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  2. Looking at MFC and HLJ retail price was 6,800JPY. If it's not two separate figures 15,120 is ludicrously high. Two missile pods and a sticker sheet are absolutely NOT worth $75 by themselves.
  3. Rude? Not at all, specially coming from a fellow member. I think it's a good idea but really a hard one to take. But obviously is not easy to have a Valkyrie on display that will only remind you that you are not happy with it :/ A hard one to take in deed.
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  5. So looking forward to this! It's looking AMAZING! Maybe we'll get to see Valkyries and Voltron in live action versions for the first time as in the book. Slightly different U.K. Version
  6. You have both? Seriously, though, I would choose the one that has more value to you and sell the other one to recoup those costs. And I hope I'm not coming off as rude. I definitely understand the criticism you have for the premium version. Those details should pop, but they don't in all settings. It's especially tough if you are the type of collector that doesn't mess with your Valkyries much. Me, if I like a Valkyrie, I'll have it out of the display case or off the shelf a lot. If I don't like a Valkyrie, it will stay in its box and get sold to someone who really wants it. Anyway, I hope that you figure out a solution that works for you.
  7. Congrats on getting the HM VF-1S Roy. How much did you pay for the Mospeada book?
  8. I've picked up a few of the Art Asylum ships over the years as well, but none of them can compare quality-wise, and while they're accurate enough, the construction and painting are pretty sloppy all around on most of them. Their best ones are probably the Excelsior, Ent-E, and the refit "All Good Things" Ent-D. The Bandai Refit 1701 is a beautiful kit, but it needs a bit of tweaking to get the lighting to look right. Mostly the bulbs are just too bright, and the deflector dish needs some kind of glazing or filter so it isn't completely transparent, and the wrong color.
  9. Holy Hell.....time to go eBay surfing!!!
  10. I just started watching Baccano! It's....quite interesting.
  11. I have both the regular and premium version. The premium markings are awesome! But if you don't have it in front of your nose you can not appreciate the details.
  12. Iron Fist changing showrunners for season 2 At least Jessica and Luke have a "look" which could count as their work clothes. Danny is the one that needs a freakin' suit. They even had one in the "flashback"-scene.
  13. Hah no it just really looks that bad. The kidslogic one does look good so far though.
  14. Yeah, the Id transformation is beautifully simple, yet there's just enough to it that you can't tell they're the same suit at first glance. I'd love to get a transforming figure, fragile as those back pieces/limb extensions would be. "Weltall 3.0..." You mean the Xenogears?
  15. Is that a trick of the camera? The coloring just looks wrong. The one at the top is awesome however.
  16. Yep. And I'm glad stores like NY have still been around for Macross exclusives after many years of collecting. Looking at my order history, the Regult was around 7344 JPY before the discount so the price for the set is enough for 2 Regults and a little extra for the parts.
  17. The Aoshima release is probably the best completed Enterprise out there.
  18. Did someone says blue chrome? You got it, buddy!
  19. They produced the Refit Enterprise 1701 and 1701-A variants, the NX-01, and Voyager in 1/850, and the E in 1/1700, and that was it. Today, you can find them on eBay, but they are pricey as hell.
  20. These models came out around 2003-2005. Bandai released an original movie Enterprise, A, E, NX-01, and Voyager. Aoshima released a completed and illuminated Enterprise-D a couple years back that could saucer sep too. You can still find them on the secondary market from time to time. Here's the original HLJ links:
  21. Google Translate: Release as two body set. In text description, '体' is always meant as body or figure. They always refer it to the main figure itself. So if the translation is right and for the price posted, it's safe to assume it will come with two figures.
  22. Thinking about that 2-fer translation... We might get a box that is like the TV/DYRL Mass Production 1A, which includes one base figure and all the parts to make up both types. I'd be okay with that. Of course, I'd be tickled if we got two figures this time with all the parts included. I'm not so sure about getting stickers. That would be a big change for Bandai, who has been all about printed markings--even on these smaller scale HM-R releases.
  23. I use a thin plectrum and try to get to the sliding joint as close as possible so I don't stress the plastic of the bay doors. Then I try to pull the slider upwards.
  24. Good luck getting Jessica into the Jewel costume. You go ahead and try it. .... ... ... I'll be over there. No, further away than that. Probably the next city.
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