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  2. Lesson learned the hard way.
  3. 1/48 Regult? Looking for a lawn ornament?
  4. I would be an extremely happy camper if toy companies would run some of thier releases in a cel shaded format.
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  6. Nah, the VB-6 Konig Monster's engines are in the back of its calves in Destroid mode. That part of the leg does technically end up as part of the bottom of the foot in Heavy GERWALK mode, so the VB-6 is technically kind of prancing around on the balls of its feet in Destroid mode like a Mortar Headd from Five Star Stories... (pictured: Hathuha Union Republics A-Toll Scritti reconnaissance MH.) The unmanned Neo Glaug version doesn't even have hands... the earlier, manned Variable Glaug version has three-fingered manipulator claws like the VA-3's. The main engines are up on its back there, but I believe the only nozzles in the legs are the ones on the backs of its ankles. Well, it is designated as one... albeit with the dual designation Variable Battle Pod. (Officially: VBP-1/VA-110)
  7. My rule, when it comes to FromJapan is I only use basic forwarding when it's something from Bandai or another reliable retailer. Anything that's questionable, like a Yahoo Japan Auction seller that's worth paying proxy and international shipping for is worth paying the extra $4 for.
  8. any details on the previous version of the DNE?
  9. It might be possible that the fee paid to HG is only for item shipped to US. There are re-seller of KC product on ebay, and their sales might not be registered as US sales by KC or HG.
  10. Real nice, is thst yellowing on the shoulders? I do actually like the head that is there
  11. I see their photos of the stands holding an HMR VF-1 wth super parts, but I think I’d be a little nervous doing that. Haven’t people had some trouble in the past with similar arms from Tamashii failing?
  12. Finally have my refund from PayPal for my failed PO from an Ebay seller. My order of 1A from an Yahoo Japan seller via FromJapan is still not delivered. The seller is not responding to message (via FromJapan), so I think this is definitely a fraud too. I am naive and fooled into complacency due to many successful order via Ebay and Yahoo Japan seller of existing items. Will be very careful when doing PO from "non-standard" or verified big name sellers. Hope my lesson is a good reminder to fellow members here. My choices are limited. I could try to dispute this charge on my CC. But I have 6 DX strike pack on order from Baidai via From Japan that will be deliver next year April. So it is not wise to cut tie with FromJapan. I am cheap and only paid for the basic forwarding plan with no protection. That is costing me now. FromJapan just refuse to help with any problem with basic forwarding plan. I kind of disappointed with that. I have over 10K order through them and that means nothing it seems.
  13. F360

    Hi-Metal R

    Once you change the language to English, double check the address when filling out, some area will auto fill once a zip is entered . You do not need a proxy to get it for you unless you are banned from them.
  14. Didn’t listen to the link, but. . . Freddy is one of the main voice actors for Star Wars Rebels. He voiced Kanan Jarrus (sp?), and the character grew the hell up over the course of the series. One of the best additions/stories to the Jedi ranks.
  15. Honestly, the multiverse factor here is even weirder than that. FPJ played the role Hamill originated in the Wing Commander games when Hollywood shat all over that other science fiction franchise.
  16. Also reminds me a little of the entire arc with the Tenth Doctor and the Master, dealing with the drums driving him mad. In other news, I would absolutely watch this as a sequel.
  17. Man after discussing with seto in the macross mecha thread, i wish bandai comes out with a variable glaug! ahhh i can only dream...
  18. If it was a PO, that would cost a bomb, not to mention shipping costs. But certainly the valk display to end all valk displays!
  19. I was looking at the thrusters under the soles of the feet, not legs per se.. I dont thk the VA-3 has thruster nozzles under their feet(?) since the feet are derived from splitting the tail in 'half'. If am not mistaken every other macross valk has thruster nozzles under the soles of the feet... Oh yeah i keep forgetting abt the updated glaugs!! Man, that design is awesome, quite a design expansion, in what a 3 mode, variable transforming mech looks like. That would certainly cover the no palm/fingers element. Does the variable glaug also has thruster nozzles under the soles of the feet? I cant tell... Oh something to add to my wish of valks, bandai would merchandise. Also would the variable glaug be considered a valkyrie? My only rational to say yes, is that it has battroid, gerwalk and fighter modes.
  20. As I understand it, the Joker is occasionally aware that he's actually a comic book character. One could ask... is the Joker's medium-awareness a product of his insanity, or is the Joker insane because his medium-awareness comes with the knowledge that his past and the entire world he lives in really are multiple guess thanks to the increasingly frequent reboots, retcons, alternate universe stories, and crossover events that occur whenever sales start to slip on the comic. Was he driven irrevocably mad by the knowledge that his increasingly fragmented reality and the many contradictory versions of himself exist purely for the entertainment of beings with the power to warp his reality at will? (Seriously, this starts to sound downright Lovecraftian the more you think about it.) Eh... that wasn't exactly a great idea when Star Trek did it back in 1967. Really, I think the thing that makes this film is that it really isn't a comic book movie... it has the title of a comic book movie, but you could take that tenuous connection straight out of the film and virtually nothing would be changed by it.
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