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  2. Thats a great set up, are those virpil? I couldnt afford them so I only got a cheap X56 setup
  3. Even got the model going in DCS so I can pretend i get to fly it too
  4. very pretty isn't?, I still have it in a box
  5. I'm officially part of the club! Arrived at my doorstep today after a weird 10 day handling time. First hands on, this thing is A M A Z I N G. I thought I understood the hype, but now I really understand. Cant wait for the super parts! EDIT: Realizing now how disheveled it is in this photo, but it's the only one I took that came out clear in the lighting
  6. Wow release by the end of the month?!? I just sent them an email for PO. Can’t pass up Shin’s F-14.
  7. They already have other color schemes out, they released these awhile back. you should be able to get them in the secondary market. Some at close to msrp You can check out anymoon, it will have all info you will need. http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=4937
  8. I've done it on mine. It's not difficult. It just pops right off. It's certainly implied here when he puts the arm on:
  9. How about watching the transformation video in English?
  10. So what is the difference if any between the SDCC Stealth VF-1 and the one listed on FlyingMule. Thanks for the heads up about the pre-order coupon. It was just heavily used... lol
  11. It's what is known as "Getting Bandai'd".
  12. Anybody have a translated version of the manual yet? I tried a translation app but it just gave me back jibberish
  13. Today
  14. They most likely get it from another scalper. So you get double scalped so to speak.
  15. True of the DYRL Strike/Super Parts and the so far released missile set with a mix of TV try-missile pods, Movie Micro-missile boxes and movie(and maybe also TV?) Yellow tip reaction missiles. The upcoming TV Super parts don't have the "Strike Cannon" but come with three red tipped reaction missiles.
  16. Yup. That's why IMO complaining about the price is irrelevant; if you get into the DX game prepare to spend...
  17. ok .... so i'm admittedly newbish to the bandai 1/48 valk series of toys. .... so let me get things straight.... the valk, fastpacks, and wing missile ordinance are all sold separately? If so, is there any chance down the road these will sell altogether as one set?
  18. No, they don't do that...They do this: Hey, it could be a strategy. They have the integrity to not cancel your order with some BS excuse BUT they conveniently might take their time shipping so that people who are too impatient do it themselves and cancel. At that point it is fair game for them to charge whatever they can get for the cancelled items. Brilliant!
  19. Nay, NY just holds off on shipping for so long you cancel your PO yourself, for store credit.
  20. So pulling a "Nippon Yasan" then huh? Sorry, couldn't control myself.........
  21. From all the preorders at lower prices that they are going to cancel due to "not having enough stock".
  22. Or they just hold some back.
  23. It's kind of funny to me now. I am wondering if it will break 250.00 by mid next week. Where do they keep getting their inventory from? Is it cancelled orders or some other black magic sorcery?
  24. It's what most of us will probably pay on release day, anyway...
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