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1/48 Pinky Space Crab

01 February 2014 - 08:34 AM



aka: Shock Trooper


I bought two of these because it looked like the project was stalling and I talked my wife into letting me commit for a second one.  Captain America just filled his final slot for his final run of the model, so it's time to get the ol' lady off me arse.

I offer it AT COST to any MW'r on the straight shooter list.  That's $100 base, +$10 shipping to get it to me (AL, USA), +? to get it to you.  I charge actual shipping only, I use USPS, and I'll ship anywhere (you're paying obviously).  My packaging is usually advertised as "nuclear proof" (no handling fee).

I'm on the SSL here, and have 100% pos feedback on Ebay (under this handle).

Straight Paypal if gift

Paypal +4% if not

I'll take paper (misc) if your US or CAN.


First TOPIC POST gets dibs.  Thanks for looking.

Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Low Vis Limited - Fleabay

23 November 2013 - 01:46 PM

Don't you just love moving?  They need to make moving trucks bigger, but alas, some things just gotta go.  I have three that didn't make the cut, they're priced at the top of their range (it's Christmas, why the heck not?) but I'll 'work' with any Macrossworld member on the SSL (except of course anyone ever known as Many Feedbacks, or that jerk from Argentina (forgot the name but I'll look it up)).  You can message me here or send me an Email to my Username@hotmail.com (either way it may take a day or two).  Cheers!



Edit:  This would probably help;



Ebay - case of 12 Toynami SDCC Stealth MIB starts at a penny.

29 May 2013 - 11:05 AM



No reserve, shipping at a loss (to the West Coast anyway).


Please get these out of my closet.  Pretty please.

Macross stuff. Cheap or free shipping. All starts at one penny!

06 September 2012 - 07:34 PM


Ben Dixon
Appendix A
Four MISB Scott Bernard bookends sold in pairs

Yamato 1/48;
VF-1J Stealth
VF-1A Low-Vis Woodland
(2) Woodland Armor sets
VF-1S Roy Focker

Two loose Invid Troopers. One Matchbox, one Exo Squad.
Twenty SDCC Stealth Shadow Fighters.

Shipping is free or at a small loss (for me), all auction start at one penny. Can't spare the closet room anymore. Everything listed as free also applies to Canada, shipping for cost items to Canada listed in auction. Everyone else needs to get a quote (will still be cheapER).

Final closet purge - Yamato/Bookends/Misc

01 July 2012 - 07:46 AM

Ok so I've finally had to take my collection and figure out what each piece really meant to me in relation to my Macross/Mospeada/The-R-Word obsession. These are the losers of that decision. Over the next several days I'm going to add a few things to it as I burrow deeper into the closet but this is the big stuff. Pics on request but will probably be delayed several days - I'm very busy. Ideally I'd like to trade first as I have but a few holes in what's left of The Collection. Larger details will follow as well, everything will get updates - I just wanted to get this up first. Everything will end up on Ebay in a few weeks - I'll post a link when I get it up. I'm not looking to make any money (although breaking even is obviously nice) but I'm not starving either so please keep your more ludicrous offers to yourself (yeah, talking to YOU, most of you probably know who I'm alluding too....). I'm on the Straight Shooter's List and have 100% positive FB on Fleabay under my same handle. All were undisplayed, kept in a closed, climate-controlled closet, in a non-smoking home. As long as regular comunication is involved I have no problems with holding models; I'd much rather move it here to a good home with a slight loss then have to screw around with Ebay. Questions welcome, but again, I may not get back to you right away. Thanks for looking.

I'm hunting for;
Masterpiece Scott Bernard (MIB)
Masterpiece Rand (Beta) (MIB)
Any Moscato Resin
I have a particular itch for Monster and Spartan models.

I'm Trading/Selling;
Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Woodland
Yamato 1/48 Low Viz Woodland Armor Parts (TWO)
Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Stealth
Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Roy DYRL
None has ever been removed from the box. All have very minor shelf wear.

Scott Bernard Bookends. I have four MISB in sequential pairs still in their original shipping cases.

Toynami ToyFare Stealth Shadow Fighter. I have about 20, all but a few are still MOSC in their original shipping case. I am VERY motivated to move these.

Loose Invid Troopers (TWO). It would take me too long to explain - I'll just post pics soon. They're in one piece - just 'loose'.

Masterpiece Ben Dixon MIB. Outer write carton has one slightly scrunched corner but everthing else is mint. I broke the carton tape to verify contents, but not the inner bag.

Masterpiece Appendix A Armor. I honestly haven't looked at this one in a few years and I'll get back to ya.