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  2. I want a Basara, a Minmay, and a Sheryl...
  3. This update is the first full scale print of the scout with a basic paint job. I purposely left out the lower engine and the details of the back since I wanted to see what the front looked like. The scoop needs to be longer but I think the front upper and lower pods are the right size. Modeling the channel near the front of the ship that loops under to the other side has been giving me a hard time. I decided to press forward with the rest of the ship with the hope of getting done later. Plan B is to do it manually. Learning 3d modeling has been steep for me but I know in the end of all this madness it is going to be rewarding! The last picture is a half scale of the whole ship before adding the front pods and scoop.
  4. Ah T1...where skynet inadvertently caused john conner to be born because it was trying to kill john conner. Now thats how you write a script....
  5. Im using a fostmourne display base since its the same theme for the snow drinking saber. 9-inch sword replica from a popular Hong Kong comic in the 90's. Almost non existent anywhere nowadays. Got it by comissioning an ebay HK seller few years back through private message. I dont know why I blindly trust the guy, but I did! (desperate times). Experience turned out great & was a trustworthy seller.
  6. Coming along nicely!
  7. Actually, a lack of time to prepare is the implied problem, as weird as it sounds when you have a time machine. They make it clear in the first film.. the resistance had already breached Skynet's final defensive lines. The machines had effectively lost, it was all over but the killing. The time attack was a last-ditch gamble, and the humans took the time machine shortly after Skynet used it. There simply wasn't an opportunity to create a care package(also why Arnold doesn't have the parts for a plasma rifle stored in his fleshy gut). My impression is that Skynet was unaware of the causal loop, and thus didn't see the need to create itself by sending a terminator back. And lacking knowledge of the loop, it was ALSO taking a huge gamble that sending an omnicidal robot back in time to murder everyone named Sarah Conner and everyone that gets in the way would not somehow prevent the creation of Skynet. But enemies breached the gates, dead anyways, nothing to lose. Of course, if it DID know it needed to father itself, that would ALSO be a good reason not to nuke the entire town. (John Conner, by contrast, DID know about the causal loop thanks to Sarah. There are several statements by Kyle that, when put together, tell the viewer John knew Kyle was his father and was actively grooming him for the job... which is SUPER CREEPY.) My assumption with Terminator 2's setup is that the T1000 was loaded into the time machine immediately before or after the original T800, that all the time travel was done very rapidly on the future's side. And the last-ditch gamble shows again, as it was an unstable prototype.
  8. Those shelves are also from ikea. Not secured at all, just propped on top.
  9. Ditto. Mine arrived this morning. And I swear FedEx was trolling me. It made three stops before it moved south at all(I'm in Texas). And then they gave it to the USPS on friday night so it would sit in a warehouse all weekend.
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  11. Nice! Enjoying the DYRL translations. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Gubaba for his generosity and dedication!
  12. I concur!
  13. I'm still hoping that volume 4 adds more depth to Jaune. Alas, this episode is more about exposition.
  14. lol. sooooooooooo true.
  15. Wow, those destroids look beautifuuuuul!
  16. You can almost see their tails swishing. I won't say wagging. They might not take kindly to that and I wouldn't want to piss 'em off. Good for you! It's not about having the most toys before dying, but getting the *right* ones. Specially, when we never got them as kids.
  17. Its from the february 2017 issue 387 of model graphix.
  18. Squadron 42 sale este año... pero al ritmo que van yo no lo esperaria hasta bien pasada la mitad del año.... eso y Episodio 8 (El último Jedi) van a ser las cosas mas grosas del año.
  19. I got mine from Anime Island. It was the cheapest deal around at that time and I know they tend to get it later than other retailers and use the cheapest shipping method since its free shipping.
  20. Excellent! Place is looking great, Benson!
  21. Totally do-able. I am pretty bummed that Glowforge didn't work out. The whole point of offering laser etching was to be able to do it on the fly per customers requests. Delta seems like a no brainer etching to go with. Maybe I will put a GI in the for sale thread and see how many people would buy a batch. Pre-pay, and I will ship when they come in from vendor.
  22. Yes, nice colection! I like the shelf that the detolfs are on. Are they secured in any way or just placed on top? I really want to raise my detold with something like that under it.
  23. WOW!! great display and man cave!
  24. weeknight battle droid painting session because the weather is just gorgeous right now!... and the Hobby Shop had the three colors I needed today!
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