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    Here's our full gallery from Wonder Festival today. http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2017-summer/
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    Will do once I get my next set of Yeti stands! Nah, that's just my old 1J I detailed way back when. Since I converted my premium finish Roy into my TV squadron Roy, I took the premium finish strike parts and gave them to my old DYRL Roy.
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    Finally Yeti'd up my TV squadron. DYRL squadron next! Maybe.
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    Um.. wow? Found on taghobby.
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    At long last I have a 00 Gundam Seven Sword.
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    Just wanted to share a photo that I had not posted of the VF-31J.
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    This weekend I started applying those VF-1 waterslide decals that I bought from eBay weeks ago. I also tested my Airbrush set which I bought 4 years ago from Amazon. And to be honest, this is the first time I airbrush. I tested the airbrush for topcoating and so far I really like the outcome from the scrap kits that I have. Anyways, I noticed that the graphics on the waterslide decals that I'm using is somehow thicker than the one supplied by Arcadia on their stand-alone 1/60 VF-1S Hikaru release (12/2013), the one that came with a stand. But I still decided to use that one since I'm also going to apply the waterslide decals that I purchased for the VF-0S too. Just to make it consistent. Besides, there's none that came with the VF-0S. So that's fine for me. I'm also planning on adding some panel lines into it once the Flory Models washes arrives. So hopefully, I'll try my best to update this thread once I finish applying decals parts by parts. Note: Mods, sorry if I put this in the wrong section. But since it's just applying decals on a toy, I thought it's just safe to put it here. But feel free to move it to the proper section if ever. Thanks! So, without further ado, here it is. Here's the finished legs from this weekend (7/23/17). And to be honest, applying decals on these two legs already took me 2 hours.
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    Well, since I "premium finished" my Yamato version when I got it, (see pics below) I'm gonna skip this, however, I am interested to see the price and even more interested in the exact "setup" you have to have to make the new version look like it does in the dark room pics. Nobody seems to be offering up that information yet. It is a very cool idea, and if I didn't already have it, I would probably have to go for it.
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    Looks like my planned VF-1S Hikaru Premium Finish will be put on hold for now until I figure out where to get and what to use for the Strike Pack decals including the misspelled 'NO STEP' decals. So for now, I put my attention to Roy's VF-0S since his waterslide decal is more accurate with Arcadia's sticker sheet. And no misspellings. I started last night and finish both sides of the plane. Please ignore the yellow hue on the photos.
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    We already did...it was the Bandai release...
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    Wow, the joke about the stupidest thing they could do became a reality.
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    Aww, you guys are too kind. Our illustrious Captain did all the heavy lifting; I'm just reaping the rewards.
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    DELTA by Michael Ringot, on Flickr DELTA by Michael Ringot, on Flickr DELTA by Michael Ringot, on Flickr DELTA by Michael Ringot, on Flickr DELTA by Michael Ringot, on Flickr
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    Random guess: Either Tatsunoko has finally decided to pull their license, or Sony finally figured out that they have no "real" access to Macross & want their money back.
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    How are fans of Macross? I have started to work on obtaining the optional parts for the VFs of the Hi-Metal R VF-1 models. I plan to manufacture the same parts launched by Yamato for the VFs in scale 1/60 (lateral breast covers and pilot seat to place in the nape in battroid mode) and in addition to make new pilots of TV version, since the originals are really horrible and are out of scale. I also copied the blanket of the shoulders since in the models VF-1S of Roy and hikaru they did not come when these models were released. I leave some photos of the work in progress. The shoulder blanket was really good, all the details were copied with great precision by the rubber mold, I'm really very happy, when I paint it sure will look like the original. The pilot's seat needs a lot of work still sculpted and detailed, but they can give an idea of how it will look. Greetings and I hope to be able to advance soon! ...
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    I haven't seen the movie yet, but I worked last summer with a model maker who worked on some of the aircraft models used in the film. They used actual quarter-scale RC models of the Spits (and I think a slightly smaller-scale HE-111) and filmed and controlled them from camera-equipped helicopters and ocean vessels, rather than going CGI. I think that should be applauded.
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    From Tochiro's Twitter... https://twitter.com/GwynCampbell/status/888740678926180352
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    This lawsuit has nothing to do with the Battletech controversy. Harmony Gold is suing Tatsunoko Production in order to enforce an arbitration order against Tatsunoko. Long story short, Tatsunoko was ordered to reimburse Harmony Gold's legal fees, which arose out of an arbitration dispute between the two. So far, Tatsunoko hasn't paid Harmony Gold back and Harmony Gold is asking a district court to force Tatsunoko to pay. I would write more, but I'm literally about to walk out the door for a trip. I'll try to go into more detail when I arrive at my destination.
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    Finally the Super & Strike parts set Weathering version has arrived for my VF-1S Roy Focker!!!
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    Proud parents.
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    Saw these pics a while back.
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    Had a little fun with the Spartans this weekend
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    first time in NZ two weeks ago. definitely won't be the last. you Kiwis are blessed with majestic scenery!
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    Star Trek lavishes most of its realism on propulsion systems, which are detailed with the kind of loving care that only a physics researcher could deliver. Macross tends to spread the love to the other systems, but propulsion is also probably the single most detailed section. I'm not aware of any existing translation of the box text for the Yamato YF-19-3, but I would be willing to take a whack at it this weekend if you can provide me with either scans of the text you want translated or some good, up-close, glare-free pictures of the text. (Not being a collector, I don't have one myself.) To the best of my knowledge, the Yamato YF-19-3 is rather different from Master File's YF-19-3, which was the ARIEL airframe control AI testbed built to the same spec as Isamu's YF-19-2 and piloted by Ludmila Blackwood. ... really? Well, OK. From what I've gleaned on the subject, the application of overtechnology materials and metallic composite manufacturing techniques to the design of threaded fasteners like bolts provided the same dramatic increase in material strength and wear resistance that the moving parts of giant robots benefitted from. They also enabled them to manufacture the threading on bolts to a far higher level of precision. That precision enabled them to use a threading design that was more along the lines of a precisely cut, slightly flattened half-hexagon profile instead of the somewhat rounded triangular profile of a normal bolt threading. As a result, they have a near-perfect pitch diameter, pitch, and angle match between bolt and nut, or screw and hole, providing an almost impossibly snug fit since the entire thread on both sides are engaging each other, instead of leaving small gaps.
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    Mod Warning Please refrain from posting any more scans of the comic(s). You can re-post the public previews but no more. We do not want or need to hear an earful from Titan Comics and Titan Publishing. And I'm sure many of us would like to avoid having seizures until we're much older and greyer.
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    ... and you felt the need to inflict haemolacria on the rest of us?
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    I decided to test out the new lens I got for my other camera with the Metal Build 00 Gundam Seven Sword /G and HMR VF-1S Strike Valkyrie.
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    Did someone ask for Nausicaa love?
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    The thing is they should all come tapooed as a standard release like bandai's dxs and hi-metals.
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    VF-1J v.2 1/60 Armored Weathering!!!
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    THE TIME TO REMEMBER HAS COME! REMINISCE!!!! I present to you a scan of the entire 1987 Books Nippan catalog that somehow found its way to me. I was 12 at the time, and I'm not quite sure how or why this catalog showed up at my house. I've always thought it was because I mailed away for a copy of the Robotech BGM, but I didn't realize at the time I was buying it from Books Nippan. As a kid growing up in suburban New Jersey in the 1980's, this catalog was the only window I had to world of Anime and Japanese Sci-Fi. I would study the catalog, memorizing every detail about the terrible, low quality black-and-white photo copied cover art work featured in this catalog. I'd wonder what words like "MOOK" or "Perfect Collection" meant! When I received this catalog, the only anime I had seen at the time was Voltron, Robotech, and G-Force. My 12 year old brain didn't know what to make of "Call Me Tonight"! Here's a link on Facebook if you don't want to download it: https://www.facebook.com/armen.nakashian/media_set?set=a.10209672122821821.1073741854.1292079797&type=3&notif_t=like&notif_id=1500816911286233 And here are the original scans as Jpg's in a single zip file if you are interested! books-nippan-1987.zip
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    Today I received mine... What a waste of money
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    Gerwalk and battroid mode. Ozma meets the OG Skull Leader! 俺は戦う!戦ってみせる!
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    They can skip anything but not 31A. Don't make us wait for the movie
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    No, I already tried that. The 1:100 Phalanx kit is properly-proportioned to begin with, so the larger HMR legs don't suit it. It only works for the 1:100 Tomahawk because of its disproportionally larger torso, which made the stock legs appear too small; the stock Phalanx model, on the other hand, looks better as-is. Oh, and I think we can definitively state HM-R is NOT 1:100 scale.
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    Macross Delta's writers didn't seem to quite grasp that, if you want the audience to care that you've killed off a character, the character has to actually be somewhat developed and likeable first. Messer Ihlefeld was a flat, stock character in a series that was overrun by flat, stock characters on both sides. Worse still, the stock role he filled was the Broken Ace and it was almost impossible to like him in what little characterization he got because he treated everyone like dirt. His send-off in the episode after his death fell comically flat. "Oh look, Messer kept a secret diary of how much he thinks we all suck! See, he really did care!" My eyes just about rolled out of my head watching that shabby mess. The cast is packed with undeveloped stock characters the writers could kill with no more impact on the audience than knocking over a cardboard standee: Arad, Messer, Ernest Johnson, any member of Walkure who isn't Freyja Wion, Theo, Xao, Hermann, Uroh, and any among the multitudes of background characters on the Macross Elysion or in Darwent Castle. Maybe they can kill that bloody catfish from Ragna. He had more characterization than most of the characters I just named. ... ... ... the world can be a cruel place for one such as you. It'd help, but I fear we're in for another feeble attempt to pass a knockoff of Frontier's plot off as new. Maybe they'll mix it up by eliminating the pretense. Hayate will grow his hair out into a big ponytail, Freyja will dye her hair green, Roid will start wearing a skirt... this is veering dangerously into territory fangirls might actually go for. Oh sweet and salty machine god NO. NO NO NO NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO. This show already has SIX sodding "ace custom" machines, seven if you count Hayate converting Messer's plane into a second VF-31J, we do NOT need another one. Even covering the series mechanical designs has become a joke because the differences are cosmetic, making the different designs POINTLESS. They should've been different paintjobs on the same design, but even then it's pointless because the series shows Delta Flight sucks at its job. I'd call them "Prat customs" but it might get mistaken Pratt & Whitney's handiwork. The YF-29 was BS, but it was at least plot-critical BS that ended almost as soon as it began since Brera's plane outperformed Alto's. They don't have that excuse this time!
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    Conversely, some people prefer to deal with them as their #1 choice. It's going to be difficult getting support from most of the overseas shops although I haven't had much trouble.
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    Robotech the First = EPIC FAIL
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    The lesson here is that if you're tired of seeing other people's complains over and over esp from the same people according to you. Then it's best to skip it. Ignore it. Members here are not obligated to answer everyone's comments, opinions, and whatnot everytime. You don't like his complains even if he's entitled to? Skip it. You don't like his post? Ignore it. Go to the next topic. But the moment someone replied to it, then expect that same person or other person will reply back to what you have posted since they want to point out their complaints and opinions. If that happens, then expect the whole shebang will start over again to the point that it's going to blow out of proportion. And some people will start telling again that it's the same people, same complains, same instances, over and over again. Now, if someone's comment somehow trigger your concern or your righteousness, then it's up to you if you're going to post your opinion which you have the right to. But do remember another person will reply back to your opinion too. This is how forum is. This is why forum is interesting. You read everyone's opinion whether good or bad. And like I said earlier, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But I'm pretty sure you knew that already. Peace. But back to 262. I agree with you. It's a beauty. I've been transforming one of the two that I have a few times now. And I really like it in Gerwalk mode. Can't wait for the Lil Drakens to come in.
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    Hey Slave IV, believe me I know exactly how you feel. Sure N-Y isn't perfect, and some detractors even call for them to go out of business. But fact of the matter is that there are more pros to having N-Y around than not, proven by how even these detractors end up buying from N-Y anyway. I used to try and get people to see the big picture about N-Y before, but unfortunately their opinions haven't changed much in the past 5 years or so. What's even weirder is that some vendors (like HLJ) have gotten worse over the years too, but because of bias, loyal people only focus on their CS and ignore numerous other inconveniences that HLJ has, especially for people like me who don't live in the US. Everyone can have an opinion, but it just gets super tiring to hear/read the same complaints over and over again, especially from the same people. And it gets even worse when it triggers another cycle of N-Y bashing.
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    I'm sure you understand when I say not all of us here are forgiving as you. Not everyone here are the same. Some will be ok with it. And some don't. Now, why do we still order from them? Simple. Because not all the online Japanese shop carries Tamashii Web Exclusives. But I'm sure you knew that already. The point that most of members here says about the practice that Nippon-Yasan does recently for asking extra shipping cost after you pay certain item in full including the initial shipping cost is really incompetent as Lolicon pointed out. They're not doing this before. I've been buying from them since 2013. And only recently, they started doing this. I would rather pay the secured TWE item first and pay the shipping cost afterwards when the item is packed and weighed and ready to ship. That way they will able to give us the correct cost for shipping. Anyways, this is only my opinion. Last I checked, everyone is still entitled to their opinion, right? And I respect everyone's opinion here. So I'm sure Mechaninac and Lolicon including you, are just expressing about NY's shipping practices and with your it's still less than other shops opinions. After all, it's not MacrossWorld, without this kind of conversation. Peace.
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    Tampo scraping has never really been an issue for me, Yamato, Arcadia, or Bandai. They're way more durable than actual decals. Tampo printing is tampo printing. Errors occur and they can be damaged. It's not like Bandai uses some kind of super strong indestructible tampo printing while Arcadia's is drawn on in crayon.
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    From that angle he reminds me of this guy:
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    Placeholder for the ES-11D. Hopefully it gets the green light. Even if it's a limited run. Pic from taghobby.
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    I dont thk anyone posted abt this yet though its mentioned in jenuis's blog as a 90cm SDF-1 statue... http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=9672
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