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    Delta 02, 04 and 05 on standby.
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    Someone requisitioned some equipment from Delta Flight.
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    AM I SEEING A 1D!!?! https://tamashii.jp/special/pickup/201904sbkv/ I am I am!
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    Thanks @apptt4. I appreciate it, here's another shot. Trying out a different setup, hanger + fade-to-black background.
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    Thanks @Moosey! How's about this? Arad with Mirage Super Parts.
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    Ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages.. Welcome to the Itano Circus!
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    You are kidding, right? How dare you condemn Yoshiyuki Takani. Someone in Japan just made a model kit to pay tribute to Takani’s work. me
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    I added markings to my GBP with water-slide decals, so I sealed it with a matte topcoat:
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    Quick Primer spray pass and test assemble of main parts. (temporarily using TV 1J for scale reference. Movie version is in the box somewhere...)
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    I'm much more eager for you to give me a math lesson on how your reading of that sentence could have ever been the correct reading? If you know the math doesn't work, so you know you've misunderstood, it should be pretty easy to grasp what the correct meaning was, even if you didn't agree with the sentence structure.
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    Back from my hiatus. The following is a photo record of my latest project:
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    As a Mechanical Engineer: no, there are not plastics that would work. Ideally it'd be made out of a stainless or spring-steel, something with good ductility. Not from cast-iron like most of the metal bits in these are, or a plastic. There's a reason why Steel is better, because Steel has a thing called an Endurance Limit. As long as stresses are below a certain threshold, it will never fail. Even when it does "fail" most times it's just a permanent deformation (bending), that can be bent back a few times before snapping. Plastics? Plastics will always fail eventually, because any amount of stress will cause a build-up of fatigue. The whole design is overly complicated and fragile: you're replacing one bar with two tiny hinged flaps, which have to be much smaller so they can fold into the wing-roots, plus you need to cram an attach/detach mechanism in there too that'll also wear out. I've built the Bandai 1/72 kit, and it's a terrible idea to stick into anything that's supposed to have durability.
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    Still waiting patiently for the Tomahawk and Phalanx. In the meantime I put some chain bases together for my Defenders and Spartans.
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    I got the pod tonight and quickly assemble it, with a few bad news. Indeed... 1) the model is not tight enough for me to validate it for sale. 2) I fixed all the main issues on my prototype and made something “rather acceptable” that can be transform forth and back in both canon and pod. 3) I had to gave up on the 30’ tilt Currently, my prototype relies too much on friction, and my screws don’t really help tighting the pod and its articulations. That really bothers me! So I will au around with my prototype and think about a potential V2. However, this model can be used as a 1:72, fixed position, if printed in Smooth High détail Plastic if any interest.
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    I got a few of these used over the years, and now i am weathering them. Some of them were just parts i got on ebay for super cheap over the years, and i put them together myself. I had to paint entire parts of the snowspeeder, because most of the parts were in different states of yellowing, lol. The A-wing is nearly ready as well as the Falcon. Much work is still ahead, but at least every ship has their corresponding pilots. The falcon has all figures inside recreating scenes from the movies. I just received my last ship, a B-wing, which i will be taking pics of soon. This table will be modified to showcase these ships, and that's also work in progress. I always wanted to have all the OT ships, and finally, here they are. I've always loved these designs, and i know they are not proportionally perfect, but well weathered, they look pretty cool imho. Edit in: Yes, i do have all the tie fighters, and the imperial shuttle as well... and a huge AT-AT i got from a local guy last year(it was too cheap to miss). I can't recall how this started, but it got out of hand quickly.
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    I got all of these for Battroid mode just in case if they never get made in HMR.
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    Never brought out Krusty before but...
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    Great work guys! And I am especially loving the 1/48 VF-1s. I can tell you what isn't on my workbench any more...this VF-0B! Finally finished two years after I started it. Rubbish pictures but better ones will have to wait until after I move cities. So glad it is finished so that I can move onto the next shelf queen! Cheers, Brett
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    Dear Bandai, Please forget about importing the fragile transformation systems from the 1/72 kit and instead give us white landing gears. Love Regards, Random MWer
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    Thanks. I hope Tenjin’s HMR VF-1D box art is as cool as his model kit box art. In any case, that will be cool to recreate with HMR.
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    Hmmm.....that makes life easier. Done.
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    Or it spins out of Robin Hood: Men in Tights and she's really one of the Merry Men in drag... "Hey Blinkin! Fix your boobs, you look like a bleeding Picasso."
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