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    Delta 02 and Delta 05
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    another day, another Zentradi encounter Pedestrian view
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    I've got some sample rods showing up today so I can see how thin I want to go. Unfortunately a full 1mm thick rod like I'd prefer wouldn't quite fit. Made up a colored render to show the detail a bit better.
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    Quick camera phone shot of the VF-31F and VF-31J equipped with Super Parts.
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    So the power is out at my place, using my portable photography lighting to light my apartment. I was bored so decided to take some pic of the 31C using my phone.
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    Thanks @sumyumgoy! I am pretty sure Bandai will milk the molds. Thanks @beatsing! I was surprised at how light it was compared to the Spartan, but its still an awesome toy. Maraming Salamat @no3Ljm! I am pretty sure they will, Bandai can drain our bank accounts. Group shot of the Destroids.
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    After some delays in shipping, my HMR Defender has finally arrived (it was combined shipping with the VF-1J Milia)! Its bit lighter than I thought it would be, but that's ok. Good detail and nice articulation. Now bring on the Tomahawk and Phalanx!
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    Milia's VF-1J fighter mode pics are done processing.
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    This is exactly why i stopped checking this thread out. As soon as kuma joined and started spamming the thread with his pics, i knew his attitude would not be far behind. I am not into 3rd party figs at all but a few of my buddies are and two of them experienced what Slaginpit just did. Both made harmless comments only to get snappad at. My go to reviewers are peaugh and wotafa. The two i avoid like the plague...skullface and kuma. Like i said...not at all in to 3rd party stuff but i did occasionally like checking out some pics and reviews but now that kuma and his attitude is here, I've been staying far away. In my 10 years on MW, i have only put one person on my ignore list...now there are two.
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    From what I remember, the poster was made for the 1993 Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla movie but Mecha-G was nothing like the what was shown in the poster. Toho went with a different design of Mecha-G. Ohrai Noriyoshi does amazing work, here is one of his pieces that all of us at MWF will like.
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    i really like the draken.
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    I just got my Yetistand stuff today! It's together and mounted! PICS!!!:
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    My review is up on anymoon, check it out!
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    Truly enjoyed The Super Dimension Convention. Seeing so many Macross items in one place was really something else. I circled the vendor hall a number of times, and each trip I spotted something I'd missed on an earlier tour: books, model kits, toys, posters, etc. Just so many items. The work from the artists in the vendor hall was also incredibly impressive. Quite a lot of talent on display. The Macross Pachinko machine that Adrian and Mike had set up at their table was very cool as well. Two genuinely friendly guys who raffled off a number of things at the end of the day. Thanks for being so generous with your time, and it was great talking with both of you! Spent a lot of time checking out the items in the Museum & Gaming room too. So many great things to look over. Getting to see Mari Ijima perform was definitely a highlight, and the Idol Contest and Walkure mini-concert were also a lot of fun. Glad I was able to attend this year, and thanks to everyone who helped make the convention happen.
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    It looks pretty good next to the Glaug and Regults in derex3592’s pic.
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    Big update, at least from my point of view: all the anime magic has been solved and I could obtain a perfect transformation. Now I need to clean the model, check for tolerance and printability before processing to 3D printers.
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    I could not find anything about this done before, so I’d like show my repaint of VF-25s Tornado Pack to fit on the YF-25 Prophecy. The YF-25 is still my favorite Valkyrie due to it’s colors and design (Maybe this will change after the release of the VF-31A Kairos though ). When the Tornado Packs for the renewal versions of the VF-25 came out, I always tried to get a hand on Michel’s blue colored pack, but I couldn’t grab one at a reasonable price. But then I made a good deal on ebay and got a second Alto version and decided to make a repaint to fit an the YF-25. The outcome you can see below. I’m glad I went for this „Tornado“-solution for my YF-25, as in my opinion Michel’s Tornado Pack is much too colorful for the YF-25 and its shade of blue doesn’t match the blue color behind the cockpit of the YF-25.
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    They do, and they also know which one has the most name recognition, by an incredible margin too.
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    Looking good Thom! You can see the throttle quadrants and everything! I love the paint scheme and detail Chavakaiser! It has a realistic look to it. The ship and your figure look GREAT Arbit! The fiber optics take a fairly bland design and make it stand out. The figure looks great with your updates. Are you going to paint highlights on the clothing for depth? ALMOST DONE with the ship. Biggest change was adding a 1/4" lip around the top of the deck from the wheelhouse to the stern. The lip is a "C" channel of styrene that a square tube slides into snuggly. The square tube goes onto the lip of upper deck. So the top deck slides on and is now mostly water proof. No fasteners to undo. I extended it to cover the "exhaust" and give me a small helipad (helicopter sold separately, batteries not included). Also added the "glass," Harpoon missile tubes, rebuilt the .50 cal HMGs with brass parts, and added a ton of detail all over the place to include bollards and other tie downs. The crane was built of spare parts and the inflatable boat needs to be finished up. - MT
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    Mirage's scheme on a -31A would be the best thing ever. If Mirage and Hayate, as the noobs, had -31A/B's (or the C was also BSW), it'd have looked very cool. Make the FSW variants truly rare/special, and only for Arad and Messer. And it would have been appropriate for Hayate to "graduate" to a FSW variant later.
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    Took Mecha-G out it’s box. Nice detail and good amount of die-cast. I’ll combine them this weekend.
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    Mine just came in. 10 freaking years waithing for this! Need to find some time to make some photos along with the 1/48.
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    I finally fully assembled my premium Hikaru 1S. It's so pretty... man, now I can't decide which version I want to keep, this one or my old Yamato version with the rainbow canopy.
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    Another one being done by LEK Custom Toys. Awesome.
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    Another couple of cases upgraded
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    Since our town will be doing Trick or Treating tomorrow, we had to finish up all the costumes today. My son wasn't wearing his final shirt for test fitting, though. My Barad Dur costume slumped a bit after painting, but I think it's fun. Not sure if I'm going to bother with the balaclava, it's a little too tight for my comfort.
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    Just sharing my VF-1S which is close to 1/100 scale
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    After taking the shot of the VF-27 with the Sv-262, I decided to watch Sayonara no Tsubasa. I got inspired by the Alto vs Brera dogfight.
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    the hair added and base coated....
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    Xigfrid inspired me to make use of my CAD software, and so I'm working up alternate pods for the VF-31, since I don't want my 31a using a damn drone charger. First step, which is done, is to make a basic block-out of the outside of the pod in it's stowed shape. Up next I'm going to try and make the simpler of the alternate pods shown in the master file (p76-77): the cluster missile pod (as they don't need to bend apart in the middle). Unsure quite how I want to do the hinged missile doors, might call for a brass rod running down the side as a hinge. If that goes well, I'll try the beam cannon unit. Probably not going to do the projection unit, as I'm not a fan of the look, and honestly curves are a giant PITA to model up in my CAD software. Once I'm done I'll put the STPs and Parasolids up on a filesharing platform and upload the stuff to Shapeways as well.
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    Here's some pics of how it attaches: Peg on the VF-31. Hole on the weapons pod.
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    Depends if they're mecha-oriented fans like us, or the more typical Delta fan who'd probably ask if you'd hit your head if you said it was a mecha series.
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    Hi I am new to the forum, but I hope this topic generates some feedback as I am currently working on shoulder hinge & forearm replacement parts for a VF-0A by Yamato ( now Arcadia ). I have included some shots from my current progress. I should have a new set of replacements parts in metal here in the next few weeks. If anyone has parts they'd like to see redone in metal or plastic please PM me and let me know. We can move forward from there. PS these are precise replicas built from existing plastic (albeit - broken) parts from original 1/60 figure. NOTE: if you are interested in a quote for custom work, I will need at least one of the following: 1. a detailed set of hyper accurate illustrations including the top, side, front, and possibly bottom of the piece / part in question. and or 2. The piece mailed to me so I have it in my hands to produce sail illustrations / take measurements. I cannot do it from just a photo. Cheers! RocketBoyStudio
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    Decalling done... what a fun nightmare!! Just some detailing and matt coat to go.
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    Yep, pretty absurd. In BW, he was definitely one of the biggest bots, the only bigger in season 1 was Megatron himself, but that price is crazy, MP-36 was bad enough. I shudder at the thought of what an MP BW Megatron would cost from TT, pretty ridiculous stuff, they are pricing themselves out of my interest area. I've been reading all of that . Indeed, VERY funny stuff! It also re-affirmed my opinion of TFW2005, a complete and utter crap show, a truly wretched hive of scum, and villainy.
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    I'm relatively new to the Gunpla hobby. My mate had bought me a couple of RG units a little while back and I'd built them and didn't really think all too much about them other than they were of decent detail. The 1/144 scale wasn't that nice for me. Earlier this year I bought a MG Red Astray and gave it a go. Quite liked the larger size and the detail that the MG kit provided. I've put some light panel lining on and recently painted a couple of of the more prominent panels on the knees and shoulders (don't have these photos yet). Intending to get some top coat and also maybe a bit of weathering kit. Here it is so far anyway... I've got 2 more on order now...
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    Some items to be auctioned off include an original art piece by Hidetaka Tenjin as well as a few Delta model kits signed by him.
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    @MechTech that boat is coming along nicely @Xigfrid thx i'm quite satisfied with it too made this little bugger.... Wave 1/100 VF-1A custom paint scheme
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    Friendly Thursday night bump lol, come on guys just need a few more people.
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    The closest Takatoku 1/55 Max TV VF-1A and VF-1D to being quasi official were created for promotional purposes by Takatoku back in the day...and most likely in some Japanese collector's dungeon....never to see the light of day.....