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    my Russian Air Force Valkyrie! I had MWF member Lancelot custom build my VF-1S assembly kit in Russian Air Force colors similar to that of a Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker. We discussed possible paint schemes including existing VF-1 colors from the art books but nothing particularly jumped out at me. Then when I looked at a series of Su-27, 30, 33 & 35 photos I have scrolling on my desktop wallpaper it just hit me! We should do a Russian Air Force color scheme! Thus the idea was born! As far as I can tell no one else has ever done a VF-1 specifically like this so im proud to show of the end results! Somethings are a little different but overall its pretty much as close as it needs to be. Also you may notice the forward intake fan pieces were intentionally left off and the area behind painted black to give the impression of darker air intake path which I think worked out quite well! I absolutely dislike those awful fans! Personally I think it looks absolutely amazing and is a testament to the guys model building talents! I simply couldn't be happier! Thanks so much again buddy! Here are some photos for you to enjoy! I also included a photo of a Su-35 in the color scheme we based it off as a direct reference.. Let me know what you guys think!
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    Sorry you guys had to wait this long, but I finally took some pictures. I finished the last ARMD carrier last night for today's event, so you guys finally get to see some pictures of the finished SDF-1. I'll update the first post as well. Hope you'll like them!
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    Hey guys, I know it's been forever since my last update, but I wanted to let you know this project is far from dead! In fact, Chapter 8 is well on its way to completion...More on that later. In the meantime, here's some of the cover!
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    Maybe I'll stay off the forums when the new show hits. The waves of complaints and general backlash against Delta didn't make it easier to enjoy the show, which I generally did after all.
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    Make up for the sh*t-show that was Delta? As long as it's not the same director and writers as Delta, I may give it a shot.
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    Well, here is how I did the forward section of the canopy if anyone wants to try. Please excuse the crap phone camera photos I've been taking. The area is very small with hardly any room to work with for a cotton swab, so I masked it off as a precaution. Carefully rubbed it off with the alcohol and cotton swabs. Sprayed it with the tinting and here we go. Now you can see inside like you should instead of it being like trying to look through a frosted church window. The red sensor array is really foggy too and I think that's the next item on the list to wipe off and spray with a clear red.
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    $75 it is! Plus $135 for shipping and insurance fees.
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    After a long time of deciding if I was still obsessed with the ugly VA-3 I finally decided to print it in 3D. I hope this motivates many who helped me with the model and can do it in better quality, to prove that this ugly valk that many do not like is really interesting. The same is only in combat mode and when it is finished, bonded, sanded and painted I hope to change a lot for the better. It is really big especially for the length of the wings and gave a fight when it was printed. I hope you like it and upload the captures when finished. enjoy it
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    Just left the Chicago event. My thoughts: the Switch is on point. Very innovative and fun. Just about all the controller configurations are comfortable for my massive hands and the one that wasn't was not the one I thought it be. Pro Controller is definitely worth it. The console is much smaller than you think, really about iPad mini size but has some heft without being heavy. The screen is amazing and switching from docked to handheld was seamless and quick. As long as the games are there Nintendo has a hit on their hands.
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    welp! Got some new stuff delivered today, so here's the first quickie. The new HiMetal R Dougram (aka Shadow Hawk from Battletech) from Bandai! Scaled here with the recent 1/72 kits: http://imgur.com/BUK4rtB Scaled here with the HiMetal-R GPB-1J Armored Valkyrie (aka Crusader): http://imgur.com/i0oY70K This HMR Dougram is really damn impressive! Quite hefty and the metal innards makes it nicely heavy! Don't have a weight scale, but felt heavier than the GBP-1J.
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    Really liking the armor. Very solid and everything tabs in nicely. Butt plate was a little tricky to put on but otherwise a very good release from Arcadia
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    Such lovely valkyries wasted on such a terrible show.
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    Working on the rest of the body right now. I am trying my best to not overdoing things ... I guess I made a bit too much on articulation and moving parts in the chest ! Just to give an idea of the scale, the chest is only 6 cm high and features: 2 horizontal rotations, 3 verticals and a lot of moving parts
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    Thank you, Mr Bomber! And finally the battroid mode pics to finish off the set.
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    Mega Action Series Optimus Prime MAS-01 Height comparison with 3A Optimus Prime One shall stand, one shall fall Friendship mode Natural kneeling pose - no problem! With HMR for size comparison
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    Knocked a few items off my to do list. Weathered my Maruyama VF-171EX and Luca's RVF-171 as well as the VF-27β. Lightened the overall green on Luca's and added more paint where it was missing on the 27. Notably on the hip guns and the upper canard pieces that move up and down where the darker green stripe should have been painted. Only took a few pics as I don't have much time right now. Not going to transform them for a while either as I'm letting the acrylic polyurethane coating cure longer so see if it helps with the issues I had with it. (Can I no longer make an image a link? Selecting the pic and clicking the link button doesn't do anything unlike before where you could. If it's possible, how? Wish I could edit the BBcode like before the upgrade. Also, why can I not insert more than one image from URL? The editor won't insert an image for from URL after the first one. I put in the link and click insert into post and it does nothing. How does everyone else put in multiple images after the upgrade? The options appear to be more restricted now.) Nevermind. I kind of figured out how. I have to double click an image to insert a link. Also. for some reason, the board software won't let me do more than one insert from URL per save. so I have to submit, then go back and edit and insert another image from url and repeat. What a severe pain in the butt...
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    RIP Richard Hatch. So Say We All.
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    Doesn't matter whether this SDF-35 is continuation of Delta or not, as long as there are newly designed Valks in it. Let Kawamori-San squeezes his brain more & more .. .
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    Just came out of an advanced screening for Chapter 1. Wow, they packed a lot into those first two eps. It's very dense and takes things in more different directions from the original than 2199 did. Theres a new trailer/end song preview as well.
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    Decided to take a stab at an Inbit using what I've learned recently from messing around with Bionicle and CCBS system parts. I'd consider this a version 1.0. Sadly the parts I want to use are not available in Purple, Dark Blue was the closest fit: Some more finished pics of my version 2.0 Spartas and Bioroid:
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    I have literally been watching each Macross series in order over the last 3 months and I do not get the the arguments about Delta not being "Macross Enough". I understand if the series isn't something you enjoyed, but it feels like the most refined Macross formula they've done yet. I also rather appreciated small character conflicts being addressed and resolved within a single episode instead of being drawn out needlessly. I wouldn't mind if they revisited Delta but I'd be just as interested in seeing them do something new.
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    She lists a bit to port, but she is sea worthy. Enjoy.
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    And that character's name would be "Shoji" Ichijyo.
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    Macross TV series have always been about moving the franchise forward - new worlds, new stories, new possibilities. If we want a side story, follow-up, or prequel, the OVA is the usual go-to format as those stories tend to be more fan-oriented and therefore more niche market. If we're ever to see Macross the First or an adaptation of an existing work, it'll most likely be as an OVA or movie (or otherwise be a fan-service name drop as Minmei has been in Frontier and Delta). If this is a TV series, my money is that it'll be a direct sequel to Delta (and thus let the franchise extend its investment in the current idol group), or a new story set shortly after Delta but in the same time frame and general universe rules, where Var / Windermere / Chaos / Walkure presence may e a major player or a name-drop. The short time frame between Delta and this strongly suggests that it won't be a brand new show and instead leverage what we just finished, or else Kawamori simply has a hell of an idea and didn't want to wait another five years before showing it. Regardless, a new TV anime will be less about addressing complaints of the old franchise fans and more about satisfying the current younger generation, as that's where the money has always been in every iteration of this franchise. As long as idol units are hotter than solo acts and people like giant transforming planes, Macross won't be in for a major paradigm shift, so we'll IMO we'll get more of the same... Of course we can hope for better writing and perhaps even better animation quality, but even if it stays on the level of Frontier and Delta, it'll likely be plenty good for today's mass-market anime consumer. Mark PS - Disclaimer: I'm an anime fan born in the late 70s, who places Frontier above Delta, but who has loved every version of Macross and has spent time in the Macross Delta room at Joysound to show for it.
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    Alright then... I'll go ahead and be a person with some optimism. I need good news about now anyway, and more Macross is always better. Hell we have no idea what it is exactly or in what form (with the time table I am less inclined to believe it is a full length series. I could believe movies or an OVA though). So bring it on, I find something to love in each Macross installment, even when some people can't. And if it is a continuation of Delta, good! It didn't really end anyway after all, there is still threads that can be tied up there (hopefully a bit better this time). If it is a movie retelling of Delta like Frontier had, even better! Because... well.. that should be obvious... story can be done so many ways better. If it is something new and original, awesome too! We're here because we love Macross, and while the last thing we got didn't go perfectly doesn't mean it is "ruined FOREVER" it just means we should expect the creators, SK especially, to acknowledge the mistakes made and do better. We know they can, they've done it before. We don't know what this new thing is yet, at all, but it is Macross and I look forward to it.
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    I was thinking that "Superdimension" project might wind up being a Macross: The First animation
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    I am pretty much done with the painting of the parts I got printed so far. The rest of the model is still not finished due to a lack of modeling time. That's a relief for the wallet!
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    Small collection display. Others (VF17S+FP & VF4G) are still sound asleep in their respective boxes.
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    Working on strengthening the legs joints and quick shots of the current paint on the hands, a lot more detailing and paint layers still remaining.
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    A smaller collection of things that matter to you is still a great collection! That's how my collection is too. I have to sparingly pick and choose a lot. It's not a contest though! A collection that means something to its owner is just as special as any other.
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    Tampo print sample from Mr.K himself. https://mobile.twitter.com/Mrk_arcadia/status/824533647524917248
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    Decal is done I guess. Just need to refix the head that I dropped for the Nth time. Once done, I can spray the flat coat and be done.
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    One the toys I wanted as a child, I now have.
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    I was missing a few colors to complete the arms and legs, but I finished the canon and almost the head (a bit of eye-liner there and there) i really really like the color scheme. I don't know why in frontier the vajra don't look as good as when you got it in the hands... the color mix in the vajra is super nice. Probably because the production has never used enough light on the vajra to make their colors pop. Last picture: I thought a little glow in the dark would be nice, and they also react to UV light
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    Well, to be fair... the entire surface of the Earth was a pretty crappy place to land by the time they got 'round to landing on it. After the Boddole Zer main fleet got done with it, Earth was a planet that had a LOT of problems. The damage was so extensive that the New UN Government is stuck trying to mitigate the damage by terraforming the planet back into something halfway liveable, and it's expected that it'll take millennia to finally restore the planet to something resembling its prewar state. With the planet's biosphere all but annihilated, one of the biggest problems was that the composition of the atmosphere was altered leading to significant global warming that necessitated using both technologies to shade the planet and engineered bacteria to restore the proper atmospheric composition. The contaminants kicked up into the atmosphere by the bombardment also necessitated a cleanup (though apparently the global warming was enough to offset nuclear winter?). On top of that, there was radioactive contamination from things like destroyed nuclear plants and shipboard reactors which had to be cleaned up by engineered bacteria, and the ever-present threat of debris ranging from random shrapnel to crippled starships falling out of orbit onto your head. Alaska seems like a relatively smart place to stay, and that specific location seems like an especially advantageous one considering: It was conveniently close to the destroyed Grand Cannon 1, meaning they had easy access to salvagable refined metals and working technology. Its location in or near the former Yukon-Charlie Rivers Nature Preserve puts it relatively close to two major rivers to provide fresh water (after cleanup) and far enough north that latitude might compensate somewhat for global warming. It's a relatively isolated area, meaning the level of local contamination was probably lower compared to formerly urban areas where whole towns had been vaporized. Aircraft with thermonuclear reaction turbine engines aren't going to care much about the distance, since there's almost nowhere else to go and the technology is legendarily fuel efficient meaning they don't have to be terribly concerned about running out of fuel on the way back from wherever. With approximately 700 hours between refuelings, the VF-1 can go pretty much anywhere.
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    A couple of things to keep in mind: that was at their headquarters the rest of the world was pretty much completely destroyed* it was also the only place left on Earth still broadcasting a radio signal after the big battle. Makes sense to land next to survivors where there's a chance to get supplies for your broken ship. * http://monkeybacon.mywebcommunity.org/Stats/Statistics/QVF_Series/QVF_series.php The planet behind the drones in that screengrab from M+ is of the Earth.
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    I still love my 1/48 collection. Always will! Here's one of my faves:
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    I don't understand why they are still starting with the guys?! We better get a Rook figure out of these two attempts!
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    I tell yah. They got Macross, then Macross Plus, then Macross Zero. May be it's time for Macross 1/2. You know, have a valkryie that turns into a girl when doused with space water, or a bug (coz kawamori luvs bugs), or something...
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    Are you accusing Bandai/Satelight/whoever of cheating with their CGI models!?
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    I'd go for a premium finish 19 over a weathering version.
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    Yep, I thought the same myself. I saw your post, the impression Delta gave me was pretty much the same thing, I couldn't freaking believe what I was watching. You can watch the rest of it if you want, but I assure you, it won't get any better. I HATE Macross 7 with the bloodiest of passions, and it's still head and shoulders above Delta in my honest opinion.