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  2. https://ohmyprimus.com/bddxmcyf29sac.html?fbclid=IwAR28sAAzyN2rQv0wxo0taWCZmha3fEJK4xY-mjY1Lhjy8s8VZvuXdbeNpYQ I've placed many orders with Oh My Primus for third party and Hasbro/Takara Tomy Transformers over the years and there's never been a problem. I've never ordered a DX Valkyrie from them before tho, so take you're chances with BANDAI's distribution if you dare. You need to choose full payment or place a deposit. They are an online and retail store in Singapore.
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  4. Thanks man... So one day already n no cancellation letter should be gd to go then
  5. You've gotta do what you've gotta for your shelves but man all of this talk about it has me a second from buying the Jetwing prime myself this week, lmao.
  6. Thanks Mike, I checked my account and those notifications are disabled. I wo der if this is the default setting since I can’t remember tinkering with the settings.
  7. I'll get a "someone liked one of your posts" pop up and a red mark on that globe on the toolbar at the top of the page, and if I click it it'll take me to whatever post was liked. It's usually one of my reviews, and not just a generic good post or anything. It doesn't tell me who did it, or even if more than one person did it, though.
  8. That's looking really good! Will you be releasing the STL or 2D files for sale? I know another guy that has a bunch of 3D MOSPEADA and one ROBOTECH models in progress as well.
  9. Yes, but it comes with a regular red and blue Prime instead of Nemesis. Just the same, I'm not crazy about all the jet stuff hanging off of Prime, but it's cool that all the armor condenses into a standard G1 looking trailer, albeit in black. It's certainly an option if I change my mind.
  10. Haha, I’ve been immortalized!
  11. To wrap it up.
  12. Yeah, I saw that; they also have a version based on the Bay movie where he combines with Jetfire. No interest in those. Since I already have Takara's Ginrai, I thought it'd be cool if he worked with it. I checked out the TFW board ('preciate that link), and they're definitely scrutinizing it to see if they can make it work, although the stacks are in the way and there's no large head inside for the Super Ginrai mode. At this point, I'm thinking the same as Scyla, wishing there was a trailer that came with him- just a regular OP trailer in black with appropriate deco. I don't know what it is, but Prime always looks better in truck mode with a trailer. Anyway, I've got him PO'd, so he'll be my first Nemesis Prime.
  13. I will totally get the black one for my Nemesis collection. Bummer that he doesn’t come with the trailer. Oh well MaleToys never released a Godbomber trailer for their Nucleon Quest homage so I will live.
  14. Well it was made for their God Force Warrior sets which came with their own "power up" components that exceeded retail formers, IMO. Look into those if you want a Ginrai using that mold because that's exactly what the trailerforce variant is.
  15. Regarding the upvote feature I would like to add that the initial implementation allowed to downvote posts you dislike (also I think you could see who gave you a vote for what). That led to a series of unfortunate events (as you would imagine) where board members where bombarded with downvotes (mostly unjustified ). After that the system was changed so you don‘t even see who upvoted what. Even the post itself doesn’t show if it attracted any likes. It is only a number next to your account. This created a situation where giving and receiving upvotes is discouraged. If I’m wrong with the current implementation of the upvote system please let me know. But I don’t get any feedback if someone likes any of my posts. Of course it could be that I never received any likes for anything. [edit:] Oh, the likes show up in mobile view. Shows how much attention I pay those.
  16. @Kuma StyleHey, thanks for the FYI, man. Kind of a bummer that it's incompatible, but it's a rather sharp looking fig on its own. Be nice if it was compatible with ER Prime's trailer, but that's probably asking for too much, too. I think I'm going to get the Dark Warrior version; it's a thing of beauty.
  17. I stopped paying attention around the point they made it to the cellar and they started talking about the mainland and the old king making theIr group live on the island. If it’s the final season I might go read up on the manga again.
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