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    Ikuze Kawaiko-chan! YF-19 Figher mode set.
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    Or you can do it like this and call it a day
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    Back in black I started on the studio shots for the YF-19, here's a detail shot of the YF-19 head detail.
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    HMR VF-4G coming soon... till then here is the Yamato/Arcadia VF-4G.
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    Why is there so much nonsensical discussion of cars in this thread? Vroom that conversation on out of here. It is completely off topic. We all come here for updates and to speculate on the 1/48 VF-1J DX subsequent releases. Let’s remain courteous and adhere to topic discussion. Thank you.
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    Finished up the shoot of the YF-19, now onto processing. Here's a sneak peak.
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    PO for VF-4.... November 1st 4pm JST Release date March 19, 2019
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    Those "01" markings on the wings and the "SDF-01B" markings on the tailfins are also seen on the old Musashiya kit. It's a Kawamori illustration so it's legit.
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    Hi All, I'm new to the Forum so wanted to Introduce myself as well as post up some images of what I have been working on. For a number of months I have been working on an SDF-1 for my Robotech Tactics tabletop miniatures. Although it's not the correct scale for tactics (1/285) in all fairness if I had made it the correct scale it would not have fitted under the roof of my house. So I settled on a 1/700 Scale Bust, as this would give me enough size for playability and still fit on the table. It took a number of months to 3D model from scratch and a few weeks to print and has been a massive labor of love
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    Battroid photos almost ready.
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    YF-19 Gerwalk mode.
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    I like the way you think. I had already take shots of the Hybrid Super Siegfried. Here's fighter mode.
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    I literally just got done posting my review on anymoon.com, check it out! Even includes like 42 minutes of a 4K review.
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    The few scant minutes of new footage in "Flashback 2012" are some of my favorite Macross moments of all time. This heart-tugging mix of sadness and optimism. I can't look at the Lightning and not hear Minmay singing "Angel's Paints." Why does that make me wanna cry? I just bought my first (and insanely expensive) Macross toy...the YF 19. The Hi-Metal R Lightning will be my second. I wish they were in scale....but I'll just take what I can get. Cause hey, this smaller one should be a lot cheaper right. But that's all OK? Please don't let me get anymore. I can't afford to go down this path. YF-19 and Lightning III cause they are so sentimental to me. No more, OK? Well YF-19 DOES need a YF-21 to fight, so maybe three....NO!! Come on guys help me out here....I can't go down this path.....I can't!! But.....but....the Lightning for sure.....argh.....it's happening, isn't it? There's no turning back....
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    For the young in Macross, I offer a gift known as Macrossvision. This gift comes only after many disappointments and intermittent sudden loss of buying power as you navigate this challenging tunnel of evil. Once acquired, Macrossvision is not so much used to prevent anything, it essentially just gives you a preview of your impending doom. The following vision is absolute and vivid. This is my doom. Arcadia sets a release date for the SV-51 I will struggle to not order the first release because I will be certain a premium finish will come later. Then I will wonder, what if they don’t issue a premium or they go out of business? I will then order the first release. Arcadia will then release the premium. I will order the premium before I sell the standard release. Anxiety will rise and I will want to sell the first release. The only real decision here is over a year away. Do I sell the standard version I think I don’t need? But what if my premium finish breaks and I can’t get a replacement because they have gone up so much in price? My children years from now find these toys amongst old pictures. They say things like, “I remember that” and “oh yeah” My grandchildren are given the toys and they are broken immediately during transformation while at the dinner table refusing to eat vegetables. The Premium Fokker, also now given to the children, is thrown across the room by a chubby hand covered in dry Cheerios and peanut butter. My granddaughter, who is eating vegetables and as a result is not being monitored, also glues glitter in globs all over one of them. But... Like that mass production VF-1 that makes it around the corner in a cool hugging turn, a lone VF-1 remains sealed somewhere in storage. It’s filled with a bunch of replacement shapeway parts that were never needed, but needed to be purchased just in case. The tunnel of evil waits for another to come along and start the journey all over again.
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    It’s not plastic, but does this 1/12 custom RX-78 count?
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    It's good to get some news, and I'm in, but what about the Tomahawk, Phalanx enemy mecha, where's the Scout Regult, Q-Rau, Nousjadeul-Ger????
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