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    fyi. Jenius' review of the VE-1 is up:
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    Finally had some time to fix up the VF-2SS SAP a bit so they didn't look so plain. It's the best VF-2SS toy around so I wanted it to not look so out of place next to my 1/60s.
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    I envied @Lolicon for finishing his HMR VF-2SS first. So I finished decaling my VF-0S over this weekend. By the way, I really had fun doing this esp those big NO STEP markings. Hopefully next weekend, I get the chance on topcoating it so I can apply panel wash next.
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    Did some Yetistand rearranging of some of my valkyries so they're sorted by series/pilots better. Just some quick pics. Prototype and mass production. Basara's rides. Gamlin's rides. The other skull leaders. Hikaru's other rides.
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    I was going through some photo archives and this one brings back memories.
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    Got FP Exo-Realm Pinchar, my FP Dinobots are finally complete.
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    Arad's new armored VF-31 looks pretty hot from the movie. Damn it they have gotten me on board with buying Arad's DX.
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    My collection of HMR VF-1J Armored Valkyries. I bought another HMR VF-1J Armored Valkyrie and plan to paint the armor red and give it to Milia.
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    Things have been so busy for me lately, but I had some free time to spend with Max.
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    Been noticing this since the site’s overhaul in which we don’t have this feature before. Don’t worry about it. The only time I’ll be worried is that if that ‘downvoting’ is going to affect my money. If not, the heck with it. They can downvote my posts everytime. So please feel free to downvote this everyone.
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    If we get a boy band, im out!!!!
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    The Trident Stand is good. Here it is with HMR Skull Squadron.
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    Finally I finished applying the decals to my Hikaru VF-1S. Funny that I started this project with the VF-1S but ended up finishing the VF-0S first.
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    Hi Metal R【VE-1 Elintseeker】DYRL long time no post~ http://gundamatefsf.blogspot.hk/2018/01/hi-metal-rve-1-elintseekerdyrl.html
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    Yours looks amazing! Great job! I'd like to see what others did with theirs too! Pulled some pics from the way back machine:
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    Shameless pics of my "Premium" VF 0S...will be interesting to see if I did better than they will....
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    Thanks! I don’t collect very many TFs but here is one more TF that arrived. Maketoys Thunder Manus x Divine Armor (R)
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    Caught up with a friend of mine in Japan who occasionally hunts rare artbooks for me and the Mecha Manual this morning after a teleconference, and got his surprisingly favorable impression of the film. As he put it to me, Macross Delta: Passionate Walkure is a marked improvement on the series in almost every regard. The pacing, apparently, is the real game-changer and makes it feel like a completely different story. Without the full-stop exposition dumps, big lipped alligator moments like Messer's memorial, or most of the Walkure-goes-undercover stuff, the story flows much more naturally. The faster pace doesn't leave any time to dwell on characters being undeveloped or underdeveloped, and apparently doesn't even give you time to properly notice the animation issues mentioned in the ANN review. The only complaints he raised about the film was that he wasn't happy with there not being a proper love triangle in a Macross story, and that he felt they spent too much time on characters who've been reduced to bit parts in the film instead of properly developing the Aerial Knights. who are still sort of left as designated antagonists without a clear reason for their all-consuming hatred of humanity. Weirdly, from my involvement with a fair number of mecha anime groups and sites, and business travel occasionally putting me within reach of cons in North America and Europe, I've had the opposite experience talking to fans. If we exclude the old farts who complain about "magical girls", the writing is about the only thing I've seen people complain of... and with very few exceptions, it's about the writing in the show's second half. I've encountered very few fans who had any issues with the character or mechanical designs, and practically zero in terms of complaints about the setting or the music. It's all been about the writing and pacing, and it's usually the same handful of issues with: The show's exposition-dump and flashback episodes frequently bringing the plot to a halt The show neglecting to develop the Aerial Knights and their motivations for hating humanity (and ultimately dumping it into a gaiden manga) The late reveal and failure to explore Mikumo's origins as a three-year-old clone The lack of closure in the ending The low number of mecha sequences in the buildup to the climax The love triangle becoming one-sided from ep14 on (mostly from #TeamMirage) The whole Lady M's identity tease-and-denial routine (esp. after they hinted at a Megaroad-01 connection) I'm not certain if that's just that I'm doing this mostly with mecha anime enthusiasts or what, but almost nobody I've spoken to since Delta came out has been overtly critical of any part of the show except the writing. The only other significant group? A half-dozen or so people who thought the Draken III was kind of ugly.
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    Huge shot out to no3Ljm and un_marine, I finally sat down and disassembled my cyclone rider, flaked off that red crap on the fabric (really nasty stuff btw), and markered up the material. Scott is looking dialed again!
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    If you're going to drop acid, at least bring enough for the rest of the class.
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    Yuppers...that cannon fodder version would be an insta-buy if they actually made one! In other news.. got some panel lining done for the VE-1..what's up with Bandai going for the GIANT Macross Kite on the wing this time around?...
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    Mine flaked a while back, I took a brush to the fabric to take off everything, then used a Gundam marker to recolor the fabric. Fairly easy fix, and no issues so far - apart from the plastic yellowing.
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    As promised, here it is. FYI, the red fabric on my Stick is already a customized one from a friend. Though it's too big for the figure that's why it didn't fit properly. But I honestly like the fabric she used. Though I actually forgot the actual name of the fabric but it felt like a pleather. She's kind of busy nowadays so she didn't have time yet to fix it. Anyways, here it goes: Pull the front waist armor which is just a clamp around the waist. Flip the figure and unscrew the buttocks screw and the thigh armor screws. The screw on the buttocks are covered. So you have to remove the screw cover first. Once you remove the screws, pull down the cloth from the body armor to reveal the pelvic joints. Unscrew the screws. Once those pelvic joints screws are removed, pull the cloth from the thigh. On the arm armor, after removing the hands from the peg, pull the middle section part from the wrist area away from the gauntlet. After, pulling the wrist armor part area it will reveal a screw behind the gauntlet. Unscrew it. Remove the shoulder armor and pull the cloth away from the arm. Voila!
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    Finished the Raptor a few weeks ago (finally had time to take some pics), I'm tempted to get another one!
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    HLJ on the ball.. I didn't expect this that quickly.. at least my Hi Metal-R collection is current again
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    Sorry for necro-upping this thread, but I had to share this TSMWAC001 carrier Deck Base 1 (from TSM model Wing Collection, also represented by Herpa in Europe). It is an expensive deal but it worths all the pennies. To display it, I had Wmkjr amazing VF-0B custom.
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    We've just posted a massive, 450 photo blowout from last Sunday's Wonder Festival over at Decultureshock. Drop by and take a look! http://www.decultureshock.com/wonder-festival-2018-winter/
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    Metal Build Mazinger Z (shown with Riobot Mazinkaiser for scaling comparison)
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    Separate canopy frame. Interesting. Removable(?) cockpit. Also interesting. Snap assembly? Triple interesting...
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    Been taking all my white valks out of their boxes with the reports of yellowing lately. The only decent Yeti solution I could come up with using what I had at hand for the RVF-171, what with the huge ventral fin and wonky stand adapter. Hopefully the addition of armor packs won't mess this up.
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    Thirteen now. You have to admit though, this is like a theoretical 3-way head-on collision between freight trains full of clowns, cream pies, and confetti. It's far too hilarious not to stop and pass the popcorn.
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    Good lord! 4 hours, damn you guys have out done yourselves. I'll listen to this later today.
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    I'm ready for the SDF-1 diorama!
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    Took him almost 2-weeks or so since his teaser, but hacchaka finally got his HMR VE-1 pictorial up: http://blog.livedoor.jp/hacchaka/archives/52020199.html
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    Millions(?) of Unwanted Shiiity "Collectibles" Lingering on store shelves Everywhere!TM Well, looks like after 30+ years.....someone finally managed to make the old school Macross keshi toys look more line-art accurate!
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    Hi all and Mods, if this is in the wrong section, my apologies and please move the thread. I would just like to announce the models that I have made for this year's event. They are F-14 models in 1/72 scale in Max & Millia livery with weathering & toning effects.
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    At concept stage for the ventral fin, this idea seems to work!
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    Nah, it'll be full of action---idol action, and scissoring-far-in-the-distance action...
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    Actual second trailer.
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    Dug out of storage my spare 1/3000 TV SDF-1. It’s a little yellow on some parts but it’s alright.
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    ... Taken from more than a week ago.