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    My downsized Macross collection! From a once 130 strong down to a mere 34.. I do very much get a sense of quality rather than quantity. But most of all I am quite content.
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    if you release repaints make things like this
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    ♫ Hi, we are humanity! ♫ ♫ And resistance is futile! ♫ ♫ Now join us in unity! ♫ ♫ Or be reduced to rubble! ♫
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    Just got mine and put together for test. Came in 1 Big box + 1 Bigger box. Mine was 082/300 As suspected, I couldn't find the 1/6 action figure version of pilot. I'm pretty sure it's not ready yet (IOU) but sent them email about it anyways. It's about the size I expected, but still it's huge. (and heavy - they used filler resin/coldstone) VID_MAcrossCockpit.mp4
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    lets see if there is a response...
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    It's obvious based on the "facts on the ground" during the original HM release why it failed. There just wasn't a market for it...especially when there was a superior product available at a lower price. Simple decision for Bandai to make at the time was to kill it. Now that Yamato is gone and there is no real competition at the price point HMR sells for, they are back. HMR was doing great before any other franchises were introduced into it......it is successful now because it doesn't have to compete with superior offerings at lower prices....sorry if that is too hard for you to grasp.... I just hope there aren't too many non-Macross releases that jeapordize the Macross portion of the line....or at worse, they just revert back to just releasing Macross mechs.
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    I’m gonna have to figure something new out. I’m not even done assembling my cases and I’m already out of space. The arrangement is packed in several instances too (Frontier section...)
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    I received this F14 commissionned custom. The original was the infamous corgi F-14D because of its quality and lack of details but it really scale well with the arcardia Zero valks. It was fotographed next to the VF-0B, probably the closest fighter to the F14 in Macross VF program.
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    I just ordered my 10th VT-1 Super Ostrich yesterday. Bring em on, Bandai
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    Reassembled my PF 0S. Wanted to keep the brand new factory fresh look this time around. Still need to work on the leg armors and missiles, but she's basically done now.
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    What did you expect to get? The U.N. Spacy is a rapid militant expansionist empire that uses pschyological warfare to subvert alien cultures with their own and rule through rampant colonialism. Think about it. In the span of 60-70 years in the Macross timeline they went from a small ragtag group of around 30,000 survivors to imposing their rule on half the know galaxy. Anyone who opposed them were subjugated or put to the sword. The U.N. Spacy is just a fancier version of the borg that uses pop music to achieve assimilation.
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    I know Sentinel ride armors are the current hot items but I do like ET's Legioss. Sculpt wise I like it a lot so I'm looking foward to the Zeta and Iota types (have both on preorder). Stick's ride:
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    Pre-Order for VF-2SS Nexx starts on July 2nd 4pm JST http://sp.tamashii.jp/item/12632/?wovn=en
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    Macross Do You Remember Love laserdisc. From 1984
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    Got my E=X today. Here's my raw unboxing footage (until the pro youtuber reviewers make better ones). Disclaimer: I never post videos, but I couldn't find any others so I made my own
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    Australia. Yeah, pretty sure you and @Old_Nash keep cheering on Comcast because you don't live here and don't get how truly heinous Comcast is. Sure, maybe you've heard stories. Maybe you don't quite believe them. Guess what? The stories are true. Comcast is that bad. Worse, even! Don't cheer them on. In fact, pray that Disney gets Fox. Because, especially without any Net Neutrality protections in the US anymore, I promise you that Comcast getting them will be much, much worse. Seriously. You guys act like Disney kicked your puppy. Well, if you lived in a Comcast market they probably actually kicked your puppy, then added a recurring puppy-kicking fee to your bill.
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    I finally got a Yamato VF-1J Hikaru. Didn't think the Arcadia bright white was that much difference.
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    It would be prety bold for Bandai HMR to give us any enemy mecha from Macross II......I would rather get the Icarus and Metal Siren first though...although those would be pretty bold releases too....if they did and they sold well, I think the probability of a DX VF-2SS would be higher (MII 30th aniversary?)......Bandai released the HMR Destroid Monster in-scale with the rest of their Macross HMR line.....so anything is possible at this point I suppose....
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    I don't suggest emailing HLJ and say you found a cheaper price somewhere that's why you're cancelling items from them. That, probably works in the U.S. But this is different. They have different sets of rules in other coutries. Just because we're used on getting cheaper price and price match here in the U.S., we can't just tell them 'oh, we're cancelling because we get a cheaper price somewhere.' I use HLJ mostly, because they do HAVE better customer service than the others. Others can attest to that. And even though you get cheaper price somewhere, I guarantee you, the only difference after it includes the shipping cost afterwards (EMS for me), it's just somewhere between $10-20. And that difference is already a 'premium/insurance' for me because I know HLJ got my back if there's a problem with the item I purchased from them. Oh, and they do Private Warehouse too if ever you want to save a few bucks shipping the items you bought within 60 days. The lesson I learned over the years on chatting here with fellow MWF Forumers -- During those preorder night madness, once you secure your preorder depends on which store you're watching, better stick with it. Don't jeopardize your store account just because you saw the other online store is 10% cheaper. Just be glad you secured an order. Just my two cents on this.
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    Some additional quick pics for those interested. She's gonna need a panel wash!
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