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  2. Got Power Rangers and a KO MP-11 in MP-03 colors. Really like this color scheme since it was Kawamori's idea and the QC on this KO is superb. Better than Takara's IMO.
  3. If you don't mind the PS1 graphics you can play the JP version of AC3 with an English fan patch that covers all the different story paths and some of the side content. I'd still like to see an AC3 remake, so many cool designs I'd love to see updated. They can keep the original intro though.
  4. At this rate, Bandai may finish releasing the complete HMR line for the 40th Anniversary
  5. Thanks! Thanks, I just double checked and yes, that's the dark blue one. I also looked at it again and I think that the lighting makes it look brighter than it actually is. Here's another photo:
  6. This will be the first Transformers movie that my son and I won't go to see at the cinema. Thankfully he's lost interest in Transformers, so I don't have to go and suffer through it. Fool me 4 times, Michael bay, shame on you, fool me a 5th time, shame on me..........Hahahaha!
  7. Awesome display!!!
  8. This is a muat buy for me. I hope adding other games to it will be as easy as it was on the NES Classic. I need Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat II
  9. ...and the SEXIER JDM version.
  10. yeah, i saw that.. they replaced some games. boxing looks great
  11. Looking great so far! It's nice you were able to work in the CF in all 3 modes. The gerwalk is especially cool. The blue trident almost looks like it's part of outer space. Is it the dark blue one that you can get now? It seems lighter than I thought it was.
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  13. Need some advice. I was given a mospeada legioss fighter that can transform 1/48 scale. The issue is that the "winglets" on the nose were glued on with testor cement. So, they don't move to transform into soldier mode. Any ideas on how to remove them without damaging the nose? I don't want to butcher it beyond repair. I recently acquired Captain's 1/48 legioss (soldier mode only) as well, I would like to display one with the other. Just to show how a proper kit should be made.
  14. SUPER FAMI!!!
  15. I think you're missing the important thing here. Duke Nukem just lost his crown as most-delayed game everto be released.
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  17. While I don't own any and personally never would because they don't hit the nostalgia button for me, I'd definitely agree the chunky monkeys are tops for handling and play. I own a ton of Hi-Metal R, and I guess you'd have to define your term for "playable". Do you mean pick and and mess with yourself or kids? I pick up and mess with my Hi-Metal R constantly and I've had zero issues or breaks, that said I wouldn't let kids have at them. On the flip side I've handled several of my buddies old 1/55 chunkies and I'm pretty positive that if I really wanted to I could kill a person with one of those things, they are absurdly solid transforming mecha toys. It sounds like Hi-Metal R would work best for you, to start cheap, I'd pick up one of the newer Hi-Metal R TV VF-1J Hikaru valks, cheap, no real frills, but it will give you a taste of what Hi-Metal R is and stands for, great little toys, very articulated, tight, well made, and fairly detailed for the scale.
  18. Wow, those are some impressive looking chunkies, awesome work man!
  19. Summary of chapter 2 from macdawson on Animesuki.
  20. Sweet! Another Nintendo product that will be impossible to get!
  21. Some issues that could eventually break your on-going games have been fixed, here's the details : Hotfix 0.2.3a "HoldSlot" parameters have been modified for UNS and Zentrans to fix a waste of slots with docked fighters Building process has been desactivated on the Nupetiet-Verginitz to prevent the game from crashing (This is a temporary fix until Cooper gets more time to take a closer look on that issue) Thank you "thegametiper" for the heads up
  22. Star Fox 2 makes it a must buy for me.
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