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  2. The ticket system sucks for sure
  3. No it has, JC Staff is doing it this season, also the original director is not on staff either, so there is that. IF the story is good then I'll take a quality drop, just hoping they don't drop the ball completely.
  4. NY is garbage now.
  5. Today
  6. full set for me too please.
  7. Is there another preorder going on? NY has that ticket system to wait just to log on?
  8. like the frog face on Tomahawk, ha ha
  9. I've handled this valk in person, and I didn't notice it until that pic next to the yammie. It's a nitpick. I'd still like to get my hands on a Max, or at this rate, the next valk. I think if Bandai reissued with the swingbar as one solid piece, that'd ruin the collection, ha.
  10. Looking forward to seeing more
  11. RIP. Is responsible for so many classics.
  12. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the pics. This gives me some ideas. The guy is missing a few but that HM and HMR pic is cool. And yes I have a lot more. Agreed.
  13. At this point why don't you guys just use a bead of hot-glue or silicone caulk? As long as you don't have painted surfaces resting on them there should be no problem.
  14. Pleasantly surpised that there are two baseball themed anime this season with Cinderella Nine and Mix. Of the two, Cinderella Nine has more of my attention as Mix is based on Adachi Mitsuru's manga series which I have been reading for the past 6 years.
  15. This is sooooo cute! (I know where you can get the wabbit ears.......)
  16. First venue for KICK IT UP!! And all those that attended! Incidentally, yesterday was Megumi's (Ranka) first time singing in Singapore (she sang What about my star, Seikan Hikou, Houkago Overflow and Anato no Oto + some of her own songs)
  17. FWIW, I felt I overpaid for my VF-25S at $40. It's strictly in fighter mode, and I'm considering super-gluing it together and giving it to my son to whoosh around with.
  18. ScrambledValkyrie

    Hi-Metal R

    It was often used for training, but I don’t think that was its exclusive purpose. Per the mecha manual: “...but nonetheless was an active-service variable fighter. A number of VF-1D units were also deployed as advanced training variable fighters, for live weapons and full combat functionality instruction.” I would have liked to see a hardpoint option for the wings, but then Bandai would essentially have had to include missiles with it.
  19. This scheme is totally doable on the yamato 25th anniv. 19 valk.
  20. ErikElvis

    Hi-Metal R

    I originally bought the HMR “just because” because why would i need these little things when I have 1/60’s. But they really have grown on me. cool little line.
  21. tekering

    Hi-Metal R

    Well, not much money... ...but there isn't a Hi-Metal R alternative for the VF-25, and they display well with HMRs.
  22. I think I saw it last time saying sold out but the missile set is available again for preorder at NY for 4400 JPY. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/26995-dx-chogokin-missile-set-for-vf-1-limited-edition.html
  23. Variable Fighter Master File: VF-1 Battroid Valkyrie: http://sdfyodogawa.mywebcommunity.org/OTvfmf/OTvfmf.php I've completed my main goal of all the bits that mention the VF-1EX, and a secondary goal of the QF-3000E (which was much more thought provoking than I thought it would be). Alas, as my site's host has forbidden "apple incident", it means I still have to use a butchered spelling to get "Sharon Apple Incident" past their auto-censors. I really like the book's reasoning for why the VF-1 continues to be produced and used 70 years after its introduction. ... and it begs the question, is the VF-1X++ (from MtR) the basis for the VF-1Z? Or should we consider the VF-1X++ a fighter localized to the Macross Frontier fleet, and distinct from the VF-1J/VF-1EX lineage?
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