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  2. Bolt, Looking good. I also have the V1 from Xigfrid. A prized piece next to my M+ valks. But of course he had to go and make an even cooler V2
  3. @Lolicon Arcadia PF's wheels need a slight wash to bring out some of the details. As always, great work.
  4. Well at least its a tasteful advert, and makes a change for it not to be all about the mecha. Hold up it looks like the artist is drawing with both hands.... Now thats news worthy.
  5. In between gloss coat and water slide sessions on my other projects, been working on this V1 Ghost X-9 by @Xigfrid the master. It comes with the clear (and very cool) canopy or the resin eye option. I'm a bit torn between which one to use. As i'm running LED's on this project. Two very different looks, so.. Here's the clear canopy. I'm trying to get away from too bright and over powering. But i want the gimmick to look good.. And here's the resin eye.. I'm also going to add LED's for the exhaust end..probably white and red. There's a ton of room in this baby! @Xigfrid was very helpful in the design will also be adding one of these two small, tactile switches..
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  7. Schwarzenegger made a lot of sci-fi films in the '80s, but I didn't know he played Boba Fett... BTW, love the Misty May.
  8. My god man, where am I supposed to get a black heat shield from? Bandai and Arcadia comparison:
  9. chyll2

    Hi-Metal R

    meanwhile, Mandarake has dropped its first (I think ) VF-4 roy at 9k yen. Sold out now though.
  10. Nice! While you're at it, a black heatshield would be even moar nicer, tho...
  11. It's just going to be a 1S reissue with the modex changed to 011. Or 110.
  12. Just slap on the stickers and pretend that the errors don't exist. We see faults too, just don't butter up and say it never happened.
  13. Hopefully, what we see is what we get.
  14. Its a little clearer now, on the benefits of stickers.......to the manufacturer's that is!
  15. borgified

    Hi-Metal R

    Jungle has HMR VF-4G Roy for grabs at 13.2k yen (limit 4 and not including 5% surcharge for fees) https://jungle-scs.co.jp/sale_en/products/detail/354047 *Still priced on the high side*
  16. No arguments about the numbers here... Just saying the carrier designation, while almost certainly just being a holdover from a planned Rick 1J, doesn't seem like much of a sin. It seems as sensible or more than Prometheus. ARMD would have been the only obviously wrong thing that could have happened.
  17. Had a spare Arcadia PF VF-1S so I touched it up a bit. Since it's my extra I kept a totally clean, brand new appearance for it.
  18. I still haven't seen the remake, I'm waiting until it's finished. (I've waited this long, I can keep going). (the odd naming convention doesn't help with keeping track while trying to avoid spoilers/summaries---so "3.0+1.0" is truly #4 and all-new, and not literally "3.0 and 1.0" as some sorta dual-feature re-cut?) That said---I'm not liking the hip joints on the RG---looks ok when "in a pose", but a neutral stance really highlights the "bare ball joint" look. Kaiyodo still does the best overall sculpts of the franchise IMHO, for both pilots and Evas.
  19. Regardless of what ship, you're not going to have multiple planes on board with the same modex number---that defeats the whole point of having modex numbers! They're to differentiate among different planes on the ship, without having to get up close and reference a long serial number... (so you just paint big numbers in easily-visible places---like the nose, ventral fins, and flaps, so that ground crew can easily identify from most angles at a fair distance)
  20. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    With a day left, it still has a chance to creep to the market price (or at least the seller buying it with another account, this bit here is a conspiracy on my end lol)
  21. Just getting caught up on this thread and I've gotta say, I utterly hate the redesigns for the movies. The Evas are too lanky with stretched torsos, the plugsuits are unnecessarily sexualized, the new characters and Evas are crap. If not for the redone Rameil fight, I'd call the movies complete garbage from start to finish.
  22. I'm guessing it's a reissue run for the international market since they're only showing up on US stores.
  23. Congrats on being able to get the 0A kit and you are very welcomed! Have fun building it when it finally arrives.
  24. The blue and red paint schemes were created sometime between Episode 25 and before the events of episode 27.... In Episode 25....Max and Millia honeymoon aboard the blue "VR" VF-1D....In Episode 26, Millia is shown wearing an officer's uniform, so perhaps Max and Millia already had their special VF-1J's painted up in their "colors"....by Episode 27, Max and Millia are blowing up Zentradi forces in their blue and red VF-1J's.... With that said, it makes sense that their VF-1J's are part of the various squadrons stationed on the Prometheus....perhaps you are thinking of post-episode 27 when their VF-1J's were possibly stationed elsewhere...
  25. It's a heckuva tradition, tho. Hasegawa have had the TV valks paired with Prometheus and DYRL Valks with ARMD-1 in like forever. But we're all digressing here, tho. This product is a HG-licensed product that follows HG's robotech shenanigans, afterall...
  26. I have zero artistic ability, but I've found paying other people to do it is just as good
  27. Yeah I love it in the series but just hard to display.
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