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    Bandai review pics are up! The article confirms, the arm cannon can be stored in fighter mode with the gunpod and the stand has been modified to accommodate this change. http://blog.livedoor.jp/tamashii_robot/25916938201818
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    Well, I just placed an order for Hikaru's VF-1A. I made sure to ask the seller to check the box to make sure it has the correct armor pieces and they said they will before it ships. This is my first Hi-Metal and first Valkyrie figure so I'm pretty excited. Even paid the extra money to have it shipped expedited!
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    I debated buy a yamato or even an arcadia, but in the end I finally caved. THIS is the toy I've been waiting 20 years for. This is the only one I want. I ordered one. It was expensive, but I paid in cash from amazon japan. Cause we only live once right? We have to enjoy these chances while we can. This morning, my order now says "preparing for shipment." I am downright giddy, gentlemen. I can't believe it's finally happening after all these years and all this waiting.
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    When and if we ever get another YF-21 release, I'm going to need a bunch of them to balance out my collection.. Between this release, the Advance, Arcadia, and Yamato, I'm going to have 9 of these birds sitting around. Counting all my other VF-19 molds, I'll be up to 21 of them.
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    With this announcement. Money saved. For me.
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    Actually, it's ridiculously bad news. If they try to market 60cm Zentraedi figures, the line will implode long before they get around to releasing the main human cast. I'd rather not see them bankrupt the company, now that they've finally starting making a product worth buying...
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    I liked the trailer. I expect the second trailer will be even better, since Marvel tends to work that way—building momentum to opening day. Larson’s Captain Marvel suit looks pretty cool too IMO. I think it’s pretty fashionable, given how Marvel has been dressing up its cinematic heroes. Larson herself looks athletic, which is par for the course when creating a hero fantasy. The Legends figure though...yeah, that could use some work. I’ve seen better face sculpts. This one looks like a step back.
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    Everything that gets mentioned makes me think "yeah, I want that" so, as long as the line continues, I think I'll be happy.
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    I've got enough VF variants. I really want the next one to a Destroid or enemy mech.
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    i hope the next is a Tomahawk or N-Ger. i'd get two tomahawks. N-Ger i might do a "mini troop build"...of 3
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    Some pics from the Macross collaboration cafe that opened yesterday. http://www.decultureshock.com/macross-macross-f-cafe-art-gallery/
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    Posted on YouTube. Please enjoy.
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    Yeah, instead of spending tons of cash on a series, revitalize the universe with some OVA spin offs and side stories that are outside the "formula". Yes Mac Zero was more flash than substance, but it gave us something new, a look into a Post crash, pre Zentradi Earth. I'd love to see more of that as well as stories during different eras dealing with different things. At this point the only thing like it are the video games and even they are becoming derivative and often focused on fan service rather than exploring the Macross universe. Seriously, finding funding for such a set of OVA's would not be that hard. Recycle existing valkyries, maybe add one or two new ones. The sponsors repaint their existing toy lines, maybe add some new accessories featured in the shows and voila, ROI with little new investment in engineering and molds. Hasegawa was great for this once upon a time. Instead we've been fed the spiritual successor to Mac7, all music with a weak plot. Mac 7 was a huge success for its time and that was primarily because of the music, Delta is following the same trend line. Though I will admit, I prefer the Mecha designs for Delta much more than I do Mac 7.
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    Here you go....in no particular order
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    Hey bud, I rarely log on to this forum anymore, but I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. If you're who I think you are, it was a pleasure chatting. The Pachinko machine (and I) will return next year! Thanks for stopping by. (Mike aka @MikeInRedlands on Twittter)
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    Sorry but I dont want kawamori anywhere near an anime studio. Stick to making cool transforming bots. He has a knack for messed up sloppy plot lined anime. NO!
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    If they expect her to take up the mantle from Captain America just from the previews alone it's clear Brie Larson has no charisma or presence.
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    There’s no gravitas without presence. She’s flat as can be in this trailer.
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    I don't know, it's frumpy. That's pretty accurate.
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    Definitely agree. The trailer as pretty as it appears is boring when focused on Brie. She has the resting bitch face down much like Emma Watson. Wish casting went with Yvonne Strahovski instead or someone with greater emotional range. Have a feeling this movie will directly pander to the Social Justice Warriors and Feminists since Disney is making her the strongest in the MCU (which she is not).
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    Sad to see Gunn fired. Disney is hypocritical with the PC and SJW nonsense. If they cared so much about their image they never should have hired RDJ. Massive double standards. As for the new director it might be promising, enjoyed Thor Ragnarok. Read but did not verify Gunn's script is being used. Can someone confirm? And what about Bautista stating he'd leave if Gunn does not return? Is recasting needed?
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