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  2. I'd think, if they -did- do any others, the Ozma variant with the pirate head would probably be the one to do. The rest never seemed to sell that well at the time, but that one seemed to be in incredibly high demand.
  3. I hope in true inept fashion, the big unveil is the Back to the Future Transformer that sold out in seconds a week ago.
  4. Given how badly Walmart's managed their Netflix-exclusives I really hope they only reveal more repaints of figures I don't really need. Or if they can't do that, either give me Sunstorm and Nacelle repaints of the Siege Seeker mold, or give me Sunstorm, Nacelle, Hotlink, Redwing, Acid Storm, Bitstream, and Novastorm repaints of the Earthrise Seeker mold. But, for the love of Primus, please please please don't let the '86 movie be a Walmart-exclusive subline of Studio Series...
  5. +1 for @kkx, fast shipping, nicely packed.
  6. I bought 2 of these way back then. I've yet to build them, but I'm very happy with the quality and proportions
  7. Just like it says, have you applied your stickers to a DYRL Valk, and have your large super parts UNSPACY Kite stickers left over? I'd love to take them off your hands.
  8. Today
  9. Yeah, see what you like and it’s good to have variety, imo. They way I’ve protected my Valks from the sticky tips is to put tape over them but then they are no longer sticky which makes them even more fiddly to deal with.
  10. You can also use other kinds of stands to display your valk too (in fighter mode). Below are adjustable Menu stands with a naming plate area. They sell them at Daiso stores in the US,(the Japanese dollar store) for $1.50 each.
  11. Because he cannot be the Shovel Knight XD
  12. Hi guys, it's my first time using these part of the forums. Anyway, I'm just curious if anyone is willing to part with any of the items mentioned on the header. I am collecting Hi-Metals right now, but I must have them if they are sealed inside a near pristine condition box. They are rare, but my Hi-Metal VF-1A, Xabungle, Bat-Shu, Regult 2 pack are in that same minty "GEM" condition. Hope someone can help me out. Hope everyone is doing ok
  13. Appreciate all the helpful links. Thanks a lot, guys! Good point on the paint rubbing. I tends to get hot where my display is so wonder if those soft parts will end up being tacky/sticky at some point as well. I might try 1 of each and see how I like them.
  14. DX VF-25a for 18.7k yen (Grade B). https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/431316 If anyone decides to get it, Jungle will not ship it right now as shipping is suspended until everything is back to normal. They will set it aside when the transaction has been completed.
  15. I’m not a fan of the Flightpose stands but they are a decent option. I find them a bit fiddly to set exactly how I want and also don’t like using them on any painted Valks because I don’t want to deal with the possibility of it rubbing off any paint. There is also the basic Arcadia flight stand that you can get KOs of for cheap. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32976160670.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.32976160670&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=1578amp-olx-07oKDXVLbHhOxTmfcw1594528720719&browser_id=4bcca05e0acb43e4bdff7cf04ce461ca&is_c=Y Also not a huge fan of these because of the limited way it displays but it’s cool to have a few of them.
  16. So... I did a little digging and found the answer in Entertainment Archive #8: MOSPEADA Complete Art Works. This missile pod wasn't designed for the Genesis Climber MOSPEADA anime... it was specifically developed for the show's merchandise lines. To be precise, this missile pod and those "first strike" missiles mounted under the intake were created by Artmic for Imai's line of transforming Legioss plamodels. I've heard the missile pod was at least partly intended to be a structural cheat to make the Imai kit's armo-fighter mode more stable, though the book doesn't say anything about the reason Imai wanted it. They may have just wanted a gimmick Gakken's toys didn't have. This one, on the other hand... ... was used in episode 20, though only to launch fireworks for Mint's birthday.
  17. Nice collection! I actually think I might like the Flightpose stands more for my display. Hmm, Glad I have 2 good options to check out.
  18. Yes I have one at the moment..... originally posted by Andy a long time ago. *the rifle is indeed included, but I'll have to go dig around and fiind the picture of it. Found it!
  19. Check the Flightpose stands too. I'd guess I have 66% YetiStands and 33% Flightpose. The Flightpose stands are very versatile and suited for a few things better than the YetiStands. The Flightpose stuff is pretty inexpensive too. You can see how I use a combination of them in the pics below. https://flightpose.com/collections/all
  20. Sure I can do that, I have the Vf-1A still. Just been struggling atm as I lost my job, got diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, been in and out of hospitals over the last 2 months, almost died during this time, struggling with my boss paying me all that she owes me and trying to fight this all at the same time.
  21. This sounds interesting Do you have pictures of the kit?
  22. Thanks @sqidd for the PO info. Will email them. Too bad I missed the 20% discount.
  23. Hey guys, wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but seeing as how many of us now got some shut in time for our own safety.... thought I'd ask. Years ago I worked with the original creator to reissue the 1/72 VF-11 Full armor resin kit. The kit alone weighs almost 2 lbs. While it did come to fruition, I had to make sure the minimum order was met to make things happen. Quite a few members here played a key role in bringing it to action, but in the end.... I had to buy several more on top of what I wanted to add to my own collection and build list. To keep costs inline with the original offer price, no individual collector box was created ....... just a complete bagged kit and printed instructions. I will need to go dig around the storage area for the box with the kits in them, but what I wanted to know is this... how many of you were interested in one? Just a heads up, it took awhile.... but the original creator did create a revised instructions which I was able to get out to a few of the original members who purchased a kit, but not sure if everyone that needed one got one. Anyway..... if there is enough interest, I'll go through my stuff and reoffer the remaining kits with printed revised instructions. I know I have 3 for sure..... not sure how many more there are till I get to the box itself. Let me know guys..... and thanks for reading.
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