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    I put a lot of work into my old 0S back in the day and it's probably more "premium" than the PF version, but I'm still going to get the PF version. This one is going to reactive armor duty or maybe I'll sell it.
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    This was such an easy pass I have to keep coming back and telling people what an easy pass it was.
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    After the surprise attack, it´s time to emerge from the ground and hit them, it´s time for some payback Wallpaper made with my hasegawa and bandai scale models. I hpoe you like it guys, feel free to share, I just ask you to give me credit by linking my facebook page Please visit my macross page http://www.facebook.com/ArquimiaModels
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    Honestly it was just conversation - especially since most of the chatter that takes place on the boards is always around something costs. I think I've said as much previously, I spend what I spend, on what I want to spend it on. I don't need any convincing, I have the original. -b.
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    Mirage is best girl. If that helps.
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    Been working on this, 1/1000 U.S.S Ares from the defunct Axanar project. The paneling was done by hand with artist pencils as seen in the first picture. No decals. Chris
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    Hi, yes I´m planning to do "something" to the swing bar, but not as the Bandai. Indeed, i do not really like the big break they create in the underline of the valk. The idea for this project is to work on the L shaped plastic piece they are attached to and make it extendable/retractable. In this way, they would stay extended as they are now for battroid mode, but collapse for fighter and "hide" inside the giant hole there is currently right after the nosecone. Here is where the big challenge starts, as then I will have to create a "tunnel" (which can be accessed by open/close panels) in the body/air intake of the valk for the metal swing bar to make sure the legs sit in fighter mode high close to the wing :/ No idea how to do it...I need help! Anyway, I´m basically done with the first wave of mods. not 100% satisfied by the outcome but I have some ideas how to improve. I think I will let some days pass so that I will re-look at them with a fresh perspective. Recap: - new panel lines - check! - Dorsal booster lowered closer to the wing - check! - Backpack reworked and made smaller (in almost every direction), also the piece covering the head is shortened and shaped to match the head profile - check! - wings sanded down and relative pins to have the valk body thinner - check! - arms mod so they are sitting in fighter mode not parallel but angled up towards the body - check but maybe I will use ball joint later on! - new smaller shoulder - no check, do be re-done with new idea Now let´s move to the legs... some quick pics:
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    Got my new computer setup over the weekend and wanted to see how much faster Photoshop ran on the new machine. Here are some shots of M and M.
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    Looks like your Carrier got himself a new max and is on vacation enjoying it! Lol
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    Now you just need a decal on the side of it that says "Judy" lol. Seriously though, very nice!
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    Wave 1/72 Phalanx with chipping and weatherig done with Ammo colours. This model kit is a bit loose but i like it.
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    Finally finished Fighter mode on my 31J. Its taken me over a year and a half to get to this point... just need to finish the extra hands and the partsforming pieces for the gunpod and drone charger. Goal is to have it 100% complete by next weekend and move on from this infernal kit
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    Seriously, who hates the DX Draken?
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    I'm not sure what the point of this response was or why you guys keep repeating the same thing over and over. We're all well aware of what we're buying. Are you trying to convince people like me not to get one, or trying to convince yourselves you don't want one? The original release was already expensive, and those of us who have decided to buy the premium clearly have no qualms about spending a lot of money on our hobbies.
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    Bob the hippo chipman Oh yes. The guy that called gamer gate a right wing conspiracy to not get Hillary elected and jack thompson was a right wing plant to destroy the gaming industry. LOL Edit I almost forgot the guy that called Bungie racist for giving a spartan blue eyes and gave fitness advice while eating the entire menu of McDonalds ugh