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  2. Well, they do give 45days leeway, it's just it hit 40days before I finally got the arrival notification. Now one massive package is finally on it's way. With lots of P-Bandai stuff.
  3. I believe the Bloodstained project was because Konami didn't want to take the risk on another 2D Castlevania type game. Even though they are big enough and profitable to take that risk. I think they said something along the lines of no one wanted that type of game anymore. Same sort of story for that Mighty Number 9 project from the guy that was actually the top of Capcom's game department. If anyone was in the position to make that sort of game at Capcom it was him. That's why I thought his Kickstarter was bs and didn't back that one. And of course Shenmue even though Sega probably couldn't fully handle the cost of that one. I think this period might have been the top of game Kickstarter hype with each project out doing the next in terms of funding amounts. I guess the thing is every single Kickstarter I've seen is setup like getting a product in exchange for money. Whether it's comics, books, games, toys, statues, etc. Even though they say pledge and not pre-order. People expect whatever item at the end of the time period and of course timely updates about the status of that project, which should not be too much to ask at all. I think when the $60 pledge amount with extras is so close to current retail prices. You have to assume that the majority of people giving money will think that will be the retail game price as well. From what I understand the poll about the exclusive content being available wasn't a backer only poll. I think the general public could take that poll as well. At least that's what I'm reading. I believe I took it but can barely remember it. But I'm sure I would have voted for the exclusive content to be released later. At the least as a timed exclusive for backers, say a month or so for backers to play before the general release, or in a complete edition released at a later date. Also, you can tell things aren't right as supposedly the guy from that update mentioned how there is a $10 value for the stretch goal prequel mini game Curse of the Moon. But that game was a goal for a funding level and reward for the money coming in. Now it's being used as part of the $60 which just isn't right. I guess I believe that if someone invests in a business or business project and is responsible for its success, then those people should be treated with respect and given something special in appreciation. If you invest in a restaurant and on opening day you aren't given a good seat, you are served late, and the food is cold. Then that isn't the way you treat someone responsible for your success. Yet if you see the average customer being served in a booth, quickly, and with hot food. Something is wrong with that picture. Many of these game Kickstarters that I've seen show a priority to the general audience when the game releases. Like the people who Kickstarted aren't as important as the early reviewers, retailers, etc. But there wouldn't be a game without that Kickstarter. Still companies treat the Kickstarter as a way to get money and then go to a company with proof and say we got this much money and this many people, now you can support us the rest of the way. And of course that company will get the priority over the fans that Kickstarted the game to begin with. With the steelbook, they are nice. I get a few on occasion. But my whole goal with Bloodstained is to have the signed version with the Ayami Kojima and Yoshitaka Amano artwork displayed. I don't see myself needing that steelbook as I bet Ayami Kojima's work will be better. I hope they will show the slipcase artwork or even some work in progress concepts as soon as possible though. If they really go though with selling the 800 steelbooks to go around between 64,867 backers, that is not going to end well. It will be like Mondo posters and make matters even worse. They need to show that slipcase and make it embossed, shiny, or something special.
  4. oh...my bad to not rmb it regular release. I had the X1 on pre order previously but in the end cancel it. wonder should i get it anot....
  5. https://flightpose.com/collections/all
  6. I thought the crowd-funding toy was a baby blue that just looked a little washed out in the photos... turns out it's really lavender... huh. Did we get Arcadia'ed again on color? EDIT - looking at the crowdfunding campaign, purplish seems to be right.
  7. the x1 is a regular release . HLJ still have some for 22000 yen, which is the same preorder price as previous listed. Everywhere else is around 25600 yen and above. https://hlj.com/metal-build-crossbone-gundam-x1-bans55153
  8. Are you thinking of selling any of these 4? I am looking for a set.
  9. wow that's harsh,
  10. I accidentally ordered 4 missile sets from NY. Ordered 2 then forgot I ordered and ordered 2 more. Maybe it is a good thing.
  11. Last Blood... that seems so... final. But hey, if John Rambo kicks the bucket, that works for me. May be we can get Die Hard: The END next.
  12. Cheers for that do you own any of the wave PS kits If so what's the pros and cons of them,hope that makes sense as I can't find any reviews for the wave kits as I would like to get some if there any good
  13. Anyone heard from CD Japan, or try ordering there? I'm tempted to put in an order just as a backup, since they seem to have ditched all of their TWE offers for the future.
  14. Annnd, NY just put them up again for order all around the same price.
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  16. One set available at Mandarake for¥8,000
  17. Well, it wasn't just the SV-51, but the VF-0 also had fuel capacity problems (but that's more to do with them using conventional—jet fuel burning—engines). Regarding the Sv-262: I think the reduced fuel capacity is more to do with underscoring the technology or performance gap between them and the hero Valkyries (which are themselves, not quite as cutting-edge as the VF-25/27/29 of MF). Nevertheless, the reduced fuel capacity only comes into play outside of an atmosphere, as even the VF-1 (which has a notoriously low fuel capacity) can fly for something like a month on a single fuel load—in the atmosphere.
  18. I found this pics (not are mine) but you can see the great look of Kurisama head
  19. Can anyone tell me what these stands where called?
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