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    Vf-31C fighter mode photos are done.
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    Fighter mode shots processed. Hope you like them. As side note: This is the 2nd Valk to draw blood from me when setting up for a shoot.
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    Thank you @Lolicon & @sumyumgoy. Next up Gerwalk mode.
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    "I don't know about that little guy with the glasses, but I think the big guy's gonna go far!"
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    Thanks @ChaoticYeti! It looks extremely lethal in Gerwalk mode. I tried to position the wings below the shoulders armor, but the Lill Drakens would always cause the wings to rotate down. Post up some pics! [Update] Battraoid photos are done.
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    Nice display spanner! I am jealous I am still waiting for the FA-Zero Mirage I ordered off ebay. It was a good price, free shipping but no tracking and probably economy shipping. I hope it even arrives. Mirage's ride did arrive though, she's a beauty!
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    A view inside the Arcadia offices on Forbes. Perhaps more Megazone the MACROSS, but still nice to hear what the designers have to say. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2017/09/08/arcadia-talks-about-how-it-makes-the-best-macross-and-megazone-23-toys-out-there/#47206ecfe974
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    Disney is gonna sue someone!
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    Hey guys I'm not sure what post I should of put this in but I've been detailing my sdf-1 and I'm about done with these god awful stickers. I'm not sure whether I need to use a clear coat or flat coat to keep the decals safe. Any suggestions?
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    Some fighter pics of Xigfrid's Custom VF-0B: Wanted to recreate the artwork but I don't have a carrier deck model We'll get higher and higher straight up we'll climb! Flyby
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    Completed my Sv-262 Keith Yeti setup. Still a long way to go for a show I don't even like! But I still love the wooshin'!
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    Leonard French does a pretty good job at summarizing the issues, but he made a few factual mistakes. According to him, Tatsunoko Production "was the original creator of...the original works that lead to Robotech, which were Macross..." and licensed/lost out certain rights to Big West and Harmony Gold. However, this is a gross inaccuracy in regards to The Super Dimension Fortress Macross. In reality, Studio Nue created SDF Macross, with Big West as Studio Nue's primary sponsor. To reiterate, the staff members of Studio Nue planned, designed, wrote, scripted, and directed SDF Macross. This is no secret, just look at the closing credits of SDF Macross and it's all there. Tatsunoko had no creative input over SDF Macross, so crediting them as the show's creator is wrong. All Tatsunoko did was supply the animators to animate roughly half of the series. And even then, Tatsunoko didn't use their own animators, instead farming out the work to their subsidiaries, such as the Korean studio Star Pro. Again, all of this information is in the show's credits sequences. So how did Tatsunoko and Harmony Gold acquire certain, limited rights to SDF Macross? If you didn't read my old post here, I'll briefly summarize it. Since Big West didn't have the money to pay for Tatsunoko's animators, they gave Tatsunoko a) the right to distribute the show outside of Japan, b) the right the merchandize the show outside of Japan, and c) a portion of the show's local (Japan) merchandising sales. Tatsunoko later licensed a) and b) to Harmony Gold. French appears to be under the impression that these rights were licensed or won by Tatsunoko in court, when in fact, Studio Nue/Big West outright gave these rights to Tatsunoko in 1982. The Japanese court cases from the early 2000's reinforced these three rights, and in addition, gave Tatsunoko the television broadcast rights to SDF Macross in Japan. Obviously, that latter has nothing to do with the rest of the world. And, as we all know, the Japanese courts correctly ruled that Studio Nue and Big West never intended to give Tatsunoko the rights to the designs and story of SDF Macross as payment for Tatsunoko's animators' work. To French's credit, Harmony Gold's US court filing routinely omit Studio Nue and Big West's contributions to SDF Macross, so it's no surprise that he wasn't aware of their ownership rights. And as he readily admits, it's an already complicated situation. Unfortunately, since French is an attorney, his statements regarding Tatsunoko as the "creator" of SDF Macross will now probably be viewed as canon by the US fandom and cited as such going forward.
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    This lawsuit has nothing to do with the Battletech controversy. Harmony Gold is suing Tatsunoko Production in order to enforce an arbitration order against Tatsunoko. Long story short, Tatsunoko was ordered to reimburse Harmony Gold's legal fees, which arose out of an arbitration dispute between the two. So far, Tatsunoko hasn't paid Harmony Gold back and Harmony Gold is asking a district court to force Tatsunoko to pay. I would write more, but I'm literally about to walk out the door for a trip. I'll try to go into more detail when I arrive at my destination.
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    Random guess: Either Tatsunoko has finally decided to pull their license, or Sony finally figured out that they have no "real" access to Macross & want their money back.
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    I caved and ordered!
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    Now for some fan service! *Fixed* I was having some issues with settings on flickr.
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    Mirage has arrived!! Of all the Bandai DX's that I own, this is so far the best, sturdy tight joints, matte finish paint is superb, no big gaps and everything locks in place! .
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    So finally finished the decals. I think because their so old I'm gonna and a layer of glow in the dark paint to them. After that I'm going to start with more of the weathering. My wife is still giving me the stink eye with how much this cost lol.
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    Here is my CF that I panel lined. I went with a dark brown color but there is also a photo of gray panel lines for comparison. It isn't top coated though as I like the sheen of the existing plastic. That and I hate masking
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    Sharing some quick pixx before it goes back into the box pre-moving out
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    I didn't know we HAD a downvote button.
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    DX超合金【VF-31 SIEGFRIED】 Mirage Farina JeniusI only like this purple color, my 1st 31...Battroid mode first bcoz I want to check if the shoulder was defecthttp://gundamatefsf.blogspot.hk/2017/09/dxvf-31-siegfried-mirage-farina-jenius.html
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    Got my lil'draken set today and set it all up! Quite happy with it!
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    These 0B are a must have, really. And they can even transform:
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    Yeah, that was me. There's quite a bit of TFW crossover here, I think. Check out my new iPhone case:
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    Decent Gerwalk image. Don't care if the sword wasn't used in that mode.
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    Glad it worked out for you. Thanks to your 3d modeling you gave us stuff that we could only dream of too. So far, you're the only one that I know that has the VF-0B in this scheme. As for pics, I have some but need to get it on the computer first. Here is one (I'll add more in the toys section later) wish I had a carrier deck:
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    Whoa whoa whoa! What's with the hostilities?! Do you remember love! Lmao
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    Considering Hollywood's track record with anime->Live action, no. Please dear god, no.
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    Been collecting for just over a year now (except for the 2 vintage pieces). Still a tiny collection compared to some of the vets here, but I've gotten all the previous releases I wanted. I told myself I'd only get the Focker vf-1S when I started (new collectors, you've been warned ).
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    That ain't part of Macross, friend... Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross is a completely different show that is unrelated to Macross except in that the two shows had the same sponsor and were both at least partly animated by Tatsunoko Production. It was an absolute, unqualified disaster in Japan and was canceled for low ratings a little over half of the way through its planned broadcast run. Oh, it'd have to be fanmade... the Southern Cross series is a forgotten flop in Japan, and for The Show That Must Not Be Named Toynami has said they have no interest in pursuing a license to make Southern Cross toys because the American adaptation is almost as unpopular in the west as the original was in Japan.
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    this is VERY important advice for putting on this stupid missile packs!!!! my left side one top side looking down on the aircraft from the rear was still far more difficult than the other 3, but finally clicked into place. Make sure you check for the little triangles and triangles with lines or you're gonna be very frustrated!!!
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    Cool. Got my custom HMR scaled Zentradi Grunt.
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    I reckon Bandai's thinking of either moar Mazinger Z repaints and/or moar Gundam stuff as always...
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    Haha, wish I could say the same! I'm getting literally ruined by Bandai and Arcadia bombarding me from both sides and all my other collecting vices dusting off the scraps! But bring it all on I say!