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    Here are some photos of a VE-11D I've done in the original VT-1 Elintseeker livery:
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    LOL - I remember when people used to complain about Yamato prices 9 years ago. "This should only be $ 40-$60" or whatever the argument was at the time. Anyone who thinks that the price of ANYTHING should remain the same over that same time frame wouldn't do very well in business. And re: whether these are overpriced or not, everything, is "overpriced" when you factor in whatever the true cost of production is. It's called companies making a profit so that they can continue to operate and make the merchandise people seem so intent to obsess and argue over. I wish people would just learn to spend on what they want, or not, and let it go already. -b.
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    Thanks spanner! Made it just for you Thewait is over. Nice glad you like it spanner! I was trying to go for the Aerial Knights Salute, but no salute hand was included. Here you go.
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    Finally took some photos. Not the greatest so I apologise.
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    people who "invest" in toys suck and ruin things for everyone.
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    ...I've made a lot of special modifications myself... Woohoo!!! I finally managed to get the two halves together. Spent a lot of time routing the various wires and fibre optics around to they do get caught in the big attachment pegs and then covered a tin foil dome on the inside of the saucer to keep the light reflecting around and minimize light leaks out (even though I did spray the interior black). Amazing set of PE parts - these landing gear baffles are a must even at this scale! I tried to drill some holes to allow some light to spill out of the landing gear wells to dimly light the gears from all the bounce form the tin foil dome. Just gotta add some of the landing gear hoses still... It's too bad that the photo doesn't show off all the little lights and controls through the gun port walls because the rear tunnel is so bright. You can hardly see all the work I did into that cockpit now I embedded a magnet to to activate a "reed" switch inside to turn on the red landing markers and ramp entry light when I put in the open landing ramp, when I take it out and replace it with the closed ramp, the red marker lights and entry ramp light goes out. That extra curved door at the end of the entrance tunnel really adds to it! Gotta work on that radar dish and a last pass at the weathering with some scraps and I can almost call it done! Not sure if I'll ever need to do my 1/72 Fine Molds kit...
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    Guys please stop before spanner starts to collect KOs too.
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    Howdy folks, just posted my review over on anymoon.
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    After getting shapeways replacements i enjoy CF 171's much more. Pretty much I took the triangles off all the gerwalk and battroid units and gave the unbroken triangles / shoulders to my fighter moded valks since they're the only ones where it really matters aesthetically. If anyone knows how bad the QC on these guys were it's probably me :0 I've seen pretty much every possible plastic piece that's not green-colored break on these bastards. I assume the contractor/factory that Bandai used for the CF's tried to cheat them by cheaping out on the same good plastics used on the Alto/Luca/Maruyama People prolly think I'm crazy for having this many CF's despite the QC issues. I just got two more like last month thanks to "Kanedas Bike" and I rehabbed them and put them in my display hehe. Honestly I don't think I'll ever do such an expensive army build again for many years.......at least until they release a non itasha grey VF-171ex or a delta Browny CF
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    This is such a neat color scheme with great tail fin decals that I had to build one. Here's the result.
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    All this rampant customization has inspired me to do some work of my own: I felt the Hi-Metal R GBP amor was a little too plain and lacking in detail, compared to my Arcadia, Yamato, and even Takatoku versions... ...so I added additional markings and insignia, using animation model sheet line art as a guide. I especially wanted to replace Bandai's sloppy-looking "1" on the chest with something cleaner and more professional. What do you think?
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    I didn't say anything about Bandai. If you read my post again, I said there were other smaller toy companies than Arcadia who make great quality items at lower prices. I commented on this because it was brought up that Arcadia's pricing is "fair" because it was still cheaper than getting it on the aftermarket, even though it is a lot more expensive than the original retail price. Anyway, like I said in my last post, go ahead and buy it if you want, I'm not asking you not to. I may get one too. But I seriously think that no one should think that these aren't overpriced or even *gasp* a bargain.
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    Boutique shop vs mass producer. If you don't like the price that's fine, it's just a toy, don't buy it. I'm worried/hoping we're going to see a DX for like 12000Y with all the Tampo we can dream of in a year. That would be the mass producer item you're clamoring for and it seems likely so Arcadia should make money now. We don't know the licensing situation or what they paid for the molds so we roll with the punches for now. Maybe Bandai will troll us with a chunky monkey reissue.
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    I already have them too but I hope the new Arcadia's releases could combine the boxes to show a big picture like the older ones
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    finished with the "big things" and base coat.. now to the trees
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    Max and Milia next? https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/849879365991120896 【お知らせ】 「1/60 完全変形 VF-1Jスーパーバルキリーミリア搭乗機(仮)」「1/60 完全変形 VF-1Jスーパーバルキリーマックス搭乗機(仮)」共に近日受注開始が決定しました!発売はミリアが八月!マックスが12月を予定!詳細は追って告知します! #マクロス #完全変形
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    MACROSS series【All that Hi Metal R】Apr 2017Bandai gives us a break after Milla's Valk... indeed, quite enough...
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    I'm a bit surprised at how many are concerned about show accuracy when it seems like nobody on this forum actually likes Delta.
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    Mod note: Drop the whitewashing discussion of this movie. That issue has played out in this topic.
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    I'm gonna call the VF-0C done. The VF-0B needs decals and stickers. I forgot to attach the antenna but I like how it looks without it anyways. Bonus WIP. Happy Birthday Isamu! Let's go old girl!
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    Who f'n cares? What idiot would buy that Monster when you've already got a perfectly fine Hi-Metal R one? ...and Kevin McKeever is blowing smoke out of his arse. Sorry jaylive but ya sound like a bit of a moron.
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    Updates, I've been learning how to make a heat effect for the thrusters (and for the turntable animation I'm planning): First I learned how to make particles in Blender, then I started learning how to make them behave like a fast moving smoke that would follow the turbines. Then after I got the particles working correctly, I used a composite mode in Blender with different render layers to get the smoke as a separate entity, then a distort filter on the finished render with the plane and the background, and the smoke's alpha as the parameter. The effect looks pretty cool and weird from certain angles: The smoke was not following the engine close enough so the heat effect looks delayed. I did some fixes to the particle speed and also added the smoke as an entity so it receives light and can be perceived as a hot system. The final render got some issues with camera clipping and the fact that I wasn't baking the particles so they began producing the smoke every time I restarted the render (this animation took almost a week of leaving the computer rendering at night) So that choppy feel of the engine going on and off is because I didn't bake it Looks pretty cool tho!! Here's a wallpaper for you guys, with what I've learned so far:
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    Yeah, I refuse to give any money to harmony gold.
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    So I'm not sure where to post this but it looks like the US P-Bandai store is starting up soon, is this real or am I going crazy? http://us.p-bandai.asia/
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    I think the only reasonable course of action would be to take all of the collectables you own, put them in a big pile and just burn them in protest of the system.
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    I went to Shinjuku to buy it. There are plenty of VF-31F in South West Shinjuku's Yamada store. Like 5 or so. The price is also nice, 18600 yen. Time to play a little with my first VF-31!!
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    when she grows up and has the chest to support it.
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    Nice I need some of those mde bombs
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    photos from 2chan
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    Decreased number of factories with the skill and precision to create a high end product combined with greater demand of factory time from more different companies combined with increasing demand for better factory worker conditions and wages combined with global inflation combined with a profit margin that means the company can stay in business and pay its employees. Yeah, I think it's completely fair to assume the price increase from a decade ago is reasonable and I find it slightly insulting to the people creating these products that their time and effort isn't valued more. Toys aren't like computers where making the same thing over time gets cheaper because of miniaturization. Molds wear out and have to be replaced/recreated/retooled, production and overhead costs gradually increase, wages go up over time. Companies either keep the same retail cost and eat the profits until they stop making money, at which point they have to drastically raise the price all at once, or they gradually increase the price over time to maintain a healthy margin. Either way most consumers view it as price gouging instead of the slow cost of inflation that effects everything. You 'could' make the argument that the increased price is more than you think the item is worth, but there are a vast number of reasons why they could be charging more now compared to a decade ago.
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    Thanks! Some of my current purchases are in front of the baby's crib.
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    That's the first I've heard of issues with Bandai's plastic from those kits. Were the parts well washed? Maybe some wax got onto the joints preventing adhesion? NEED YOUR HELP guys! FINALLY got to build something! These are ONLY THE TOP HALF of the 1/72 scale Mk-141 Harpoon launcher tubes. The older ships used them so I went with them for accuracy (of course they have WAAAAY more detail on them too versus the lightweight mounts which are smoother). I still have to build the bases. I can't decide whether to let them hang over the stern (back) or from the sides. What do you guys think? Note the metal tube? You can guess whey it has to hang over the edge. These took a lot of work to get all aligned right with a depth gauge for placement and a jig to cut part of the braces. Now I just have to get some tiny model rockets! - MT
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    Arbit, are you familiar with Dorobou's build of the Nautilus? http://dorobou.blog.so-net.ne.jp/2015-01-13
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    Looks great Pengbuzz. Very sleek. Fianally making some progress on my Nautilus after endless studying, thinking, measuring, re-measuring, stressing, anxiety-ing, and generally procrastinating.
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    Great! Cause I love orange and I'm a sucker for the radome/awacs. I certainly hope you're right.
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    here is a small update, sharpened some edges and began adding the background. Once i get to the final stages i will have to make this pop a lot more. been trying to learn about dramatic lighting and stuff likes that.
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    I saw it last night as well. If you are a fan of the property there are a ton of references to the movies, manga and series.
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    added more layers and buildings also added a back wall and i have made a tree forgot to take picture of that... need to make a lot of those
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    Because if you are a business that takes advantage of low labor rates in a country that doesn't care about your "intellectual property" rights then again, it's on you to calculate the risks involved.
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    I wasn't impressed. This show didn't end, it just stopped. There was no closure. Keith and Roid and Qasim are all dead but Heinz and the Aerial Knights are still around and were barely involved in the actual plan, so they didn't learn anything from their defeat. All the garbage about Lady M and Megaroad-01 and the Protoculture was a big unanswered mess. Xaos didn't win. Windermere got stabbed in the back, then took its toys and went home. The whole series was like a bad Macross 7 fanfic with the Jamming Birds as the heroes instead of Sound Force.
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