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  3. SOLD OUT for now.. 2nd batch incoming next month "METAL BUILD GUNDAM EXIA REPAIR IV" has been accepted for shipment in July due to its popularity, and we will resume receiving orders again in the next month. Please wait for the following information for details.
  4. I found beyond the aquila rift quite memorable
  5. So update Going on week 7 for some of my orders. The rep from ShowZ initially offered a refund. But I think he didnt realize that it would be north of $750 dollars. He seems to be back tracking with me now. He responded with an email that 2 out of the 6 have been "STUCK" even tho its listed as shipped and left china he confirmed it hasnt and doesnt know where it is. But I told him the other 4 have been in the same status since the outbreak happened and still shows shanghi. Ugh I Fhawking knew this would be fhawking painful! And it seems I will need to take the nuclear option and go through Paypal. FHAWK! The other thing is, if this virus doesnt kill most of humanity which based on trends and current data outside of the bullshit media is trying to hide this thing aint slowing down. Pretty much China is done like dinner. Video upon video and the telegram group im a part of shows the extreme treatment of the communist party to its citzens, now South Korea and Italy. I pull the trigger with Paypal and by any chance this gets under control, my relationship im assuming with ShowZ is dead. However even if they are able to pull a rabbit out of the hat they will not be able to get production lines and shipping for a month or two at which point there goes your time limit with Paypal....so your fhawked with only one option and I could use that money to gear up for the apocalypse
  6. Yeah, I was wondering about that wet road... As to the suit, I think it looks good. Could use some 'tweaking' but overall not bad.
  7. Good hunting is one of my favorites. I also really liked lucky 13.
  8. Especially the funnels and snow white, only japan and america has officially opened pro-order so I would assume bluefin wold have R4
  9. I can and I did, sir. This isn't to nullify or dismiss your negative experience with your copy but since I didn't have the same experience with mine, why would I share the same opinion? I'm never going to put my opinion out there as the end all, be all, definitive and encourage people to get a good number of perspectives, particularly when a purchase seems questionable. On the flip side though it'd be nice not to have my opinion and experience dismissed simply because yours differs.
  10. Nope. Binge watched up to ep 12 "Fish Night" today. Sonnie's Edge, When the Yogurt Took Over, Beyond the Aquila Rift, and Shape Shifters were all good, but the stand out to me was Good Hunting- beautifully animated with a great story. I could watch a whole series based on that episode alone. Looking forward to finishing the series and hopefully more seasons down the road. Great forum for filmmakers to create interesting sci-fi short films.
  11. Y'know, those things you mentioned about Sky Lynx should have "pushed my buttons" as well- shuttles and big cats, and dinos, oh my! Alas, I've seen the light, and given all that the Earthrise version offers, I'll almost certainly snag a copy. That Windblade model's interesting. I like the look of the broken panels- just a neat mechanical look, although I'm not sure if it's really right for the character. Regardless, it's a non-transformable model, which greatly erodes its appeal for me. I'll wait to see what Big Firebird crank out for their Windblade. If it's anything like Nicee, it'll be beautiful---and transformable. Thanks for the Optimus review, Mike. I'm hoping to stumble across him one of these rare times when I visit Target. I've purposely gone to two different Targets in my area already, and they had zip for Earthrise. I've yet to see a single Earthrise figure of any class. Kinda irks me when I see TFW posting sightings in other countries when they're not even showing up domestically. Good for you for snagging one. I'm hoping Hasbro will roll out some of those figs revealed by Walmart's system at Toy Fair this weekend. The Allicon looks cool, and I'm really curious to see Snapdragon's other modes. I really, really hope he turned out well- I've liked the look of him since I was a kid, but I never had the original, so I have high hopes for this figure to be good. It's gotta be better than Apeface, anyway. Pretty low bar to exceed. Not too plussed about ER megs, which borrows a lot from the Siege figure. I hate how they did his tank cannon; I wish they'd just found a way to integrate his fusion cannon into the alt mode, and give it some up and down movement. It doesn't seem like a tall order to me, but apparently it is.
  12. kkx

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    This is where I get it from: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a21wu.241046-us.4691948847.7.41cab6cbkQVe6O&scm=1007.15423.84311.100200300000005&id=581216915966&pvid=16cda37b-2497-4954-a539-98add2d55c4e
  13. There's something too tacticool/mall ninja about these guys IMO. Especially Snake Eyes. The serrated back edge on his scimitar irks me. And the Arashikage symbols everywhere. Then again every iteration of Snakes after 1985 was pretty mall-ninja so I might lose this argument...
  14. It's a very stylized short . Quite distinguished from most of the others in the series. Of course, it could be argued, they all are..
  15. I was referring only to it's aesthetics...not it's fit or quality... If you are referring to fit and quality, then you can't refer to a KC VF- 1's fit and quality as anything but "poor" or worse....the VF-1S started out "fair enough" out of the box...then it degraded into a floppy mess after a few months of minimal transformations.. No doubt the VF-1J looks great...However, the only thing I am curious about the "new" KC VF-1 mold is how if fares after a dozen or so transformations....or even after just a few months in a static display pose....only after release can some light be shed onto that question... I really hope they truly made some progress in fit and quality because as much as I like the "look" of these KC VF-1's, I can't continue to support them if their VF-1J proves to be just as "poor" as their VF-1S...
  16. Someone made a 1/20 Enigma. That's an impressive amount of masking....
  17. OK... just cleared a tough-AF work week, and now it's time to sit down and give Star Trek: Picard the beating it so richly deserves this week thanks to "Stardust City Rag". Perhaps future Star Trek conventions can replace autograph lines with "punch the producers" lines? The Good The Bad The Ugly
  18. As a kid, I wanted Sky Lynx so bad. Not because of the character but because he was a robot dinosaur space shuttle, which was most of my buttons in one toy. He's always been a favorite. Speaking of pushing my buttons... I want that Windblade!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Damn girl, you're... not quite as nice looking as Nicee despite not being saddled with any form of transformation. Still pretty cool though. :edit: And it looks like the twitter mob has ruined yet another good thing.
  21. Putting in some Friday late afternoon paint work for the Enterprise C. Tamiya AS-5 Light Blue (Luftwaffe) for the base coat.
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