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In Topic: Reviving the excitment for 1/55 customs, at least for me

Yesterday, 01:06 PM

Yes, the buying parts thru Jerry's website was so long ago i used to have the packages sent to my parents house.  I was young and poor so the parts went to a more secure location than my apartment.


So anyone with 1/55 customs should feel free to post here,   even old pics of Jungs stuff that may not be readily available on the web are welcome,  or old pics of your own stuff.  


I was able to recover a bunch of the Jung custom pics using the Wayback machine but feel free to post away.   I was not really able to get any of Rosario's pics




Thanks Mike i´m glad you liked the heads :D .

Actually yeah Jerry sold most of my recast stuff in the USA back then. I really like the 1/55 so yeah pretty much everything i´ve done has been for those.

Did do some VF1S heads (1/48) too.


I´ll shortly update my website ( as well as i can lol i´m not a web pro :D ) I´ll post on MW some of my stuff when i have some armor complete. First will be the Ostrich. 

I want to do some custom stuff on that like that antena and maybe even make some structural change. I always though it should be a tad bit fatter for example.

Also the ARm armor i want to modilfy. never cared for that very breakable clip.


I would love to see more custom 1/55. Strange thing is that i haven´t seen a lot of my armor painted and such and i did sell a lot of those back in the days.

I really like jung´s customs too . I still have some custom decals aswell, someone made those for my elint seeker/Ostrich conversion kits .

Can´t for the live of me remember his name :) i´m getting old lol :P

In Topic: Reviving the excitment for 1/55 customs, at least for me

26 July 2016 - 04:25 PM

Hey Rob,  thanks for the comments.  It's good to see you back here.


I have a handful of those 1J  heads you did years ago,   I think i got them from Jerry's site if i remember right? 


I picked up a few 2nd hand but I think the first few i got from Jerry's VF1X site,  he sold them i the states right?


Either way they are cool and very nostalgic.  I plan to do my 3 1J's with them.


Please feel free to post anything you want 1/55 in this thread,  i would love to see what your up to.




Hey there. i just came back from my very short summer hollidays and saw this post.


I got to say that looks great all the stuff you've done on these 1\55. Actually back in the days there were 2 Rob's doing some recasting so it can get a bit confusing heh.

I'm obviously the Rob from Robsthingies.com and yes i'm getting back to recasting i actually (re)did a whole lot of molds already but this is your thread so i won't talk about

That . :D


I guess everything is invented already LOL. the other day i was casting the arm armor of my Ostrich and found that it won't work for some reissues and such and

was thinking about changing it to a clip on system like the Elint armor has but i suppose this is that same system right? I'm going to make it so anyways as it IS a better system.


BTW i spoke with EXO about what can and can't be sold and i understood as long as it is modified it's okay. They don't permit the strait recasts anymore though. In the end everything is based on

the origenal stuff so with that rule you couldn't sell any parts at all i guess. Luckaly it doesn't seem to be that stricked. Pardon my english it's not my native lenguage. :)


Again i love seeing the 1/55 getting some love at it's still my favorite. Keep these custom 1/55's going .

In Topic: Reviving the excitment for 1/55 customs, at least for me

24 July 2016 - 10:17 AM

Kakizaki gets the first clear cast canopy.





In Topic: Reviving the excitment for 1/55 customs, at least for me

21 July 2016 - 11:59 AM

If I remember right it also had to do with Yamato,  at the time Graham was talking with them sometimes and they were not happy about MW being a safe haven for recast stuff, both WFest exclusives and other odds and ends.


It's crazy to think that well respected members would organize casting runs of Wfest kits,  it was just the wild west in some ways.  I don't think anyone had any other intention other than to get MW members stuff they wanted, with sites like E2046 and Hobbyfan around I did not really understand that "recasting"  was a bad thing until i started to visit other sites like Starshipmodeler or RPF.  I was so naive.


In the case of 1/55 stuff it seems like for the customs there was really no other choice at the time but to use some cast parts on them.


In regard to the 3D printed stuff,   I personally think part of the charm of the 1/55 at this point is the "hokiness"  or home grown look to some of the mods.

Thanks for explaining how you got the leg armor to attach without the clip. I forgot that the 1/55 legs were made out of die-cast metal, so a strong magnet would definitely do the job.


I want to say that Toonz was the guy who originally sculpted those DYRL arm armors, but it's been ages since I bought my sets. I noticed your own refinements because there's no way to clip the gunpod onto my sets. Great work improving the design!


I believe the main reason EXO banned the sales of recasts was that he was concerned that people would buy rare WonderFest kits and start selling recasts here. While WonderFest sculptors don't post here, they do check out the site on occassion, so I think he was concerned about what they might think if they saw recasts of their work being sold here. Simply posting pictures of recasts from personal builds is acceptable because no one is making a profit off another person's hard work. I personally think it's a reasonable policy.


Seeing all these excellent 1/55 mods makes me wonder what the old scene would've been like if CAD and Shapeways had existed back then. Alas.

In Topic: Reviving the excitment for 1/55 customs, at least for me

14 July 2016 - 12:11 PM

Thanks,  with all the other available vf-1's I really wanted these to be an homage to both the original toys and those early customs.   It really was in the early days of the 1/60 Yamatos coming out where people were starting to really get creative with the ball joints and stuff.   I still do have a deep appreciation for those,  however the 1/60's and 1/48's made those modifications obsolete IMO .  Not because they are not neat,  but because they require an amount of work that seems excessive with those other options available.  Over the years,  even recent years, i have toyed with those now and again,  but have found that if i make a custom too complicated,  I tend to not finish it.   These are really relatively simple compared to much of the stuff I have done,  which makes them easy to finish.


I have 1/4 diameter neodymium magnets holding on the leg armor.  You need to fill the back leg armor with some apoxy sculpt but it's pretty simple.


The arm armor is not Rob or even Chris B,  there was another guy here who had the idea years and years ago.  I took his idea and expanded on it a little bit adding photoetch parts and some other details.  I have a single mold for it so i can cast my own armor.  I will not be selling any because it's still based off of standard arm armor,  even though it has been modified,  and the guidelines for those things here have changed significantly since the early days of customs.  I am pretty sure that those rules still apply and I am guessing (hoping)  I am OK since these are for my personal builds.


I asked EXO years ago and think i am ok on stuff for my personal builds,  for example i have a few sets of Super O cast armor,  since i had them before the new guidelines i think it's ok to show the custom off as long as i am not selling the armor or the custom itself.