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    Mirage all dressed up.
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    Ray is sure popular right now.
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    It should say SOLDOUT, not ROLLOUT.
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    Even the anime isn’t anime-accurate. I just don’t care enough about these things. I’m no rivet-counter, I’m too happy these things exist at all. When I was a kid, these things would never have been contemplated. Then the original Yamato 1/72 19 and 21 were being advertised in Inquest and EGM and I thought they were the Second Coming. Then I learned about the SHE kits (from this very site) and their complexity and faithfulness to the original lineart (and amazing cost) astonished me. Now we have a more detailed, more gimmicky, more durable, larger, pre-painted-and-assembled toy that’s kinda the same price as the SHE kit (or I’m just earning more now.) It’s an amazing, amazing time to be a Macross fan, right now. Bandai pre-order shenanigans be damned.
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    I'm ordering some new machining equipment soon; that's about the only reason why I haven't started an official 1/12 MOSPEADA aftermarket gear thread. Bazooka, saddle-packs, water bottle, and at least one sidearm are what I plan to include in the kit. I just need to start setting things up first.
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    Busted! Unfazed, Ray quickly finds a much bigger weapon to "borrow..."
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    I have to agree this one looks awesome. But my WALLET MONSTER looks more appropriate. Don't you guys agree?
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    Fixed it.
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    A splash of color in these shots, what do you think?
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    Hi guys, I have been busy last days (couple months... in fact) with a very challenging design from Macross Delta: the VF-9, aka Cutlass. This is a small fighter designed to support the VF-1 in mission. Guess what ? It is even shorter than a VF-1. I tried my best to make a great looking transforming toy in all three modes for the 1:60 scale, printable in WSF (SLS nylon powder). So far, I am pretty confident that I will soon have something printable. 90% of the model is good to go using M1.7x6mm, M1.7x10mm screws and 1mm diameter rods. I need to refine the design of a few parts such as the Head, the right shoulder and the vertical stabilizers. I also need to decide if it can have retractable or swap-able landing gears. The battroid mode should have sufficient articulation to compare with an Arcadia VF-1, I just hope all the joints will be tight enough. A few pictures !
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    Breathing intensifies
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    Finally assembled. I’m really bad In taking pictures, looks better live. first and last time in battroid just for you guys: back to fighter mode, different angles. Front: Back: Top: Front Side: ...and having fun during the first swooooshhhh! ...faster hope you like it, it’s been a fun project
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    Some comparisons I wanted to attach of the new YF 19 to VF 19 Advance
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    Studio shots are done, went with a different style of shot this time around.
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    Bandai derives sustenance from your anger and sadness; your tears are so yummy and sweet to them.
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    Lonely Soldier Boy
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    Hi Guys, thanks a lot! So I'm slowly wrapping up this project, hope to finish in the next couple of weeks, and I want to recap the mods done so if any other want to mod their ET VF-2ss there is a detailed reference. Included in the pics below also the original toy. I'm doing a Roy colour scheme with a DYRL vibe so not all the steps are needed. I apologize for the long and heavy post, hope it is ok for the moderators. 1 - Head Remove the small thrusters, fill with epoxy putty and recolor the face to give a slimmer profile. 2 - Backpack made shorter removing also the central part (full section with the pegs is gone, also the inside needs to be partially removed to allow the backpack to be able to close for battroid mode). Tail re-shaped to match the profile of the head. - Body All sanded 1.5 mm to make it look slimmer, same for various pegs. The internal cover now sits over and not inside as before. - Lower Leg Added panel lines. - Arms and Shoulders Completely new shoulder (based on Hasegawa battroid kit, the screw allows rotation) armor and the shoulder joint cutted down to minimum. Upper arm sanded more flat and filled with epoyz putty. Lower arm sanded in the front part (the one that is on the inside side in fighter mode) near the elbow to accomodate the backpack as they will sit higher close to the body. added magnets to lock to the body and around epoxy putty to make a more natural profile. Added macross screw for DYRL vibe. - Body part 2 massively redesigned connection piece body-arms to allow new position. Shoulder attaching point sanded and cutted to do not crush against the chest piece and body intakes. - Chest piece Added panel lines, removed thrusters and filled with epoxy putty, shield made a 1 piece with epoxy putty, added macross screws. - Wings Sanded to be flat and panel lines added. - Dorsal Boosters Intake and exaust cutted to make them shorter. Connection piece cutted and reglued to be able to enter in the hole in the body (after the mod it is less wide) and have the boosters closed to the body. Added detail. - Leg Intake Again, removed the thrusters and filled with epoxy putty, as well as other holes. Added details ad per lineart. That's all for now, tomorrow I should be able to post the nosecone. Cheers!
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    Good to hear that NY is shipping out 31As, although slowly and hopefully surely. "Till all have one!" I'll leave some eye candy.
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    Stupid! St00pid! STUPID!! Also, the hipster millennial a-holes producing this crap look just like the ones Family Guy lampooned recently. The 2011 reboot was way better but sadly cancelled so bring that one back instead!!
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    You know I wonder if this SJW talk borders on Political debates. I'm sick of term SJW. I'm sick of watching some YouTube opinion piece where I'm in agreement with some critic's on view pop culture until they start talking about how it's the fault of the SJW. If you spend 20 minutes viewing online fandom you'll believe everyone is either a SJW or Misogynist. I like to believe those people only represent 10% of fandom. They just have the loudest voices. Majority of us don't have the time to make videos, podcasts and engage in every discussion. Sometimes these extremist of both sides have valid points. It is easy to feel pulled towards one team when the other team accuses you of being an SJW or Misogynist just because you agree with them on a couple of things. You'll start thinking they were right those people are impossible to deal with and your journey to fandom extremism begins. Yes I think they over do it with the diversity. There are already minority characters out there who they could easily expand on without having to change a 50 year old iconic character. Yes I thought that movie sucked. It wasn't because of the changes for diversity. However, team Misogyny was bitching about it for months before the movie was finished and now team SJW will accuse anyone of being homophobic, racist and sexist for not liking it. These politics of fandom serves the media industry. Fandom outrage is marketing tool. Teams Misogyny and SJW reach goes beyond just fandom. You can't read the comments section anywhere online without seeing it. Fandom is really taking the joy out of enjoying things.
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    No complaints about Rey from me. Rose on the other hand...
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    "Sorry Stig but I'm Not a Soldier. Plus have you seen this thing!"
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    Here is a preliminary test shot of the SDF-1.
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    And then there were 2.
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    Well had a dio plastic fire from PTE. Went and Dremelled it out and fitted an LED tea lite candle under it. Then had fun making a nice desolate hovel for poor Stig to take shelter in. "Was coming to Earth truly the best idea. Lost his fiancee, his friends and fellow comrades in arms. Alone with an unbeatable enemy. Yes, the mission!" Also showing off Stig's climbing abilities.
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    Promo shots definitely don't do the phosphorescent paint justice. I've done my best to depict the glow-in-the-dark effect with multiple exposures:
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    I just got mine from Amiami. I am quite pleased with it. I own the Megahouse's, Beagle and CMSs Mospeadas and I think I might like this one the best. Just edges out the Beagle IMHO. But then I prefer this scale. I have to say that anyone disappointed is feeling so due to their own unrealistic expectations. Anyone that is expecting a perfect transformation of a design like this that relies so heavily on anime magic to begin with at a scale under 1/6 heck maybe even 1/5 that wouldn't be ball jointy and fiddly as all heck is just delusional. Not to offend anyone but it wouldn't be possible. Now granted I see some design choices that could have improved the overall experience with this toy such as the armor over feet that keeps popping off (these need to be glued on period!). But overall I think they did a bang up job. The visor isn't as offensive in hand but definitely needed to be a clear smoke blue like the ones on 4chan that were modded. But I'll just leave as is. It stands out next to my other MospeadaS with it and I don't HATE it.
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    I had considered the same for my original release, but even in "Attack Mode" there's so much more painted detail to appreciate on the premium finish... Instead, I've opted to sell the old girl and keep the sexy new one on the wall.
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    In my opinion you are free to list it at any price you deem fit. After all it is the market forces that drives the demand and price. Here's the typical situation with many collectors. When an item appreciates in value, they 1) try their best to find the item at as close as the PO price as possible 2) if (1) is not possible, they try to find a price that is the cheapest around, albeit grudgingly 3) If (1) and (2) does not apply and they are unwillingly to pay the current market prices, they call those who own and sell the highly demanded item at high prices "scalpers" Conversely when an item depreciates in value, they 1) Won't pay PO price or anything close to PO price for that item 2) Do a victory dance that they held back during PO and now pay a much lower price for the same item 3) Have no empathy for those who paid full PO price for the now "less worth" item Personally I have had hits and misses in toys I buy. And I usually buy 2 copies of the same toy for those that I like so that in case the display copy gets damaged, I still have a brand new piece that hopefully has no QC issues or defects. And when I decide to sell the spare copy, I could lose up to 70% of the original value or I could earn anything from 30% or up to 10 times the original price I paid for. Long story short, it's a supply and demand thing. And willing seller willing buyer.
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    Good news!! People who missed-out on the first batch will be able to get these at proper retail again. And they'll be able to spend the money they save on my update set (coming soon, working on it, no release date as yet.)
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    Putting my missile effects to good use
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    Wow times flies... i can’t believe I had this pod on the bench for 2 months. I had time to paint it, minus the reverse side that need to be color-matched with Arad’s VF-31S. I will do that once it will arrives. I am pretty happy with this version.
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    meanwhile, Bandai seems like "corrected" (photoshopped?) the colors and now has a newer moar extensive yf-19 page: http://tamashii.jp/special/macross/yf-19/ sample pic: "sinsei industry" is still there, tho...