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    In 2018 I finally got all of the 1/60 VF-1s I've always wanted, most importantly it was Max and Milia.
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    Finally got around to opening these guys.
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    HMR Armored CF VF-1A.
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    Hehe, Ok just getting started on the photos. VF-31J改
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    VF-1EA Howler Calling this one completed. May add a bit more weathering to the deck surface and replace the pilots arm that I've just noticed is missing! Awaiting a custom case for it now. Meantime it adorns the wall awaiting the completion of another deck scene to go with it. A VF-0 at the moment of a hard arrested landing on a pitching deck. The model is a Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1D converted into a VF-1EA (Electronic Attack) Howler variant with corrected legs, painted in a mix of Alclad II Lacquers, Model Master Acrylics, Tamiya Acrylics and Citadel paints for the figures and pilots. Panel lining is a mix of Ammo and Florys. Clear coats as as follows: 1 Alclad Aqua gloss for the pre decal layer, 1 Aqua gloss for the pre panel line layer, 1 Alclad Matt lacquer final layer. The canopy was sanded and polished with Tamiya course and fine compound then dipped in Future. The Unit is VAQ-135 "The Black Ravens" - A Current E/A-18G Growler unit. The aircraft is 520 the CAG bird. The Decals are a mix of the stock 1/72 VF-1D, E/A-18G, VF-0A and Ghost decals and some Gundam Warning labels in 1/144 and 1/100. I've replaced the Gunpod with a Low Band ALQ-99 ECM pod The wings carry a Harpoon, AQL-99 High band pod and 3 self defence missiles each. Half the VF-1D photo etch set has been used. The Deck is from the Italeri 1/72 Flight Deck set (I have 4 of them - ES-11B Cats Eye is coming) The Cat crew are from Shapeways with one of the Green shirts hooking up the VF to the Cat shoe from the Fujima Flight Deck set. The Cat shoe is a piece of sprue I sanded into a square beam then shaped. The Hold Back bar is a piece of unused landing gear with 3 layers of 1 and 2mm heatshrink fitted. Pilots heads have been turned for a better effect. Canopy was set open using a small bracket set above the rear seat and held in place with a mix of white glue and UV Cure resin. On deck we have 3 officers/Chief Petty officers in khaki pants and the Blues are enlisted ranks. The red shirt is my old trade, EOD and Ordnance. The scene depicts a Ready 5 situation where by the aircraft is set on 5 minutes notice to move and is the worst time for all as they have to "Hurry up and wait" as they sit, maybe for hours, on the catapult awaiting the signal to go if needed. Meantime they all sit and wait and talk and joke and double check everything.
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    Thanks. I already have Black Bolt from the SDCC Thanos Imperative set and I think that figure is darker so this will be a my second Black Bolt. Either way sometimes it’s hard to resist buying cool figures when you see them just hanging on the pegs in stores. It’s the Macross 35th Anniversary stamp set. It comes with this inside.
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    Since I also made and painted the new Workroid legs (more curved) and I began to smooth the Cheyenne II, i had both out of the detolf so I decided to shoot side by side just to show off the slight but real differences between both designs. After much thoughts, I decided to redesign the complete shoulder articulations to reduce the number of articulation axis in order to drastically strengthen them. The posability should remain the same, I will probably test it with next order.
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    Thank you @Slave IV! Here's the last set. Enjoy.
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    Ok here's a shot of the VF-31J改 with VF-31F Messer Super Parts. I didn't include the Reaction Missiles so you can see all of the Super Parts. I think it looks pretty badass, but I'll stick to the J's parts. Enjoy!
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    I put a lot of work into my old 0S back in the day and it's probably more "premium" than the PF version, but I'm still going to get the PF version. This one is going to reactive armor duty or maybe I'll sell it.
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    New pictures of the Mirage Super Parts, due out in May:
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    This might be the most ridiculous example of projection I've ever seen. "They put women and ethnic people in movies, whaa! They must be extreme leftists who hate white men!"
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    Well, a few weeks late to the party but I posted my VF-2SS review on anymoon. Hopefully I'll get the videos up this weekend. This toy gave me a reason to try out my gray backdrop. I think all pics are now 4K and will continue to be going forward. Check out the review and let me know if I screwed anything up! http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=10337
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    Principally from having read the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt manga. The whole first arc is a wandering mess that tries desperately, and fails miserably, to make the rivalry between Io and Daryl into something halfway interesting... in no small part because Io and the Moore Brotherhood spend a fair chunk of it literally wandering aimlessly hoping to track down a sniper by enticing him to take potshots at them. It's actually kinda funny in hindsight when you realize essentially it's the story of two grown men trying to murder each other in a disagreement over whose incredibly pretentious music that they'll listen to on the radio, the kind of plot that in the real world normally starts in the news with the words "Florida man". The whole schtick with the Moore Brotherhood and their quest for nonspecific space revenge on the Principality of Zeon for destroying their home colony is literally aimless (they don't have a focus for their revenge plot) and is so completely irrelevant to the story (besides justifying why the Federation side engages in so much pants-on-head stupidity) that other than providing some terribly stilted "drama" from a largely unimportant supporting character it's so lame even their side's own main character can't be arsed to care. Thunderbolt's second story arc, about the religious cult trying to recreate the Psycho Zaku, is so nonsensical that its runs-on-nonsense factor is actually lampshaded right in the manga with a character pointing out that nepotism is basically thing only thing keeping Io's story going. Otherwise he would've been punted out of the EFF and never so much as allowed to look at a Gundam after screwing up and allowing Zeon to capture one in the first arc. It's a fine example of an idiot plot. Thunderbolt's a darker-than-average Universal Century story, but the reason it's a wannabe-edgy tryhard waste of time is that it's taking the same "slaughter spectacle" route to being dark and gritty that Attack on Titan did. Because absolutely everybody in the story is an amoral psychopath there's none of the Universal Century's trademark humanity in the Thunderbolt series. Nobody in the Moore Brotherhood or the Living Dead Division seems to have any real misgivings about the war or the human cost of so much killing. It really feels like Ohtagaki-san didn't really understand why the Universal Century is dark... the reflection on the horrid cost that killing inflicts upon the human soul, and the sheer senselessness of hurting each other when you fail to communicate. There's nothing about the human condition in Thunderbolt, its pretensions to gritty darkness involve nothing more than jacking up the body count to the max and making each death or near-death as gruesome and bloody as possible. Iron-Blooded Orphans is a different animal entirely... it wholly embraces the darkness that Thunderbolt is merely a pretender to. Yes, Mikazuki Augus is a complete monster just like the principals of Thunderbolt, but it works in his case because he's the ONLY ONE. It became meaningless in Thunderbolt because, if everybody is a bastard then nobody is, thus it ceases to have meaning. Iron-Blooded Orphans takes a sincere look at the toll severe inequality exacts on humanity. Many of the characters are horrible people because they live in a world that forces them to be either the exploiters or the exploited, with the protagonists being a group that seeks a fairer world. Tekkadan is full of broken people, and the damage a life of poverty and the low regard for human life has inflicted on them is thrown into sharp relief by their own desire to make a better life for themselves and, later, all Martians. They're not fighting for the sake of fighting or the pleasure of killing, but to overturn a status quo that supports things like massive economic inequality, child labor, slavery, and mass murder in the name of maintaining order. Mikazuki Augus is a complete monster because he is the most broken of all, as someone who had to kill at a very young age just to not starve to death, and all the things he doesn't understand about living a normal life are used to throw into sharp relief how absolutely horrible life was thanks to Gjallarhorn's suppression of Mars. Put simply, Thunderbolt is merely a pretender to darkness because its darkness is purely for the sake of spectacle. Iron-Blooded Orphans is dark because its darkness serves to actually say something, and that something is horrible.
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    Ok, second and final run of the paint job for my second set of the YF-25 Tornado Parts is done, too. The outcome of yesterdays spray work is much better than I expected. Someone who doesn't know that this color version does not exist won't guess that some parts of the painting are not out of factory. Especially the outer black and yellow fins got nearly perfect. Now that I have the comparison between hand brushed and airbrushed version, I realize I should have done the latter one on the first parts, too. I tried to make the YF-25 pose in Battroid mode without its stand, but no chance. The wing/engine sections of the Tornado pack are far too heavy to hold itself in a good pose .
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    The traditional placement of under the arms would be analogous to the way it's mounted on the pod, which I can't replicate due to space. I'll pull out the calipers and see if I can bash something out tomorrow. On a separate note, got the FED printed missile doors in from shapeways, which means I now have all the parts to assemble. Going to wait until the 31a shows up though so I can properly match the paint colors. That said, I got the fit good enough I managed a snap-fit:
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    Transformed my Legioss. Some quick cellphone pics:
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    I got an Ex-Gokin God Phoenix (repaint version) today. I'm not sure why it's a "repaint" when it's the original colors of the vehicle, but whatever. It's been almost 40 years since I first saw Battle of the Planets on TV. It was the first anime I loved, and while I don't have much affection for the overall show anymore, the iconic characters and vehicles give me the warm fuzzies. None of them do this moreso than the G-5 Phoenix. I remember watching that show as a child and wishing I had a die cast Phoenix just like my Dinky Toys Enterprise to play with while I watched the adventures of Mark, Jason, Princess, Tiny, Keyop, and 7-Zark-7. And you're damn right that I watched the intro to Battle of the Planets earlier while I swooshed this thing around! The holy trinity is now complete: Phoenix, Argo/Yamato, and SDF-1, the Genesis of anime for me. If only I still had the Millennium Queen poster I had in the early 80s, that would be the perfect personal backdrop for the three. Treatment's photo of his SDF-1 and Yamato over in the Arcadia SDF-1 thread inspired me to do this one:
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    Working on the VF-1A Cavaliers.
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    Working on it: so far so good: the model is almost printable. I am planning to make the external body in WSF and all the internal panels with speakers and intricate detailing in FUD. Still a few details to check though
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    VF-31J改 Siegfried - [Hayate Immelmann Use]
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    Let's play photo hunt.... what are the differences? http://gundamatefsf.blogspot.hk/2017/12/2017all-that-hi-metal-r-macross-series.html
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    Considering how Freyja reacts when Hayate touches her rune, it's pretty clear those ain't normal tentacles... they're henticles.
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    My Christmas to myself from the Lego and the First Order.
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    Look at the staff blog on Arcadia's website. It shows you exactly where the Tampo is going. According to them it's 101 places. That's why no sticker sheet will be included in this set, it'll all be on already. https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/
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    Finally got around to opening that 1D I got last week. Oh rainbow canopy, how I've missed you! This is my first blue VF-1 and I must say it's quite striking. It makes me want my Max 1J RIGHT NOW!!
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    Yes, the treatment of Maul was one of the many shames of TPM. They should have made Maul a bad butt for several movies, ruthlessly killing Jedi, and had Anakin embrace the dark to dispatch him. Then you have the remaining Jedi reject Anakin because he went dark side to make him okay with pairing with Palpatine. No bad dreams, no killing younglings, no midichlorians, great success!
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    Got my new computer setup over the weekend and wanted to see how much faster Photoshop ran on the new machine. Here are some shots of M and M.
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    Hi Guys It been awhile I post here, This is the 1st time i owning any Hi Metal R series however this VF2SS really a master piece work from predecessor VF1 Hi Metal R line. It definitely more durable + stable and fun to play than DX Chogokin series. So far Love this one.
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    Picked up one of the final VF-1 variants I needed for my 1/60 collection. Now all that's left is to wait for the PF Max & Miria releases...
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    Hello, Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for viewing my thread. The VF-1AG (Armored GERWALK) always appealed to me, most likely because I love military tanks. The initial project was around (15) years ago when we tried to create a removable armor set for a the Yamato 1/48 VF-1. Unfortunately the MW member (Fulcy) who was working on the scratch build wasn't able to finish his work. I was of course disappointed and lost interest over the years, but never forgot about it. In 2017 I decided to give it another try, and contacted my long time friend Carl (wwwmwww) since he has the only known 1/100 VF-1AG resin kit in existence. He has quite an amazing collection and this particular kit is one of rarest of the rare. Just finding pictures is a challenge, and Carl was nice enough to allow me to borrow his kit. Lastly, I appreciate the coordination and assistance of Shawn who was informed of the project from the beginning. Another longtime MW member and trusted friend (Tom) agreed to receive the kit and make a copy so Carl's original could be returned. Unfortunately the very small garage kit company has been out of business for a long time, and their resin recasts weren't well done. I doubt they made very many, but there was a lot of pin holes, a few blobs of resin, thin/missing sections and so forth. We were able to make color pictures of the kit's photographs and inserts as well. So, the next issue became fixing everything and I came up with a list of upgrades so our VF-1AG would be unique/improved. Most of them were able to implemented, and we're happy with the results. Here is the list: 1.) Hollow metal gun barrels 2.) Grind out just the cockpit (pilot, chair, instrument panel, clear canopy from Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit) 3.) Drill out any resin gun barrels (main cannons, hand cannons) 4.) Metal antenna both sides top turret 5.) Brass rods/pins so the cannons can elevate 6.) Gun pod and hands (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit or Bandai Gundam style hands) 7.) Replace stubby/damaged VF-1AG wings if needed (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit) 8.) Shoulder missile launcher doors opened and missiles inside 9.) Decals (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit) 10.) Main turret able to rotate We ended up with a VF-1AG based upon the original, but with new parts plus many hours of repairs. The updated version was then recast with a high pressure pot to create a new molds free of defects. Please keep in mind that the VF-1AG was loosely put together for pictures, the positioning of the arms/legs can be better. Our next goal is to improve the stance to achieve a downward tilt of the nose as well as placing the legs into the preferred "A Stance". Personally, GERWALK mode has always been my favorite since it's what defines Macross to stand apart from other anime with either airplanes or robots. I enjoy collecting Macross resin kits, but all along my goal was to make available a removable armor version that could be attached like the GBP-1 sets. Before the armor can be created, we needed to have a 3D representation of what a VF-1AG is. There is only one known line art and only one super rare resin kit, but I overcame that obstacle. We've now proceeded further than the initial attempt and have spoken to parties interested in working with me to have the armor set created. At this point I'm considering to make it for the Bandai 1/100 VF-1 Hi-Metal line first, just because they have a nice sculpt, good price, easily obtained, and it's cheaper/easier to start with a smaller scale. If viable, we could then move on to the Yamato 1/60 Version 2. Of course all of this will require a pretty big investment, so hopefully there is some interest in owning a new and improved resin kit of the VF-1AG in 1/100. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions. After more than (15) years of waiting, I can now proudly display an extremely rare design. My feeling was to make a Max & Milia VF-1JAG set to compliment the Bandai VF-1J M & M Hi-metal valkyries. I owe my thanks to Carl, Tom and Shawn for making it possible. Sincerely, Christopher
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    Started stickering my Legioss because it looks plain without any markings. I'm considering doing a flat coat (but have to test the reaction of the stickers with the coat first). Had no time to take proper pics so here are some cellphone ones:
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    Kit Background I used the Hasegawa YF-19 as a base and VF-19 Master File as reference to modify it to a proper two seater. Unfortunately, the kit doesn't come with two pilot figures. Hence the empty second seat. Aircraft Background This aircraft belongs to one of the special unit that involves in clandestine operations. There is no visible squadron markings and not much background information regarding the aircraft or its pilots. Their operation records will be sealed for hundred of years.
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    shouldn't the soul of the valk be a fig of kawamori-san then?
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    Picked up my ET Legioss from the Post Office this morning. Only spent 5 minutes messing with it in fighter mode. It has more weight than I expected. Locks surprisingly well in fighter mode. Plastic seems similar but not as thick as the CM's Legioss. It has a semigloss finish and the paint looks well applied. It's the best Legioss out there in the looks departament (this is my subjective opinion). Legs sticking out far back is this mode worst offender. Will take proper pics and do a review when I get home.
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    - > I love MWF, reading the forums during an incredibly boring day at work is the best. -b.
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    I guess you could say that those fan theories about the Supreme Leader all went up in Snoke!
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    The "Let the past die" theme may sound cool and all for some people, but if they really wanted to break away from what the SW franchise is known for, why even make it a sequel? Just make a new franchise. Or maybe they didn't have the confidence that the movie will be successful without the SW branding. Also, it's not just the OT that TLJ disrespects, but also TFA. There was a lot of build up being done for the newer characters and events during TFA that was either totally disregarded/forgotten or just flat out contradicted in TLJ. TLJ actually makes TFA seem like a worse movie than it is because now it looks like TFA was just trolling the fans.
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    I'm never going to make it to a theater so I downloaded it. Random 10-hour days and the holidays are a bad mix. An hour here and there at home, I can swing. It was beautifully shot and that's about it. Then Rian Johnson takes the last movie and tosses it over his shoulder by not answering anything or by doing his own spin. That's when you lost me. The story was while not-Empire was tonely the same as Empire. Rebels Resistance on the run (and I'll get to that below) with the Empire First Order chasing. Hope get's a good slap across the face which leads to the next movie where the good guys get their mojo back. The highlight character was Mark Hamill. Now, from the top... The jokes did it in for me. The Luke scenes were good but then the jokes started and turned it to a *ugh* -moment. Rian Johnson tried something new (compared to JJ who rehashed) and that should be commended (while JJ should be smacked and critizied) but the final product still left me saying "Meh." By continuing right where the last movie left off, it compounds the problem. The last movie setup the world then Rian Johnson gave it the birdie and did his own thing. After 2 films now, the prequels are better than this.