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  2. vlenhoff

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    Do tell!
  3. seti88

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Urgh the tot of having to pre-order any next 31A is not pleasant. Like it or not we will have to go thru it, since it's likely to b p-bandai. in the meantime, to keep the fire burning....reposting from old...
  4. ah, good call on HLJ, I can throw them in with the next shipment. Looks like those are cut to fit so it should work out for all my rod requirements. If you are able to track down other parts I should get, let me know!
  5. no3Ljm

    VFs Top views

    Try to browse HobbySearch for Hasegawa's manual photos on top shots for their Fighters and Gerwalks as a start. Hope that helps. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=101&cat=&state=&sold=0&sortid=0&searchkey=hasegawa+macross+VF
  6. jenius

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Thanks for the feedback! I didn't see anything molded wrong on my vertical stabilizers but even without an obvious flaw, they pop off easy and are annoying. If they don't stay on at all for some people that's obviously a much bigger problem. On the arm cannon, I think I was able to get it to sit flush but it certainly doesn't lock in well and lifting the door on top of it pops it off very easily. Certainly not ideal. The arm itself is curved while the base of the cannon is perfectly flat so maybe that's the element that's causing it to not really lock in securely. Bummer I missed the extension of the cannon barrel and thanks for letting me know.. At 42 minutes, if I only screwed up one thing, I'm going to consider it a win... while I love toys with lots of accessories it makes the reviews a total pain . I'll sneak in an update to the web article to at least cover it properly there.
  7. captain america

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    It's supposed to be a Bravo model just based on the engines, but has an Alpha cockpit. Definitely missing the B armpit blisters, and I'm pretty sure they all had them from the outset.
  8. no3Ljm

    Gundam Figure Thread - Newtype GN-002

    As much as I love to see his Justice units in Metal Build formats, I rather see a Metal Build Aegis first. Aegis is my top 1 Athrun's mobile suit. Who can not love a Metal Build Aegis? And I wouldn't mind if Bandai will reuse the red color they used for Astraea Type F.
  9. Today
  10. azrael

    The Doctor Who Thread

    Like I said, Tennant's Doctor started this "Ginger"-gag before Smith's Doctor. Where it referenced before Tennant, well...
  11. no3Ljm


    Sorry about my ignorance. I just googled 'Discord Server' since I don't have idea what is that. And it looks like it's catered more for the gaming field so I just want to ask what Discord can do or what the advantage to use it for MWF?
  12. Shadow

    Aircraft Super Thread Mk.VII

    Been following this module development. The developers acknowledged that it's still a WIP. The cockpit in the trailer was from an A model as they're still working on the cockpit for the B which would have the ALR-67 RWR and the updated gauges at the lower left handside. It's supposed to be a mid to late 90s spec F-14B with the LANTIRN pod so no Sparrowhawk HUD.
  13. Convectuoso

    Macross figures

    But there's no confirmation on whether Bandai will ever release it
  14. ... well, that's a thing that happened. Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight's second episode is mostly no improvement on the first. It gets good for a few minutes near the end. Between all the fanservice-y shots of La Hire (oh the sentences I'd never thought I'd write) and Jeanne being an obnoxious twit, I'm not sure I want to keep following this series... but I'll give it a couple more episodes to see if it turns into something decent. It's pretty clearly headed for les yay territory, what with La Hire practically drooling over both Astaroth and Jeanne.
  15. tekering

    Macross figures

    I think Bandai's HMR prototype is much more accurate than that 3D-printed fan sculpt is.
  16. jvmacross

    Halloween Displays

    Awesome display!
  17. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Once a bughole scalper...always a bunghole scalper......got time to respond to this post? I bet you do!
  18. elrdf

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Man you have wwaaayyy too much time on your hands.
  19. Caught the second episode of Gyakuten Saiban's second (third) season yesterday. They're following the game VERY closely... a little too closely, IMO, given that Yusuke Amasugi's voice is rapidly becoming THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND thanks to him ending almost every sentence with an upward inflection and shouting in his incredibly whiny voice. (Seeing him from behind, which the game sprites never did, makes his head look distressingly like a penis thanks to his stupid haircut. I'm going to choose to interpret that to mean the artists are hinting that he's a massive dickhead, because he totally was in the game.) Today it'll be the second episode of Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight.
  20. elrdf

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    I dont' scalp as a business. Like I said, these cels I wanted to keep but I dished out A LOT on 1 cel so need to recoup those funds selling these cels for a higher price. People can send me offers and I've accepted much lower offers. I personally think you have a lot of free time on your hands man, you did crack me up with this comment though haha "Nah...I am just "anti-letting-fellow-collectors-get-fukked-over-by-bunghole-scalpers""
  21. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    LOL....so basically if Ford Dealer #1 is selling you a Mustang GT for $35K you should buy it right away before trying to see if you can get a better deal at Ford Dealer #2.....are you that dumb? You know there are websites out there that help you compare prices for almost everything right? It's called being an informed customer...do you have something against that? So basically, you are saying people should be kept in the dark about their purchases? Seems you are just butt-hurt because you can't screw people over so easily as you had hoped...didn't work here and now you are trying on facebook....
  22. The first party isn't totally missing from that sequence... you can see what's left of at least one or two of its members, though it's pretty clear they're counting on the audience having read the light novel or manga there since broadcast standards won't let them show such graphic material. To be fair, at least one bystander also wagered he was an atypically large goblin himself. There was a LOT of wild mass guessing going on there in-series.
  23. jvmacross

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    Nah...I am just "anti-letting-fellow-collectors-get-fukked-over-by-bunghole-scalpers" LOL....you admit you are scalping your cels due to being uninformed about the value of what you purport to collect....and now after leeching off of this site....you are beginning to get a better idea that your cels and many others are not worth what you think they are....which I guess is a good thing, we are here to help! You are correct, nothing wrong with buying low and selling high.....but at the same time, there s nothing wrong with informing your potential buyers of what you originally paid for the cels you are trying to scalp....That is fair, right?
  24. Seto Kaiba

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Oh, granted... though I imagine rather a lot of people would have been happier if he hadn't taken an enormous chunk of the defense industry with him by screwing up adoption of the AIF-9, VF-19, and VF-22 and forcing the military to start over on 4th Gen VF development. No such animal... all emigrant fleets seen or mentioned thus far have been launched and governed under the auspices of the New UN Government. The New UN Government was understandably concerned about letting full spec versions of its new excessively high-spec 4th Generation VFs out into the wild for three main reasons: A fair amount of the fighting the New UN Forces were doing in that period was civil wars. As the New UN Government's sphere of influence grew, the logistical difficulties of governing an area as vast as it technically encompassed gave rise to movements seeking greater autonomy for the colonies, secessionists, and armed conflicts between colonies. With the federal NUNS periodically having to intervene and restore order, the last thing the brass wanted was to get there and have to fight a numerically superior force at technological parity with them. To be effective, they needed an edge. The discord in the colonies also frequently gave rise to armed anti-government and terrorist groups that were increasingly able to obtain military hardware via covert supporters or even outright theft. Restrictions on export variants made any fighters that fell into hostile hands somewhat less capable, and restrictions on the number that could be produced made it a little easier to spot when one went "missing". Some anti-government groups were able to develop their own advanced weapons based on stolen New UN Forces hardware with impressive results. Sequestering the most advanced technology to prevent its theft was also a way to maintain the New UN Forces' edge over those enemies. The New UN Government was arguably pretty much dead-on correct about the possibility of their own troops supplying arms and tech to anti-government groups... Macross Chronicle implies even Max may have been involved in covertly supporting the colonial autonomy movement. Even after the whole autonomy movement came to a head and won out over the Earth-supremacists in what recent books are calling the Second Unification War, there are still plenty of civil wars and so on in the New UN Government's territory. Kaname Buccaneer comes from a planet that is quite literally semi-perpetually at war with itself due to a strong Earth-supremacist movement there. "NUNS" is the New UN Spacy, the New UN Government's Space Army. Alas, no. Only a few specific examples where monkey models were prominently called out as such like the VF-19P and VF-19EF. Its engines were derated to increase its cruising range in space, limiters were imposed on some of its avionics, the modular ordnance bay in the legs was removed and replaced by a fixed pair of micro-missile launchers, and the target acquisition rate of its missile launchers was derated. It's theoretically possible, but it would be quite an undertaking and would likely require the support of the corporations who developed the hardware and software in the first place. Companies that've got a vested interest in staying on the right side of the law. There may be some pieces of tech that they simply can't replicate, either because they don't have its original spec or because they simply lack the technical know-how... like how the VF-24 is supposedly head and shoulders above the 5th Generation VFs based on its heavily redacted blueprints. The ending of Macross Frontier shows their Mainland module is still intact... the civilian population of cyborgs are all basically mind-controlled slaves of the galaxy executives though. General Galaxy itself doesn't seem to have been implicated in the Galaxy fleet's conspiracy, since the fleet was a semi-independent subsidiary. Shin and Sara pulled a Hikaru and Misa. They're gone, and we'll likely never hear from them again. I think she was more steamed off that it was her Valkyrie he destroyed... not for its historical value, but that it was hers. He basically trashed her classic car. Nope. Gamlin's discontent was understandable enough. Visual cues in Macross 7 point to Milia's VF-1J being a Block 4... a true 1st Generation VF without the refinements that were introduced from Block 5 and later. The lowest performance fighter that Gamlin trained on was the VF-11C, fully two generations newer than the VF-1J-4 with much better performance and controls based on the refinements which were made in later VF-1 blocks. I expect you'd hear similar carping if you asked a F/A-18 pilot to go fly an old F-104. Promotional art for the Macross II OVA has a number of things which were not properly documented as they weren't actually used in the OVA itself. The few sources to depict the VF-2SS with a gunpod without its Super Armed Pack have always shown it with it mounted ventrally without any need for extra parts. That forearm piece looks for all the world like the back half of the VF-2JA's heavy railgun. The other two members of Sagittarius Platoon have their names given only as "Jun" and "Maruyama". Maruyama is the one with the Sheryl Nome paintjob on his VF-171EX, and even got a DX Chogokin because of it.
  25. elrdf

    Macross/Animation Cel Collection Thread

    I would categorize someone like that "notifies others of the price it 'should' be" as a person that tries to destroy someone else's livelihood. No business would be open if it did not buy low and sell high. Do you expect every item you buy whether it be food or whatever to be sold to you for cost? How would a business be able to offer jobs and pay employees so that they can support their families? Trying to be some type of "justice warrior" or something? Why don't you try to keep the world "well-informed" on the cost of goods as they come out of china checking the prices for what they buy on alibaba or something like that? haha
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