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    Let me try to help you out, no one cares that you own X number of Valkyries or how many or how well-paying your job(s) are. The community is letting you know that how you are going about posting in an extremely arrogant way, that isn't welcomed. Many of us have been around the forums long enough to see and celebrate members that have large collections. We think it's awesome! Personally, at a time when this hobby was a priority for me I also had multiples. But I never bragged about it, or stated in such a way as to make myself seem better than my peers because I was not/am not and neither are you. It would have been easier to just add another down-vote but that would have been too passive aggressive so I'll state what I think about your recent posts clearly; I suspect you're just a troll and/or have some real-life issues that makes you want to feel superior about toy collecting, and that my post will fall on deaf ears but I wanted to state it very plainly, I don't care if you have a million Valks or not, I just don't like that you are acting like a pr!ck. Now let that sink in while you make snide, out-of-touch with reality comments about people having families or what their financial status may or may not be. And for the record, my kid is grown and I am very comfortable in my salary. Cheers, -b. PS - on-topic, I didn't want the HMR VF-4 because IMO the Yamato version is so awesome, I am genuinely curious and hopeful that the Bandai iteration is nice as well
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    Haven't made a Macross toy review in a LONG time. Happy 2019 everyone!
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    I will show the head twist gimmick, I'm surprised no one has talked about it since it's illustrated in the instruction manual. Answers: Gunpod has no impact on the head exposing/twisting gimmick. The stand adapter limits it but doesn't inhibit it entirely. I don't want to rush a review up too quickly... I want to make sure I've handled the toy more so it's not just first impressions. I'm going to transform the toy a few times taking photos of it in all modes in different poses then I'll probably do a transformation guide then a review.
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    She's here! Yay! Opened her up and took a few quick pics. She's a beautiful bird alright. As noted before, plastic is a greyish-white like the HMR versions and not bright white like the Yamato. Some dirty spots and mold release agent here and there, which is par for the course for Bandai stuff. Feet are solid die cast. Did someone say the box would be the same size as the DX 31? Contents (not including the stand trays) Showing off the lovely tampo printing. I'm with the peeps that don't care for the wing flap gimmick: it's not realistic and it leaves an unsightly gap in the wings. Wish Bandai didn't tampo print UN SPACY right over the leg vents like that (will look unsightly with a wash). Compared with the Yamato 1/60 version. Yeah, we got HMR'd on the pilot size. And no ejection seat markings. First impression overall is that she's a fantastic looking (and hefty) bird. Definitely a big step forward from the old Yamato 1/48. Though not sure I will want to replace my entire 1/60 squadrons with these 1/48s, but I'll cross that bridge if Bandai ever builds it. At the very least I'll want Focker's ride. Will tinker with the transformation later when I get back home. I'm going to want to panel line and add some extra decals too. And paint the landing gear!
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    *scratches head* I've not seen cognitive dissonance like this in a little while. You state that you are on the receiving end of negativity in all of the hobbies that you participate in. You may want to spend some time thinking about that. It's clear that people are not receptive to your content (for whatever reason). Maybe switch things up; or just accept that people do not like your posts and move on.
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    Christmas gift from a friend I thought the pic was cool and shared it with her, few months later she gives me this
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    a mate made this t-shirt for my Christmas present proudly displayed with most of my Macross collection
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    Old Thread Revival! I got my hands on the VF-0D again from a fellow board member and it feels so good to have it in my hands again!
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    lighting from the monitor can be interesting sometimes...
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    Someone asked in my HMR VF-2SS review about the shade of white so I put this photo together, posting it here because they're probably more likely to see it here first
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    Vermillion Leader in the house!
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    Amptor, sorry to interrupt, but i think what they are trying to say is: Sharing is not the same as Bragging. nightmareB4macross, wow, i completely forgot about that thread!, brings back memories! On Topic, I have a sickness for the HiMetal- R VT-1, and there's only one remedy...
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    in hand at last. merry christmas to me =)
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    Completed my MG Proto Zero. Went with gold instead of yellow just like the old 1/100 kit I got in the early 2000’s. Going to take a month break from building before starting a new kit. Will have to finish it before MG Dynames comes out.
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    Weekend was really busy but I chose to work an all nighter and finish the main body, this week I will work on gunpod and superparts to the final run on this project, should be done by Sunday
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