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  2. The HWR-00 Monster was stated somewhere to be inspired in Sumo fighters and the Sumo fighter fighting stance. Reed somewhere also that a Sumo fighter stomping with both feet is supposed to symbolize stomping over evil. And thus also puny hangar floors About Cheyenne..., yes, yes, yes, but still seems more advanced than any previous... or so I should say LATER destroid. All is fixed in statistics adjusting and history tweaking, but the model per-se couldn't do that without that background facts. Even stating it was used in a military role by refurbishing fails to explain adequately why it got obsolete in SDFM and DYRL, and any background explanation to overcome that will just be retconning and history fixing, thus implying what is said already: KW doesn't care, nor needs to, about the timeframe to include his new cool toy, even if the setting is prior to mainline series, because that is the job of the personnel charged with canon continuity. Even if he included Escaflowne alongside the Orgus Valkyrie: 'MBR-06/08 Escaflowne. Losed the contract the MBR-07 won for close quarters Battle Robot, later refined in the R-08 variant that included first instance of transformation ability. Both versions built by Dwayne Enterprises of New Gotingham Island as a private venture. Both in black, for whatever reason.'
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  4. And that doesn't even require a lot of revising of history. Pretty sure that SDF showed Destroids messing up streets on more than one occasion, making it rather clear they are not really a good choice for infrastructure preservation in an urban environment. Heck, the Monster is even shown wrecking up the deck of the HANGER THEY PARK IT IN as it stomps out before the final battle in episode 27(an event which is all kinds of illogical, but also OH SO COOL). You definitely don't want one of those bad boys clomping along on your sidewalks and cutting through your parks. It really puts the occasional dog turd in a new light.
  5. Looks pretty good. I just don’t like that they are all the exact same angle. About as boring as displaying a bunch of action figures standing straight up in a row next to each other. It would be worth having one though.
  6. Way late to the party on the Moscato set for the ride armor.... i realize its a stretch, but if someone has a spare set....
  7. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    No, the orange of the colored plastic (chest) is clearly different from the orange paint (legs, wings).
  8. I keep my valks clean so they don't get lines of mold on them.
  9. How rough are the cut edges of the arcylic resting on the valk? Do you feel some sanding will help reduce paint scratches? Still awaiting mine ...
  10. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Ah that the color just behind the cockpit? I see now it seems to be a little lighter compared to the body...I cant really tell the difference viewing it from my phone or pc..but after zooming in i detect a slight difference... will await the verdicts as it rolls in....
  11. I know I was looking at it too. I offered the guy $500 but I guess someone else beat me to the punch and sold it for $500 nice helldiver!
  12. slide

    Macross figures

    I look forward to receiving Breetai... and if it's as good as it looks, ordering the rest of that lineup!
  13. Ok the KO acrylic flight stands finally arrived. I’m going to post a few pics at the end so you guys can judge for yourselves. My verdict: no-frills clear stands that are perfect for displaying a fleet of valks in fighter mode at the same angle, but you need to be extremely careful about paint scratching. Works for most 1/60 models as seen in the taobao pics. Not cheap at about $5 a piece - for die hard fighter mode fans only.
  14. Please, please, please be more careful with your quote tags... this is very difficult to read. The first most of us heard of it was in the 25th anniversary events, where Kawamori torpedoed the idea that Macross II was not an equal partner in the franchise by declaring that all of the Macross shows were islands unto themselves. If he held that view earlier than that point, that's fine... it only really changes the length of time he's been horrifically inconsistent about applying it and how long the rest of Macross's creative staff have been studiously ignoring it. This is a popular misconception. Macross: Flash Back 2012 is the epilogue for the Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series. Specifically, the launch of the SDF-2 Megaroad-01 was originally planned for the final episode of the TV series but was cut in the storyboard phase due to runtime constraints. When Kawamori returned to Macross for '94's Macross Plus and Macross 7, that was when we started seeing him explain that the DYRL? aesthetics co-existed alongside those of the original TV series, that the SDF-1 Macross had been rebuilt to the DYRL? spec after Quamzin's suicide attack in Ep36 (which remains the official explanation for it to this day). Quite a bit gets said on that note in This is Animation: Macross Plus, which goes well out of its way to explain how the TV and Movie VF-1s existed side-by-side in the series. True, but as I've noted previously the rest of Macross's creative staff doesn't seem to be onboard with his views there. If anything, the number of explicit callbacks in Macross has only increased with time. If you go digging into Macross Delta's setting, for instance, you'll find it depends heavily on callbacks to Macross 7, Macross Dynamite 7, Macross VF-X2, and Macross Frontier, with a smattering of Macross 30: Voices Across the Galaxy thrown in and a dash of Macross the Ride added for the novelization. Macross the Ride was made under Kawamori's supervision and its story was built heavily on callbacks to Macross 7 and Macross VF-X2, garnished liberally with calls forward to the Macross Frontier story and a few references to the original series and Zero. As far as I've heard, that was a cost save... it was cheaper and easier to reuse existing CG models leftover from Macross Zero with slight tweaks than to design and animate an all-new destroid. Anime is an industry running on a razor-thin margin, so any opportunity to save money by reusing animation or animation resources is generally welcomed. For the same reason, they reused CG models from Zero for the episode "Legend of Zero" and you'll find practically every car that isn't Ozma's is a generic, low-poly, stock Toyota Prius CG model. Kawamori's love affair in Frontier was painstakingly recreating San Francisco landmarks throughout Island-1. They were pretty clear about the Cheyenne II's being military units in Frontier... the reasons given for the refurbished 50 year old design were largely pragmatic matters like the rollers in the feet making them easier on the pavement, or being small enough to operate easily within city limits. (You wouldn't want your last-ditch defense units to destroy the roads you would need later for emergency services or a general evacuation.) Delta must've spent most of its budget on the music, because they were reusing Frontier art assets like they were going out of style. Reused materials practically outnumber original ones, with the VF-171-II, Cheyenne II, Destroid Work, Konig Monster, Island-1, Uraga-class, Guantanamo-class, Dulfim-type, Kaitos-type, and so on.
  15. rdrunner

    Hi-Metal R

    We would love to see these!!
  16. Congrats @VF-Zer0S!!! That box triggers me but crap, as long as the toy is ok that really IS what matters! I really hate that that USA sold. I was eyeing the heck outta it. ----------------------------
  17. RDX17

    Hi-Metal R

    Ah, thanks so much!
  18. It's a mold line, as in it's where the two halves of the mold met.
  19. Previous Star Trek shows had all kinds of fact-checkers and consistency checkers whose job was to prevent the kind of boneheaded writing problems that plague Discovery. Beginning in Star Trek: the Next Generation's first season, each Star Trek series created and maintained a "series bible" for its writers that included basic biographical and personality info about the characters, vital statistics for the ship(s), explanations of how various important pieces of technology worked, and in the course of all that also identified a list of stuff the writers were not allowed to do. I've got copies of the TNG season one and VOY season one series bibles. The TNG one very clearly has Gene Roddenberry's fingerprints all over it, like his insistence on describing any female character who is supposed to be attractive as having a "strip queen" body. Did that design appear anywhere besides the calendars? Memory Beta says it's alluded to in the Enterprise relaunch as a design that was on the drawing boards in the wake of the Romulan War (c.2163) when the early UFP's main starship design was still the Daedalus-class and its de facto flagship was the NX-class Columbia-subclass USS Endeavour under the command of Captain T'Pol. The Bonaventure-class would've been half a century or more old when Star Trek: Discovery is set. It's a nice design, mind you. Eh... sort of. You do still see well-researched, detailed labors of love on TV, but a lot of it is exactly that kind of quick-and-dirty, sloppy, lowest common denominator garbage.
  20. No I’m not going to modify it. I’ll take a pic of my Ebony Maw tomorrow.
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