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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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    Honk if you love two seaters (and rainbows)!
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    Finally getting back into taking photos. Here''s Milia and Max.
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    Been playing with Gypsy Danger for a few days, definitely heavier than expected. Definitely, the best gypsy danger toy so far. Good: - Lots of metal - Awesome lights - Tons of detail - Good size Bad: - Articulation limited in some areas (like the head and waist) - No ratchet joints -Arm armor is fiddly and cannon armor pops off a lot.
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    Got FP Exo-Realm Pinchar, my FP Dinobots are finally complete.
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    I have a display space ready for this beauty in all three of her glorious modes!
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    I'm confused as to why you think the hard points were special on Yamato's M&Ms. Other Yamato toys had them break and they're all the same toy from the same mold. There are several reports of broken Yamato hard points on several releases. Picking rare releases and saying "but I never heard about it" as if telling mw is an official way of registering a complaint is... An odd form of evidence. Any who, my point is that absent evidence, and the lack of evidence is not evidence, it's too soon to say things are worse.
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    Valkryries :3 the VF-2SS is quite big!
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    More duplicates freed from their plastic prisons. Not sure why I took out the movie 1A since the off-white DYRL plastic is less prone to yellowing.
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    Here's the reason which forced me to skip the latest VF-31S pre-order run:
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    Bored, made this in a hurry: What it feels like for the macross junkies like us.
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    Regult variations.
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    Done with most of the airbrushing on my MG Jesta, tomorrow ill decal and should be done with the body and shield by the end of the week. Still will have the beam rifle to finish once everything else is done. I tried to remix the colors because i didnt like the stock colors of the MG Jesta.
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    I meant more in the sense that dubs of music-heavy shows tend to be rather poorly received on the whole, since redoing songs usually isn't an option and it's pretty jarring to have characters suddenly switch voices. Macross 7 is one of the most music-heavy shows out there. That's been the rumor going around for ages... though I've never seen it actually attributed to any one individual or event. Something about, back in the 90's, JVC wanted potential licensees for the TV series to license Fire Bomber's entire discography instead of just the music that was actually in the Macross 7 series proper. With something like eight albums in the space of two years and four singles or so prior to Macross Dynamite 7, it would've been a monstrously expensive undertaking. You'll find relatively little disagreement... most of that filler being the first twenty or so episodes of the show's glacially slow run-up to the main plot, where Basara sings "Planet Dance" OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER until the audience goes quietly mad out of despair hoping for a new song.
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    Box picture and the colored Stiq is a sample from the factory. So things are coming along.
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    The pics with the mecha pretty much ruled this thing out for me......especially for the HM-Rs.....guess we keep waiting for Bandai or someone else to come up with something good....maybe someone can convince KitzConcept to come out with one for that new 1/72 VF-1 line... Can't beat what you can do with a set of chain bases for mecha..... But honestly.....we just want someone to make this one at different scales...all painted and ready for display.....now that would be worth $70+++...
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    The confirmation bias in this thread is overwhelming. QC problems happen, no company is immune to it. A few people reporting a problem isn't nearly enough evidence to declare something like "the mold is degraded, RIP Arcadia vf-1s." Sure, mold degradation is a thing. It could even be a real thing that is happening, but drawing that conclusion from so little evidence is ridiculous. It could also just mean that the failure rate for the mold is going to increase from something like 1% to 3% (I'm totally making these numbers up, but you get the idea). Now we could argue forever about how the increased cost should be accompanied by an increase in quality control, and that horse has been beaten to death in more than one thread (and nearly everyone can agree to that). But it is what it is at this point; I think buying either Yamato or Arcadia valks is a bit of a gamble at this point, for different reasons, so it is up to you which you feel more comfortable gambling on.
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    The liberation of the clones continues.
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    Not really recent but I took the fleet down from the shelf to dust them off and decided to take a pic.
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    I admit that I am a sucker for Winnie the Pooh and although it is only a teaser trailer the voice is perfect.
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    Yamato went bankrupt so... That pricing isn't a good barometer.
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    Tochiro and myself had first hand experience with what you're having a hard time believing. Even with the official English subtitles Kawamori was in the loop and signed off on things. And it wasn't just on the scripts being a native translation. He made sure that the nuance of dialogs and song lyrics were clear. I also spoke about it at last years SDcon panel.
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    Love the look of the Pegasus even more than the nuGalactica! But as Han would say, "I've made few special modifications myself..." The head has been cut down and she has full size flight pods top and bottom (whereas the original kit has smaller pods on the bottom side), along with doubled-up Viper launchers sandwiched in between.
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    I attended Emerald City Comic Con, saw these SD Valk decals by Jin Yung Kim, they were so cute I had to buy them.
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    Nice Prophecy and great start on the Cat's Eye. I have one too that I have yet to finish. My current project is one that has been sitting on the shelf for a year, stalled at the paint stage. Back on it now! The Mercury class Battlestar Galactica.
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    Can not wait to start the sinanju!!
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    It’s been a while, took the Armored VF-25F from the display case to check the joints.
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    All of them! Here's how it's going down YMMV : HS: As soon as it hits 4:00:01pm watch screen freeze, go to order closed and waitlisted. AA: Go to order page and furiously click add to cart, make it to next page only to get frozen screen then shown order closed. HLJ: Try to search up the valk, find it, place an order, login info again, madly click through options, wait for confirmation email, wonder why order window is still open for x amount of time, panic if email didn't appear quickly NY: Look at site and see it not even up on the preorder page, refresh every minute, give up, go to sleep only to find out it opened when you left and was cheapest priced. CDJ: Look and see how much points you have and how many left in stock.
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    Well probably they are no variable wings in fighter mode then, so they could be used to add an additional connection point for the legs to secure them in place. So I finally have been able to finalize the "rescue plan" of the wrapped chest piece. Working with BlueStuff has been very easy, I liked it, and worked very well with epoxy putty, just needed some time of sanding and the job was done. I also took the time to paint the pilot in a Roy fashion I also worked on the arms, adding some magnets that will connect with the body to lock them in place more securely. Mod not done finalized yet (needs some sanding and putty), I think about them as additional air intake/exhaust... Finally I had also time to work on the other VF-2ss to see if the concept works. Topline: 1 - Remove completely the plastic piece that makes the arms move from fighter to GW/BT mode, and instead use magnets to make them attach directly on the underside of the main body 2 - disconnect the legs from the metal swing bars, replace the leg connection with a ball joint housing (so snap on/off with the metal swing bars ball), and add magnets to make them attach to the main air intakes on the body (attachment points that will be sued for the arms in GW and BT mode) The concept works and the fighter mode looks slimmer already (the dorsal booster needs to be modded to be sitting on the wings). With this mod, however, the arms end coming out too much from the back of the plane, and it doesn´t look as compact as with the current modification I did. See comparison, left old, right new: Not sure what I think about it, but they look cool together! Also, had some fun trying the Roy paint schemes I had in mind
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    just ...daayyyuuum!
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    *the “God” of Sha’Ka’Ree open his mouth, but Basara jumps into shot and elbows him into next week* ”It will take MAH SONG into every corner of Creation!!!”
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    Really, any story arc in which Mirage is actually allowed to grow and develop as a character would be an improvement on what the Macross Delta series did with her... she's Hayate's instructor for a while and then she's just sort of hanging around out of focus. I'd have liked to see her come into her own as a pilot and become a worthy successor to the Jenius family tradition and the franchise's latest lady ace... a criminally underappreciated segment of the franchise's casting. The series kind of built it up like the Immelmann Dance was going to be how Mirage finally broke through into greatness, but it never paid off. I could kind of see singing as a alternate route for that tho...
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    Thanks! I don’t collect very many TFs but here is one more TF that arrived. Maketoys Thunder Manus x Divine Armor (R)
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    So it seems like Toys R Us is done for good which is sad news: http://news.tfw2005.com/2018/03/15/goodbye-toys-r-us-us-stores-close-360892 To end on a positive note I thought I might share my most beloved childhood memory I have about TRU. Feel free to join in I would love to hear some more stories. Here is mine: When I was a small child my parents took me on a trip to the United States in the late 80s and I was around the age of 8 or 9. Since I grew up in a small village I never knew something like Toys R Us exists in the world. So when we visit a store during the trip I was baffled about the size and variety of product available in such a gigantic toy store knowing only the small mom and pop toy stores of my home town. I also though the reversed "R" was strange. I knew little English at the time so the store name didn't made any sense to me. My dad explained that it is done as a brand recognition thing. All I cared about was that I recognized what Toys meant. Since my parents didn't have much money getting a toy was reserved for birthdays, Christmas and special occasions. I'm sure that this is an exaggeration but in my mind there where countless rows in the storewith shelfs that went up all the way to the ceiling of the building. I never knew they had Lego in the US, I thought this would be something that you can only found in Europe yet there was this gigantic row of Lego sets. And all the other unknown toy lines: I never heard about G.I.Joe for example. I knew of He Man and of course Transformers but in the small toy stores I visited in my country they only had a handful of items for a given line. If I remember correctly they had a weird system where you had to pull out a coupon for electronic/high priced items and you went up to the cashier with it to pay for the item. Afterwards you picked it up at a different counter. That was totally weird to me. So my mother decided to buy me something out of store as a souvenir for my visit to the US. She was totally opposed to the idea that I owned any computer games but since "war toys" (like G.I. Joe/He Man/Transfomers) where out of the question and a construction set like Lego was hard to transport on a trip she didn't had much choice. So after much whining from my side my mother decided to get me an original GameBoy which changed my life. It might helped that a road trip through the Mid West was planned so she probably thought this would keep me quiet during the long hours on the road. Having a GameBoy really changed my life and I grew up to become an obsessed gamer. So she probably regretted her decision to buy me my first gaming device. Of course I got a copy of Tetris and Super Mario Land. And here it is 30 years later sill running Super Mario Land:
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    It's a huge universe, the idea that she had to be related to the first trilogy characters seems so trite, but that doesn't mean they couldn't come up with something new and compelling.
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    My Low Vis Camo Armor finally has a Valk to wear it!
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    Sorry, my Invid projects have been temporarily shelved while I focus on displaying my collection for the local news media: It's been a very time-consuming process, as you can well imagine.
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    That SDF-1 in the background still blows my mind.
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    I just collect G1 transformers MISB. 2 reasons, I believe they re the best toy packaging ever, and I have loved them since a kid. I saved all the box art, tech specs and even whole boxes back in the day. Love the art, love the designs. 84-86 and the 88+ Japanese packaging. Now they are out of this world in cost. So I just make my own replicas.
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    Ok ok ok. Hold up. The two people on this site with the name Kaneda can’t both be black. I’m sorry but we must duel sir, to surrender or death. Have at thee
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    Metal Build Mazinger Z (shown with Riobot Mazinkaiser for scaling comparison)