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    I could not find anything about this done before, so I’d like show my repaint of VF-25s Tornado Pack to fit on the YF-25 Prophecy. The YF-25 is still my favorite Valkyrie due to it’s colors and design (Maybe this will change after the release of the VF-31A Kairos though ). When the Tornado Packs for the renewal versions of the VF-25 came out, I always tried to get a hand on Michel’s blue colored pack, but I couldn’t grab one at a reasonable price. But then I made a good deal on ebay and got a second Alto version and decided to make a repaint to fit an the YF-25. The outcome you can see below. I’m glad I went for this „Tornado“-solution for my YF-25, as in my opinion Michel’s Tornado Pack is much too colorful for the YF-25 and its shade of blue doesn’t match the blue color behind the cockpit of the YF-25.
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    Here's some pics of how it attaches: Peg on the VF-31. Hole on the weapons pod.
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    Depends if they're mecha-oriented fans like us, or the more typical Delta fan who'd probably ask if you'd hit your head if you said it was a mecha series.
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    I have been working on the Cheyenne II (Frontier and Delta) and it is complete minus the "missile launcher pods". The Cheyenne II have been greatly improved over the first version Cheyenne that was in service during Macross Zero. The Cheyenne II has a nuclear motor, reworked shoulder, bigger rotating guns, equipped with a removable large canon attached down the hands. It also can also be equipped with missile launcher on top of its shoulder, the leg design has been modernized to move more on the wheels than walking. The good part for this project is that the Cheyenne II has most of its articulations the same as my previous project the Workroid, so I could concentrate only on the lines. The Work Destroid and the Cheyenne I will be the next ones and I also plan to make a few upgrades on my current version of the Workroid. Enjoy!
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    Here’s a couple shots of one of my shelf areas where I store some things...
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    Which made all our previous Wars kinda seem like mere bagatelles...
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    Lol, your post made me realize I'm critiquing the tactical deficiencies of a fictional jet that transforms into a robot.
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    Ooh, the Raider was my favorite Bad Guy Space Fighter in my younger days. Nice work!
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    After a couple of years not working on any models stashed away half way completed I started, yet again, working on some 1/144's there still about 20 other models on the back log in different building stages ...
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    Very VERY tempted to try repainting a GiMix VF-31A now...
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    I should really just ignore this, but... you honestly expect people at a site named MacrossWorld to not care? This isn't animenewsnetwork, or wherever the cool kids talk about the latest episode of whatever thousand-episode Shonen Jump cartoon is popular these days. This is, quite literally, a site exclusively for Macross fans. We are, almost by definition, the kind of people that care about even the tiniest of details. OF COURSE we care that a show we dearly love was hacked up, rewritten, and welded together with some unrelated nonsense. Particularly as it was done by a company that basically declared war on us in the 90s, engendering no small amount of ill will in the process. And especially since, some thirty years later, we are STILL explaining that there are no invid or hovertanks or robotech masters or veritechs in Macross.