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  2. Could it be possible that their system took in more orders than what was really allocated? Haven't seen any cancellations from other retailers. If anything, I'm surprised that some haven't even offered it up yet.
  3. Thanks for the info @Alphahorizon Johns Hopkins University also has a great dashboard updated regularly https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 This going to put a serious hold up on Macross toy collecting for us non Japan residents. Well, more resin kits to build anyway
  4. Kinda doubt it at this time. Manufacturing is in China where they don't really care for such things. If anything, Bandai will just delay the release like what they already did with some items.
  5. Good to know. Dont get me wrong. I'd rather have the valks than the refund. However this is it for purchases. It's time to stop spending and settle in for the long haul.
  6. I'm pretty sure if you ask politely for a refund in light of the circumstances, they will gladly honor it. I've returned an item to them once and it was an incredibly smooth process.
  7. I have had nothing but good transactions with Mandrake for the last year and a half of recollecting Macross and other lines. Maybe they will offer the other services (FedEX/DHL), obviously at a higher cost. I think I'm just gonna have to go on a collection hiatus for a while unless already in the states. And you in the Med industry, I in the military, this isn't going to be just a few weeks. Regardless of toys, all of you stay safe out there and keep your families healthy. The problem with the lock-down is there are already numerous people throughout the world meeting up in masse and blatantly ignoring various countries orders. Or those countries that's own government officials state "Don't worry, you can go to that (insert any gathering/protest/march), and show how strong and in solidarity with that cause you are. Covid wont get ya. Well, now some of those countries are topping the list. And if any of you are inclined https://ncov2019.live/data 17 year old created the site. Damn smart kid and updates 2 times per day if not more.
  8. I'm worried you may be right @sqidd. Arcadia isn't nearly as big as Bandai to be able to absorb what repercussions this pandemic is going to (and already has in some instances) do to smaller manufacturers.
  9. https://www.polygon.com/star-wars/2020/3/31/21200863/star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-changes-art-book-alternate-deleted-scenes-scripts-duel-of-the-fates I have all of the "Art of" Star Wars books and have enjoyed them throughout the years.....so had to get this one too. Just checked and it's "Out for Delivery"
  10. I got my HMR from mandarake and sent them an email. If they refuse to refund me and wont ship then it's time to talk to my bank.
  11. Today
  12. Jungle didn't have their website for a year and basically just said "screw international customers." I'm guessing that most retailers will simply state that they are currently unable to ship internationally and not allow purchases to be completed at international addresses. EDIT - that is any retailer that didn't already have a 'hold it for me' option. Places like AE, NY, HLJ, will only allow ship later options.
  13. I suspect the problem is the effects of social distancing on logistics and not something that can be solved by better methodologies. If you're running a skeleton crew, and everyone else is running a skeleton crew, and you keep falling further and further behind, at some point it makes sense to say "let's just shut down and come back to this when we all don't have skeleton crews."
  14. I wonder if reduced manufacturing due to covid will curtail the number of kakizaki made and make it the rarest dx of all. It's not a popular model. I can see them cutting production short.
  15. I hope so. The pdf said that all accepted packages but not shipped would be returned to sender. So the question, how do you guys think the japanese people are likely to react to this situation. Places like mandarake. Will they hold packages, offer other shipping methods, offer refunds, or just say screw international customers.
  16. Did POTUS get that memo? I would hope delivery services for paid items will be honored. But just take longer. If postal services can upgrade their methodology,( concerning virus safe environment and transportation methods) perhaps goods can still be moving to and fro. Even if no one goes out much, shipments, in theory, should still be able to happen..
  17. There is a critical shortage of PPE in my area. All non urgent appts and services have been canceled including labs, MRI, Xrays. No new patients accepted so if you happen to be one of those people who waited to find a primary care physician and now you need one you are SOL. Urgent care clinics have been turned into respiratory units. Even labor and delivery floors have been closed and converted to covid wards. All OB patients have been routed to only one hospital. Anyone who thinks this will blow over in a couple of weeks is sadly mistaken.
  18. I highly recommend you look into Mo Show Gundam. Third party, little spendy, but the build quality is in my opinion much better then officiall releases. I have the metal kingdom Strike that dropped a month or so ago. Pretty solid toy for sure. I recommend https://kumastyledesigns.com Kumastyles is a.member here and does extremely well out together reviews.
  19. All of them were Mr Color paints. Clear ones were regular Mr Color, and the metallic paints were Mr Color Super Metallic.
  20. I submitted a ticket to see if I can at least change shipping method (which may not even be an option by the time these things are actually in their hands). We'll see what they say. Not holding my breath...
  21. I am in disbelief. My first order ever from Nippon-Yasan (placed 01/28/2020) arrived in the mail today...a DX VF-1A Max. Granted, I opted for JP International by Ferry, and there is this whole pandemic going on, so I knew I was in for a long haul, but this is the first time I've every actually received product in exchange for money from NY after several orders.
  22. Man, that's a bummer. It's good that EMS is still accepted but I wonder if that will eventually stop too.
  23. I've been curious about the math on this (not that I doubt it';s true). We hear things like "the virus has an r0 of roughly 2.4" (meaning every one person gives it to 2.4 people) and that the virus has an incubation period of 1 to 2 weeks and recover period of 2 to 3 weeks meaning a max of 5 weeks with the bug. One would think that social distancing would greatly reduce the r0 and ten weeks of of social distancing would be plenty of time for people who had just gotten sick to show symptoms, infect their family members, and all be on the road to recovery... but apparently that's not at all the case. The masks thing is unfortunate. People have been buying n95 masks and similar which is not what they need which created a shortage for healthcare professionals and caused the whole "don't wear masks" thing. The campaign should have been "make your own mask!"
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