team Misogyny was bitching about it for months before the movie was finished and now team SJW will accuse anyone of being homophobic, racist and sexist for not liking it. These politics of fandom serves the media industry. Fandom outrage is marketing tool. Teams Misogyny and SJW reach goes beyond just fandom. You can't read the comments section anywhere online without seeing it. Fandom is really taking the joy out of enjoying things.
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    "Sorry Stig but I'm Not a Soldier. Plus have you seen this thing!"
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    Putting my missile effects to good use
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    Can't think of something to say at the moment, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.
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    Stupid! St00pid! STUPID!! Also, the hipster millennial a-holes producing this crap look just like the ones Family Guy lampooned recently. The 2011 reboot was way better but sadly cancelled so bring that one back instead!!
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    No complaints about Rey from me. Rose on the other hand...
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    I’m super happy with both bikes. I really hope they can make more.
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    My ebay seller came through with my pre-order. Just showed up today, was shipped late last week.
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    Ray arrived today.. thought I'd give him a special weapon of his own!
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    My Lucky Star figures cosplaying Macross Frontier characters finally arrived! YAY!
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    At the factory there's a giant pile of right leg armor attachment pieces hidden under someone's work station.
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    My little collection Sorry for crappy quality And non-macross in background
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    Hi everyone! I decided to make a single thread in which I can keep people appraised of my future projects, links to my previous works, a place to post your MOSCATO HOBBY kit builds, and pretty much everything else related to my works. Links to previous projects will be added to this first post over time to help you find my older stuff. 1/48 Pinky Space Crab build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/40117-mo-suu-pii-dah-inbitoh-in-148/ 1/48 Blueberry Space Crab build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/40692-mo-suu-pii-dah-inbitoh-in-148-part-deux/ 1/48 KING CRAB build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41380-mo-suu-pii-dah-goh-suu-in-148/ 1/48 BABY CRABB build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/41380-mo-suu-pii-dah-goh-suu-in-148/ 1/48 BUSTER build: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/42190-148-mospeada-legioss-solider-alpha-battloid-kit/
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    Exactly. Imho, they should've picked up where the 2011 series left off.
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    A droid rebellion, eh? Droid Rebels? The Droid Wars? Sounds familiar.
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    Happy Birthday! And thanks for bringing hope and joy to so many around the world!
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    Is it racist if I’m Asian and I hate Rose with a passion? The character was completely unnecessary to the movie except as you pointed out, a filler role. The entire story around her doesn’t make sense. Within the matter of 2-3 days, she somehow heard of Finns heroics, falls in love with the guy, and is willing to sacrifice her life to save his. Never mind the fact she is only a mechanic and somehow is dashing across the universe, saving animals, sneaking onto star destroyers, and able to pilot a speeder with such skill at the end of the movie. The fact that the character was annoying as crap doesn’t help either. Whether you want to call it SJW bullshit or whatever you do, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson were pushing a social agenda in that movie, and agree with it or not, that kind of crap has no place in a movie.
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    I can like a series, or at the very least its mecha, and not agree with certain plot elements of that series. Further, I can't speak to the agenda (if any) that the creators of MOSPEADA may or may not have been pushing: it was a one-shot series (and an OVA) that never became a franchise that spanned several decades. Were it to receive a modern reboot or sequel, that would be a different story. What irritates me (and many fans of Star Wars) is the blatant pushing of identity politics both on and off screen, many times at the expense of good writing, good casting and an almost callous disregard for the fans and their wishes... Fans without whom the franchise would never have flourished as it has. The Marvel movies too are owned by Disney, have fans that go back further than Star Wars, but they manage to keep the politics much more low-key with focus on great writing. In my estimation it's the emphasis on identity politics that's hurting Star Wars and dividing the fan-base. Some of us would prefer they kept that stuff to themselves and maybe not make some egregious (and preventable) casting blunders that may end up harming the franchise. Some people will like Star Wars and support the franchise no matter what. I'm cool with that. But as long as I can vote with my wallet I will, and sometimes to get change you need to implement some tough love, and that's my current stance. That is all.
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    From some twitter's users
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    Hangar.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1745674209093333/permalink/1790680194592734/
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    I think we're beginning to see more 31A's for sale to milk the inflated price, before the market gets its hands on a second batch in June.
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    Sorry, my package didn't come on the weekend like I expected... TFSource must have found a new, even slower method to use for their free-over-$150 shipping. But my package came today, and I wanted to get this up because people are already forming some pretty strong opinions. This is FansToys Rouge, their version of a Masterpiece Arcee. At first blush, I'll give credit where credit is due and say that Rouge is definitely a good-looking Arcee. The colors are good, the proportions are good, and they even captured little details like the red and pink patch above her (accurate) belly button and the elbow pads with the octagonal holes. And considering that her character model was basically a woman with a little bit of car on her shoulders I think that's quite a feet. I think the size is good, too, standing a smidge taller than Hot Rod and roughly chest-high to Big Spring. Things do start to become a little troubling on closer examination. The front of her torso doesn't tab in securely, and even when it does there's a visible gab through her torso. Another gap can be seen under her collar. But the most irritating thing about her bot mode for me is her backpack. Sure, everything does fold up in there pretty compactly, leaving her back fairly clean and almost entirely free of kibble that isn't supposed to be there, but the hinges in the arms connecting her backpack to her torso are a little weak. Worse, you can see there are flaps on the front that fold over and hide some of the folded-up car inside. Those flaps have slots in them that are supposed to fit over white tabs, but they just don't. And since the hinges those flaps are on are the loosest joints on the figure manipulating her at all will have them flopping all over the place. OK, I'd also argue that the default chest plate that Rouge comes with is a tad buxom for a robot. Fortunately, a second, less busty chest is included, along with a second pair of hands (whose only difference are the lack of tabs for holding the weapons), a gun I'm not super familiar with that has a removable stock, and a pistol that I think she used to shoot the tentacles inside Unicron. I'm not exactly a fan of the one gun being pink. Rouge also comes with several alternate faces. You've one one that almost looks like the default face, except that closer inspection will reveal that it has a subtle smile. You've got your "but Hot Rod and Kup are still outside the city" visor, you've got a yelling face, you've got a big-eyes-small-mouth anime face, and you've got what can only be described as a "Sweet Primus, what was FansToys thinking?!" face. I have to say that from early photos I thought I'd prefer the anime face, but in hand the default face is pretty spot-on. Arcee is pretty poseable, but her small feet and large backpack due create some challenges getting her to stand. Her head is on a ball joint and can look up and down a good deal in addition to swiveling, but her Leia buns and collar prevent her from getting much lateral tilt. Her shoulders are also ball joints, and can maybe 75-80 degrees laterally in addtion to rotating. Her biceps can swivel. She has double-jointed elbows that can basically bend 180 degrees. He technically has a wrist swivel, but it's really at the middle of her forearm. There's at transformation hinge at her actual wrist that lets her bend it up and down, plus an additional hinge at the base knuckles of her fingers that let her open and close her hands. She doesn't have a waist swivel, but she can bend sideways at the waist a little. Her hips are friction universal joints that can kick forward almost 90 degrees, backward a little less than 45, and laterally 90 degrees. She has thigh swivels, although her thighs are about 25% larger front-to-back than they are left-to-right so using them too much will ruin the sculpt. Her knees are a single hinge but they still bend 140-150 degrees. Her feet can tilt up slightly, down nearly 90 degrees, and her toes can bend up about 90 degrees. A hinge gives her an ankle pivot that's a little under 45 degrees. She holds her weapons OK using a method that's a little backward from the usual MP fare. Instead of having tabs on the gun, the tabs are on the inside of Rouge's fingers As you curl them around the handle of either gun they slide into a slot on the front on the handle. On the pistol, it seems that pushing the tab in actually causes the handle to split at the seam, which is a bit unfortunate. Swapping her faces is as easy as pulling the old one off and pushing a new one on. Swapping the hands means pushing out the mushroom pegs they're attached on, which feels like something you probably don't want to do often with such thin parts. And swapping the chest requires you to undo two screws, pull off the chest, undo two more screws to remove the folded white part inside, putting the white part onto the other chest, then screwing the other chest back onto the figure. Rouge folds up into a fairly neat,reasonably compact space car. She's even got little seats, some painted dashboard/center console details, and a steering wheel. I suppose she could be been a little curvier, but that's pretty subjective. The biggest objective issue, aesthetically, is the gap in the middle of the hood. I've been told that it's possible to push the parts around to minimize the gap, but honestly, it's not worth the effort. Transforming Rouge is a nightmare. Seriously, making enemies transform Rouge could be an enhanced interrogation technique. In all of the transforming toys I've bought over the years she is only the second that I'll never transform again after the first time (the first being MP-05 Megatron). People give BadCube a hard time but I'll happily transform Sunsurge every day for a month before I'd transform Rouge again. From the waist down she's pretty easy, but from the waist up she just explodes into panels connected by thin armatures, and her backpack unfurls to make up the front fenders (but not the headlights), the sides, and the entire rear of the car. That might not be so bad except there are serious clearance issues that force you to bend panels on hinges around other parts. Rouge doesn't roll particularly well. He rear wheels, due largely to the tension in her knee joints, plus she doesn't have much clearance. Her head actually splits like MP Sideswipe's, and her forehead is still basically dragging on the ground. You can actually see her peeking out from under the front. Still, as I said, it's a pretty accurate alt mode with translucent lights and the windshield on the front and painted taillights in the back. (I'm also kind of noticing how similar Blurr and Arcee's alt modes are... hmm...). There isn't any way to store her weapons in alt mode, which is kind of lame because she's got slots in her fenders. How hard would it have been to mold tabs on her guns that fit those slots? I'm going to come out and say it- I think that Rouge is probably the worst figure that FansToys has put out. For all the grief people give BadCube I think overly-complicated transformations are starting to become more of a FansToys thing (this, Sovereign, Koot, Apache... heck, even Spindrift, while not particularly difficult, was over-engineered in a way that made me think transforming him was harder than it actually needed to be). But, even though Rouge's transformation is easily the worst I've suffered through in a very long time, it's not just the transformation. It's the lack of polish; some joints too loose, others too tight, gaps in the torso, gaps in the alt mode, tabs that don't stay in well, and tabs that don't stay in at all. Frankly, I don't recommend her. If you're the type of person who just wants a good-looking robot mode you might find some joy in Rouge, as I've yet to see anyone do a robot as accurate as she is, and she's definitely better than ToyWorld's Arcee. But I'm so thoroughly displeased with her that just looking at her is making me angry. She's going on the shelf and I'm not touching her again, which is not how I usually operate. And I'm keeping her box handy so I can sell her later if MMC's turns out to be better... and I'm really hoping MMC's turns out to be better.
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    Might as well post here too and give a shout out to @ChaoticYeti for making the best stands available for toys I've ever seen. Set up single wall mounts for my favorite couple by re-purposing some elbow joints. Here they are with the rest of the crew
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    Set up wall mounts for my favorite family With the rest of the crew And to contribute to the somewhat controversial topic of hardpoints, here are some closer shots of the hardpoints on the three relevant Arcadia Valks pictured I don't know about any mold degradation or other defect regarding any of my Arcadia Valk hardpoints. They all work perfectly fine with a satisfying positive lock when engaged and smooth all the way with attaching or removing. After messing with M&M a bit more last night, I haze zero issues or complains...excellent job by Arcadia and I look forward to more releases from them. Also, I don't regret skipping the PF versions but if anything, I do wish they would apply the round Skull or Kite symbols on the Fast Packs. Can someone point me out to the digital scan so I can make some waterslide decals? Thanks!
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    Set up wall mounts for my favorite family With the rest of the crew
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    I think it's a combination of a lot of things, each of which make it more desirable. VF-31 being arguably the best transforming VF Bandai makes. VF-31a having a delta wing like the YF-30 and VF-0D, which seems to be more popular than the forward sweep of the other 31s. VF-31a being a more realistic blue-grey color than the less well received Delta squad paintjobs. Cannon Fodder machines people generally buy more of. Missiles rather than drones in the legs (even though it still has the stupid drone charger). The whole scarcity issue with unfilled orders.
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    It seems in general, that most of us here are just older, and expect these to be shows about war and battle, which has never been the focus of Macross. Delta really isn't anything new or different than what has been shown before, and if you point a number of things out in the series, there's most likely a direct reference to it in a previous show. It feels different than previous ones, that's for certain, but it's successful no doubt. At this point, there's no point in being upset at it. There's a target audience, and you're not in it. Many of us aren't supposed to be in it, but trying to make it seem like this is something way out of left field and totally foreign to what the franchise has always been is not really true. Besides, I believe they did try to appeal to their older fan base with Zero, and that didn't turn out so well. That said, I'm totally OK with that. I don't like everything about Delta either, but I pick and choose what I like. Hell, there is stuff about every series they've done that I didn't like. SDF Macross wasn't my golden ship to sail on, but there was stuff I liked that kept me from jumping onto other things. I can make the same comparisons with Delta. In any case, I don't see a point in getting so seriously upset over it. If it isn't for you, it isn't. There's hundreds of thousands it is for, and by seeing the masses of fans myself in concerts, events, and the audience it commands overseas, they did something right.
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    Why, you want them to screw up another legacy character?
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    Yeah, but first impressions were even more positive for The Last Jedi...
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    Personally didn't care what race/gender/species Rose was, her character was a waste of space. Seriously, Finn and Poe going off on an adventure would have been wild and better then what we got and before you say that would have dropped Poe's interaction with Holdo, good. At that point it would have made what she did make sense since then she doesn't have to hide what should have been told to the command staff, Poe included.
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    I mentioned somewhere mine was also mis transformed in the box. Go to attack and back.
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    Even in Saburo's pics it seems to be slightly more gappy on the left side. Had such an issue with a VF-25. By transforming it I noticed that a hinge was not in the right position for about a millimeter and transforming back then solved it. Maybe that's the same issue with your SDF.
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    Ah, good point. Let's keep Billie D out of the sequel trilogy, and let him stay where he's of most use: Star Wars: Rebels.
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    non-pf... https://i.imgur.com/p4o4WX1.jpg https://i.imgur.com/YubrkDi.jpg