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    I think I'm done with the hangar deck...
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    If you have been looking at anything then now is your chance to get in before the prices rise on July 1... - Brett
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    It means I find their site admin's inability to list a product for sale under the correct product name hilarious. I considered elaborating at the time, but opted against it. I don't recall why, but if I had to guess, I was posting from my cellphone/pocket PC and ran out of patience with the touch screen. Hadn't have even noticed the downvote. I only pay attention to the vote corner so I can upvote any posts I see downvoted*. I think this red arrow was just a lack of appreciation for my bizarre and off-kilter sense of humor. *To clarify the logic there: Most use of the downvote system I've seen appears to be a small and petty form of harassment, as someone runs through and carpet-bombs an entire page of posts, or every post one person makes, with red arrows for no discernible reason. I feel a green arrow on every red arrow to be a suitably small and petty response. I also kind of think the downvote system is a fundamentally bad idea that INVITES anonymous harassment, so undermining the entire system is a win in my book.
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    Last of the Zeta Combaticons, at least until their Onslaught comes out. This would be Uproar, their Brawl. As with Zeta's Swindle, I feel like Uproar is more toy-inspired than the arm-bots. He's got the black face, no treads on the front of his arms, and the front of the tank makes for more of an angular, protruding chest than the cartoon (or Unique Toys'). I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, though. Maybe you had the G1 toy growing up, and you're more attached to that image of him than the cartoon. Or maybe you just like a beefier Brawl, because this guy is definitely thicker. You can see that, compared to Unique Toys, he's got thicker forearms, thicker shoulders, a thicker chest, and thicker lower legs. Unlike the other Zeta bots, though, it's not because he's got a ton of folded up panels all over him. Just a little on his shoulders, and that's mostly out of the way. The bulk of his kibble actually comes from his tank treads. Rather than split like the G1 toy or UT's Zeta engineered the treads to fold over themselves on Brawl's legs. The results are... kind of mixed. I don't mind the bulk so much as the fact that the treads are made from a series of interconnecting links wrapped over the inner mechanism. The idea was to give Uproar working treads in tank mode, but folding them over leaves them very loose. You're supposed to feed the treads into his shins, and and there are two folding bits to hold the treads, but they still seem looser than I'd like. Plus the links have a tendency to pop apart. Zeta seems to expect that users may break or loose some links, because they included some extras in the box. There's also a pair of rubber antenna and his gun. Uproar's head his on a ball joint. Same as before, slight up and down, adequate sideways tilt, no issue with rotation. His shoulders can rotate. They also have double hinges for transformation and lateral movement. He can get 90 degrees laterally, and he can kind of shrug his shoulders. His biceps swivel. His elbow is a single hinge that bends over 90 degrees. There's an additional hinge above the bicep swivel that you can use to get a little extra range if you want. His wrists swivel, and his hands are exactly the same as the other three Zeta Combaticons. His waist can swivel, but he lacks the sideways waist bend that his teammates possess. His hips can move just under 90 degrees forward, but only about 45-ish backward because his treads start to collide with his backpack. His hips can do 90 degrees latereally on soft ratchets. His thighs can swivel around the hips, and his ratcheted knees can bend 90 degrees. His toes (and heel spur) can bend down due to transformation. And for some reason his ankles have a double hinge, so his ankles can pivot over 90 degrees. His gun pegs into his hands, no problem. Just like the others. Uproar's tank mode looks like some model of Leopard 1 tank, which I think might be correct for the G1 toy. It's also very detailed. Proportionally he's taller versus his width than the UT Brawl, and correct or not that gives me the impression that Uproar's alt mode is a smaller thank than UT's despite UT being physically smaller. As previously mentioned, the tank treads are designed to actually work. In practice, they don't seem to get enough friction for them to actually engage. When you add that to my earlier complaints about the large shins, loose fit of the treads in robot mode, and the tendency of the links to come apart and I have to say that I really wish Zeta had just gone with fake treads. That's not to say that real treads never work... rubber treads that fit tightly over the wheels and don't have the bend for transformation work ok. But these treads create a host of problems for a gimmick that doesn't even really work. Speaking of gimmicks, the two hatches on the turret can open. The turret can swivel, and the barrel can aim up and down; just be sure to extend it all the way. If the barrel isn't fully extended it'll interfere with the up/down motion. The two antenna plug into the back of turret- not that the instructions mention them. There's also a port to plug in his gun, and it can swivel in that port so he can aim in different directions. It doesn't integrate particularly neatly, though, and it definitely doesn't have the three-cannon look of the cartoon the way UT's or the G1 toy's can. We still have to wait on Zeta's Onslaught, but for now I think Uproar is probably the best of the Zeta Combaticons. His alt mode is solid, even if the tank treads don't work that well, and pretty accurate for the character. He doesn't suffer from kibble quite as much as the others. And while UT's Brawl is definitely more cartoon accurate, Uproar is a pretty toy-accurate and overall beefier Brawl. If that appeals to you, then I guess I could recommend Uproar, but you should definitely go with UT if cartoon accuracy is what you want.
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    Tired of waiting for an official release I decided to use my extra cm´s gashapones to create custom figures of my favorite Macross heroes lets start with Roy
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    Since I had some extra CM´s figures lying around I decided to put them to good use by transforming them into 1/12 articulated figures using revoltech joints and an exacto knife so here are the results
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    Two items came in the mail for me today. So broke now haha.
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    I supposed only wanted be sure by the way Amazing engineering!!!!
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    Roy and Lisa will be coming later.
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    Arms done, we'll move on to the legs with Racket, Zeta Toys' version of Swindle. Ok, this time Racket really does look like the G1 Swindle toy. The front of the vehicle is folded onto his back like the toy. His torso is mostly purple like the toy. Molded black and blue details match stickers on the toy. The blue pelvis is a G1 sticker. The black yellow molded detail on his shins are toy stickers. The chunky thighs and broad but flat feet are even pretty reminiscent of the toy. I think he's even a little less kibbly than the previous two, athough he's definitely got some folded-up panels on this legs, forearms, and shoulders (although maybe it's a help this time, since he's a little back heavy and you can fold down some panels on the backs of his legs like pseudo heel-spurs). I'm not really a fan of the goofy face, either. I mean, the expression is sort of appropriate, and similar to the Warbotron one, but the sculpt just looks weird. If you really want a more cartoon-style Swindle, well, you're not going to get as close with Racket as you do with Unique Toys' Swindle. But Zeta did include a fairly interesting gimmick where you can pull out his chest and pelvis and spin them around. His chest goes from purple with molded sticker detail to looking like a jeep's windshield, and his blue pelvis becomes a jeep grill complete with headlights. It's a neat feature and I'm glad that they included it, but I think if you really care about cartoon accuracy you're better off just picking up the Unique Toys's version. Racket comes with quite a few accessories. You've got a cannon, two missiles, a pistol, two antenna and a trio of windshield wipers. The barrel of the cannon can slide in and out so you can change the length, but at least on my copy the slide is loose and doesn't lock in anywhere, so the barrel usually winds up at it's maximum length. Head's on a ball joint, which swivels fine but has limited up, down, and sideways tilt. His shoudlers can rotate, and double-hinges allow for about 120 degrees of lateral movement. His biceps swivel. He has a single hinge at the elbow and another hinge just under his bicep swivel, but his chunky shoulders and forearms still limit him to 90 degrees of elbow bend. His wrists can swivel, and like the others in this set his hands are molded into a 5mm grip with a fixed thumb and the other four fingers molded as a single piece pinned at the base. For reasons I'm not entirely clear on he has some of the sideways bend at the waist that the arms did, although it's not ratcheted. His waist swivels. His hip skirts move out of the way so that his hips can go 90 degrees forward and backward on friction joints and 90 degrees laterally on a soft ratchet. His thighs can swivel around the hip. His knees can bend 90 degrees on a ratchet. His feet can tilt up a lot, down a little, and maybe 75 degrees of ankle pivot. He holds the pistol by its 5mm peg grip, no issues there. The cannon and the missiles have pegs that are too short to get around his chunky forearms and into his hands, so he can't really hold them. But he's got peg holes on the fronts of his shoulders and the outside of his forearms, plus the cannon itself has a peg hole on each side. There's also a pair of holes behind his head, but it's less practical to use them because whatever you put there has to be angled around his head. Should you decide to install the wipers and the antenna you don't have to worry about them getting in the way in robot mode. The antenna fold down on his shins, and the wipers wind up on the sides of his shoulders. Zeta continues the trend set by Fansproject of ditching Swindle's jeep mode for a Humvee. To be fair to Zeta, it's a pretty decent Humvee. I mean, there's not a ton of paint on it, and it's still not the correct alt mode if you care about cartoon accuracy, but as near as I can tell the molded detail is pretty accurate to an AM General Humvee. The transformation is fairly simple and pretty similar to the Warbotron one, with the front flipping over, the arms moving onto the back, and the legs folding around. The big difference is the way the panels unfold from his shoulders, forearms, and pegs to make up the lion's share of the sides and roof instead of a backpack. With the missiles attached to the cannon you can store all of Racket's weapons on his roof. His tires are rubber and roll well. A gimmick Zeta included is the linkage between the front wheels, so they can turn together as if being steered. Just don't press down too hard; the front of the alt mode likes to collapse. As with the other Zeta bots, a lot of those panels are unfolded on the bottom to really hide the robot in all modes. Do note that for alt mode you can have the pelvis in either the cartoon or the toy style, but the chest kind of has to be in toy mode. The molded bits on the toy side don't allow the chest to sit flat enough to close. That said, even if it's not closed the whole way it won't interfere with anything, so you can get away with leaving the cartoon chest out. I do believe that the bottom of the vehicle will be the front of the shin for combined mode, and I kind of prefer the toy-style for that. Racket is definitely an improvement over the arms, and in a vaccuum he might have even gotten a recommend from me, as he's definitely an improvement over the Warbotron version and the Warbotron Swindle was probably the best of the Warbotron set. But at the end of the day, UT's Swindle was probably the best UT Combaticon, too, and much better than this one. We're right back to the same place we were with the others; pass in favor of UT if you want an MP Swindle, but we'll find out later which is the better Bruticus.
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    Macross Frontier Blu-ray 01 Linear Notes: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/OTlinernotes.php Got around to finishing this one off. While nothing in particular stands out, it does provide a nice overview of the Macross universe leading up to the start of MF. If anything, the character outlines at the start of the series are of particular interest.
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    hmmm. only have bandai's rinky-dink stand for posing it, but how about these?
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    Stay on topic. None of us needs to know your origin story.
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    finally got Mirage's Supers yesterday, so quickie-piccy...
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    Great Mechanics.DX 6: http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/OTgreatMechanics/OTgreatmechanics.php#GMDX A great tour de force article—with sections on the CG in MF (mostly untranslated), the VF-25 & 27, Destroids, Battle Pods, and an interview with Kazutaka Miyatake! There are many highlights (my favourite would have to be the opinion of the Zentrādi foot soldiers who have to ride the Rigādo), however the interview with Miyatake-san is the most insightful. In short, I've long been puzzled why Kawamori-san went to great efforts to include the dancing Valkyries at the beginning of Macross Delta (and emphasized their inclusion in a later Great Mechanics interview). Miyatake-san's answers in the interview indicate that the motivation behind that has been around since the beginning of Macross—an in the process, indirectly addressing questions like 'why are the Zentrādi only ever portrayed in antagonistic roles?' If you like mecha, this is highly recommended—both for the in-universe content, as well as the creative side of it.
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    MyKombini just sent me this email: MESSAGE FROM MYKOMBINI You have received a new message from MyKombini regarding order with the reference FFEGCGHUD. Message: Don't buy anything again in our store. MyKombini I think that www.macrossworld.com should add this site www.mykombini.com to their black list of bad traders.
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    LOL Harmony Gold that's a good one. But unfortunately MyKombini is being a-holes about this and I'm done with it. Paypal reimbursed me for shipping prior to shipping it out just now and they are going to receive the item back. And I'm going to buy my dozens upon dozens of valkyries elsewhere. I dropped those d***s at MyKombini a nice little unformal letter in the box and sealed it up. This b**** is going out tomorrow morning. Yep paypal dropped a nice chunk of $ change into my account for me and I printed the label out. I definitely have found better deals elsewhere. I don't need MyKombini. BTW LAST but not least!!! thanks for all your moral support. AND THANK YOU for posting news on which toys are being released and a special thanks to the Original Poster (aka OP!) Thanks guys. edit: re-ordered from a better site for the same price. hopefully all goes well. thanks again.
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    Ended up getting Revoltech Cap. It wasnt in my plans to get it but i saw the price is starting to creep up and I found one on Mandarake for a decent price.
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    Good because I don't care either.
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    It's alright man. Paypal got it. They were suppose to cover the shipping cost the first time according to their rules and they told me, I had to dispute the shipping charge with paypal the first time around because they wouldn't honor it. And I got it. They are probably just tired of making mistakes and want to put the blame on the buyer. I'll just buy dozens of valkyries elsewhere. I was only upset with MyKombini for about 5 minutes and then went on to rant.
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    They must have changed that recently then because when I started haggling with them over this, they had it stated that they pay for the return and I have a log of them stating that to me too for the order. They deleted my account but didn't realize that I kept *.PDF of all communication. But oh well it's over with. My new VF-1A already shipped and will be here in about 2 months. I can wait. I don't really care. Also they cancelled 3 pre-orders on VT-1's that I hadn't paid for yet. I was waiting for them to straighten this out. And also was ready for them to f*** it up which they did so gladly I did not pay them a dime for those.
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    I did not originate from WWII lol. Plus appears that 11 people can't handle the truth. Btw, VF-1A Cannon Fodder is the one that brought up the war, not me I just added to conversation. It appears that many people here are trying instigate this as a racism show which it isn't. But I would have to say that Japan did fight with honor. After all, they were persistant and would not let up. Anyways, maybe tell people not to start a conversation in the first place if you don't want that to occur.
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    I'll go with VF-1A Cannon Fodder on this. Thanks.
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    You know, DewPoint, when something's dropped it's dropped. Move on. Back on topic here please. It's not really getting us anywhere.
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