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  2. Yes (Earth's diameter, for example, is 7,899.83 miles pole to pole vs 7,926.41 miles at the equator... an oblate spheroid, not a sphere), and far more pronounced in gas giants, but a planet would need to spin at a ridiculously fast rate in order to squash itself to the degree shown of "Balun II"... that's just nuts, and visually stunning and unique.
  4. 51 is a pass for me as well. Hope they get to the rest of the Macross Plus VFs soon. Still want a yf-21 and vf-11
  5. Yeah, they should have taken a scripting note from the fan reaction to Cloud Atlas, the "true true" nonsense just sounds stupid, having a bunch of people develop a whole new regional dialect ( We talk like the trashpile people of the ancient garbagian empire! ) in the span of a few years is just silly. Maybe their leader has autism and it will explain the shorthand, but if they spontaneously developed the "Junkyard Engrish" it's going to grate on my nerves every time they appear.
  6. In a way it kind of does though. It has all the design ques and specific elements that where unique to the TV version of Deathscythe hell; just really, really stylized. if it was a metal build style figure and they did wing zero and Heavyarms kai to go with it I'd be interested.
  7. Why wouldnt look good? Remember
  8. Those fine lines are really good work on Hasegawa. Nice progress, thanks Mintox for sharing
  9. I found it kind of silly. Society crumbled just a couple years ago and these survivor groups are getting more ridiculous.
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  11. It certainly looks like Balun with the squashed oval shape rather than being closer to a sphere. (all planets are actually ovals I'm told but...)
  12. hehe we know arcadia's favorite color is pink might work! Call it the sunset/night flight edition...
  13. you pulled the pre-order trigger? or were you referring to the transparent rod?
  14. oops, my hand slipped.
  15. Going by how color accurate they have been with the Zero releases so far, Arcadia will probably go with dark pink/purple like in the screenshot in Zx31's post above.
  16. This pose is awesome, let the preorder starts now!
  17. These are image boards, hence concept art. The Kalacmul is 520 meters long, so the Yunaagi illustration is about right. The one with Andromeda is way too big, but this can be due to one of three things, which have been gathered by talking to the man himself: 1 - Being concept art, it doesn't use scale in any strict fashion; 2 - This might not be a regular Gaisengan-class battleship. Although Kobayashi didn't go into any details, he mentioned this will be part of episode 17 (The Andromeda scene). Take this info with a pinch of salt. 3 - They have mentioned they'll use some techniques in 2202 with purposefully distorted models that will favor drama and aesthetics over scale. A special "version-K" of the Cosmo Tiger II was made to make it look like in certain shots of the original which showed the fighter closing to camera, with an exaggerated nose section and slightly drooping wings. So the same can be used in other shots to enhance the visuals, forgoing a strict sense of scale. As such, the Gaisengan-class might look a bit bigger than it actually is in certain shots, just to increase the visual impact. For now, I'll stick to option 1 and wait to see this on the screen. In the meantime, here's some more image boards by Kobayashi, showing the gas planet of episode 1, which I'll start calling Balun II (just because of a theory I'm working on) and Telezart itself. And the new "Nostalgia Art" (I'm going with that for new art based in classic art) that will be released with the advanced tickets for Chapter 2.
  18. Still haven't seen any of the wave that has the Snowtrooper, AT-AT driver, ect. They have supposedly been out for months but all I see are shelves full of Jyn Erso, Death Troopers, Kasian Andor, and Rey. Chris
  19. I am also in for 1 Ivanov. I am really expecting straight wings for this V2, even with a lot of CA glue reinforcement the original one couldn't keep on the weight of the missiles and booster. The cheaper Hasegawa could...
  20. Damn that's cool. Looks to be about the same length as the Domelus Class. Chris
  21. Was at yodobashi aki earlier today. The Macross tomytec doesn't seem to have that much stock especially the sdf ones. SO Tomytec should be doing ok. I got Keith's Draken in fighter mode.
  22. tempted to ask if the custom kits are being sold on yahoo auctions from wonderfest and how would one find them...
  23. looking forward to seeing it!
  24. First clear coat before tomorrow nights decalling then another gloss clear on thursday night - then The Great Wall Movie, Flory wash and matt clear on Friday. ...ok and maybe the canopy, some vent detailing, the intakes, the lights and sensors...
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