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    We did a security update to the kernel last night, I restarted, and its been hung since. Just got home, and was able to continue working on it and we are up and running again! Shawn
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    Got my Sentinel Ride Armor as well, but I wanted to do something different than my normal photoshoots. MOSPEADA with an homage to another well known manga/anime, hope you guys like it.
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    A different change of pace from standard shots.
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    Made one for the occasion!
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    She's a beauty, lean mean cannon fodder machine!
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    Thanks wmkjr! Married life sure is different! Haven't had time to touch a model in 6 months, hopefully after the 1st of the year things will slow down a bit, and I'll be able to get back to the hobby! I did not ever pic up Capt's Legioss, just couldn't swing that one! One wedding picture.. sorry it's OT, but she looked amazing! :-)
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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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    Regult reinforcements have arrived!
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    Got Hayate transformed into Battroid mode sans Super Parts for a group photo. Come on Bandai bring on Arad and Chuck so Delta Flight can be complete!
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    Vf-31C fighter mode photos are done.
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    I had to pass, unlike Tommy, I'm not rich; nor am I a multimillionaire, like Frank This Robotech Academy Kickstarter has become quite a debacle, hasn't it? I've been gone from HG for over seven years now, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge of what is happening right now, but given my experience working with the people involved, I think I can offer a unique perspective. I usually attend the Robotech panel at Anime Expo as an interested, albeit disillusioned fan. I'm usually not surprised by whatever news (or non-news) comes out of the panels. I find it all amusing, the same old message year after year. However, this year, there were rumblings before the panel that something was going to go down, with that weird logo they put out the day before. I had heard rumors about a Kickstarter happening before, but I never thought they'd actually do it. So, they now have a Kickstarter... well, that confirmed to me that Frank Agrama has chosen to not open his wallet to fund any future Robotech productions. Certainly not by himself. He hasn't done that since Shadow Chronicles, I don't really count Robotech: Love, Live, Alive because that was about as low cost a project that you can get; pocket change, really. Had RT:LLA been the blockbuster success that Kevin McKeever adamantly claims it was, wouldn't Frank simply bankroll this new project? Frank didn't make his millions by being stupid. You don't invest your money unless you expect a good return, and in this case, he clearly doesn't see it as a worthwhile investment. I think a hard thing for Tommy, Steve, and Kevin to do is to convince fans to fund this new Robotech project when even their multimillionaire owner will not. I think that's a very hard sell. One other thing that I noticed at the panel and through the subsequent videos is the promotion of this idea of Robotech Academy being Carl Macek's vision or dream project. I believe this is false, Carl Macek's dream was "The Sentinels", Carl was never satisfied with the video that came out, nor was he content with the novels and comics. He always felt that the story should have been properly told in an animated way. It was his grand magnum opus, he wanted to do something on the scale of DUNE. THAT was his dream, not doing some "side story" with kids. I have a hard time believing that this Robotech Academy was the project he most wanted to do. My belief is that Robotech Academy is actually Tommy Yune's idea, first and foremost. I think Carl, who really wasn't in a position to dictate what story should be done, acquiesced to Tommy's suggestion to do things like last years RT:LLA and perhaps Robotech Academy. Both of these projects happened long after Carl's death in 2010, so how much input or involvement he had, if any, we will never know. It is now four years later, and Carl is not here to tell us, so we are left with Tommy Yune's version of events. Of course, I was not part of whatever meetings Carl had with Harmony Gold, but my experience working with Tommy Yune makes me confident in my belief that he would NEVER surrender creative control of Robotech to anyone, certainly not Carl, who I feel he did not respect creatively. I also base this belief on having known Carl for nearly 25 years and in particular the last dinner he and I had together less than two months before he died where we had a long, lively, sometimes heated discussion about what he thought should be done with Robotech. I know a lot of people here give Robotech fans a hard time, but they really just want a good Robotech, something that rekindles the magic that they felt when they first saw the show. I think they are foolish to pin their hopes and dreams for one on Tommy Yune, but their intentions are altruistic, and I think you should give them a break, even if they are being naive. Kevin, Steve, and Tommy have done a lot to alienate fans for over a decade now. Silencing dissent and not listening to what the fans want and then trolling them with things like an "Enemy Spy" level on their Kickstarter page. I think that alone is highly unprofessional, rude, and just plain bad business. There are people who are working on this project who I highly respect. Ford Riley has solid credentials and a successful track record in children's programming. He was saddled, as was I, with Tommy Yune's refusal to let either of us completely do a needed "page one rewrite" of RTSC. I've known Greg Snegoff and Tony Oliver for nearly 20 years and they are both real pros and even better people.I have a lot of mixed emotions about this project. I don't think it's a very strong idea to pitch to networks. I don't think fans were clamoring for this kind of story. There are already plenty of Robotech stories that have been left untold. Now, Shadow Rising is another one tossed aside with little explanation. Fans are being promised nothing beyond a 24-minute "pilot" episode. Kickstarter rewards aside, that doesn't sound like much to look forward to. What if Robotech Academy doesn't get picked up as a series? Will they do another Kickstarter for another 24-minute episode? It's a very uncertain future.It will be very interesting to see what happens... Well, that's what I think. If you have any questions, please let me know. Tom Bateman
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    Ray is sure popular right now.
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    It should say SOLDOUT, not ROLLOUT.
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    Even the anime isn’t anime-accurate. I just don’t care enough about these things. I’m no rivet-counter, I’m too happy these things exist at all. When I was a kid, these things would never have been contemplated. Then the original Yamato 1/72 19 and 21 were being advertised in Inquest and EGM and I thought they were the Second Coming. Then I learned about the SHE kits (from this very site) and their complexity and faithfulness to the original lineart (and amazing cost) astonished me. Now we have a more detailed, more gimmicky, more durable, larger, pre-painted-and-assembled toy that’s kinda the same price as the SHE kit (or I’m just earning more now.) It’s an amazing, amazing time to be a Macross fan, right now. Bandai pre-order shenanigans be damned.
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    All three are out of their boxes, have been inspected and put on display for now. As far as I can tell they are all perfect with no visible or obvious defects. Thoroughly impressed with them! Loving the clear canopy! Would love to switch their modes for display but it's getting late and I need sleep. Here's a photo to enjoy!
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    Finally had some time to fix up the VF-2SS SAP a bit so they didn't look so plain. It's the best VF-2SS toy around so I wanted it to not look so out of place next to my 1/60s.
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    Thank you @Lolicon & @sumyumgoy. Next up Gerwalk mode.
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    Fighter mode shots processed. Hope you like them. As side note: This is the 2nd Valk to draw blood from me when setting up for a shoot.
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