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  2. I am expecting the PO for Japanese ehops will sell out in 5 seconds flat and US customers will have to wait for US ehops. Pre-orders on BBTS, USA gundam store, etc. tend to last a little longer. Plus I think there are more options for US ehops. Still going to try my best to get a copy. I wonder how far Bandai is going to take the EVA Metal Build line. Unit 00 is a given, plus it has two different paint schemes they can use. Unit 03 and 04 (TV versions) seem like good choices for P-Bandai. But will we see Unit 05, the Mark 08 and any other movie specific EVAs? Unit 13 would be crazy to see as a Metal Build and I am up for any of them.
  3. You’re probably right. It is a cool looking scheme that isn’t too complicated for a company to make.
  4. I would never have thought picking such an alarming issue. But would love to read Seto sama thoughts on this
  5. I would have bought John Wick just for the accessories but I’m not sure how much I could have got back for getting rid of the figure.
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  7. The Karin sculpt met all my expectations! It's GLORIOUS! "OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!" Definitely getting Sakura V2 and Karin. https://myfigurecollection.net/item/764421 What would I want to see next in the Street Fighter X Bishoujo line? Battle Costume Cammy! SFV Sakura and Karin!
  8. I haven’t seen anything yet. Here’s their guest list page. https://superdimensioncon.wixsite.com/deculture/guests I’ll definitely go if Tenjin shows up again. My wife has only seen DYRL and is not really into Macross. She found Kawamori to be fascinating though. She would go to SDCon just to check it out.
  9. Storm have amazing body sculpting, but need to improve in the facial detail department. Cammy's face suffers the same issues as Chun Li. It's missing that little bit of extra anime Japanese figure detail needed for it to be top notch. Currently it's at the level of more western action figures, where as SHF and Figma have really detailed face (more so eyes), which bring the action figure to life. Would like to see Figma tackle Street Fighter line. SHF has good facial detail, but it's a little off (example: Chun Li looks a bit doll like instead of looking like her). You know I'd really like to see a Bishoujo Battle Costume Cammy. Sorry off topic now.
  10. Turn on the @Seto Kaiba signal!!
  11. We don’t know that the Svard’s missile pods aren’t actually its Super Parts. I don’t think.
  12. Mr K. : Honey, I shrunk the valks!
  13. wow that NT-1 MG looks boss! Slap a macross kite on it, with it being part of UNT spacy..
  14. Nice box art. That tiny box might go well with 1/6 scale figures.
  15. I’ve got 2 F-15’s so far and might get more variants. Thanks. I saw that the listings were updated earlier. Ordered an F-4J and a J35F. That would be cool. I want more 1/100 F-14 variants. Your 1/64 custom F-14 is awesome.
  16. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/206975 Spartan for 7020 JPY. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1064512487&ref=doc&keyword=hi-metal&lang=en VF-1S Hikaru for 17000 JPY.
  17. Hi guys, I have been tackling this model lately since I needed to make a pause from modelling the Ghost X-9. Based on pictures of the VF-0 Master File book and Macross Mecha Manual website. I like the modern look of this carrier, and to be honest I really don't know what to do with this draft. I was thinking of: 1) making a card board model of the Main Island Control Structure, as a 3D diorama base. 2) I could also make the Tube-like silos for the Cheyenne destroids so I can display my custom there vs the incoming SV-51 3) make custom 2D diorama base such as an accurate carrier deck and elevator diorama Base+Background by Coastalkits in the UK Shocking first impression: the Asuka II pictured in the Master File is wrong and too big! Even if I have taken the revised longer length of 276m instead of original 250m, you still can't put the 4 VF-0 on the elevators between the Island control Structure and the catapults.
  18. Penguin sushi

    Hi-Metal R

    Got mine from amiami a little bit ago, but i am loving jungle. Jungle had a regult in and i had to jump on it.
  19. @anubis20 This F-14 is a keeper! You will have to source another one I double checked and it just sit inside the detolf like that, I think this illusion comes from the fact that the inside glass is smaller than the total length. They should do it, considering how successful is the HMR line. I only know the official Hasegawa kit (1:72). My F-14 comes from a 1:64 Corgi, customized and painted by Ratatarse@France. I also added a few details such as printed landing gears and VF-0 pilots. I really love it, but I am still on the fence for a true 1:60 scale model, less metal (this Corgi is full metal and too heavy, really!) That's my loved custom made by @wmkjr, one of my favorite toy ever. Sorry for that, I didn't mean to ... But you won't regret it!
  20. You know what's sad about buying their premiun finish line? Yes, we don't have box art, just black box with "premium" text on it.
  21. I love both my SHF and Storm SF figures. Too bad they're not compatible with one another scale wise, even though they're both supposed to be 1/12.
  22. Love that test box art! Waiting for the Nora version and skip all of the the DX VF-1 variants!
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