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  2. This shows up today. So good looking in fighter mode. I am drooling all over it.
  3. Same here. Did it just now. 5 mins before the offer ends. And I don't need this. Keep telling myself that I already have a non-PF Milia. Reasoning is futile. Choose ferry shipping to make my wallet feel a little bit better.
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  5. No specific date. Here's Arcadia's official feed that says it's being pushed back to May:
  6. apptt4

    Hi-Metal R

    VF-1D shipped from nin-nin game
  7. $5 says Amazon Japan delivers before NY.
  8. Nerd-linger

    Hi-Metal R

    Just canceled my HLJ preorder for Hi-Metal R VF-1D if anyone is looking for one. And it's gone. Hope someone here got it.
  9. Ofc they'll release the Nu, then they can release P-Bandai HWS kit for it too
  10. Yes!! 1 more killer kit that I won't get to build for months...I'm buying two!
  11. Someone still want the 35th anniversary 1J? https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1106802839&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  12. ... considering how dumb the season finale of Discovery was, no realistic hope of that. Honestly, I'd put the two on about the same level. Voyager would've been a lot better if the network hadn't interfered so much, but it was pretty enjoyable on average. Janeway's emotional inconsistency was frustrating but they never tried to depict her as a perfect person, she was flawed in believable ways even if the constant abandoning of ways to get home fast for flimsy reasons got a little silly after a while. It would've been better if Robert Beltran hadn't spent seven seasons phoning it in and if they hadn't let the lawyers write Locarno out in favor of Paris since that would've given him more of a redemption arc. Enterprise was pretty fun for the same reason. Archer and his crew were flawed in believable ways, they made mistakes, they were occasionally embarrased, but they seemed to be having so much fun doing it that it was kind of infectious. If it weren't for the whole Temporal Cold War plot tumor I'd rate it higher than Voyager because the business of exploration felt less routine there, and the cast really made it feel like the crew were having the time of their lives. I'm kind of in two minds about the aborted season five since it had material that was equal parts amazing (the opening moves of the Romulan War) and embarrassing (the Kzinti).
  13. Well it is frustrating to keep reading an implied "based on true events" tag line to these programs, but never be able to get at the true events, themselves. It can sometimes convey the sense that something is fishy or fake, but that much is being swept under the rug by an effective carnival barker. Besides, some of us like documentaries even more than artistically-licensed, indulgent dramatizations. I choose to stick with the first version of events, unless a retelling contradicts it and provides both a satisfying, coherent explanation why it is contradictory and also why the first version got it so wrong. Someone (?) found the DYRL music notes, and Minmei/crew made up words and a full instrumental arrangement based upon them. And that was enough to speak to some faded, buried emotions within the hearts of the Zentraedi during the war.
  14. So I was just gonna ignore these posts, but it turns out that despite how odd and terribly-communicated their non-sequiturs of reasons are, there is the smallest grain of... I don't know, "logic" is too strong a word... in what they're trying and failing (or not trying and succeeding) to describe: So, way back in the halcyon days of MK3, there were so-called "Nudealities." This was exclusive to the arcade version of the game, as Nintendo and Sega censors would not have allowed such things to pass in the home market. The input for it was so obscure that, to this day, no one REALLY knows how to do it; even though the ROM has been dumped and is easily accessible, no emulator devs, hackers, speedrunners, what have you, have bothered to do whatever sorcery it is they do to find out the input. Come MK4, though, Midway received so much public criticism that they dropped the Nudeality altogether, and even sent out technicians to arcades across the country to patch MK3 cabinets to strip that aspect out of them. And of course, all of that is not true. There never were Nudealities in MK3, or in any other MK game. The "Nudeality" began as unsubstantiated (and indeed completely fabricated) rumor from as far back as MK2 two years earlier and persisted in one form or another before eventually becoming nothing more than a footnote in MK history. Fenrir27's posts are... cryptic... enough to begin with, but any complaining about this or that rating because of the existence of nudity or lack thereof is especially, well, unfounded. There was never a time when MK either A) featured fully-nude characters, or B) was rated M because of full nudity. The original MK pre-dated the formation of the ESRB, though the Sega Genesis/CD home ports respectively received MA-13/MA-17 ratings from Sega's Videogame Rating Council (the latter because it featured uncensored blood and gore that had to be unlocked via cheat code on the Genesis version). Certainly some games in the franchise have been rated M for "Partial Nudity," but the nudity was only ever one reason (and easily a secondary one at that) for that M rating. Even if nudity WERE the only reason for an M rating, once that rating has been achieved, the only "rating limit" to the depiction of nudity (ie what would net it an AO) is graphic sex. If all fenrir27 wants is fully nude females, then... well, there's no accounting for taste. Fenrir27 links to this article by the Wall Street Journal (full text in spoilers below): https://www.wsj.com/articles/sony-cracks-down-on-sexually-explicit-content-in-games-11555427944 ...which details Sony's efforts to impose stricter content guidelines for games releasing on their platform. What point fenrir27 is trying to make here, I haven't the foggiest idea.
  15. That there'd be in-universe docu-dramas about events like the First Space War and Minmay's role in it is only logical. What's dumb as hell is a director saying there is no continuity because he can't be arsed to answer questions about it. While reboots are a thing, you don't see many directors trying to pretend that sequels are unrelated to each other like that. That's just George Lucas levels of stupid.
  16. Honestly, if I can be allowed to nerd out, I think they've confused the interlace toggle with mode 7. Or conflated them. Interlace mode DOES double the vertical resolution and halve the frame rate. But it has nothing to do with mode 7 except that it can be enabled in that mode(as well as in modes 0-6) if the program commands it(few do). Also possible they confused the high-res feature, which doubles the HORIZONTAL resolution. That would make them completely wrong since high-res is modes 5 and 6. System behavior also implies interlace is only MEANT to be enabled in modes 5 and 6. The biggest ACTUAL limitation of mode 7 is that it can only operate on one BG layer, and all other layers are disabled for any line drawn in mode 7. (That's why the status bar disappears during the fight with King Koopa in Mario World, incidentally. It lets him fly into the top of the screen.) Edit: Alternatively, I may be reading that backwards and they're saying that BG mode 7 was ugly to keep the frame rate up. Which is... well, completely untrue. The transformations are very rapid due to a significant amount of fixed-function hardware being thrown at the task. The Super Nintendo dedicates an appreciable portion of the PPUs specifically to manipulating mode 7 objects, hardware that sits idle in ALL OTHER MODES because it is useless. Mode 7 is ugly because it is a 1024x1024 bitmap being manipulated for display through a 256x224 view window using low-cost late 80s silicon. They COULD have put in a TMS34010 in the system and gotten higher-quality output(and a much more versatile VDP), but it would've raised the price point significantly, as would including the RAM needed to use a higher-resolution bitmap(and they actually shipped the Super Nintendo with half the RAM it was designed for due to cost).
  17. I mean, it's entirely fitting. We already re-film everything every few years or so. Why should the Macross universe be any different?
  18. You have reached the next level! Really nice model indeed
  19. It's an excuse Kawamori came up with around the time Frontier came out... he claims all Macross shows are dramatizations of a "true" history, which is his way of getting out of answering questions about continuity. It's not something the people working on Macross seem to take seriously... or acknowledge at all. What @sketchley is referring to is something said in a Master File book about the 2031 in-universe verson of Do You Remember Love? being a sequel to another in-universe film from the 2010s. Of course, since it's Master File, it's not official anyway.
  20. People are surely not voting based on toy sales. Besides some of those sales are because some people (read: Everyone from this forum, lol) were buying multiple copies of the VF-31A for displays, lol. Doesn't mean more people like this model than any other. If anything the YF-19 makes sense to be in the lead cause new toys keep getting made of it... it clearly is in high demand (as if any VF-1). For good reason of course.
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