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    Got Hayate transformed into Battroid mode sans Super Parts for a group photo. Come on Bandai bring on Arad and Chuck so Delta Flight can be complete!
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    Fun with Valkyries.
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    Wow, its been 3 years ago today sinceI took this pic.
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    I was reviewing some pics and this is still one of my favorites. The Heroes Gallery.
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    Thank you @Lolicon & @sumyumgoy. Next up Gerwalk mode.
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    I got Mirage's plane last week, but I didn't have any time to take some photos. But this week I do! I hope the Macross Delta Movie gives us more in-sync dancing combat!
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    You must be really bored out of your mind. I suggest importing collectibles and stuff. Preferrably giant robots/mechas and sexy non-loli full-figured/busty bishoujos in at least 1/7 and bigger scale. And taking pictures of them. And posting them here. That will be alot more awesome...
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    Thank you @locidm! Keep those hands warm. @derex3592 thanks! One day I'll order the parts. @no3Ljm by your request here is "Blue Steel"
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    Basara and Isamu didn't want to take a group photo with the rookies.
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    At least they're not as bad as those charging an extra $100 for tampo right?
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    Sorry for the pic spam. But overall I am damn satisfied with my VF31C
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    Vf-31C fighter mode photos are done.
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    That’s what happens when you get fancy with your ordering schemes. Like making money? How about just make it widely available to everyone?
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    Updated Skull Squadron shot with winter gloves. @no3Ljm Yep, I went with the "Grilled" mat, its actually carbon fiber. I went away from the reflection base because so many people do it. I wanted to be different.
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    I read the blog entry that the pictures came from via Google Translate. I'll try my best to annotate each of the pictures. Someone with a better command of the language can correct me if necessary...
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    A series of modifications made to an aftermarket VF-31A Kairos by Χάος Valkyrie Works, including, but not limited to: Replacement of the stock FF-3001A Stage IIC thermonuclear reaction turbine engines with a detuned version of the YF-30's FF-3001/FC2 engines (a 14% improvement in engine output). Modification of the the Shinsei/LAI TO21C inertia store converter to increase the unit's buffer capacity from 28.0G to 29.5G. Switching the outer wing segment of the delta wing for a forward-swept winglet and overall strengthening of the airframe. Exchange of the stock A-type monitor turret for a custom-built monitor turret (each Siegfried monitor turret is unique). Upgrading the stock ARIEL II+ integrated airframe control AI of the VF-31A to a custom build optimized for close air support of Walkure. Installation of the fold wave system and fold wave amplifiers on the dorsal surface of the VF. Fixed weapons (e.g. the LM-27 railguns) replaced with lower-powered versions than military spec in anticipation of having to operate in close proximity to civilians. Engine nacelle ordnance bays retrofitted into storage and charging racks for 8 MDP-001W Cygnus multidrone plates. Fitted with a custom multipurpose container unit that includes a remote recharger for the Cygnus multidrones. No and No, respectively. Yep. When you think about it, the VF-31 Siegfrieds are essentially the same kind of custom job that Sound Force's VFs were, except they're all customized from the same base aircraft this time. Heck, the operating profile is almost "What if the Jamming Birds stole Fire Bomber's ride?" Not a new theme, mind... Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy had most of the placenames and so on for Uroboros drawn from Norse mythology. The only references that aren't are Uroboros and the Chronos, which are both Greek, and the Percival, which is French. Even the bad guys, Havamal, are Norse-inspired. Fun fact... the custom build of ARIEL II that was used by the VF-25 and YF-30 is called "Brunhilde". It wouldn't work nearly as well with the enemy fighters being Draken, which can be translated as "Dragon", though the company operating them DOES have a Greek name and logo... Χάος.
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    Sentinel, Bandai, Arcadia...these companies are collectively killing me and making me very happy simultaneously.
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    Oh crap! Rey version Ride Armor already up for preorder! http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-033903&page=top I'll wait for NY but sweet!
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    The Fewture Getters are amazing! Agreed! They look awesome together!
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    Megahouse Variable Action Hi-SPEC Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Type 52 Cosmo Zero Alpha 1 @LoliconI ordered it as well.
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    It 's in the blog https://ameblo.jp/arcadiaac/. Case 8 (though it doesn't have any pics) states that the surface embossment became weaker on some of the molds. They re-polished and re-etched the molds.
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    Just another bigot trolling an internet board. I regret even clicking his first link and giving that page any kind of visited count. Chris
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    Probably don't need to include YF airframes in it, since by definition those would belong to the same generation as the completed design (unless no completed design exists or the design number ended up changed). Just as well, most of those are nigh-impossible to classify. Oh boy, here I go rantin' again!1 For the sake of convenience, the following rant will be color-coded! VFs that officially exist and have appeared in a Macross official setting work VFs that officially exist and have NOT appeared in a Macross official setting work. VFs that exist solely in non-official works like Variable Fighter Master File VFs whose placement is speculative. Generation 0 - "Prototype Generation" This generation is purely speculative and exists mainly to segregate designs that do not fully comply with the design qualifications for the First Generation Variable Fighter (e.g. thermonuclear reaction turbine engines) and were built principally for evaluation purposes rather than mass produced for actual combat service. YVF-X-0 VF-0 Phoenix (YVF-X-0B) VF-0-NF Sv-50 Sv-51 Sv-51Σ (Unmanned Sv-51) Sv-51Ω (Repurposed incomplete Sv-52 with conventional engines) Generation 0.5 - "Upgraded Prototype Generation" This generation contains designs that exist only in Variable Fighter Master File. These VF designs are upgrades of the 0th Generation prototypes that were upgraded with technology from 1st Generation VFs or otherwise modernized to make them viable for long-duration operation. VF-0+ Phoenix Plus VF-0 Replica (Macross 30) Sv-51 Replica (Macross 30) Generation 1 - "First Generation" The defining traits of this generation are the adoption of Overtechnology, including thermonuclear reaction turbine engines, laser weaponry, energy converting armor, etc. in a production variable fighter. Sv-52 VF-1 Valkyrie VF-X-2 Generation 1.5 - "Upgraded First Generation" First Generation designs upgraded with Second Generation hardware drawn from the VF-4. VF-1 Valkyrie Plus (Blocks 6 and later, incl. VF-1X) VF-3000S Crusader VF-3000B Generation 2 - "Specialization for Emigrant Fleets" The hallmarks of the Second Generation designs include the adoption of Zentradi overtechnology, refinements for regime-optimized performance in either atmosphere or space, "lessons learned" from the First Space War, and optionally the adoption of particle beam weaponry. Most were intended for use by emigrant fleets, with low cost, simplified manufacturing, and parts-sharing. VF-X-3 VF-4 Lightning III VF-3000S Crusader VF-3000B VF-5000 Star Mirage VF-5 VF-6 VF-7 VF-9 Cutlass VF-X-10 V-BR-2 VA-X-3 Generation 2.5 - "Upgraded Second Generation" Second Generation VFs that were modernized to keep them in service alongside Third Generation VFs. VF-4G Lightning III VF-5000G Star Mirage VF-9E Cutlass Generation 3 - "Project Nova and Diversification" The Third Generation VFs are defined chiefly by the Project Nova design contest that decided the generation's main variable fighter as a true all-purpose successor to the VF-1 Valkyrie, but also by the continuing diversification of variable craft design into dedicated Attacker and Bomber roles. VF-11A/B/C/D Thunderbolt VF-14 Vampire VF-15 VF-17A-C Nightmare VA-14 VAB-2 VA-3 VA-110 Variable Glaug VB-6 Generation 3.5 - "Upgraded Third Generation" Third Generation VFs that've been modernized or upgraded with technology drawn from Fourth Generation VFs to keep them viable or evaluate technologies meant for Fourth Generation implementation. VF-11MAXL Thunderbolt VF-11C Thunderbolt Interceptor VF-16 VF-17D/S/T Nightmare XVF-19 (a modified VF-11) Fz-109 Elgersoln Az-130 Panzersoln FBz-99 Zaubergern Generation 4 - "Project Super Nova: the Advanced Variable Fighter" The Fourth Generation's distinctive design traits are among the best known in Macross. The adoption of the next-gen ARIEL airframe control AI, thermonuclear reaction burst turbine engines, fighter-scale pinpoint barrier systems, and native compatibility for fold boosters. This generation was largely defined by Project Super Nova, the ultimately futile contest between the YF-19 and YF-21 at Eden's New Edwards Test Flight Center. The insurmountable technological and performance complications of the two designs led to a third design, the VF-171, becoming this generation's main variable fighter. VF-19 Excalibur YF-21 VF-22 Sturmvogel II VF-171 Nightmare Plus VB-171 Nightmare Plus RVF-171 Nightmare Plus Sv-154 Svard Feios Valkyrie Fz-109G Elgersoln Gustaf Generation 4.5 - "Upgraded Fourth Generation" The Generation 4.5 designs are few, and consist mostly of VF designs that were either upgraded to evaluate tech for eventual adoption by Generation 5 designs, or ones that were upgraded in extremis to make them more effective in combat against the Vajra. VF-19ACTIVE Nothung VF-19EF Caliburn VF-19EF/A Excalibur ADVANCE VF-22HG Schwalbe Zwei VF-171-IIIF Nightmare Plus VF-171EX Nightmare Plus Queadluun Alma Generation 5 - "Project Evolution and Decentralized Development" The Fifth Generation of Variable Fighters started development as a response to the disastrous first contact with the insectoid alien race known as the Vajra. Existing VF designs proved utterly inadequate to rival the performance of Vajra drones, and new programs were launched to develop countermeasures for the high-g forces and other major problems with the newly finalized Fourth Generation. The hallmarks of the Fifth Generation are the adoption of fold quartz-based technology like the Inertia Store Converter, Fold Wave System, and Fold Dimensional Resonance System, as well as new technologies like linear actuators, Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engines, ARIEL II airframe control AIs, EX-Gear cockpits, advanced energy conversion armor, and heavy quantum beam weaponry. YF-24 YF-24 Evolution VF-24 YF-25 Prophecy VF-25 Messiah YF-26 YF-27 Shahar VF-27 Lucifer YF-28 (Existence speculative) YF-29 Durandal YF-29B Percival (NUNS Ver.) YF-30 Chronos YF-30B Chronos (NUNS Ver.) VF-31 Kairos VF-31 Custom "Siegfried" Sv-262 Draken III Queadluun Alma 1. If you could read that in the voice of Krombopulos Michael from Rick and Morty, that'd be great.
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    Who's a good boy? Oh, who's a good boy? Yes, you! Yes, you are!
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    Revoltech Wolverine & Figuarts SSJ3 Goku. Wollverine is amazing!!!!
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    somethings happening? They might be announcing pre-orders from translated text... Just a reminder below of what it looks like....hehe...i hope any final announcements would be looking great!
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    The Legacy Hornet still has a jump in its step. Swiss Hornet, I know.
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    We are NOT all cranky old men...you little young whippersnapper..... 5000th post!! Hahahaha! perfect!!!
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    The closest Takatoku 1/55 Max TV VF-1A and VF-1D to being quasi official were created for promotional purposes by Takatoku back in the day...and most likely in some Japanese collector's dungeon....never to see the light of day.....
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    DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (58) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (61) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (74) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (77) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (78) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31C Mirage Farina Jenius (84) by James R, on Flickr Haven't posted in here since it got re-opened
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    Mostly. It's indicated that some parts were exchanged for hardware from the VF-19A, and that the fighter's ARIEL integrated airframe control AI software was deliberately downgraded to the original evaluation build delivered for use on the YF-19-3. You could argue that a fair amount of what was done actually constitutes downgrades, albeit ones made with the very specific goal of stripping out the various refinements made for the production models that sacrificed the punishingly unforgiving handling and the resulting excessive agility in favor of greater ease of control. (Essentially, Isamu had Dr. Neumann's team at Shinsei rebuild a VF-19 into the state that killed its widespread adoption by the New UN Forces stone dead... the fighter with such agility that only an exceptional ace pilot could handle it.1) The VF-19P was a monkey model variant derived from the VF-19F2 that was intended for export to emigrant forces and allied powers like the Zolan government. On paper, at least, it's supposedly a "enhanced fixed armaments" model sporting a redesigned monitor turret with a better sensor suite and two additional anti-aircraft laser cannons and the ordnance bays replaced by two micro-missile launchers. In practical terms it's a downgraded model with lower performance. The VF-19EF is used as a Special Forces VF in the Macross Frontier fleet NUNS, since its performance exceeds that of the VF-171 Nightmare Plus. It's used by a Special Forces unit called Round Table, as well as serving as a field test aircraft for technologies going into the YF-25. It's worth remembering that the Frontier New UN Spacy is a local defense force under the direction of the Macross Frontier fleet government. Barring Macross VF-X2 and Macross 30, we haven't really seen the REAL New UN Forces in a Macross series... the ones who operate under the direct authority of the actual New UN Government. What we've been seeing in Macross 7, Macross Frontier, Macross Delta, and so on have been the local defense forces of a given emigrant fleet or planetary government that're operating under the auspices of the New UN Government. It's hard to come up with a good real-world analogy to explain the relationship. The local New UN Forces are kind of like a National Guard reserve. They're nominally part of the New UN Forces but they mainly operate in and around the state that founded and maintains them, answering to state-level authority as well as the federal New UN Government and New UN Forces. They can even be activated by the New UN Government and sent to reinforce other state-level forces, or the federal New UN Forces. The analogy breaks down a bit on the point that each local government basically has a free hand in deciding how to equip and organize its local defense forces. When you include that part, it's a lot more like how the proposed European Union Army would work by having all of their various national militaries operating together under the direction of a supranational military. So... given that each of these emigrant fleet and planetary governments is a semi-autonomous New UN Government member nation, and that these nation-states do sometimes let their conflicts get to the level of actual warfare, it makes a certain amount of sense that the New UN Government would want the federal-level forces overseeing all these local militaries to have better gear. Hence all the monkey models. Isamu and Guld's little stunt in 2040 was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back, scaring the New UN Government enough to start seriously restricting arms exports to the various emigrant governments. Limitations were imposed on the numbers of some types of craft that the emigrants could deploy, exports of some technologies were restricted, and locally built versions of the federal forces mecha had mandated limitations on certain aspects of performance. It's very likely that the only VF-19 we've seen that wasn't a monkey model was Aegis Focker's VF-19A. All of the 5th Gen VFs in Macross Frontier and Macross Delta save perhaps for the Sv-262 are based on what was by any rational standard a monkey model spec3 for the YF-24 Evolution's final prototype. 1. Per Great Mechanics DX.9, one of the key factors that resulted in the New UN Forces halting plans to adopt the VF-19 Excalibur was the control problem... the aircraft's difficult handling resulted in many pilots losing control of the aircraft in training exercises. Other factors included fears of advanced weapons falling into the hands of anti-government forces after the YF-19-2 independently penetrated Earth's orbital defenses, and the enormous per-unit cost. 2. Canonically, per Macross Chronicle ALL Mechanic Sheet 01B. Variable Fighter Master File claims it's a derivative of the VF-19E instead. 3. The version of the YF-24 Evolution spec that was shared to the emigrant fleet and planetary governments had a number of technologies that were withheld by the New UN Government and federal New UN Forces. Consequently, if they were to build a VF-24 based on those plans, their VF-24 would have lower performance than the federal VF-24, ensuring the federal forces would have superior military capability. This has also been observed to work in reverse, with the federal forces applying their superior technology to new designs produced by emigrant governments, producing superior versions of their fighters (e.g. Havamal's YF-29B Percival from Macross 30).
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    https://hlj.com/product/SET88028 1/12 Riobot VR-052T Mospeada Ray
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    http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000118008/ DX VF-31A preorder tomorrow!
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    Like flying to Japan and burning Bandai HQ to the ground.....
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    Hey thread... I recently received some Yetistands. They look great, and add some fun to collecting. I can't stop rearranging them. More... https://imgur.com/a/iWQwD
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    When did the UN Spacy start filling their ranks with clones of Stalin? They really should hire more people off Deviantart, it would be a huge upgrade in quality. I'm slightly more than half serious.
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    I just don't have the correct setup to shoot this big one ... Because I had out of the detolf, I had to make a size comparison with the VF-31.
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    @Sildani @seti88 Hmmm.... tough one. If based on the figs available I'd say the Akira white suit variant or standard suit by Megahouse. Pic below. Kodai mistakenly reads the Japanese character as "Rei" and assumes that's her name, also it becomes her nickname.