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  2. So loud, so fast, so much boom.....but kinda boring My thought after watching the Delta
  3. The problems I ran into with my Tiertime printer were mostly related to the combination of the printer mechanism, and my preferred print orientation. While translating beds are by no means unique to that printer design, they're also detrimental to tall prints, because the rapid motion can cause the prints to wobble. It's just unfortunate coincidence that I was printing a lot of shapes like wings and fuselages, which tend to print best in a vertical orientation. What happened to me many times was that the bed translation caused my parts to wobble slightly, offsetting a layer or two, and leading to either a disjointed, or ultimately failed print. The offset layers would cause the print head to add extra material near the edges, which would then cause the print head to strike the model when the bed translated through what should have been empty space, and it would knock the part over. The combination of that, and some cooling-related issues led to me buying a much larger enclosed printer this year, with a roughly 12"x 10" x 12" volume, and a print head that moves in the X-Y plane, while the bed translates vertically. I've only done a couple test prints, with really good results, but I need to experiment with raft and g-code settings, because the supports were pretty hard to remove, and minorly destructive to the model.
  4. They did the same thing to me with the MB Strike. They don't get their stock until very late so they didn't let me know until months after it had been released. Not the easiest of chores to secure one at a reasonable price at that point. The other thing they do that I don't like is list the release date on their site as the actual release date of the product, not the date they expect to receive the product. Then every month they send out a status update pushing the release date out to the next month. They do this for many months until they finally deliver to you or cancel. My MB Qan[T] they eventually delivered months after the release date. My MB 007SG I cancelled after waiting 5 months with no delivery in sight. When I cancelled they assured me they would be getting it but I wasn't willing to wait anymore. My MB Strike they cancelled 4 months after the release date. I won't even use them as a store of last resort anymore due to all of this. If I have to I'd rather pay a marked up price on YJA or eBay for more peace of mind.
  5. Crazy enough, sure, head trauma seems to be a job requirement there. Stupid enough to think that Big West would allow/play that game, no. But you're right, the way they handled even the notion of protoculture would ruin that possibility. You could, possibly, rewrite the Masters as an offshoot of the OG Protoculture, but their whole insistence that Protoculture was a fuel source, nope that really doesn't sell, given that Macross has always said that the ships were powered by fusion reactors.
  6. I was charged by CDJpaan last week.
  7. Thanks, @jenius
  8. Today
  9. See, the insane troll logic engine in my head is just throwing out the thought that they're purposefully trashing the entirety of the Robotech continuity with a hard Time Crash that will erase everything back to the original SDF-1 crash and collapse into... wait for it... .. an official adaptation of the entire proper Macross universe. I honestly don't see any real reason why HG would actually want this... but could they have been writing in a continuity failsafe that would default to official Macross content in case the licensing ran out? Or would they actually be crazy enough to hope that they'll have access to more official Macross content in the future, and leave an off-ramp on Macek's Wild Ride to allow a canon transition? From a storyline point of view, I admit, it kind of cleans up the situation nicely... since you would be erasing the convoluted mess that Robotech has become over the years, while simultaneously declaring it to be the canon un-written history of the Macross universe. Would they actually be crazy enough to try and sell Robotech to the Macross fanbase as a time-erased prequel? And yes, I'm aware, that doesn't fix any of the other massive story discrepancies (ie the Protoculture, Zentraedi, the Masters, etc), but nothing about this idea is really coherent anyway.
  10. Exactly--replicators can likely do it 98-99% as well, but people willingly pay out the nose for the "real stuff" to get that almost-imperceptible slight increase in quality. Vs most people who'd be happy to have "98% as good as a top chef's work, in 2 secs and cheap". Though, with Voyager and their "replicator ration credits" perhaps replicator tech is energy-intensive (expensive) and it's actually far more efficient (though slower) to cook things traditionally? I mean, we do tend to only ever see "flag/bridge officers" in the shows, who may be granted extra rations/energy credits to splurge on replicator food all the time. Perhaps "the masses" on planets, and lower-ranking crew members, can't have "their fave foods, perfectly replicated all the time"? And so seek out good cooks or have to settle for mess-halls? (Ten-Forward doesn't seem like it could handle feeding a Galaxy-class crew).
  11. Luckily I have forgotten most of it. Still seeing the Psychologist for the rest...
  12. There's always GIMP, which is freeware. It does have layers.
  13. I'm slowly rounding out my collection of other aircraft, up to I think six of the AFC line, and will grab a few more if certain aircraft pop up. I really appreciate the lower investment level compared with the fancier 1/72 stuff, but I do like the landing gear and weapons options on the bigger scales. Yesterday my second VF-31E showed up, along with a 1/72 Hobby Master F-35C. I haven't gone too deeply into the die-cast aircraft market, but I have to say I'm impressed with this release. HM have come a long way with their molding and detail since the F-106 release I got a couple years ago. Only one quibble really, while it comes with a full optional weapons load (including a full open internal bay), they decided for some reason that the 9X pylons on the outer wings had to be cemented in place? I was able to pop the glue easily enough, and they remain completely capable of being snapped on and off, but the glue stripped the paint under the pylon mounts. Not a huge deal, since I can probably touch up the bare metal, and the pylons obviously cover it, but still just a "why?" moment.
  14. Good point, I was thinking the EU when it restarted under Tim Zahn. I had also forgotten that Daley was involved.
  15. Brian Daley, one half of the "Jack McKinney" duo, was writing Star Wars novels almost a full decade before he teamed with James Luceno to write Robotech's novelizations. He did a trilogy called The Han Solo Adventures, the first of which was published in September 1979. Yeah, it was a mess... End of the Circle is rightly considered an atrocity even by most Robotech fans.
  16. The problem with the SU57 is that it looks like they took the Flanker and mashed it together with an F-22. It's interesting, ever since the advent of the Raptor, every stealth fighter (concept or production) looks like it. It is as if all the engineering thoughts and efforts behind stealth aircraft have gone away. It is either an F-22 form factor for a fighter, or a flying wing form factor for a bomber. What happened to the innovators out there? Can someone at the old MCD or Northrop please knock off LMC as the sole producer of stealth fighters.... I'm starting to get sick of the same generic form factors.
  17. Anyone looking for a Minty White G1 Jetfire? This one is really nice and complete with working landing gear: http://ebay.us/EMF7C9?cmpnId=5338273189
  18. I had forgotten that. But they started writing those before the Star Wars EU became a thing. Still, the whole notion that the SDF-3, which was built from parts of the destroyed SDF-1 and 2, plus extra parts, was sent back in time to become Zor's Battlefortress, which was then rebuilt into the SDF-1 creates a bootstrap paradox of such massive proportions it would take all 13 iterations of the Doctor, plus Doc Brown, the Enterprises, the USS Nimitz, Time Rider, Jean Claude Van Damme and every other time traveler ever to rectify it.
  19. She sure posted a lot of food that she ate. Here's how she worked it off! XD
  20. I second the recommendation... This only took a couple of minutes using Photoshop CS4.
  21. Same plan here. A 15-20% mark down might be enough for me to bite. I'm not a big enough fan of the SV-51 to buy at the current price.
  22. How can there be a fourth matrix when there is only one film? The ending was awesome: “I’m going to hang up this phone, and then show these people what you don’t want them to see. I’m going to show them a world without you. A world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.”
  23. call me when they can control the Su-57 with their brains...
  24. No way that lot could afford coke. That clueless lot were probably smoking oregano their dealer told them was weed. Well, that's what happens when your author C.S. Goto's you (before C.S. Goto was even a thing)... you get a shitty plot that was originally written for a completely different story, that often isn't even in the same genre. To this day I'd swear half those Robotech novels started out as rejected drafts for Star Wars books. It'd certainly explain why the books introduced something that was basically the Force and why all the VFs have energy shields. I'll laugh long and hard if that's how this mess ends... "by the way, you Robotech fans wasted the last 30 years of your lives. We're writing this garbage out once and for all."
  25. I’m going to take a chance and wait until these are marked down. May not bite even then but curious to see what they will be selling for in a few months.
  26. Did they send an email and/or give a reasoning? I got in when they re-opened the pre-orders recently. I wonder how many of us are on the chopping block?
  27. Looks like you did a great job.
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