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    Gerwalk set uploaded.
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    In anticipation for the release of the Bandai YF-19, here a shot of the most recent releases for Isamu's Valkyrie.
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    Here's their thread from the Workshop section: And here's the direct Shapeway's link for @Xigfrid's Missiles and Pylons. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/xigfrid3dshop?section=Missiles+and+Pylons+DX+compatible And Xigfrid's posted this on the 3D Model Request page showing some set-ups: I'm also adding this section if you're interested to change VF-31's Weapon Pods done by @Sanity is Optional and @Xigfrid. Hope that helps. And this time hopefully I'll get Upvote than Downvote.
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    Super Ostrich Battroid mode photos uploaded.
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    All parts painted. Missing the Matt finished at some parts. Need to buy more. next step is to make the missiles from the chest been fired
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    Thanks @Slave IV, SD Minmei brings Deculture to everyone. No composite photos, everything is done in shot. I adjust camera settings to get a Bokeh photo. As a rule for myself when shooting, take the shot as to keep photo editing to a minimum (slight adjustments only and dust removal).
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    Posted on YouTube. Please enjoy.
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    Fighter mode uploaded + booster detail shots.
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    That part looks to be easily repairable. Get yourself some ABS cement (Tenax, Ambroid, or even Testors' Liquid cement for plastic) and a toothpick. Use the brush applicator of the liquid ABS solvent -- lightly loaded, not dripping -- and apply a small drop to the crack, let capillary action carry the liquid into the split; next, wedge the toothpick between the plastic and the metal to force and brace the crack closed; lastly, let it cure overnight and then cut or scrape off any plastic that oozed out. Done, and good as new.
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    From C3AFA TOKYO 2018:
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    For regular resin it's about 30. Smooth-On 327 is more agressive than the regular 310 I use, so mold-life is cut in half. Quick Saturday update: I had worked-out a decent system to mount the side saddle-bags using the existing notch in the seat bulkhead. The con is that repeated installation/removal of the latches might damage/loosen the exhaust pipe, because the latch partially fit behind the exhaust for stability. After a bit of fiddling, I created something even better: easier to add/remove, and puts no stress on this very expensive figure's parts. The part in white is the new addition. The mock-up is in styrene, but will be green resin in the kit. You literally just slide it forward into place from behind the bike, or pull rearward to remove. This is kinda how I figured it would work IRL. When the transformation sequence is activated, a locking peg holding the latches/saddle-bags is released. When the rider guns the gas and wheelies, the whole thing just slides off onto the ground. It also leaves room for a vanity plate and doubles as a crude rear mud-guard.
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    After having finished the VF-1S (Roy's) in 1/48, I will continue with my goal of building all the Valkyries in 1/48 of the main characters of the TV series. I already have Hikaru's! The next one will be Miria's! I already made some "color test" , Miria's red is not an easy color. I'm happy with MRP Insignia Red. Like the others, most of the marks will be painted, but I will use some stencils from the Super Valkyrie kit (max/miria), and I will print some myself, mostly the "no step" ones.
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    Mission achieved! It only took 317 days. Order was placed on 10/25/17 and shipped SAL registered small packet.
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    Actually I'm glad they used the light weight material for canopy. I can leave the canopy open without additional support if I want to. Anyways, Here is my fitting test with movie pilot. Ichijo Hikaru conversion by kyewans, on Flickr Ichijo Hikaru conversion by kyewans, on Flickr Ichijo Hikaru conversion by kyewans, on Flickr Ichijo Hikaru conversion by kyewans, on Flickr
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    This is a great joy to transform it twice a day and trying to find nicer poses.
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    I got the movie in the mail last night and watched it immediately. You honestly can't tell it's orange in the show. Of course everything moves too fast to see much of anything during the action sequences anyway... In the book that comes with the film there are two screen shots directly from the film. In one they appear orange, in the other they appear red. FYI I did post a mini-review in the TV and Movies section if you're interested in my thoughts.
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    The whole Upvote/Downvote thing is stupid and utterly meaningless IMHO. It's something to appease the younger generation I suppose who have to have something to "Like" or "Dislike". Let's just get back to discussing some god*mn Macross toys. FFS. EDIT -- Let's see how many downvotes I get for that!!!
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    @arbit Great work on that Millenium Falcom cockpit! AWESOME! Yesterday I managed to finish my WAVE VF-4G Lightning III Let the pictures speak for themselves. The cool thing about this is that the Hasegawa Macross display stand works perfectly with the VF-4.
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    For the record, I don't think it's been said yet. But one of my favorite things about the VT-1 is the shiny metal color of it's feet. Perfection. Check out the reflection of the leg panel on the left foot. Also for the record, I never noticed any orange miscoloration until I saw people talking about it here, and when I went back and checked I could barley see it. Although I'm not fond of the concept of the DYRL 2-seaters in general (Hate the tiny tailfins), I actually love the HMR VT-1 as it was executed.
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