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  2. Wifey hooked it up for my BDay Friday!!!
  3. That big sucker is a model. Sigh. I literally don't have time for something like that. Too bad, that is awesome! Thanks!
  4. The VF-1S and Parts haven’t released yet. So there is still a chance to purchase both in a pre-order. The wave of orders available for parts at this point will release in April 2020. You missed the window for Dec. However, the VF-1S still releases in Nov. So, you can either pay an upcharge on somewhere like Nippon, or wait until it releases and gamble trying to get it then.
  5. That may be the way I go. I can't find any info on when the Fokker is going to be released. It looks like the Hikaru movie edition in November an the S&S parts for it in December (which I may get). Any info on a Fokker release? Thanks!
  6. I found the site, thank you. Am I understanding this correctly. I can order/pre-order through this site and when they're released they will get shipped to me here in the US? I'm assuming this company is in Japan? I'm going to need the VF-1S movie version and the S&S parts. Thanks for your help!
  7. Amazon.jp currently has 'em for 10% off retail... It's at least a year away -- and will likely cost you twice what the Yamato will -- but it'll be the best 1:48 Roy. So many 1:60 variations to consider... ...and that doesn't even include the new Premium Finish release.
  8. The S&S parts are available for order currently at Nippon Yasan. Your best bet is to order them from there now.
  9. Despite the super-long Kickstarter delay, Cannon Busters definately seems to have been worth the wait.
  10. Instead of decals, the Premium Finish is fully tampoed from the factory. It just depends on if you care about all that or not. If not, I’d still recommend getting the non PF version from Arcadia. Check anymoon.com for detailed comparisons and differences explained on all the releases from Yamato to Arcadia. If you want 1/48, I love the Yamato but at this point, I think you should wait for the inevitable Bandai DX release and join the bloodbath of trying to secure that version.
  11. You may as well wait for the eventual release of the Bandai DX 1/48 VF-1S Fokker...if you do not mind waiting for the best and the biggest fully transformable version
  12. Holy crap! Where do I get one of those!!!! Take my money!!!
  13. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    @enphily So the chest and shoulder piece fit in? Compatibility issue is from canards which might fit but can't be folded ?
  14. I looked for a bit, but I have ADD. Sorry. I'm going to have to get the VF-1J (already available). But, I'm really going to need to get the S&S parts when they're released in what is it December? I see talk of buying these items through other avenues than eBay. Can anyone give me some insight into what those avenues are? How it works? Positives? Negatives? Etc? I see something mentioned about pre- orders. How is that pulled off? I have a friend who lives in Japan that I asked if he could source some of this stuff for me. He hasn't really found anything as far as a place to purchase (I'm not sure he worked that hard at it, he's lazy). Is that a good option if it's an option? Have someone pick this stuff up in Japan and then ship to the US? Anyone have a link to where I can send him to get this stuff? Is there a buying tutorial on here that I'm not seeing? Sorry for all the newb questions. I imagine for the pro's on here they all sound really dumb. Thanks guys!
  15. Looks nice. Can you help me by pointing out what is better/different than this guy? Thanks! eBay link
  16. Alto-23

    Bandai DX VF-31

    It’s definitely off white. Looks cool but I need to see battroid
  17. Today
  18. This is the 1:60 you want. Link to eBay Accept no substitutes. Well, in that case...
  19. I've really been itching to get back into Macross toys. And by far the Fokker is my favorite from when I was a kid (actually re-watching Macross now). I'd like to get a three Fokkers so I can have them displayed in all three modes at the same time. I used to have some Yamato 1/48's. And then the 1-60's came out. A lot of people at the time said that the sculpting on the 60's were never. I never had one in my hands so I don't know. I do have to say, I like the toys to be as big as possible though. I'm also a little confused on which 1/60's are the most current ones (2006ish???). Is this the latest incarnation of the 1/60 from Yamato? Link to eBay Or is this the latest 1/60? Or the same as the one above, but a different box? Link To eBay It seems like the 1/48's and 1/60's are roughly the same cost. I'm not sure what direction to go here. And if I go 1/60, which is the 1/60 I want? Thanks guys!
  20. I just saw this WIP Video from Youtuber Otaku Builder and just want to share it with you guys...
  21. Yes, please update the pictures and I will add this to the Macross Complete Model List.
  22. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Interesting. It seem like it has a better chance on fitting on the 31A (at least on the battroid mode).
  23. It's great to see them compared, thanks and congratulations.
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