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    For everyone in the US, Happy 4th of July and for everyone outside the US here's Milia x Hikaru x Max.
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    After thinning away several duplicate items, a display clean and reshuffle AND some new LED lighting!, I thought I'd share some pics!
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    Just testing the tabletop studio that I bought.
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    Picked up a package from the post office today. As expected...the quality of premium finish Roy is the same as premium finish Hikaru's. Overall I'm happy with it.
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    Here is my macross/robotech room. 2 custom lit detolf cases and custom lit desk case. All with backgrounds applied to the back.
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    Yeah try it out. I will see. No problem. I wanted to see how this looked. Custom VF-1S Max and Milia.
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    I was going through my old photos and came across my Macross x Yamato Crossover photos. I think its time to retake these shots and possibly new pairings with different Valks?
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    Finely got this guy for my collection, Man I love the 48's
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    It mentions something about "Long awaited" 1/3000 SDF-1 Macross. Reissue? http://arcadia.ac/user_data/wf2017summer.php
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    How are you guys? I'm feeling super
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    Made some wires and cotton addons today: missiles attacks!
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    finally made the 25s in B mode.... https://scontent.fhkg3-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/p960x960/19620920_10154891098282875_3481149087416049855_o.jpg?oh=e734cd0b36801cf9a5bcd6bb99179957&oe=59C425AE
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    One more picture for these boys!
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    Finally completed my white base hangar and just wanted to share. It's still a work in progress.. I need to add the rest of the ground crew and also paint them. I also really need to open the rest of my valkyries.... Does anyone have any suggestions for 1/100 ground vehicles/crew?
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    So looks like PO Madness July 3rd at 4PM JST.....
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    From Tochiro's Twitter... https://twitter.com/GwynCampbell/status/888740678926180352
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    Damn. I'll be blasting Somewhere I Belong on the commute home with a misty eye today...
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    made this minmay from Minimum Factory nice little kit imo
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    As long as any enemy mecha falls close to either of these group shots...I could care less if the KO Regult is not "technically" 1/60 for the Yamato/Bandai DX line....or 1/100 for the HMRs...I mean are any of them 1/60 or 1/100 exactly anyway?
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    Let's paint this thread wonderful.
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    Delta was a total waste.
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    28 x VF-1 v2 1/60 Yamato (26 on the picture) + VF-1S Focker Weathering + VF-1J 30th Anniversario Arcadia 4 x VF-1 1/48 Yamato 2 x VF-1 1/100 Hi-metal R Bandai 1 x VF-1S 1/55 Super Valkyrie Bandai 1 x VF-1S Hikaru 1/100 Banpresto 1 x VF-1S Focker 1/72 Model kit Bandai 1 x VF-1J TV 1/144 Model kit Bandai 38 VF-1 in my collection, pure love to the first VF!
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    Getting this out of the way first.
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    The VF-19ADV is still one my favorites of valk photos I have taken.
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    Do you remember love?
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    HI-Metal R to the rescue!!! MOSPEADA and Southern Cross!!! Imagine how happy like 20 of us would be even though Bandai wouldn't even break even!
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    ^ Keep it in Battroid, or GERWALK, mode forever; that, or use it for BB-gun target practice... maybe strap it to a M80 and watch the pieces fly in a most satisfying fashion...
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    Let's paint this thread, shall we?
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    I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone. I meant to explain in my post that the last pic is a mural I painted in my toy room. It's roughly 12 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Thank you
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    Almost done.
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    Max VF-1S Yes, I know Arcadia hasn't released one, nor have they announced it. But I'm a rebel and I'm putting it into the universe so that Arcadia does. -b.
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    I dont thk anyone posted abt this yet though its mentioned in jenuis's blog as a 90cm SDF-1 statue... http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=9672
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    Celebrity deaths are inevitable and 2017 is nothing like 2016, most deaths this year are older folk who did live a long life.
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    This one comes Yesterday! Right now waiting for VF-1S Roy Premium!
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    Yeah , this one takes the cake on reopening. It was dead quiet until the last 2 days and even then it last only secs to a minute before it closed again. Of course nippon-yasan reopening lasted the longest due to 23500 yen and people were waiting on hlj and others , and anime-exports 24800 yen special, but all sold out now. Looks like stores already upping the numbers to 26000 and up. ofcourse thats not including the usa stores. Preorder night still looks like a must if you want one from japan with discount. Show up , chat around , secured a preorder. Unless Bandai decides to have dxchogokin , metal build , hi metal r all on the same day. No no no ...
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    Please God don't let them continue their worst Macross story (Delta) Something completely new as far away from Delta as possible
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    Nausicaa and Kai pretty much done.
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    So here is a nifty little last minute mod that i don't know if I have seen before. I'm sure someone else may have. One of the things that always drove me crazy about doing customs is that the swing bar pin (that black spring loaded thingy) always would scratch the paint for the most part. I got lucky sometimes with weakening the spring and putting some petroleum jelly on the pin. And it was always a crap shoot. So here I am using 1/4 neodymium magnets on the metal swing bars, you have to drill out the area that pin would be coming out. Then on the nose I put 1/8 steel pins. I found that using steel rather than another magnet, while weaker does not have the issue of them needing to be lined up exactly. I beef up the connection of both the magnets and the pins with a little apoxy sculpt.
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    Group shot!
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    Aloha, first post! Here's my current Macross collection. It's mostly 1/55 and HMR.
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    Desperately need the Nousjadeul Ger and the Queadluun Rau.
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    Summer time means long days home with the kids, that means I have tinker time when the only thing that makes sense to tinker with, 1/55 customs! Max and Millia in progress.