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    Thanks wmkjr! Married life sure is different! Haven't had time to touch a model in 6 months, hopefully after the 1st of the year things will slow down a bit, and I'll be able to get back to the hobby! I did not ever pic up Capt's Legioss, just couldn't swing that one! One wedding picture.. sorry it's OT, but she looked amazing! :-)
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    The holiday season is upon us: tremble in fear!!
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    Messer's VF-31F looks badass with Super Parts
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    I could not find anything about this done before, so I’d like show my repaint of VF-25s Tornado Pack to fit on the YF-25 Prophecy. The YF-25 is still my favorite Valkyrie due to it’s colors and design (Maybe this will change after the release of the VF-31A Kairos though ). When the Tornado Packs for the renewal versions of the VF-25 came out, I always tried to get a hand on Michel’s blue colored pack, but I couldn’t grab one at a reasonable price. But then I made a good deal on ebay and got a second Alto version and decided to make a repaint to fit an the YF-25. The outcome you can see below. I’m glad I went for this „Tornado“-solution for my YF-25, as in my opinion Michel’s Tornado Pack is much too colorful for the YF-25 and its shade of blue doesn’t match the blue color behind the cockpit of the YF-25.
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    Early Christmas present for me.
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    I'll bet my review had more d*ck jokes!
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    Reassembled my VF-2SS and took a few quick pictures. Man, that heat shield gap... Will get some fighter pics later; going to see TLJ right now.
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    Another quick shot.
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    Or maybe something more like...
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    Ok, this is just awesome. Makes me really tempted to repaint one somewhere down the road. Might have to order a pair of Nexx ones when they come out to make a couple custom schemes.
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    Hi guys, got my Metal Build Harrison! thought I'd share a pic.
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    Muschietti was in Argentina ComicCon last sunday and still says he want to make the movie... I think nobody tells him the whole story yet and he's still in the cave.
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    Between work and children, I think this is as much detailing I'm gonna get for awhile. Used the old yamato glow in the dark decals.
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    Just the CAD files. And it looks great!!!! The proportions are spot on.
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    Proving that the Evolution Toy and Hi-Metal R VF-2SS can coexist peacefully.
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    Putting the stand from the missile effect set to use
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    Thank you @Ignacio Ocamica! Fighter mode pics are ready to go!
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    Thank you @Valkyrie Driver, I can can't wait to get the Mirage super parts but they so far away... LOL @ArchieNov! Thank you @Scyla, I have grown to like the 31F head as well. Thank you @Slave IV The Gerwalk photos are ready to go.
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    Destroids. With the Konig Monster. All together.
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    Here's an Imgur gallery. The pics of it on the VF-31 were after I made a few adjustments to get it going together properly. Looks like I'll need to upload new files for most of the parts (though the old ones just needed a little knife work). https://imgur.com/a/sWgzI
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    Destroid firepower.
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    No, it is not. The proper romanization of バトロイド is "Batoroido" or "Battroid". No, it's your statement here that's just plain wrong. Officially, "Battroid" is a portmanteau of Battle and Android. Just as "Destroid" is a portmanteau of Destroy and Android. This isn't exactly a secret, it's even mentioned in the Animeigo DVD liner notes.
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    Found pics of the packaging and inside contents. Looks good.
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    Thanks for the gorgeous photos @no3Ljm For those who also want the VF-19 Boosters clips, they are available here.
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    I think people having been staring at their Yamato V2s so long that they have come to think that that is what battroid mode is supposed to look like... this will give Bandai an uphill battle if they're trying to get this thing to look more like some of the older chunky art.
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    Delta isn't really a "Macross World". Like the song goes, "Welcome to Walkure World", all Macross stuff purely incidental.
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    Thread title is misleading. This isn't a done deal yet.
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    Almost made that mistake of breaking it too during transformation. Fortunately it didn't break but popped off, I almost freaked out. http://DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld with Super Parts (12) by James R, on Flickr http://DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld with Super Parts (14) by James R, on Flickr http://DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld with Super Parts (15) by James R, on Flickr http://DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld with Super Parts (16) by James R, on Flickr DX Chogokin VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld with Super Parts (18) by James R, on Flickr
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    If Bandai does not launch the VF-1D in HMR I swear that I will place the whole line on the street and I will crush it with my car.
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    I've been watching KNERDOUT since their early video reviews and I think their opinions are quite valid for the things they discuss. I actually appreciate their format more than most reviewers who just go over the same routine of going over articulation, paint, sculpt, price, etc. Of course there will be some toys that they won't be completely knowledgeable about, but they do understand how a toy collector thinks and share their personal opinions as well, no matter how biased it may be. And since it's 2 guys, you're not just gonna get one opinion all the time as other reviewers. Sometimes they'll agree with each other, sometimes not. But that's what makes their reviews cool to watch.
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    Did someone say Dual Strike?
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    I got mine delivered yesterday. It is overall an amazingly beautiful figure. The right size, not too big or small (I felt the HMR VF1's were a tad too small). As a VF-2SS fan from 1992 it is great to finally, after 25 years, have a fully transforming, high quality figure of this. Yes the Macross 2 anime story sucked but the Valkyrie design is my favorite by far. A few criticisms: Some pieces fall off way too easy. For me these have been: One of the small white triangular plastic covers on the side of the legs wouldn't stay in. I discovered if swapped with the one on the other leg they could both stay snug. The white right shoulder piece keeps falling apart completely if I so much as wiggle the figure. The left shoulder is fine though. I think I will need to use some plastic cement. Thankfully I'm an experienced plastic scale modeler and this will be a simple fix. There is a white "neck cover" behind the back of the head. It also falls off sometimes during transformation or manipulation. It is not a necessary part at all in my opinion - it's not visible from any angle 99% of the time The SAP covers on the forearms don't stay pegged on very tight - they sometimes pop off during manipulation the small hands that are on the figure by default come off very easily during even light manipulation. The larger hands in the box don't have this problem. The SAP backpack with the canon does not easily snap on completely. It's always a struggle to have both sides "clip in" - at least one side keeps wanting to "clip out" unless I fiddle a lot to get it just right I believe the neck (grey piece) on mine was assembled incorrectly. The head/chin would end up protruding very far ahead of the chest. I had turn the grey neck piece 180 degrees and it seems right now In jet fighter mode - which is still overall excellent - it is not quite as "tight" as the HMR VF-1 series. The VF-1's in fighter mode would peg in very tight and solid. You could probably toss them around on a couch and everything would still be in place (except for the wings). If you did that with the VF-2SS the legs, arms, and "fins" would not still be in place. Pros: The inner frame and joints are all tight and lots of high quality metal and well designed. This includes the arms, shoulders, elbows, knees and feet. Joints are not floppy at all anywhere, tight and poseable. The one exception to this is the hip joints, they are a little floppy - not like the shoulders and elbows which stay EXACTLY in whatever pose you put them in and won't budge In robot mode, even with the SAP pack on, it stands and balances well without issue. I remember the old Bandai plastic model would easily topple over because it was back heavy. Not so with this HMR. I was amazed to discover that the SAP armor for the forearms and legs each have built-in missile covers that open and hinge! That seems an amazing feat at this scale and is far more a joy to play with than say, the armored VF-1's which are nightmare of spare parts and fiddling to open up missile hatches. The gun can peg into the bottom of the jet mode (the handle pegs into a hole in the backpack which is flipped down). It's slightly off center though - but close enough. This can't be done with the SAP armor on because in that mode the backpack needs to be flipped up. I really hope they make a Nexx version with the extra gun that mounts into the leg for storage - that was such a cool feature of the Bandai plastic model kit
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    Fiddling with it a bit in battroid. A few parts like the feet are kinda loose and fall off easily, but unlike the VF-1, the VF-2SS actually feels much more like a premium toy, and there's a lot of diecast internal parts. It costs as much as the renewal VF-25 did, so it better damn well be better than the disappointing VF-1. My lame attempt at recreating the Macross II opening pose.
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    looks like someone on 2chan already found a nice way to make the heatshield more flush on the VF-2ss. They mod it so the canopy can be push down a bit, and when use the fin to push it back up for fighter mode. Also all those joints in the leg made it super poseable
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    Next up from evo...
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    Been super busy lately, haven't had much time to process some shots. Hopefully I can I have some time.
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    Who said it's not doing well? I don't think we've seen any proof of that yet. If our members here are any indication (and unfortunately, they're probably not) the line is doing extremely well! We'vehad releases of all sorts of goodness so far and I don't think there's any proof HM-R is suffering that I've seen. In my opinion, if it weren't going well, we'd never have seen the Missile Regult due in December at all. Just my take on things.
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    Shoot me a pm I can send you one of mine. Free of charge.
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    Just finished this guy. (The MG Zaku standing behind it isn't mine).
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    Neo Atlanis Sky Ship from Nadia. A strange puppy, I know...
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    Aids to maneuverability. The Boundary Layer Control System (BLCS) is a collection of air pumps situated in the main and sub-intakes and inside the control surfaces which collectively work to manipulate the laminar airflow over the airframe. Two different real world methods are used. The first, boundary layer suction, is used via air pumps in the main intake and a dedicated sub-intake above the main intake, to extract the boundary layer (the air closest to the surface) and thus prevent it from breaking away from the surface and forming drag-increasing low pressure zones in the aircraft's wake (flow separation). It also employs what are called "blown" control surfaces, which use air drawn from the turbines and blown out a series of vents in the trailing edge of the wing to shape the airflow downwards, which increases the lift coefficient by delaying boundary layer flow separation. This manipulation of the boundary layer results in reduced drag that increases fuel efficiency, and also offers improved lift, low-speed performance, and increases the stalling angle of attack, making the aircraft more agile and even offering limited maneuverability without control surfaces if applied asymmetrically. The Vortex Flow Controller (VFC) is a more recent addition to VFs that injects trace amounts of neutral gas into the boundary layer to asymmetrically change the pressure gradient on the aircraft skin. The gas causes a vortex to form or an existing vortex to change position, shifting the airflow pressure on the aircraft enough to actually change the direction of flight. Essentially, an attitude control system that uses the air moving over the airframe as a control surface. (And yes, boundary layer suction, blown control surfaces, and vortex flow controllers are all real-world technologies.) Yeah, though the YF-29's Super Pack is specifically designed to cause as little disruption to the fighter's aerodynamics as possible and is pretty minimal in all respects. For more fun with boundary layers, you may find it enjoyable to watch the Mythbusters episodes for the Tailgate up or down? myth and the Blue Ice myth.
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    A strange guy indeed, though in this case I think he probably had second thoughts about where to put Reconguista in G after writing began in earnest and he realized there'd be a huge plot hole or ten if he kept it as a prequel to Turn A. I'm launching my latest effort to get through Gundam SEED today... I fear this will be another doomed expedition into the wilds of the darkest Cosmic Era.