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    So the infamous DYRL TV Special is finally out of the bag! Someone posted their version online! For the old timers, if you remember our good friend Seiichi, he provided me a copy which I had translated (none other than Matt Alt!) 15 years ago, had subbed, and showed at I think 2 MW Cons, way back in the day. The subbed version disappeared with another old MW member who moved out of state. Been looking for my copy since, but now someone else has posted theirs! This TV Special is absolutely incredible, and worth the 30 minutes to view in its entirety. When you get to the 21 minute 21 second mark, you'll get goosebumps going behind the scenes at Tatsunoku Studios when they are actually animating the movie. Enjoy the video, and enjoy the translation, which I'm attaching as a PDF here!! 1...2...3... MACROSS!!!!!!!!!!! Macross_DYRL_TV_Special_1984_MacrossWorld.pdf
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    Thank you @TCracker! Thank you @Lolicon I appreciate it. Haha... if you do get a another 31F I'll live up to my forum title. Thank you @derex3592 and I am glad you like them, I think @spanner will be adding some new phone wallpapers as well. Thank you @seti88. Here's a couple of more shots I didn't post earlier. *Bonus pics*
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    Hey there, everyone. I just finished my newest Macross-themed artwork. Yes, once again it is the M3 Milia and VF-9 Cutlass. I just *can't* seem to stop drawing these two together! As always, you can check out the image below, but clicking on the link helps my website's traffic stats. http://wp.me/p277FG-1fQ
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    You know you do too much customs when you can make an entire detolf floor with customs...
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    I've been working on the city diorama since November... ...but it's far from complete. Streetlights, foliage, traffic lights, signage, people... Lots of detail to be added yet. And then, of course, I've got to begin distressing the buildings... Adding rubble and debris... Smashed buildings, broken glass... It's all still too clean and colorful...! To be continued...
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    Welcome aboard Alex GS! Here's a little bit of warning for joining this wonderful community.
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    Well, here is how I did the forward section of the canopy if anyone wants to try. Please excuse the crap phone camera photos I've been taking. The area is very small with hardly any room to work with for a cotton swab, so I masked it off as a precaution. Carefully rubbed it off with the alcohol and cotton swabs. Sprayed it with the tinting and here we go. Now you can see inside like you should instead of it being like trying to look through a frosted church window. The red sensor array is really foggy too and I think that's the next item on the list to wipe off and spray with a clear red.
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    NY is far better than not having access to the item at all. You'd be stuck with eBay or YJA otherwise, and I reckon they'll cost much more than NY.
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    Yes, there are a lot of problems in getting this Web Exclusive items from Japan, so I appreciate NY. Even with the additional shipping, I think their cost is still lower when compared to using Proxy sites.
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    Here we go...so shady for offering a service that allows us to get a figure not meant for our market easily. How dare them charge something for offering these services! Anyways, it's good we all have options.
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    To be honest, I already stopped complaining about this online stores a long time ago since we all know that it's still cheaper to get it from them than stateside. It is what it is. Even if we say they do bad business practice, or their criminal for doing so, or they have bad customer service, etc, etc. We basically don't have idea how business are run in Japan. What fees are they paying. Or how much their hourly wages. What kind of taxes they're paying. We complain, because we're the ones who's throwing money at them. We complain, simply because we're not the ones who's running their business.
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    Unfortunately, his gun pods were soon stolen by malcontents...
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    Got mine, 31J Super The hi-metal missile not fits at all as the base is for fitted onto hi-metal vf missile box, fit it on anything else will need plenty of blu-tack.... For the super parts, its the best designed super parts of all time, well fitted, with well designed slides and locks, really yummy
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    A few paint/color tests this weekend
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    Their initial sticker price are normally higher but there's few occasions that their initial price is around the same too, depending on the items of course. But their fedex shipping rate is really good. If you buy Multiples (example 3 or 4) and use their fedex shipping it can make a very competitive total SHIPPED price. made a quick shipped price for 3 or 4 super parts. N-Y for 3 x = 23340 + EMS shipping 5200 = 28540 fast small packet Eco shipping 3630 = 26970 slow Compare to Biginjapn by Fedex total = 28000 fast N-Y for 4 x = 31120 + EMS shipping 6600 = 37720 fast small packet Eco shipping 4630 = 35750 slow Compare to Biginjapn by Fedex total = 37100 fast So if you were going to use EMS from N-Y or if you want your item fast then BiginJapan will give you the best price for 3 or 4 Super parts. If you want to save some money and slower is ok then N-Y will still be cheaper. 1030 difference for 3 and 1350 difference for 4. But that's more of a difference in price/speed ratio. But what really makes BiginJapan price shine is no increase shipping cost ,better packaging and they really ship out your stuff quick. This is especially important if you are pre ordering a item that might be larger or heavier than expected. For those items,the extra weight and size will be guaranteed extra N-Y shipping invoice later on, and at that point you'll be stuck and have to pay whatever they ask for, pretty much. cancelling is normally not an option because it's sold out and you won't be able able to buy it somewhere else for cheaper at that point.
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    Blasphemy! We're finally getting all the destroids and you abandon the line? For shame good sir!
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    2 weeks of delay. Seemingly no action taken by Nippon-Yassan representatives to update Japan Post of the need to amend address. I managed to call and was lucky to hit onto a person willing to help me from Australia Post on Friday. He interpreted "no unit number and/or street number" as not 2 items missing but probably just a 1 item missing from the address. He took the amendment for me and got it sent to the distribution centre. The package was attempted on Monday, I was too busy to pick it up on Tuesday and so I luckily was able to pick it up today. In my support ticket request to Nippon-Yassan, they stated that it "was definitely addressed correctly" and when I picked up the package, sure enough the label was absolutely missing the street address number. I took a photo of the postage label and updated my support ticket detailing to them the numerous phone calls, attempts to have Nippon-Yassan representatives to perform the address amendment to Japan Post and eventually getting it on a 2 week delay because of the incorrectly (and proven) label for postage. I asked in the ticket that this matter be taken to management that I should have some financial recompense for the mistake taken by Nippon-Yassan representatives to create the extra work from me as well as delay in shipping all due to a desire that I not have to pay for a second round of postage if it was sent back to sender because of the missing detail on the postage label. Anyway - here's a couple of concept shots I'm trying to do. Any thoughts toward what else I could do to improve on the concept a bit more?
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    This is why I still love the 1/48's, they are beasts in fighter mode with FP's attached!
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    I've seen that $0.99 hot glue already works.
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    Well my work desk buddy just got some new toys. Short review, I like them. But there a little expensive ($65ish right now) and they are fiddly to get looking right. I wish the reaction missiles had a ball joint attachment to the arm not just a peg, posing feels hindered. The claws to hold the HMM-01's are not as bad as I thought that they would be, but I think a peg would have been better. As it stands you can get the HMM's on the pods and wings with no additional support but they do sag and thats a lot of weight for the wings and missile pod pegs. Maybe I'll get another set so I can have 4 HMM missile sets on Roy, now how cool would that look.
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    Hi guys, I just finished my resin copy of the model kit of yamato fan racer 1/60. I share the finished work images. To show it, i adapt a connector of the bandai act 5 stage to be able to use it. I have a lot of work with the molds but I am very happy with the result. I copy the original kit of yamato that was bought by a friend on ebay for 200 dollars, very expensive for me. Regards!
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    Got Messer yesterday and had some time to "mess" with him this afternoon. Enjoy.
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    Whoah! Overkill! X-Plus Large Monster Series BioGoji, actually... Monster vs. monster.
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    Some shots of the VF-31F.
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    First of all saying hi to all this is my first post, I'm a huge fan of Macross since years ago so thank you for having me. So on topic this is what I got last week:
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    Remember when.... Yamato's BK lead to panic.....panic lead to panic buying.....panic buying lead to a quick surge of demand v supply.....quick surge of demand v supply lead to high market prices... And now.... Hope leads to panic...panic leads to panic selling....panic selling leads to more supply v demand......more supply v demand leads to falling market prices..... This all has repeated itself before, back when everyone thought there would never be anymore chunky monkeys.....prices for 1/55 Takatoku and Hi-Metal Bandai Valks were higher than anything we have seen today for the most expensive Yamato valks....and that was late 80's, early 90's money! Then Yamato's V1 came out and Bandai re-released several of the "grail" Takatoku VF-1's...better than ever! The market pretty much crashed for vintage 1/55...or more correctly put, the market for vintage Macross self-corrected....and the current Yamato/Arcadia VF-1 market will eventually crash too....that market seems to be self-correcting right now... However..... There is always something bigger and better in the horizon....no doubt we will see another interpretation of the venerable VF-1...maybe bigger....but surely better than what has come before it....it has already happened 3 significant times, in the DX scale that has become the standard for VF-1's, since the 1/55 first debuted 35 years ago.....the question is....when will the often prophesied Bandai DX VF-1 make it's debut?.....Is Arcadia trying to squeeze out the last few bucks out of it's old V2 VF-1 mold before Bandai shocks and awes all of us? Or is it possible that Arcadia will crash the aftermarket of it's own products with a V3 VF-1? They already did that twice with the introduction of the 1/48 (which did in the VF-1 V1) and the 1/60 V2 (which killed the aftermarket of the 1/48)......so it wouldn't be anything new for Yamato/Arcadia... There's been an awakening....have you felt it?
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    Chain Bases for Hangars are going to be your best bet at the moment. However, they seem to be discontinued. You will need to stack them to accommodate the 1/60 in battroid mode (to some extent in fighter mode too). There are some KO chain bases out there, but I have not used any so I am not sure if they are any different from the official Chain Base branded stuff. As for accessories for your diorama.....several members have made 1/60 accessories in the past. At the moment there doesn't seem to be much of a selection...perhaps on shapeways? Accessories for your hangar in 1/60 via retail are non-existant....however, there are several available in 1/72 and IMO they scale very well with the Bandai and Yamato/Arcadia 1/60-ish VF's and mechs. At the moment, it seem Hobby Master has re-released several of their air support accessories.....search here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.A0.H0.Xhobby+Master+HD.TRS2&_nkw=hobby+Master+HD&_sacat=0 Unfortunately, it seems that they have not included the extras that were packaged with earlier releases, such as the tow truck drivers. If you keep an eye out or do some searching on the web....there is another company called H-How Toys that makes a few nice 1/72 accessories that work well with 1/60 Macross toys. Another vendor is called Rabbit Club, but I have not seen any in a while. Most of these seem to be "copies" of the original Hasegawa kits of the same models....and those kits are readily available on ebay and the web....if you have the skills, time and patience...you can have a ton of nice accessories for your hangar. Here is an old post were you can see some the items from these vendors.... http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/34339-macross-collection-display-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1190492 Here are some of the items I have mentioned used in my own hangar displays....
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    Amen to that feeling! Long week... solid Friday night here, cold Shiner Black, shiny new VF-31F to play with and MW Forums... ahhhh...
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    How dynamic a pose can be?!
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    Wow. No offense, but I'm honestly surprised to see some people actually justifying Arcadia's pricing on this. Like seti88 said, I don't think using a comparison with the current aftermarket prices is a logical thing to do. Arcadia already has the molds, materials, and existing factories to produce these things. It's not like they're digging up long lost artifacts from the buried remains of Yamato or scouring the farthest reaches of Earth to gather rare materials to make them. There is no reason for them to be charging a much higher price for it. Take for example the VF-4g reissue. The aftermarket prices for that thing were much higher than retail, but when it was reissued, it was almost exactly the same price as before after factoring in inflation. In fact, when most (in my experience) other toy companies reissue stuff, they're mostly very close to the original retail price and ignore aftermarket prices. Look at all the PVC scale statues for example. I have some of them that had gone up to 6x their retail price on the aftermarket. But when they were reissued 5 years later, the price was not far off from the original retail. Or look at it another way. What if LEGO decides to reissue the UCS Millennium Falcon for $3.5k? Would you think that's a "fair" price since the current aftermarket prices for it are $5k or more? Let's even say the reissue will have all printed (tampoed) bricks instead of stickers too. And please stop using the "Arcadia is a small company and they'll die if they don't price them this high" excuse. I've seen smaller companies make high quality products with lower prices. Now if you have no problem paying these prices, more power to you. But I would like you to at least acknowledge that while you're buying this product, that it really is overpriced for what you are getting.
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    DHL shipping is nuts, from Japan to my door two days total, and cheaper then EMS! No kinds of fees either, though honestly I've never received a request for any kind of import fees for any other shipping method before. Got my Spartans in and they are looking good, stellar toys. The paints apps are great and there's a lot of little tiny details, very beautiful work throughout. I'm loving these guys, they're great, my only minor gripe is the ankle rocker, it's honestly pretty weak. Other then that these things are nicely articulated throughout, very well thought out joints, and metal in all the right places. I'm impressed yet again, and how long has it been since a complete Spartan figure has been made? This line is a beautiful thing, I really want my 3 Defenders. At this point, without trying to gloat, I think I've got the second biggest Hi-Metal collection on MW, behind sh9000 of course. 1 DYRL Hikaru 1S, 1 Hikaru 1J, 1 DYRL Hikaru 1A, 1 DYRL Kakizaki 1A, 1 DYRL Max 1A, 2 DYRL That Guy 1J, 6 brownies, 2 DYRL Roy 1S with supers, 1 Roy 1S original hi-metal line, 1 Hikaru 1J original hi-metal line, 2 sets of M&Ms, 12 Regults, 3 Spartans, 2 Monsters, 2 Glaugs, 3 super parts, and 2 missile sets. edit: Stupid me, I didn't look at the instructions before putting my dirty mitts on these guys. The ankles pull down, revealing WAY more ankle rocker and articulation overall.
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    Not mine but it's on display:
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    My loot this week.... Only took 20 years to be able afford Macross toys... :). Still waiting on my VF-31F though...
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    I know I'm a little late to the party but I finally had some time to put the RA on the 0S. After putting the pieces together, I must say it looks pretty cool!
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    ARE YOU READY......!!
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    Yo Joe! Rest in peace, Mr. Weston.
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    I put them all in a bookshelf and looks really cool for me but I was thinking in add some wrapping to the boxes to protect them better
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    Dusting off the old vernier calipers...
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    I really like this nose! And the landing gear too!
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    With the US Dollar and Bandai making cheaper valks it is a bit easier than it was a few years ago towards the end of Yamato and a weak dollar. All that said - jesus is the new series absolutely horrible. I agree completely with you that Macross was a war saga that had a backdrop of singing. I accepted the "aliens affected by song" the first time, because, okay sure. But once that started becoming a critical core of the series I think they lost the plot. I HATED Basara, and the new series, there is literally no one I like. I have no reason to root for the protagonist (I don't even remember his name). He's a pacifist that goes into the military, and immediately is able to hang and best some of their ace pilots. There is no struggle, nothing I can relate to. It seems highly tailored to a group of fans of macross that I'm not part of. All of that said, I generally love the jet designs of Macross in general. I too have been very critical, especially of Yamato, for selling $300 figures that break out of the box. For $300 this should not be a statue. It is frakking designed to be transformed. I'm not manhandling these things in any way, but the tolerances on them were so tight that they couldn't help but break. I think in recent years the valks have gotten a lot better in that department by Arcadia and Bandai. I do sympathize with you though. It is an expensive hobby, and with a series as weak as Delta its easy to ask the question about what you are doing with your time/money. I say just don't sweat it too much and come back maybe for the next series. Hopefully they'll pull their head out of their ass and give the other fans the war epic the loved from the original.
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    The price is certainly steep for a mass-produced, sweatshop-made item. The overall proportions look okay and at least there are locking tabs to keep it sturdy, but I'm rather disappointed with the lack of surface detail and the missiles that look like something out of an 80's toy. I mean for crying out loud: I was able to make my kits BY HAND with North-American wages, spread my R&D over less than 2 dozen units and still managed to sell it for less than this. I would definitely advise people to wait, the prices will come down.
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    Just some renders to show front panels combined