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  2. I know but sometimes listings have gone up outside of normal Japan operating hours.
  3. I won't get in your way, but it's Friday, just after 4 AM in japan now.
  4. That's quite the haul! They were all fantastic deals for sure.
  5. Part of me is happy I decided to willingly sleep instead of spend. I dont have any Arcadia 1/60s yet. I may get the 0S PF and collect the Zero line. But that can of worms of the VF-1s...my wallet would kill me. Just looking last night, I was thinking " Oh I could spend 2.5k easy right now" and today I am okay with that decision to hold off.
  6. Tell me about it. VF-1J Armored, VF-4G, VF-1S Roy PF.
  7. *constantly refreshing different retailer sites like a madman...*
  8. I meant in terms of her significance to the plot, as the one who introduces the Rebellion to the plucky locals of isolated moon X who ultimately turn the tide in the Rebellion's favor. Isn't it rather insensitive to insinuate that a non-human character who is clearly sentient, albeit from a primitive culture, whose people helped fight the Empire is nothing more than a pet?
  9. The surprise restock also threw a wrench in my plans. Now you have to ask yourself, what happens if their upcoming black friday sale has steep discounts on macross products you've held off on until this point! (arcadia products being my case)
  10. Lmao no no! I want nothing! No quid pro quo
  11. The problem isn't that she knew of him, but she recognized him. It was the same day as the attack on Starkiller Base and she was a low level functionary on a ship that likely had thousands of people. Given that Finn went straight from the mission brief, to the attack, and then was brought back in medical stasis, when would she have had time to get an image of him? Or was it simply that he she heard he was a black guy, and she immediately assumed that first black guy she saw the defector, Finn? And I never once made any comments about her appearance. The actress is not unattractive, and even if she was "hot" it would make no difference for how inexcusably bad the character was. I'm assuming that was directed at @Seto Kaiba
  12. Great work, but your exterior is a bit boxy... shouldn't it look like this?
  13. The Internet owes me the last couple of months back for the overblown piece of news this year was all about.
  14. There's "no way" she could have known about Finn? I know details about people I don't otherwise associate with in the least and I'm not part of a rebel faction. Of all the things to have rub you the wrong way, that one seems so insanely minor. Otherwise yes, everything with Rose failed, though I would say most of that isn't because of Rose, just because of some awful writing decisions that included her. Also, she's not hot, if she were hot there'd be a lot less criticism. Isn't it super insensitive to be insinuating that a new character is a stand in for an over grown shih-tzu?
  15. I'm debating trying for a second one, but that HLJ surprise restock just beat my wallet senseless.
  16. And this is what I assessed would happen. Glad that there was a MWer here ( will give a huge shout out to them once the deal is done) that managed to get an extra to sell, and I was fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time. I hate the places, on the next day from PO craziness, raise the price 100.00.
  17. Today
  18. this should be a good sign. this should be as accessible to as many as possible. fingers crossed...
  19. I actually think that image is kind of a spoiler. If you look closely at it it appears that he has gotten enough of that metal to make the new/replacement parts For all his armor like he did with his one shoulder armor in the first ep. Chris
  20. Working on the exterior. Now I just need to connect all the wiring to finish up.
  21. Going by the prices I'm seeing on Amazon Japan/YJA, and how the scalpers are starting to drop back towards retail in an effort to offload. Saw it with the Max before, and that one's just barely over retail after release.
  22. Rose was a Fan Surrogate character, and in that way made below zero sense. Given the timeline of Ep7-8 there is simply no way she could have known who Finn was beyond scuttlebutt regarding a First Order defector who helped destroy Starkiller Base. Plus she robbed the audience of the great dynamic that started between Finn and Poe in Ep7, while shoe-horning in a completely unnecessary lover plot, that made less sense then Stalkakin and Padme in AOTC. As for Phasma, I think that waste of a character is dead, haven't seen her anywhere in the promo material so far, unless she's the red trooper now.
  23. What makes you say that? This photo could simply be what this particular business ordered or it may even be less than their order. Hopefully NY is able to fill all of their orders without it trickling out for months!
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