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  2. The renewals were a significant improvement over, well, all the Macross toys Bandai had ever produced up to that point, though this might be more an indictment of Bandai's near Toynami-levels of piss poor past products. (The still great Yamato 1/60 VF-1 came out the same year as Bandai's first VF-25 toys and wow that just made Bandai's efforts look even worse.) The renewal VF-25 is now kinda dated and isn't as good as the VF-31, but it's still a good toy and the best version of it... for now. Thanks! Frontier is probably the best Macross show to come out since the original series and I remain ever hopeful that Bandai will revisit the VF-25 and give us a new, improved version with all the progress made over the years.
  3. I'm sorry, I just tripped over my own jaw on the floor.......
  4. Same here. I'm thinking my VF-1S Strike will spend most of it's time in battroid with the VF-1J alternating between fighter and gerwalk. Then I'll flip-flop when I get an urge to see the DYRL pilot. Hmm, I may need a second Yeti-Stand if I play to have a battroid and gerwalk displayed simultaneously. Come to think about it, I've probably spent to much time pondering this.
  5. Might be........ As an only child mom spoiled me with toys, much to my dad's dismay. Dad tried to get me an educational electronics play set, you know the ones that teach you like basic circuit design and stuff one year, I never even touched it. Looking back..prob should have!
  6. If you ever find a film/coating/spray that can replicate the Yamato rainbow effect (and doesn't cost an enormous sum) I'd love to know about it!
  7. Wow! You were a lucky kid. Owning toys like that was a pipe dream when I was a kid. Also, I always thought you were some kind of outer space potato man.
  8. I believe it was yes! Tranformers, Robotech, Voltron and later GI Joe. What else WAS there in the 80's?! Oh wait....maybe we shouldn't go down that road...LOL!
  9. I have some fighter planes waiting to take off on the CVS 101 deck.
  10. Thanks guys! I actually found ModelChili's review earlier at work and watched it! I've followed his builds before. I might end up just doing the D, but I do like the idea of having them all in scale. @Chronocidal, Starship Modeler has the set of 7 for $65.95 plus shipping. 3 in stock. It's a legit place, John the guy who runs it is a good guy. Anywhoo..B.O.T..The XL Runabout is up on the Eaglemoss website, but it looks as though they just took the pics from the smaller one..LOL. No sale until I see the real thing EM!
  11. That’s a legitimately happy kid! Is that Starscream on the dope couch?
  12. @Otaku Square do u have a pay later option or is it upfront?...i would love to purchase both eva from your site....thanx in advance
  13. Yeh, it was a sad day, I'd had it ever since X-Mas of '85! Survived in my parents attic in TX for over 20 years! It was in my Macross display cabinet for like 8 years, pulled it out to re-arrange the cabinet one day and the shoulder just literally crumbled off in my hand..I legit almost ugly cried. It was a good Xmas....(from Toys R Us)...Next to the one where I came home to find the original Hasbro Millennium Falcon, this is the one I remember the best!
  14. @theraiden - I have an original of this kit from a guy down in Australia. I bought it direct from him years ago. I'm almost certain these are non legitimate re-casts, which means who knows the quality of the resin used. It is a resin model kit. If you have never dealt with a resin kit before, it is an entirely different animal than a plastic model kit like the Arii kits. I wouldn't suggest it as a first go with a resin kit if you haven't had any experience. It was about my 3rd or 4th. That being said, it IS an awesome display piece once completed. I found the only really difficult stage of the build is securing the two halves together. It's a b*tch. I actually snapped the nose end of mine trying to do it, but was able to salvage the build. The Arii kits are very small, but build up pretty nice considering their age. Except the flagship that is..I don't know what the designers were thinking on the nose part of that one, it looks nothing like the resin kit or the show itself.
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  16. vlenhoff

    Hi-Metal R

    @tekering Do you shoot those pictures with a green background for the sky? then replace it with the sky? Or, did you draw the sky or cropped the image?
  17. That will be sweet. That is one of the scenes that sticks in my mind. I have lost track, did you manage to secure a 1S?
  18. @Ignacio Ocamica It will be a long wait till the DX 1S arrive. Do you plan to grab a Max on release date? I am hoping to find one around 22K yen.
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  20. Provided I can get ahold of them both, Roy's going to go in fully-loaded strike fighter mode, while Hikaru's 1S is going to be permanently displayed in the "Bodolza Barrage" pose, with a printout of Minmay's dance on the viewscreen pasted behind him.
  21. Having watched that review, it looks like they performed minor retools of the older three pack to make it snap-fit. Otherwise, the kits look identical in part breakdown. And in hindsight, with the trouble certain decals gave him, you might be better off masking and painting some of those kits. For all the trouble the C and E seemed to give him, the decals look like mostly solid colors, with the major details being molded in. The E especially looks like the decals were really underwhelmingly plain. Funny enough, the older three ships seemed to come out better overall, with the lack of molded features being a better surface for the decals. I'd probably just get the D kit by itself. Anyhow, course correcting back on-topic, are there any more details about the XL Akira? Depending on the paintjob, that's one ship I'd seriously consider getting, just due to the lack of any other kit or toy of it being available.
  22. Yup, decal decal decal. Panel lines are sparse, and deep. Fit's not too bad, *by AMT standards*. (this is going by the previous 3-packs, not the newer 7-pack). They'd probably actually look better with the panel lines etc puttied in. Just dunk the whole ship in Mr Surfacer, sand smooth, spray light grey (some more bluish, some more greenish), then decal away.
  23. @Otaku Square Thanks for the clarification! Double thanks on the extra mile in customer service!
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