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  2. No, those three shows have been available several times on DVD before. It's the Macross sequels that are affected by the legal trouble.
  3. Did we ever know the bad guy in the first one?
  4. I'm betting on unique. But if it ever comes up with anyone else again at least there's a record how to handle it.
  5. Cool, I probably have to make an update on my site.
  7. Thank you and keep up the good work you are doing. Personally I'd like to see the Delta era ships, but I'm a patient wolf, if/when I start to make missions I'll send a few your way.
  8. New street fighter intro all english. Title?
  9. I plan on pulling out my max and milia soon so I will double check but I just did a review of the original super parts and know the lock worked on those toys. While doing that i tried the lock on my HMR Hik 1s and got no joy. Think i tried the HMR GBP and HMR Roy 1s as couldn't get the lock you engage either. Fortunately, all have very stiff backpack hinges.
  10. アオゾラ - May'n
  11. I wonder if other folks are about to have similar issues or if you're the victim of a unique screw up.
  12. That is very strange. I never noticed a clicking lock on any of my HMRs but will check when I get a chance.
  13. NY marked it as F/C, which is the International version of Bill Receiver (after charging me an extra $10 for shipping anyway...) Yeah, it gets better. I can't just show the UPS facility my invoice so they know I paid. They say NY has to send a release code that tells UPS they're actually paying the shipping or else I HAVE to pay the $203 and then attempt to get paid back from NY (what are the chances of that.) I'm assuming I'm about to have an Ami-Ami moment where NY is no longer a valid option for purchasing for me.
  14. Lucky her arbit! NZEOD, your paint schemes are always surprising.
  15. Finally got to watch My Name. Classic Makoto Shinkai. The same themes he has been exploring since The Place Promised in our ...Days. Very well done. My only gripe was the music. The generic cheesy rock/pop on some pivotal scenes ruined the effect of them. It would have been much better to have no music or an instrumental track. Should have hired Yoko Kanno
  16. I didn't know it came with the assembly kit. It was a TRex WonderFest exclusive at some point also.
  17. Oddly, the backpack lock doesn't work on my HMR toys but DOES work on my original HM toys.
  18. Hmmm...I wonder if anyone has scanned that part and made available for 3d print...?
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  20. The hell price tag for that Cosmo Zero?! Is there some Battroid or Gerwalk Mode that they're not telling us about!? I'll stick with my 1/72 plamo for now.
  21. North Korea as the enemy would just be hilarious. The final fight can be 2 F-35s against a horde of Mig-21s and 19s.
  22. Curious though. Do we really need to start and be bothered by what's what? I mean, I seldom see infos posted on the one from Kentucky and when people discuss new stuff in the Toy Section, they mostly aware that new news always comes from WonFes (Japan) based on what's being posted. And since we're posting Twitter links now that comes with link previews (thanks to the new forum board scripts), then it's obvious that it came from WonFes and not WonderFest.
  23. Thanks F360! It's still best to ask since it kind of damage the actual box and the price of yours is lower than mine yet you got the shipper box.
  24. Really? I'm really not into the Halls since the price is crazy at first. But knowing that Bluefin might actually release this knowing that it's TWE, I'll go check it out first. It's not bad to have a one Hall just to check it out. Hehehe.
  25. It's a race now for these Macross products. Once these KO products goes out, expect that Bandai will announce reissue of those hard to obtain Macross Frontier Web Exclusive Parts and Arcadia will do the same too on their products. I don't think people are going to buy those old Yamato Max and Millia VF-1J's for the price they're going now since most people know that Arcadia is reissuing it and most of us here doesn't care anymore inspite of different pink-white paint used and no rainbow canopies. And if that happens, I'm going to make sure that I'll buy the legit ones first. No need for extra parts.
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