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  2. I thought the thing on his back looked like a book bag. But I can see a beetle too. That did not dissuade me from preordering.
  3. borgified

    Hi-Metal R

    HMR VF-4 for grabs at Manda for 11k yen (open, package damaged). https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1111213635&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en and more...
  4. According to that article we may be getting another fantastic 4. Yay.........
  5. More pics of VV at SDCC: https://news.toyark.com/2019/07/18/sdcc-2019-tamashii-nations-vehicle-voltron-godzilla-star-wars-cowboy-bebop-and-more-353698
  6. I'm less upset than when the rumor was "Captain Picard helms Section 31, leader of a band of extra-legal rogues, cutthroats, and murderers". It no longer defiles one of Trek's most beloved characters and tarnishes him with the same edgy sociopathic brush they've swept across the rest of the franchise. This has taken it from pure revulsion to ... well, apathy. It isn't enough to make me want to watch it, but it is enough that I no longer feel an automatic instinctive hatred. And that brings me to the most beautiful thing about this. No one is forcing me to watch it, and I don't actually have to care. This liberating revelation kept me out of theaters for The Last Jedi* and Ghost in the Shell(the most recent one), and it will likely serve me well here. If it is awful, then ... oh well. Not the first awful Star Trek tale(or even entire series). I can just ignore it and get on with life. If it is fantastic, people who DID watch it will tell me, and then I'll seek it out. *And I really must thank JJ Abrams for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was a disjointed and unsatisfying mess, and I spent a lot of time contemplating the idea of investing myself in ANOTHER bad trilogy of Star Wars films afterwards. The realization that I didn't actually HAVE to watch The Last Jedi, or any other sequels, prequels, remakes, sidestories, or events... that I wouldn't become some sort of social pariah for not being in the loop on pop culture... it was liberating. I wish I'd been mature enough to accept it after The Phantom Menace, or Transformers: A Micheal Bay Film.
  7. Hot Toys needs to do a redo on Dutch from Predator and make Harrigan while they are at it too. And I know Hot Toys isn't able to, but I wish some company made a custom Mara to go with Jedi Luke.
  8. While the F-14 was an insanely maintenance heavy aircraft, the costs of maintenance aren't what keep F-14s out of the hands of civilians, sadly. The government heavily regulates what's left of those aircraft. In fact, I remember reading when it was discovered that people were pilfering components from boneyards, and selling them on ebay (and probably the black market), they ordered any remaining F-14 major components shredded. I don't know how many are left beyond the ones scattered around as gate guardians. The Mustang is a different story entirely, since you can actually buy new ones of those now. I forget who does it, but there is a modern assembly line that produces them for air racing, with all the bells and whistles of a modern aircraft in terms of navigation/communication. There are quite a few jets that can be fairly easily operated by civilians though. Certain Vietnam-era MiGs are popular on airshow circuits, and I've heard that the A-4 Skyhawk is actually gaining a fairly large civilian presence, due to its good handling qualities, and easy maintenance.
  9. I'm hoping for weapon props too. I always called the show G-Force or Battle of the Planets. I can't remember. It was one of those shows that came on early. Like somewhere between 6AM and 7:30AM. And I wasn't up at that time when I was a kid. I tried taping episodes and was only able to get a few. I just knew that the Phoenix was one of the coolest things. Similar to how the veritech could transform, I just couldn't believe someone could come up with something that cool. Add in the fact that the Phoenix could go underwater and hold vehicles. It was a plane I would always draw in class. You guys have to know the background of the bad guy. I doubt that the movie will stick with the original background from Gatchaman. And for Jun / Princess, I'm hoping that they cast perhaps a cool looking and stylish Asian type actress. No more Scarlett Ghost in the Shell or Olivia Munn Psylocke nonsense.
  10. Ha ha ha... That I can vouch for that and so will many others that have more than 3+ HT figures @vlenhoff. In my present collection, I have Hot Toys: Scar Predator (Mk.1), Jedha Patrol Stormie and the ESB Fett (Regular), Star Ace: Katniss Everdeen (Black Amour), POP Toys: Women in Warrior series - Butterfly Helmet (Red Deluxe) and Mondo's Skeletor (Regular) to be picked up when it arrives in my 1/6th store .
  11. The legs need more work. Can the figure stand unassisted?
  12. I was ok and curious about the show until I saw the Borg and thought them again? But I'll still check out the first episode or so. But I think it might turn out that they should have ended TNG with the TV show. I might stick with the new show until they reveal the mystery of that girl. That new crew is not getting me excited at all. What are these Star Trek relaunch novels?
  13. Max's VF-1S needs to have battle damage.
  14. I thought he might get a real F-14 but that was before I realized the costs of maintaining a plane with a jet engine. Add in that the F-14 is a twin engine military aircraft and even an actor like Tom Cruise would probably pass on that. The costs of keeping the Mustang flying are relatively cheap in comparison. I wouldn't be surprised if he owned a decommissioned F-14 though. Even if it's just a shell. I remember seeing a youtube video where some people stumbled across the ruins of a decommissioned F-14 I think. And if Top Gun 2, is all about love letter to aviation or however he put it in that interview. And since Maverick is flying Tom Cruise's plane which I don't think was a Navy plane. And going from the trailer, Maverick seems to have Tom Cruise's interests with bikes everywhere and flying at least three planes. It might be possible that Maverick is flying the Blackbird as that's another notable aviation plane that a lot of people love.
  15. New test shot for 3P ‘Metal Build’ Sazabi.
  16. Somehow, the 27" Lewin MP-01 is sold at US$190 on TaoBao. This gives an idea the material and manufacturing cost -- since they can skip 99% of the design and engineering. Also, I don't think it is a high volume product.
  17. The CITA has landed! https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/i8IgWbLvkFCbV06SPYrKiQ
  18. If Bandai was to make a DX Max's 1s, I can say that close to 90+% of us will jump on it in a flash (and with DRYL Supers correct?).
  19. I think I must be really out of the loop because I just found out that there's a massive official Omega Supreme coming out next month. And it actually looks kind of good. and he's at least $100 cheaper than the next cheapest 3rd party figure in it's size range. I'm feeling very tempted.
  20. Looks like they brought back some key elements of TNG for the fans. Good luck Picard!
  21. It's a very tempting car. Just like the Mustang is a more European design so is the Corvette now. I lean towards the Mustang though since it's more usable as a daily driver. The Corvette seems like a weekend / track car. And if they gave just a little more thought to those buttons. It's bothering me because it could be so awesome with buttons that did more than control air conditioning.
  22. I have a Hot Toys Jedi Luke as well. Awesome figure. I hate the Last Jedi as well. Garbage movie. I guess you know Hot Toys has an Endor Jedi Luke coming out that you can pre-order if you already haven't. And there is always the possibility of a quarter scale Jedi Luke since Hot Toys has quarter scale Darth Vader and Boba Fett figures. But I must warn you. You can never get only one Hot Toys figure. Once you get one, you'll be so amazed with the likeness that you are bound to get other favorite characters.
  23. It's early still dude, I'm sure there are more folks that aren't interested. Regardless of opinions, it's kind of refreshing to see sentiment around these parts (the forums as a whole) as more positive then negative. -b.
  24. I guess Seto and I are the only two who are not only not sold by this but exponentially turned off by it?
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