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In Topic: v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

26 July 2014 - 10:51 AM

Thanks,  I have officially poured the first mold on the legs,  now lets hope it's a good mold.  That mold is a long time coming!


In Topic: v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

26 July 2014 - 08:14 AM

BTW have i mentioned just how large this is???





In Topic: v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

26 July 2014 - 07:44 AM

Guessing this is about as good as i am going to get this,  as long as people are still interested I'm ready to mold the leg installment....






In Topic: v2 1/72nd scale Monstar.

24 July 2014 - 07:29 AM

Putting the final details on the legs,   stealing a bit of stylistic influence from John with the rivet type detailing,  but figure this is going to be a companion kit to some of the other destoidios out there that he did.


I tried some smaller rivets first and it did not work well,   these rivets are about the same size he did not the glaug,  and this is way bigger than the glaug so i figured it would work stylistically.


Just a few odds and ends to finish on this leg installment,  then ready to mold.




In Topic: 1/48 Hasegawa Hikaru VF-1A Super w/Lauch arm and Base

28 June 2014 - 11:05 AM

Here is the reinforcement plate for the chestplate area,  this will require a little modification to the bottom of this assembly.  It will require a trim to how the wings attach as well, but more on that later.


It's as big as it is to distribute the weight of the valk to launch arm assembly over the biggest surface in attempt to minimize any possible "tilting" or distortion of the valk once attached.


You will see a dimple on the plate,  you will need to drill a 5/32nd hole thru the resin part,  then CA the resin plate to the top chestplate with a very even coat of CA to get the maximum advantage of the reinforcement plate.  The hole that you drilled will be your guide to start the drilling in the chestplate.