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    Legally speaking, that's not a good analogy to make. While Big West, Bandai, et al. can't ship Macross toys outside of Japan, re-sellers in Japan (eg: HLJ) are under no such restriction. So if you buy a 1/60 VF-1S from HLJ and they ship it directly to you in the USA, then none of Harmony Gold's rights are infringed. In addition, these types of restrictions don't apply to private individuals with intent of keeping the goods in their private collections, since the damage to Harmony Gold is deemed negligible. That's why Harmony Gold hasn't sent HLJ any cease & desists, nor have they tried to shut down MacrossWorld's For Sale forum. However, if store located in the USA, such as BigBad ToyStore, were to buy one hundred 1/60 VF-1S' from a re-seller in Japan, and then market those VF-1S' here in the USA, then Harmony Gold's rights would be infringed for two reasons. First, a Macross branded toy is being marketed in the USA without HG's approval. Second, as a large scale retailer, BBTS can't make the argument that they're simply engaging in a small, private transaction; their intent was clearly to resell those VF-1S' in the USA on a mass scale. As for a bit of trivia, BBTS did receive a cease & desist a while ago, which is why they now only sell Harmony Gold/Tatsunoko Production branded Macross toys. On an unrelated note, why does the topic refer to these bootlegs as "gray market" toys? There's nothing gray market about them.
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    These following 10 pages were originally produced during the time when Antarctic Press briefly had the Robotech License from 1996 to 1998. That was around the time when I just completed working on "Robotech: The Movie" comic adaption for Academy Comics. The Robotech License were transferred from Academy to Antarctic right after the book was published, so I paired up with the same writer who did the adaption to submit some material for them. Since Antarctic seemed to be doing a lot of "in-between" stories filling (unnecessary) gaps between the episodes, we crafted a short story featuring the encounter between Roy Fokker & Milia. We worked on it very quick and turned it in to them, but the work never got used or published nor did I ever get paid for it. It sat around in my art drawer all these years and at this point will probably never get any official use in any way what-so-ever. I finally decided to make some decent scans and put it online for viewing. So thanks for reading and enjoy!
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    My review is up!
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    I'll post the pics in sets.
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    Thank you @no3Ljm Thank you @spanner The armor pieces on the left leg on mine were a bit finicky, I got the right leg armor to click into place easily but the left leg too a bit more work get into to place. Thank @Master Dex. I guess forum title I was given still holds true. I am taking a break from photographing the VF-31J, here's a preview.
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    Finally completed my white base hangar and just wanted to share. It's still a work in progress.. I need to add the rest of the ground crew and also paint them. I also really need to open the rest of my valkyries.... Does anyone have any suggestions for 1/100 ground vehicles/crew?
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    So looks like PO Madness July 3rd at 4PM JST.....
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    I was going through my old photos and came across my Macross x Yamato Crossover photos. I think its time to retake these shots and possibly new pairings with different Valks?
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    I've finally acquired Mospeada on Blu-ray! I thought you guys might be interested in an objective* comparison to ADV's 2003 DVD release: Immediately, you will notice a substantial difference in color. The Blu-rays have a slightly greenish tint to them: ...whereas ADV's prints have a substantial blue tint to them. This is most obvious when comparing the neutral background of the eyecatch: ...which appeared powder blue on ADV's DVD release! It has a substantial effect on skin tones as well: ...and even eye color is affected. Comparing onscreen graphics reveals a slight difference in framing: You see ADV's prints favor the top of the frame, while the Blu–rays feature more image at the bottom. The difference in picture quality suggests that ADV had a lot of digital clean-up performed to remove film grain and noise. While detail is much sharper on the high-definition masters for the Blu-ray, there's a lot more dirt evident as well... and, most importantly, there are frame guides visible on the first and last frame of EVERY shot. ADV seems to have removed these entirely. For those of you not familiar with old-school anime production methods, it's important to remember that everything was shot and edited manually on film -- as quickly and cheaply as possible, I might add -- and Tatsunoko in particular was known for leaving these framing marks visible for a split-second on every cut. I first became aware of them myself when viewing Macross on Laserdisc, so I knew what Carl Macek was talking about when he mentioned them at Anime Expo '92. It seems Macek had decided to re-frame Tatsunoko's footage to remove these frame guides when creating Robotech, cropping off the edges of the frame by zooming in on the image. Here's what Robotech's original broadcast masters looked like:** While I was appalled when first hearing about this, I have gradually come to accept Macek's decision; when you start to notice them, those framing marks get REALLY distracting. Unfortunately, the Blu-rays are lousy with 'em. Furthermore, there's a lot more instability between frames as well, with flickering evident in darker scenes and a slightly shaky image throughout. The added clarity and more accurate color reproduction is a major advantage, but the lack of noise reduction results in grainy, unstable images instead. Oh, and there's no foreign-language content whatsoever, of course, which means Japanese fans are likely the only ones debating these issues anyway. * I say "objective" because all the images in this post were generated by the same software, without any compensating filters or color-correction added, so you see them exactly as VLC 2.2.5 displays them. ** Note I superimposed the analog image over ADV's Robotech Remastered DVD, to demonstrate how much of the original image was lost on TV.
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    I am back from my vacation and had some time to shoot the Spartan, here's a pic I will process the rest of the pics later.
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    This is possibly the best LEGO set ever. Enough details to act like a scale model, functioning stage separations, comes with Lunar Module and Command Module splashdown diorama, 1 meter tall, 1969 pieces at $120 retail price. The rocket may look simple on the outside, but man the build and engineering on the inside is absolutely MIND-BLOWING.
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    My Yamato DYRL Skull Squadron
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    I never get tired of looking at this incarnation of VF-1's. People always says it's a 10 year old mold toy. But everytime there's new releases even if it's just the same old Roy or Hikaru scheme. Premium or not, they're still gorgeous to look at.
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    Thanks Slave IV, Kanedas Bike, and spanner. Nothing broken on the VF-171. They all look badass together.
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    Opened the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and Armored Parts. Celebrating my first Father's Day! Happy Father's Day to all of the other fathers.
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    UPDATE: Daedalus and Prometheus, paintwork: I need to do more refinement and work on these, but they're well underway. More to come... Stay tuned...
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    Yeah, just sent 3 out today, the next 2 are for another order, and those are just a matter of waiting for some paint to set before I box those. AS A REMINDER: I'm doing this, because I want those of you who ordered these painted to know that these are still not sturdy like a toy. They have some gimmicks to them that are cool for certain display purposes, but they are not meant to be played around like a toy, and will probably wear down paint if moved around too much. For those that ordered them painted, the kit will come with 4 parts (not including decals). The wing and and hook are going to be separate, as well as the camera housing. These will still require you to fit the pieces in and glue them down. If I completely assemble the item, it will be a bit bulky, and would be more prone to breakage in shipping. Because of this, I will provide quick instruction if needed. It should be pretty easy to figure out, but you'll need to fit the wing latch on the wing, then you can glue the wing onto the main body. Please make sure you test fit the pieces first. If the wing is a bit tight, you can ease this by lightly sanding the front of the wing. The resin will let it bend a little, too, so make sure not over sand it, as it'll leave a gap. Once those two pieces are secure, dry, and how you like them, you can then put on the camera housing (cockpit looking piece. If the piece doesn't quite fit into the wing hole where it is supposed to anchor, you can use an exacto knife to trim the camera housing section that fits into the wing. Again, it is resin, so be very careful not to damage it. If you need to sand any of the parts the housing will fit in, the camera piece on the main body that it sits on can be sanded down and/or thinned, as it won't be seen. Also, if there is a bit of a gap between the camera and the housing, it may be due to the camera part itself hitting the clear parts. You can even sand that down, as it's not too visible under the clear parts. Understanding that these are resin parts is a must. some parts may be prone to change in very hot climate conditions, and so, if you have and parts that have warped, you can fix them by getting a bowl of ice water, then while you faucet is running really hot water, put the warped piece in it, while lightly massaging the piece to the place it's supposed to be. Once it's in the correct spot, put it in the ice water. It'll stiffen up real quick. This is mainly for those that have the standard resin wings, and not the task 2 wings. The task 2 wings are really solid, and should be just fine, but if not, same rules. The wings will look like they're broken on the bottom. I did this because painting them and putting all this stuff together, along with shipping meant having to make the wing where it would fit onto the main body that is already attached. The engine housing portion has a really good lock down on the wing, so once it's in there where it should be, the front wing area that was supposed to anchor to the main body can just be glued and have zero negative effects. If you want to put on the decals, they may not stick all that well, being that the kits come in matte coat. As many of you are modelers, you know how to fix that, but if not, I suggest looking on youtube on putting on decals. If you have issues with any of the decals, I can send out more, but if you want to avoid paying for shipping, just be careful. If you need to do any touch up painting, I used Tamiya TS-8 Orange paint. For the black, it's just Tamiya matte black. For those that chose unpainted kits, I hope to see what you used, and your finished kits. As I have mentioned before, because I'm painting a lot of these, time is not on my side to do them perfectly. I do try, but with assembly line painting, it can be a bit of a stretch to detail them up like I'd want to do mine. I know some of you have sent me messaged about that, and I do try to make them all look as beautiful as possible. If anyone gets their kit and has any issues with it, just send me a pm. And by issues, I mean broken parts, decals that don't work properly, that sort of stuff that I can resolve. Thanks, and hope this helps. OK, now, I'm back to making more.
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    Yup on all counts! Here's the extended version of the title song:
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    Thanks, this is actually the second one i built but neither of them are mine next up im gonna build mine, but mine is KO that i got from Taobao so I can keep my Yamato one sealed. Definitely saw already some molding issues but that will just add to the challenge
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    I can say I've experienced both the positive and negative sides of this first hand, but being entirely in the digital domain makes things a little different. During college, I worked in the Microsoft Flight Simulator add-on market as a way to make a bit of spending money. The add-on market for MS Flight Sim is an oddball venue, since it basically operates on notion that the average sim enthusiast is not going to be capable of buying the vast majority of aircraft he would want to simulate, and it won't have any effect at all on ability of aircraft manufacturers to sell their product. (Car simulations are more tricky, and usually require massive licensing deals, because manufacturers do not want their products badly represented to the consumer.) Now, being entirely digital, piracy isn't really an "if" so much as a "when," and you kind of have to go in knowing that. Certain add-on groups do take the time to distribute license keys, installers, and other such packages, but once extracted, there's really not much to keep people from redistributing the contents of an aircraft add-on. I worked on one particular project for several years, and poured my heart and soul into a simulation of a particular aircraft. Once it hit the market, I made a decent amount of income from that, and I was fairly happy. Note, in the end I was getting paid pennies on the hour, but it was more a hobby and labor of love than anything else, so I was just happy to make something back from what I was already doing as a recreational activity. Two things happened some time after the release of the original aircraft. First, as was expected, it popped up on torrent sites. But oh well, it happened, sales dropped off, and I was a little disappointed, but I was graduating at that point, so it wasn't going to be something I got all mopey about. Second, other developers started imitating what I'd made. Now, what's funny is that the part that was imitated may have even been an outright copy. When I'd made this aircraft, I went to great lengths developing a layered and animated afterburner animation effect for the plane. The files involved were nothing but a couple of bitmap graphics, and a text file describing the layers of textures, and could have easily been copied over directly to another aircraft. What still to this day gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, and has me grinning from ear to ear, is that that animated burner effect style is now used everywhere. As soon as my plane hit the market, people began adapting the effect script, using it on other planes, and generally copying the style I had developed. Piracy or not, I can't be upset at the thought that I produced something that actually raised the bar for the developer community as a whole. That's all digital though. Copying a file is literally no effort, a few button clicks. Copying a physical product is a little different, and if you aren't doing a cheap recast of a product, requires some serious investment to either make or acquire the molds to reproduce something. For stuff like Bandai's exclusives? Let the bootlegs roll. Bandai seems to get some kind of perverse pleasure out of teasing their customers with reissues of Ozma's VF-25S, while for all intents and purposes, the molds for the armor packs may as well be destroyed for all they care about reissuing them. Bandai has their reasons, I'm sure, but if they are going to continue to ignore demand, the market will adjust to fill that gap. I think where I mentally draw the line in general though is how the bootlegs were made. The way I see it, there are three possible sources. Note, just for the sake of simplicity, I'm ignoring whether the products are being made with permission of the original copyright owner. 1. The original molding, if purchased (which may even be the situation with some old Yamato molds), feels to me like the product should be entirely legal to produce 2. Molds made from recasts of the original product, or possibly stolen molds, both which I would chalk up as illegal 3. Molds made from reverse engineering the original product, possibly with improvements, which I'd also consider legal (and which currently sustains a multitude of VF-1 shoulders) Bottom line.. I know the concept of "abandonware" may be out of date, but to me, a lot of physical products should fall under this sort of category. If the original production company is either gone, or shows no interest in ever producing a product again, it should be fair for someone with an interest in the product to step up and fill the gap left. This definitely doesn't apply to products currently in production. Arcadia clearly has the molds and intent to produce more VF-1s, so they don't fall under this category yet. It won't stop people from making them, or buying them, but I'd rather support an official release if it has the possibility of happening.
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    Found this on the 'Tube the other day and considering the thread topic, thought I'd share.
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    Perhaps, but we don't know (unless it's spelled out in exact details in that tweet) how Arcadia will implement the serial numbers or other methodology to let consumers know they are buying a legitimate item. Well you can't stop bootleggers. Just ask Microsoft or any company big enough to have their products stolen and reproduced. This is all about trying to make sure that you and I have a way of validating we've purchased an Arcadia item vs. bootlegged item. Respectfully, warranties (if one is able to take advantage of Arcadia's warranty program) help the customer. ------- Not directed at anyone in particular but I'm having a hard time sorting out the 'mood' of the community on this entire topic and I hope that no one takes offense. Do you guys want or support stolen goods? And if so do you understand that at the end of the day this hurts (in varying degrees) Arcadia and Bandai, which will ultimately hurt us? I don't know about you but I don't want my only options to be poorly made, bootlegged copies, of my Macross toys. I don't care how cheap they are. Cheap being the very operative word - do you honestly believe these folks are going to use higher quality materials and better craftsmanship? -b.
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    Thanks @Moosey! Now last but not least Battroid mode set.
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    I still haven't had time to open my extra sets of HM VF-1 Super Parts. They look good on the CF VF-1J.
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    Desperately need the Nousjadeul Ger and the Queadluun Rau.
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    So I'm working on making individual micro missiles that would usually shoot out of the UMM-7 pictured here: Here is my progress so far: These Micro Missiles should be in 1/60 scale. The rocket pod is from a 1/60 VF-1 ver.2 toy. Please let me know what you think I should design off of these particular Macross designs pictured below: #1 #2 If you have any questions please feel free to post a reply Edit (06/18/2017): I am in the process of printing out more. I'll be able to showcase what it could look like in a couple of days when they get here. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated Edit (06/23/2017): finally got the parts in here's what they look like also working on making beer missiles as well Edit (06/25/2017): got a progress pic of the smoke trail I'm designing for it down below The tan colored cylinder is supposed to be the missile.
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    Hmm. For what it's worth, my advice on buying the SV-262: It's not for everybody. Me, personally, I LOVE it...conditionally. First, the good: I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND people who find the SV-262 ugly. The robot mode is beautiful. I don't think there's ANY transforming mecha that looks quite like it. I love the Anubis/Batman head. I love the colors. I'm not afraid to play with it and put it int various poses. It holds poses quite well. The arms and legs are on double joints, and it has so much personality. The sculpting. OMG the sculpting. You could feasibly poke your eye out or prick your finger into bleeding with this toy. This is a COMPLIMENT. Bandai did NOT compromise on the sharp angles, and it's sleek and gorgeous. I find the jet mode gorgeous as well. Again, I don't think there's ANY transforming mecha with a jet mode quite like this. It's sleek. Looking at it from the side or the front, it's no thicker than my hand. I simply cannot BELIEVE such a huge robot was stuffed into such a sleek jet. If you look at it from the bottom, if you didn't know this was a transforming jet, you'd think the jet bottom was a solid piece of plastic that covers up the bottom of the jet. And the tampo printing. THE TAMPO PRINTING. The SV-262 is in the Top 10 for most-painted and most precisely-painted figure. It LOOKS like a lovingly hand-painted model kit, especially in jet mode. And now, the bad: Although it is tough as nails in jet mode and robot mode, the transformation is terrifying. I transformed it 3 times, ever: 1) right when I opened it, from jet to robot mode, 2) that same day again, from robot mode to jet mode, then 3) months later, jet to robot mode. Each time was a terrifying, terrifying, terrifying experience. An analogy would be, this is what MP-5 Megatron would be if he was a jet. At many points, I was fully convinced I had a defective toy because Parts Y and Z got in the way of Part X, and the only way to get Part X into some other position is if Parts Y and Z simply weren't there. It's not intuitive. You can't picture in your mind, "Hmm, I know what a jet looks like, and THIS piece clearly looks like it should be in THIS position, rotated THAT way." Nope nope nope. The transformation has so many moving parts, many of which seem unneeded. Rather than be helpful, this high amount of moving parts means you have more things that must be in a precise position to achieve Gerwalk or jet mode. Every part is connected to several other parts, and moving 1 part means 3 other parts were just moved. Now, multiply that frustration with the difficulty of not being able to picture what position it should even be when you're done. It's exhausting. Jet mode: worth it. Robot mode: worth it. Gerwalk mode: not very stable, but awesome looking, and worth it. If you can afford multiples, I would strongly advise you do so. Keep 1 in robot mode, 1 in jet mode. It's what I did. In conclusion: SV-262. Great figure, terrifying transformation, not for everyone. Worth it, if you like the design and can afford multiples.
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    Sure thing. Fold carbon is the synthetic crystalline material that is the heart of pretty much any device that operates on super dimension spatial physics like thermonuclear reaction power systems, all forms of fold technology (fold communications, cross-dimensional/fold wave radar, fold systems, etc.), heavy quantum beam weapons, and reaction warheads. Its main use is that it produces the impossibly high-mass dimension-straddling exotic matter known as heavy quantum when energized. Heavy quantum's impossible mass produces intense gravity, so much so that if left alone it'll collapse on itself and fuse. That gravity, properly contained, is used to provide compression and containment of fuel in OTM thermonuclear reactors, to manipulate the fabric of space-time for gravity control and space fold jumps, and its tendency to collapse on itself and fuse is exploited as the mechanism by which most beam weapons in Macross work by collecting a big chunk of heavy quantum and corralling the resulting fusion reaction into a beam (most notably the "main gun" systems, but the little turrets work the same way). Otherwise, it does all the same stuff fold quartz does (receiving, transmitting, amplifying fold waves) but less well... fold quartz is basically super-high purity fold carbon that humanity isn't able to synthesize (yet, but the Vajra and Protoculture can/could) that produces a better, even more potent form of heavy quantum and thus tends to improve any super dimension-based device when substituted for fold carbon (e.g. fold systems, beam weapons, etc.). EDIT: Because fold quartz can't be synthesized (yet), it's rare and expensive... and also a heavily regulated substance since it can be used for somewhat less benign purposes like making dimension eater bombs and MDE weaponry. "Big Waist?" Machine translating has a looooong way to go.
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    I started this kit about a year ago, and royally screwed up the top coat of future on the wings i laid it on too thick and it pooled. Thinking it was ruined i threw it in the box and I almost threw it out a few times. Decided to look into ways to remove future without ruining the paint job and it turns out that windex will do that. Just let it soak in windex for 30 mins and the future washes right off That revived this build, my plan was to have it done by the time the DX came out but now I can hopefully have it done before the DX 31C comes out
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    Got my set yesterday and i really like the beefier 31J w/ Super Parts on. Like Lolicon one of the shin parts likes to pop off but no biggie. I think for display i'll be leaving the boosters off, can barely see them on my shelf and will help with not putting extra weight on the hips over time. Most of all i like the fact that it can stand just fine with the pack on, not like that Frontier stuff
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    I know Yamato.....Arcadia is no Yamato....
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    Also worth noting that it's really nice to sell your stuff to members of this community, where you know they'll be appreciated and if you're like me, develop a friendship with some of the folks here. It's almost like your collection gets to stay in the family. Might not get you the absolute top dollar but it's a lot less work to sell to "friends" here and the satisfaction of making someone else's collection complete or just helping out, is a nice added bonus in my book.
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    Selling is easy but one lesson I've learned is to not put too many things up at once. I had one sale where I screwed up the pms royally and pissed a couple people off. If you decide to sale, I'd say list like 5 items at a time and make sure you have access to boxes as shipping materials ahead of time. Having a scale helps for calculating shipping costs. If people want to pay with Paypal goods payments, make sure you include insurance costs in the shipping estimate and buy the insurance. If you don't have a premium PayPal account, I think you can only get $500 out a month.
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    Your best bet is to make a list of everything you want to sell, find out what the current market selling prices are, and then set some realistic prices if you want to sell quickly....basically, you want to get the most out of your investments, but also offer a lower cost option to your buyers than what they would have to pay via ebay or YJA.....that is if you want quick sales.....if you want to try to get the most cash....auctions may work better, but are more work as you have to list each one individually.... Maybe PM Davidwangchoi...he's a good seller and prices his stuff fairly...he has sold many VFs recently.....he should be able to guide you in the right direction...
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    I've finally got some time to resume working on my custom 1/100 VF-1A Kakizaki. I just need to complete the arms and then paint some more details and add the rest of the decals, but so far I like how it looks.
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    I agree. Its about sharing an idea and making something even better.
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    Just wanted to say thanks again to Xigfrid and Jasonc for their hard work in making this a reality! Just got my package in today. I've includes pics of a painted assembled kit w/task wings and unpainted unassembled kit without task wings. I didn't do any gluing on the assembled one yet. It also includes decals that I forgot to take pics of. I just need to prep the shapeway missiles and figure out where I put the Yamato adapter for the assembled one and figure out what I want to do with the other ones. Edit: Also gotta thank charger69 as he got the ball rolling on this.
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    Finally got around to working on this today. 1/60 scale. Just gotta mock up the 2-seater spline thingy and i'll upload. Would people prefer all this in one kit or the closed neck cover available separately? Maybe just everything for a set in 1 pack, i.e. closed neck cover, open neck cover, 2 seats, 2 seat trays and 2 back splines (long + short)?
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    Goose! The episode(s) (if there was more than 1, it was definitely the first) with the Scarecrow were the best. And Galaxy Rangers had one of the best intros ever. -b.
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    Now that is a blast from the past. I was in 4th grade when this aired, good times! I'll have to check out the podcast.
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