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  2. I'll like to ask if it is possible to block out posts from my blocked person when you guys quote him?
  3. I pretty much hate into Darkness. I posted a short review in that topic here when I watched it way after it was it theaters. I don't remember anything really good about that movie. If the people behind that made Discovery, I can't see myself liking it that much. I thought it would be on CBS on demand by now but they still want money for it. I'm going to check the CBS sites and youtube and see if the first episode is there.
  4. Well, if nothing else I'm interested to see how Weekend at Luke's will either finish flying the franchise into the ground like Vader's flagship in Return of the Jedi or if they'll just narrowly miss complete disaster like the Millennium Falcon in The Force Awakens...
  5. The diecast 1/100 F-117 is becoming one of my favorites. It didn’t come with a pilot but the bottom can open to get to the inside. I’ll probably put a spare HMR CF TV pilot in the seat.
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  7. An HMR version of everything released in DX.
  8. The scary thing is that after all is said and done, TFA might be the best entry out of this particular trilogy. I for one thought TFA hit all the high points, TLJ was a turd looking for a toilet bowl, we'll see if TROS is redeeming in anyway. So far, I'm not thrilled. I guess they are gearing the trilogy to the millennials and youngish viewers. May be it'll resonate with them, but I doubt it, people will know crap when they see it.
  9. Armored SV-262? (With 4 Draklings)
  10. Finally got my new head in for TE-01 Optimus, somehow making an excellent figure even better, pretty perfect. Masterpiece Transformer of the year for me so far, even over MP Beast Wars Megatron, this thing is amazing, picture perfect G1 cartoon Optimus.
  11. Commander Shadowsun would be awesome . But I would definitely want a Commander Farsight with openening cockpit & revealed inside his Battlesuit.
  12. Even though I am quite content with Azalea on my MP shelf, this new Arcee doesn't bother me at all. I could see adding this figure to a stylized collection of Transformers. The alt mode is especially spiffy. Hopefully, the reviews are positive.
  13. Unfortunately it's too early for them to do a re-release. Instead we'll be getting shiny new Valks for a while. Rumor has it there'll be something new displayed at either the Cross over Live or Kawamori EXPO
  14. Star Wars TVC Han Solo Stormtrooper. 1/100 F-117. 1/100 F-16CJ.
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  16. Slave IV

    Hi-Metal R

    Yep, I actually like it like that sometimes too.
  17. As we still have to wait for the VF-25 and VF-31D I grabbed a VF-31J Anniversary during the last NY sales event. But I don't like those Macross Anniversary color schemes and the color schemes in the VF-31 Master File book are all white or light grey - A little bit boring. So I went for a scheme from the VF25 Master File: Underside all black and upper side dark gray. #did some quick shots but unfortunately the color contrast between black and grey is hard to notice due to LED lighting. In day light it looks just like shown in the book . Was again fun to build, both fighter and girl . Can't wait for the next VFG releases, going for a full VFG squadron at least.
  18. C/O ToysWalker Dick.Po of ToysDaily more images of GX-88 Dairugger/Vehicle Voltron Release date of October 2019 Price; 38,500 JPY Preorder; TBA da
  19. yes some new Eldar Aspect Warriors would rock totally....
  20. @no3Ljm Thank you for giving your thread the appropriate title. Going forward being specific would probably help because if you don't specify brands it on paper is a general. Thank you in advance.
  21. At least the issue for Episode I leaked out the opening crawl. But yeah, heavy on the hype, but light on addressing the fan backlash. What little is discussed in the article still does not motivate me to watch this.
  22. I remember getting what I thought were all the magazines for Episode 1 back then and a Vanity Fair issue with I think the same photographer. Seems like the hype continues. But I don't fall for it anymore. I don't know how they could make six (I'll include the new one too) profitable Star Wars movies that I don't believe are good at all. Six movies that I'll most likely never watch again.
  23. Saw it and really enjoyed it. Just wondering did anyone else understand the background of the Man who sits Higher than the hightable? Who is this mysterious person? And why did he alone have the power to help Wick? And now that Wick betrayed his oath wouldn't that also place him on his hitlist?
  24. ... ... ... what gave you that idea? No, Star Trek: Discovery is so much in the mold of the thankfully-cancelled Star Trek reboot by J.J. Abrams that a lot of fans refuse to believe it's a prime continuity series. There's very little of classic Star Trek in it, between the hideous Orc-like Klingon designs, the overly busy enemy ship designs, the Starfleet bridges with a great big fragile smart window instead of proper bloody viewscreens, phasers that fire blaster bolts that just burn holes in people, lots of exposed piping everywhere in Starfleet ships, a protagonist who's an utter berk who's been mysteriously promoted WAY above their level of competence (Burnham having apparently skipped Starfleet Academy entirely and was set to become a captain after just seven years of service on one ship), etc. Actual connections to real Star Trek are few and thin on the ground. Season one is practically stand-alone except for brief mention of Kahless by some Kling-Orcs in the first episode and two terribly out-of-character appearances by a Harry Mudd who is downright malevolent. The Short Trek miniseries between the two seasons started out pretty awful with a bad comedy bit followed by a dystopian far future schtick, but then had two proper bloody Star Trek episodes (including an absolutely wonderful Mudd episode) and season two almost managed to feel like real Star Trek for a few episodes there with Christopher Pike in the center seat before the rot set back in and it once again became the Michael Burnham Mary Sue Hour via a completely nonsensical main story arc involving an antagonist shamelessly thieved from the Star Trek relaunch novel verse (Section 31's master AI "Control"). There are a few aesthetic touches that are a bit hard to make out but are distinctly classic Star Trek-ish, like the Discovery's engine room having a classic Constitution-class horizontal warp core arrangement visible in the background, the phaser looking like a straight aesthetic update of the TOS phaser pistol (and an actually good looking one at that), and a VERY lovely but moderately unfaithful classic Constitution-class USS Enterprise briefly showing up complete with TOS-era sound effects. That press was mostly bought-and-paid-for by CBS in the most stringently literal sense... they own the few websites that were actively praising the series, like ComicBook.com. The Orville is much closer to the spirit of classic Star Trek... it's not so much a straight comedy as an affectionate parody that is gradually playing itself straighter and straighter in the gap made by Discovery's failure to be a proper bloody Trek show. That's about the shape of it, yes... by the schmucks who brought you Star Trek: Into Darkness.
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