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  2. I adore the Bonaventure. I also have that mini....I think it would have been a perfect NX Enterprise instead of the “Akira-praise” yes it did appear in a calendar, thou I forget which year. Chris
  3. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    As if there were any doubt... Comparing shades of orange... Comparing pilots... ...and somebody mentioned comparing nosecones...?
  4. Very much agree with this. It is exactly how I’ve described Marvel movies for a few years now. People are so addicted to them that they completely ignor their flaws. Chris
  5. Well, Kawamori-san et al are on record as saying the Monster has literally a "one-step world". As for the Cheyenne... keep in mind that the Macross Zero version is essentially gasoline engine powered, and the later, SDF-1 era Destroids have nuclear reactors. So, visuals aside, the MBR-04, MBR-07, etc. series are all more advanced (and larger, and carry more weapons, and...). In the background materials for M0, they did indicate (or imply) that the MBR-03 series (the Cheyenne) was a developmental stepping stone to the MBR-04 series—paralleling the relationship of the VF-0 to the VF-1. Of course, the MBR-03 series was abandoned in favour of the larger MBR-04 series because of their poor combat performance in M0 (not that the MBR-04/07 series performed better or anything in SWI. )
  6. I think it is a plot by bandai not to give us perfect metal feet. It is a foot thing.... and a metal thing...
  7. Yes, the vertical line you see on the feet is a soldering line where they fuse the two halves of the feet. It's also hard to compare plastic mold such as how they produce their Gunpla to how they do it in metal.
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  9. seti88

    Hi-Metal R

    Hmm then I really don’t see the difference. Will await the real copy.
  10. Dammit, now I can't unsee it. My Wing 0 has lost all intimidation factor now. *Shakes angry fist*
  11. Bandai has gotten the parts on models sprues to have mold lines not on the front/displayed side, but hasn't done that for metal parts. Their newer Master grade kits have clean parts now. Is that what we're talking about here?
  12. The HWR-00 Monster was stated somewhere to be inspired in Sumo fighters and the Sumo fighter fighting stance. Reed somewhere also that a Sumo fighter stomping with both feet is supposed to symbolize stomping over evil. And thus also puny hangar floors About Cheyenne..., yes, yes, yes, but still seems more advanced than any previous... or should I say LATER destroid. All is fixed in statistics adjusting and history tweaking, but the model per-se couldn't do that without that background facts. Even stating it was used in a military role by refurbishing fails to explain adequately why it got obsolete in SDFM and DYRL, and any background explanation to overcome that will just be retconning and history fixing, thus implying what is said already: KW doesn't care, nor needs to, about the timeframe to include his new cool toy, even if the setting is prior to mainline series, because that is the job of the personnel charged with canon continuity. Even if he included Escaflowne alongside the Orgus Valkyrie: 'MBR-06 Escaflowne. Losed the contract the MBR-07 won for close quarters Battle Robot, later refined in the MBR-06 Mk II variant that included first instance of transformation ability. Both versions built by Dwayne Enterprises of New Gottingham Island as a private venture. Both in black, for whatever reason.' "I'm Batmaw!" http://macross2.net/m3/moremecha/escaflowne-black.htm
  13. And that doesn't even require a lot of revising of history. Pretty sure that SDF showed Destroids messing up streets on more than one occasion, making it rather clear they are not really a good choice for infrastructure preservation in an urban environment. Heck, the Monster is even shown wrecking up the deck of the HANGER THEY PARK IT IN as it stomps out before the final battle in episode 27(an event which is all kinds of illogical, but also OH SO COOL). You definitely don't want one of those bad boys clomping along on your sidewalks and cutting through your parks. It really puts the occasional dog turd in a new light.
  14. Looks pretty good. I just don’t like that they are all the exact same angle. About as boring as displaying a bunch of action figures standing straight up in a row next to each other. It would be worth having one though.
  15. Way late to the party on the Moscato set for the ride armor.... i realize its a stretch, but if someone has a spare set....
  16. Lolicon

    Hi-Metal R

    No, the orange of the colored plastic (chest) is clearly different from the orange paint (legs, wings).
  17. I keep my valks clean so they don't get lines of mold on them.
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