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  2. 1/350 Yeti/Neptune bug eye kit

    And a little primer to see it start to come together.
  3. So I, like many model makers are really bad at sticking to one project. But cleaning my shop I stumbled upon this kit in my stash, which I got from the boys at Wfest a bunch of years ago. It's such a beautiful (and rare?) kit I just had to get going on it. Not too many parts so I am hoping to finish it in time to bring to Wfest this year. Totally borrowing the panel lines from this amazing build. I'm going to be adding some of my own little details along with way, but the kit would be amazing out of the box. Thanks again guys! Rough map of the panel lines . Pinstripe material is great for creating an edge to guide the etching on these curvy surfaces. Once etched I pencil in to check the work.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I know we hashed it over in the Star Wars Rebels thread, but I thought it was a beautiful way to close his story. Was it anti-climactic? A bit. But unlike TLJ, the more you think about it, the more you realize how well that last appearance fits the already established stories and the characters we've already seen. That bastard Maul was still a Sith to the end, speaking of revenge.
  6. Just complted Ping Pong. It is great! Watch it!
  7. Diorama 1/72 VF-1EA Howler on Ready 5

    Making 3 more
  8. Mezco One:12 LIne

    Looks like the Brown and Orange Wolverine is next to be released. Just got confirmation from Bbts it's about to ship. Would be nice if yhey spaced out the characters a bit. I just got the other Wolvie last month. Would have made more sense to release the classic Spider-Man given he's been on preorder since 2016.
  9. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    I think it's like bbts having Macross items... It happens occasionally but it's not really supposed to so it's fleeting.
  10. Agreed - till the very last one with Maul in it, then they nerfed him all over again. But Clone Wars and Rebels are worth watching, the last few episodes of Clone Wars being excellent.
  11. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Likely it was meant only for its Japanese storefront for its Japanese customers.
  12. Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    HLJ took down their listing it seems.
  13. New Tomb Raider Movie

    New trailer, looks even better.
  14. Star Trek: Discovery

    There were a few in the Pocket Books Star Trek: the Next Generation line that I remember enjoying, in no small part because they were treated as stand-alone "episodes" set during the series. I rather enjoyed Masks and Gulliver's Fugitives from that series. Q-Squared would've been enjoyable if they hadn't spent so goddamn much time on "Trelane is insane now". The Star Trek: Enterprise relaunch has its moments, if you ignore all that rot with the Caeliar which tied into Star Trek Destiny. I'd rate the Archer/Reed/T'Pol A-plot in the Rise of the Federation story arc as probably the best material the various relaunches have produced... provided you exclude the novel Uncertain Logic, which boasted an idiot plot that requires every living Vulcan to be a drooling moron with the attention span and memory of a goldfish. The ongoing B-plot of "Trip Tucker is an agent of Section 31" sucks a lot of the enjoyment out of it though, since he's arguably the galaxy's most inept spy and is constantly being captured and manipulated by his captors. It also lost a few points for having what may be the most cringeworthy and forced attempt to be transgender-inclusive that I've ever seen. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine relaunch had a few good installments. The Left Hand of Destiny's probably its finest hour, being essentially a Klingon version of the Arthurian mythos with Martok as Arthur. The only downside was it absolutely put Martok through the wringer and managed to take several one-note characters and make them extremely likeable before killing them off. (Especially Martok's aide-de-camp.) The Never-Ending Sacrifice was pretty good, like Martok's The Left Hand of Destiny duology, it's a more in-depth look at the geopolitical (astropolitical?) situation in an alien power (Cardassia) as seen through the eyes of someone who doesn't necessarily agree with all of their culture's views. (And boy did they ever make poor Rugal WORK for his happy ending.) Articles of the Federation was pretty good, for many of the same reasons above, being a more in-depth look into the running of the UFP's government via terribly snarky and sarcastic President Nanietta Bacco (fmr. councilor for Cestus III). Almost everything in the Star Trek: the Next Generation relaunch is rubbish, with a high turnover in characters as the authors try every lame cliche they can think of in the hopes of coming up with one that's actually likeable. Their worst so far seems to be a Vulcan genki girl, but the security officers trying a mutiny on Picard was just too much to believe. The Star Trek: Voyager relaunch less a dumpster fire and more an out-of-control dumpster inferno featuring some of the worst prose I've ever laid eyes on in ANY franchise EVER. The writers have Janeway live down to EVERY negative stereotype of "strong women" possible, and she achieves never-before-seen heights of Mary Suedom as a result. Its sole redeeming feature is the new ship's counselor, Hugh Cambridge, who is so utterly, transparently modeled on Hugh Laurie's titular character from House that it's astonishing they haven't been sued yet. (Did we mention Mr. Laurie attended Cambridge, just in case anyone was in any doubt where that name came from?) He's the one straight man who seems to realize how utterly crappy the books are and is resolved to punish the entire cast in the most ironic fashion possible, which is often hilarious... like locking Harry and Tom in the holodeck and torturing them both in the guise of Chaotica for several days. Outside that, I'm quite fond of How Much for Just the Planet?. It's campy enough that it feels like it really could be an episode of TOS or TAS with very little effort, and manages to be quite funny for a series that ostensibly doesn't do comedy. (Reading it, one might come down with the headcanon that Willy Wonka as portrayed by Gene Wilder is a native of Direidi, possibly one of their politicians.) It's ham and it REJOICES in it.
  15. Probably took the ground crew no time at all to stencil the names on the canopy sill. Ordered the Probert Enterprise-C. Trekyards Episode 111 has a great interview with him about its design!
  16. Diorama 1/72 VF-1EA Howler on Ready 5

    What's it worth? To sell to others?
  17. Star Trek: Discovery

    Hey, Seto, are there any Trek novels you actually like?
  18. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Never knew the actual classification prior. Well with the movie coming up we have another chance at getting it. More so depending on how much this movie is condensing the series and the story of the new series.
  19. Awesome 3D Printed Snap Tite SDF-1 1:1200 scale

    More progress on one of the legs. Pain to remove the support material on some of the parts.
  20. New Macross TV Series in 2018

  21. New Macross TV Series in 2018

    Is the Cannon class that four armed behemoth in Macross II?
  22. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    When I first decided I wanted MP Dinobots I was right at the opportune time to go either Fans Toys or Giga, I went Fans Toys and haven't looked back. Not that I think the Giga Dinos are bad or anything mind you, I've handled Snarl and Slag and they are definitely quality figures, it just comes down to aesthetics. I prefer the toon look of the Fans Toys Dinos over the bulky, stung by a bee G1 toy look of Giga. Once again, I'm not trying to knock the aesthetic, it's just clear Giga went for a G1 toy homage over toon accuracy. QC seems mostly fine either way you go, some have had issues with both Giga and Fans Toys Dinos, but it seems like fairly rare cases for both companies. Good time to be collector either way, there's a set of MP Dinos for everybody, toon or toy, whichever you may prefer.
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