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  2. Probably won't be the last First Blood. I bet we'll see a prequel about Rambo's adventures during the Vietnam War. It'll be titled... First Blood: Fortunate Son
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  4. Very nice project, I'll definitely get the set if not two sets. One set to build and one set to save. haha
  5. This is why i love this place. I'll save it in my bookmarks. I was trying to remember the name of these stands for quite a while now.
  6. same here. not that it matters I always take elcheapo SAL. Not like getting the missiles 3 weeks later will hurt really.
  7. Wow, so many entries, there will be a 24th soon using my kit and built by Tom, just getting the decals sorted. I'm gonna get off my butt and build something too, just waiting for the kit to arrive. Tom's built many resin valkyries over the years to include the VF-171, VT-1, YF-19 and YF-21 I posted to:
  8. Oh wow Brett!!! I love it, even gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing, definitely digital camouflage, let's post any camouflage valkryies while we're at it. No need to be too restrictive.
  9. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/german_retailer_lists_contra_physical_release_for_nintendo_switch
  10. Didn't the glove vanes got shut down even on the A-series?
  11. I got the preparation in progress email from NY for the missile set.
  12. Hold your horses Bolt - we have 23 Entries! Wooo! Although in the spirit of things I'd vote for either the Rabbit or the M+ drone Some great stuff has been dragged into the light of day so now you lot have just got to get cutting and sanding by the deadline! Because if there aren't at least 20 completions by October there's no Norbert kit - after all it's called the "Build It Competition", not the "Half Built and Painted Oops it's Gathering Dust - oh Look a Squirrel Competition" Again good work so far but there is loads of work to be done - I'm jealous as I really struggle to build these days. Cheers, Brett
  13. But that'll ruin the fun and excitement of guessing if you missed the preorder or not.
  14. Wish someone could write a bot script to autobuy from the online retailers...
  15. All we know is it's on June 3rd. As of what time? There's a big chance that's it's going to be the same as before. Around 4pm Japan time. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=1850147,5&h=1850147&date=2019-6-3&sln=16-17 Or just Google: June 3 4pm in EST To be safe, just add a calendar alarm on your phone. Hope that helps.
  16. Will someone please list the time in eastern us and day conversion for the pre order? Someone often does it but I can’t renember who it is. It has the actual date here and then the actual time.
  17. I just remember a big mess at Konami with both the Metal Gear and Castlevania series back then. Funding Bloodstained was the least I could do to see if Iga could make a really good if not his ultimate game. I'm not mad about the exclusive content really. But the situation isn't right. I read a few posts about how people might attempt a lawsuit. I'm just ready to see the stuff higher backers are supposed to receive. I don't want to hear about pre-orders and steelbooks. I backed at the signature level for pretty much the same reason. I've been playing the Castlevania games since the beginning.
  18. Same. I also have Godzilla this month. Probably arriving in the week. Skipped the first release but with all these classic kaiju I can’t this round!
  19. Well, I went 0 for 2 yesterday. I thought I would get a good chance at Max but they passed my $750 to maybe $800 limit before I could even get a chance to bid. I had to hold back money for the upcoming Bandai VF-1S versions coming out. Still those guys are serious. The auction kept getting extended too. That's probably stressful as hell to win something like that. I'm sure Mandarake has some kind of mailing list. Plus all those locations. People will probably go there first for animation stuff over a Yahoo Japan auction. As far as I could tell everything on the Max auction checked. I thought bidding between Rinkya users would just keep the Yahoo Auction going? Unless for example someone holds the high bid of say $200. Another Rinkya user bids $100 and Rinkya just says that is too low. Or the price on the Yahoo Japan auction goes up for someone with a higher limit when the maximum keeps getting tested. How does Rinkya handle the bidding war between two users in terms of auction time / time to up the bid? I have a feeling that many of the original backgrounds, since they are one of a kind, are kept in the higher end collections and were sold in the early days. Or kept by the people working in the studio. On occasion you see some cels with the matching background. The Animeigo guy sold a few Bubblegum Crash cels with the original background. But I've seen more non-matching copy backgrounds and matching copy backgrounds than the original painted backgrounds. I think there was a good SDF-1 cel and background that sold like in the last year or so. It was a scene with it in the lake. My memory might be bad though as one of my favorite scenes with the SDF-1 is in that lake during the snow I think. But that might have been something in the Robotech Art 1 book unless that was in the show as well. I need to watch it again. I'll search and see if I saved the image. Thanks. I wish I kept those old catalogs.
  20. At the time of the Bloodstained kickstarter, Igarashi had no ties to Konami. He quit, likely because Konami didn't want to make games anymore. Same for Inafune and MN9. He quit Capcom because he was sick of fighting to try and get something to happen. His bosses wouldn't let him do anything nice. Shenmue DID strike me as rather dubious. I do feel obliged to note that the game market in general was very different when Bloodstained's campaign started. The Wii U and Vita were viewed as viable gaming platforms, for one. "Indie" games were looked down on, and the console manufacturers were starting to care about them, but they were very much second-class citizens. This is less true now, though the mass-market release was never going to be a sixty-dollar game. Essentially, everyone that "preordered" on Kickstarter placed a forty-dollar preorder and a twenty dollar(or MUCH more, and I salute you three crazy fools that pledged ten grand for a night on the town with Iga) contribution to the development fund. At the time of the Kickstarter, there was never any chance of Bloodstained ever getting a digital disk release. It was going to be download-only outside of the kickstarter. It turns out a lot of things happen when you have five and a half million dollars in outside funding that won't otherwise. (It was also going to be out two years ago, because the goal was a simpler game.) If you want to get mad about exclusive content, consider the folks that pledged for the limited autographed Amano print, They more than tripled the number of autographed prints available after the first ten "sold out". That struck me as dubious for something explicitly advertised as very limited availability I pledged at the hundred-dollar level, incidentally. Aside from backer-exclusive packaging, demo builds, "free" copies of Ritual of the Moon and the swordwhip expansion pack, I also get a keychain, pin, soundtrack CD, "retro cheatbook", and my name in the credits. Those physical objects are never going to be available to non-backers, not even through piracy. I would have been more hesitant to chip in anything, and certainly not as much as I did, were it not for the talent associated with the project.
  21. Everytime I tried whiskey it was without ice. I'll check reviews of that Cali Sipping Whiskey. Maybe I'm just overly sensititve to that wood taste. The stuff is basically 50% alcohol that's been sitting in wood barrels. In the movies like Indiana Jones, North by Northwest, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, they drink that stuff like water. I know if you drink (forced to drink) a bottle of bourbon like in North by Northwest, no way will you even be able to drive. Chances are you'll be lucky to be alive.
  22. AE emailed to say my missile order is ready to ship. How long can AE hold items in storage for? It's not listed on their site anywhere.
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