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    Message: Hello, Thank you for contacting us, We do not have an expected timeline for the creation of a dedicated NY issue thread yet. You have the possibility to participate in other threads. Your NY issue has been done too long ago. We will not be able to answer or alleviate your concerns at this time. Kind regards, Bandai DX VF-31 Thread
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    Mirage all dressed up.
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    As I was downloading vacation photos I found this photo I had taken before my vacation.
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    While cleaning Detolf shevles, Delta meets Frontier.
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    Mirage's VF-31C
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    Hi guys, I have been busy last days (couple months... in fact) with a very challenging design from Macross Delta: the VF-9, aka Cutlass. This is a small fighter designed to support the VF-1 in mission. Guess what ? It is even shorter than a VF-1. I tried my best to make a great looking transforming toy in all three modes for the 1:60 scale, printable in WSF (SLS nylon powder). So far, I am pretty confident that I will soon have something printable. The battroid mode should have sufficient articulation to compare with an Arcadia VF-1, I just hope all the joints will be tight enough. Material needed: -Magnets: 6x of rectangular magnets dimensions : 5mm x 2.5mm x 2mm -M1.7 Flat head screws: 2x10mm 2x 8mm 5x 6mm -M1.7 Round head screws: 1x 10mm 15x 8mm 7x 6mm -Pins 1mm diameter (M1 cylindrical pin): 2x 18mm 1x 16mm 1x 14mm 6x 12mm 5x 10mm 2x 9mm 3x 8mm 6x 7mm 4x 6mm 5x 5mm 3x 4mm A few pictures !
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    It's not "got ethnics in..." -- what a sophomoric straw-man and non sequitur -- that may get her the boot; it's her gross negligence, incompetence, and mismanagement that might do her in. It takes a lot of compounded stupid decisions and cultivation of bad blood to fail so spectacularly with a franchise that should've been an absolute no-brainer cash cow for Disney/Lucasfilm: Give the core audience what they want and you get Marvel CU success, dictate to the core audience what they should want and belittle and vilify them if they don't, and you get the current state of Star Wars; it's that simple... I guess KK must've skipped class on the day they discussed the concept of "the customer is always right" in Business 101. Edit: The unfortunate part, vis à vis Solo, is that it is suffering from the backlash derived not from the dumpster fire that was TLJ, but from KK's et al's response to the criticism from fans... their massive F-U to the fans on all fronts guaranteed that Solo would be pretty much DOA; and from all reviews I've seen thus far, Solo isn't a bad movie... mediocre to passable, maybe, but a serviceable and even enjoyable, if flawed, addition to the franchise.
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    I don't think anyone is taking anything lying down. There is no need to contact NY when we already know what the answer is. I'm not sure who these "most other retailers" that @Kinzoku VF is talking about are. Mykombini? You mean how they were so honorable to cancel our orders and then put the item back up for more? There is no need to act like you are rising up against some great evil in the world over a toy. There are a lot of assumptions being made about NY that have no basis whatsoever given their track record of always delivering what they charged for. Worst case scenario is you just let your CC company know and get your money back or you get a voucher for a shop that I know most of you will still order from no matter what is said. No lives are being lost or saved here. it's a toy that they are still delivering, even though it may be happening slow as hell. So, let's see some more pics or talk about how crappy that Draken clip move by Bandai is or something.
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    Gerwalk set done.
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    Only took 35 years, but I finally have a TV Roy that I'm satisfied with. TV and movie versions! (Movie version is still incomplete.)
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    I see that your location is Brazil, so maybe you're not familiar with Comcast. Here in the States the big telecoms, in collusion with the federal and state governments, have largely divided the country into territories where they operate with little to no competition. As a result the telecoms have been able to charge whatever they want for poor products and poor customer service while pulling in obscene profits. Comcast is one of the biggest (largest cable TV provider, largest internet service provider, and third-largest telephone service provider in the States). They're already dipping their fingers into other pies, as they own Universal Pictures Studios and a few television networks including NBC, USA, and E!. They've already struck an MVNO deal with Verizon (the #1 cell service provider), and they're reportedly in some kind of talks with Sprint, too. Heck, they even have a controlling share of the Philidelphia Flyers, an NHL hockey team. If all that sounds bad, it is. Comcast has twice been named the worst company in the US by Consumerist, twice listed as having the worst customer satisfaction by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, and at least once given an F by the Corporate Library for their corporate governance. They spend insane amounts on lobbying and have given jobs to the relatives of various government officials to try to get preferential treatment. They've been caught illegally deceiving customers about data caps and other things to get more money out of customers, and have been fined by the Federal Communications Commission for it (although the fine, a mere $2.3 million, is really just a slap on the wrist). And as terrible as they are, like I said they've worked out deals so they basically have no competition in their territories. Where I live if you want internet you can get dial up, you can get pretty slow DSL, you can pay obscene rates for cellular data (usually with a data cap), or you can get Comcast cable. There's no other cable and no FIOS options. For years my internet speed was around 15Mbps; it only went up because the government made a rule that you had to be at least 25Mbps to be considered broadband. Television? Again, Comcast is the only cable provider, and there's no FIOS here. The only alternatives are two satellite TV providers. So, even though their reputation isn't exaggerated and they're truly a horrible company, I'm stuck being their customer because there just isn't anyone else to go to. So please, believe me when I tell you that no matter how much you don't like Disney one thing guaranteed to be worse than Disney getting Fox is Comcast getting Fox.
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    Made myself a VF-31A shelf. All hail the VF-31A.
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    Hello there people ! So, here come some news about the mod's current progression. First, I'm glad to announce that Cooper finally found a way to make transparent textures, as it was a major blocking issue to achieve the Megaroad. It will allow us to enjoy the full city under its dome ...and, now you know the guy, he thought he wasn't going to stop at this point and decided to make the entire main deck for the DYRL version of the SDF-1 ! Let me show you how it looks in its early stage View from distance Closer look You'll certainly recognize the area where Minmay is supposed to sing during the battle vs Gorg Bodolzaa, some good stuff might come out of all this, just saying ^^ I don't have much more to give you guys but we will discuss on discord with Cooper in a couple of weeks, I'll get back around with more stuff to share, until then have fun ! EDIT : Just in case you've missed it on Steam, here's the baby This time I'm leaving, bye folks !
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    Bingo! Disney needs to listen to their fans.
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    and finally Fighter mode set is done. Enjoy!
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    Yes she does and Makina deserves another pic.
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    Now that you mention MacII, I almost forgot I had picked up an unbuilt metal siren Valk mode, gotta go look for it. Oh and can anyone guess this one @505thAirborne here’s another ship MacII Meltran Ship? From Mac7 Mini City 7 Mac7 the Movie Space Whales And Graham Macross Frontier Class Ships: tell me if anyone recognizes them =) MegaRoads VFX Ships SDF2? I Think Looks like a Vajra Ship My Egg heads and Zentraedi Ships Bunch more Macross resin figures from creators like Ryuji... Well that’s if for now...Hi let me re-introduce myself, I’m Kicker773 and I’m a Macross Fan. Happy Memorial Day weekend, gotta spend that day dusting the DC and CMS figs...
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    I've been on a GM Binge lately. Been barely doing any Macross collecting due to all the P-Bandai. I still can't believe I got 5 White Dingo Sniper kits.....
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    Good to hear that NY is shipping out 31As, although slowly and hopefully surely. "Till all have one!" I'll leave some eye candy.
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    Stupid! St00pid! STUPID!! Also, the hipster millennial a-holes producing this crap look just like the ones Family Guy lampooned recently. The 2011 reboot was way better but sadly cancelled so bring that one back instead!!
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    You know I wonder if this SJW talk borders on Political debates. I'm sick of term SJW. I'm sick of watching some YouTube opinion piece where I'm in agreement with some critic's on view pop culture until they start talking about how it's the fault of the SJW. If you spend 20 minutes viewing online fandom you'll believe everyone is either a SJW or Misogynist. I like to believe those people only represent 10% of fandom. They just have the loudest voices. Majority of us don't have the time to make videos, podcasts and engage in every discussion. Sometimes these extremist of both sides have valid points. It is easy to feel pulled towards one team when the other team accuses you of being an SJW or Misogynist just because you agree with them on a couple of things. You'll start thinking they were right those people are impossible to deal with and your journey to fandom extremism begins. Yes I think they over do it with the diversity. There are already minority characters out there who they could easily expand on without having to change a 50 year old iconic character. Yes I thought that movie sucked. It wasn't because of the changes for diversity. However, team Misogyny was bitching about it for months before the movie was finished and now team SJW will accuse anyone of being homophobic, racist and sexist for not liking it. These politics of fandom serves the media industry. Fandom outrage is marketing tool. Teams Misogyny and SJW reach goes beyond just fandom. You can't read the comments section anywhere online without seeing it. Fandom is really taking the joy out of enjoying things.
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    No complaints about Rey from me. Rose on the other hand...
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    I've added some rudimentary markings... ...and installed some lighting effects... Lots of work still to do...!
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    Nobody should be cheering for Comcast, ever.
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    Yeah! you are right but I've took the picture before I've got your VF-1J weathering! I really enjoy it!
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    No. Its the disrespect to fan conserns of wanting a straight up star wars story without interjecting current social politics into them. I think a lot of us love ashoka. Leiah lando. mace just fine. along with many other different aliens and robots in the star wars universe
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    ^This! It's not any of the pre-packaged exculpatory and deflecting excuses that shill critics and writers come up with to explain why Solo bombed. The fact of the matter is that TLJ left an indelibly bad taste in the palate of many, if not most, Star Wars fans; and it wasn't even because the movie was excruciatingly and purposefully bad and, in the opinion of many, an insult to established characters, lacking in its new ones, and an overall betrayal of fan expectations of what a Star Wars story should be, even of the preceding TFA (a matter of personal opinion, to be sure)... It was Disney's/Lucasfilms' response to fan's criticism of what was done. The dismissive, flippant, denigrating, tone-deaf way that the people in charge of the franchise treated their customers, the fans, is what caused Solo to fail, and it's what may cause Ep. IX to bomb too. Most people who are told that their dislike for a product is indicative that there is something wrong with them and that they are too recalcitrant and stupid to understand the "brilliance" of the creative vision of the direction the company is taking the property... it's theirs to ruin, and ruin it they will if they persist in their hubris and ignoring one of the pillars of a successful business: The customer is always right, listen to them and treat them with respect; and above all, give them what they want.
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    Different outfits for Stig and Ray? That offers some intriguing possibilities...
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    Amazing collection @Kicker773, I can’t even imagine how Difficult it should have been to reunite as many impressive items as you did. That inspired me and I went to the detolf to make a scorpion pose to the Vajras chasing Ozma and Brera passive observing as usual...
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    RG Wing Gundam EW With Drei Zwerg
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    my poor attempt of the air show...but the concept is there
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    FYI, I got my review up late last night. Head over to anymoon if you wanna check it out. Thanks!
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    Can't think of something to say at the moment, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.
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    My little collection Sorry for crappy quality And non-macross in background
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    I can like a series, or at the very least its mecha, and not agree with certain plot elements of that series. Further, I can't speak to the agenda (if any) that the creators of MOSPEADA may or may not have been pushing: it was a one-shot series (and an OVA) that never became a franchise that spanned several decades. Were it to receive a modern reboot or sequel, that would be a different story. What irritates me (and many fans of Star Wars) is the blatant pushing of identity politics both on and off screen, many times at the expense of good writing, good casting and an almost callous disregard for the fans and their wishes... Fans without whom the franchise would never have flourished as it has. The Marvel movies too are owned by Disney, have fans that go back further than Star Wars, but they manage to keep the politics much more low-key with focus on great writing. In my estimation it's the emphasis on identity politics that's hurting Star Wars and dividing the fan-base. Some of us would prefer they kept that stuff to themselves and maybe not make some egregious (and preventable) casting blunders that may end up harming the franchise. Some people will like Star Wars and support the franchise no matter what. I'm cool with that. But as long as I can vote with my wallet I will, and sometimes to get change you need to implement some tough love, and that's my current stance. That is all.