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    yup. http://tamashii.jp/special/pickup/201808bgse/03_01.php 8/18
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    Oh yeah! Agreed that it's about time, but THANK YOU Bandai! And nice to get confirmation that they're including 2 sets of removable figures (Hikaru/Minmei and Hikaru/Misa). So when is the PO? I'm ready.
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    "Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good censored at your side, kid." OK, enough politics
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    As someone's who had to seriously fight my own purchasing decisions in the past, I really have to caution you, @Shizuka the Cat, about spending beyond your means. Everyone here WILL encourage your purchasing decisions because a big part of this place is showing off your haul, but if you're as strapped for cash as you say you are, and considering your admission of exorbitant spending in the past, I cannot stress how much I recommend that you stop for now and let yourself recover. Impressing us here with the $1000s in VFs you've bought will certainly get you oohs and aahs, but... we aren't your friends, and we won't have your best interests at heart. Don't take @Slave IV and @no3Ljm's words to heart, because this is all fun and games until you actually start starving yourself to feed your addiction (your word, not mine). But I mean, if things are actually totes okay, then frakk me I guess.
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    That's the whole reason it's called an ostrich!
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    I thought it was two chicks at first and thought sweet, they can still save this.
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    Everything about their VF-1 interpretation gives me a headache. I realized recently in all the preview pages they've release so far, they haven't once shown a single battroid mode. having flipped through every issue online, I now know why, and really wish I didn't.
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    Lol, wait for it. When the snowflake generation is old enough to make grown-up decisions, Star Wars will be renamed Peaceful Resolution in the Stars.
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    They're going to back to previous films and delete light sabers too, think of the children! So retarded.
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    Oh it’s already opened.
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    I want the DYRL Nousjadeul-Gers to be released next after the VT-1.
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    There was a 1/200 toy set of this by Takara. Not sure what year was made.
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    Looks like the VF-1S on the cover is jealous of that kiss!
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    HMR release news is so odd. I'm always happy for whatever we're getting while simultaneously let down it's not something else. C'mon Bandai, pick up the release pace! One every 4 months will not suffice!
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    Gonna have to pass on the Ostrich...of course that's what I said about the ELINT too...
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    Finally started to mess a round with the metal parts for the mg Ms kampfer
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    Well it's about time! Now where is my Nousjdael and Q-Rau dammit! And some Zentraedi heavy soldiers and Khamjin and Britai S.H Figuarts while were at it.
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    1/144 Woundwort officially announced..... WOOOOOO! I'm disappointed that it's a P-bandai though, wonder how many of the upgrade parts they will end up making. I'm hoping we get at least the Psycho Gundam and Gabthley parts! More pictures here!
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    After months of vacillation, I've decided not to supplant my old Hikaru 1S with that shiny new PF version as it would just bother me to no end if even one of my DYRL skull squadron valkyries had a different white and no rainbow canopy. But that means I needed to get my old 1S up to snuff, which means once again slaving over a hot stove decal sheet. So, after taking the strike packs from the PF 1S and an ill-gotten Hasegawa decal sheet, I set to work. They have the RO-X24 marking and 'NO STEP' spelled correctly. This is going to take me awhile...
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    “Gun violence “ so we are now shifting the blame to inanimate objects. I’m will not play this game nor will I support companies like Disney pushing this on us.
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    Wait. N-Y has customer service??? But yeah, I had to contact them once long ago about an order I had and even when it was literally to their financial benefit (they shipped me a slightly more expensive item accidentally) they didn't want to help. So I kept what they sent. *Shrugs* Yoooooooo, good to see you too sir Yeah man, I'm always here - daily. I just don't post much these days. I ended up with (3), (1) from Loopaza that opened up two nights ago and (2) from MyKombini. -b.
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    Can we go back to complaining about the Han Solo lead not looking or acting much like Harrison Ford's Han Solo now?
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    Alright, which one of you snowflakes got triggered by TT's comments? Really? going back and downvoting his posts? How petty, lol!
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    Yep, no argument, I'd be beyond ready for my order to ship too. That said, I'm pretty sure that N-Y will come through, but as the case with a lot of their orders recently they're just suuuuppppppper slow. I had that with my 31J Kai (which took like 10 days after payment to ship an 'In Stock' item) and whatever I ordered with them before that. I went with MyKombini because I wanted to take advantage of not having to make full payment up front. -b.
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    This is why movies were so awesome in the 1980s, we didn't have to deal with this PC nonsense.
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    Long time coming and still working on some details but considering the overall work on the Valhalla done. All the models, resin, plastic and 3D prints are relatively at the same 1/700 scale.
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    Nope, never enough guns OR missiles! Especially when the human race is at stake! - MT
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    Hey Spanner and David! What's wrong on the Arcadia VF-1J thread? Is it because of the 35th Anniversary version? Sorry, I got confused there.
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    Actually, the new design of the foot peg is faithful to Aramaki's design. It's just it's further back. Beagle version got it right on the previous design. They should've followed that placement somehow. It's a wonder why there's no side view promo pics where the rider is mounted. Because we will see how the feet placed further back. The only photo we've seen that the rider is mounted is the one below doing a 'stunt' shot.
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    Blatant political correctness only pisses off the fans. You'd think Hollywood would have learned this from the E.T. Directors Cut last decade but nope, they went full Spielberg..
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    nope!!! can never have to many guns on a battlestar! Looks like a crazy dreadnaught of some kind! Love it!
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    Given that Hikaru looks like he is wearing something baggy/rounded around his neck, it is probably the scarf he got in episode 34. Other outfits he wore in the TV show generally had sharp collars, so this stood out to me.
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    It's. Just. Movie. Posters. Personally could care less on the modified posters, but you can't blame DISNEY, for being sensitive to gun violence and taking the opportunity to dodge any potential negative publicity. If you are in jeopardy of losing your NRA privileges for going to see Solo, then don't. It shouldn't be too much of an issue since the majority of the sentiment in this thread is OMFGTHEMOVIESUX. -b.
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    ^Dat me. You got downvotes, I got downvotes. And who cares? It's certainly not more petty then going into a frothy rage and attacking kids about movie posters that don't have imaginary blasters. -b.
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    The condescendingly sanctimonious virtue signaling train has no brakes...
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    Sweet! We're doing downvotes now. The fact that grown ass men are literally crying fanboy tears about modified posters and calling children who don't want to be shot in school snowflakes is mind-blowingly stupid and ever so slightly hypocritical. -b.