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  2. Jean-Claude Van Johnson

    Looking forward to his return. Chris
  3. Really excited for this. Krasinski totally surprised/impressed me in '13 Hours'. Chris
  4. Netflix Original - Big Mouth

    I thought the same thing. The episode when the boy's have a sleep-over at Jay's house was so damn funny. When Jay is describing how he "modifies" his pillow and then you see the Hormone monster taking notes and calling him a genius....I lost it! Chris
  5. Looks like Your Name with transforming tank. I'll take it.
  6. Well, he cut out of Delta halfway through, so there’s precedent for that...
  7. Today
  8. The Big Waste Of $70 Ever!

    my god is scramble so unfair... what a waste of money this game is...
  9. Macross Delta Game Save

    Let me check if I've already cleared that one
  10. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    Oh yeah, I spend coutless hours in prep. But once the primer on, there shouldnt be a problem with paint staying on, right? Very nice scribing! I never get those edges clean, and over scribe.
  11. Model Kit Collection Show It Off!!!

    I think I've seen that one on Y! Auctions Japan exactly once...and it went for an ungodly amount of money. My favourite Club-M/Yellow Submarine kit has to be the 1/72 YF-19 (because it includes the full weapon load + fold booster).
  12. Macross Delta Game Save

    so i hit a point in this game to where i just keep failing every single time cuz this mission CAN NOT be done in 10mins. at this point i dont care about finshing. does anyone have a game save they can give me? this is the one thing that sucks about games on vita. i will always hit a point in where i CAN NOT finsh it do it being to hard or BS time limts. also this is the mission here i cant pass.
  13. Weapons Banter Thread

    Two ex-mil guys, cool. Me too, well, I'm still in as a reservist. Never been deployed though. Our issue pistol blows goats - Browning Hi Power. The issue rifle - C7A2 is actually a really good rifle.
  14. Whats Lying on your Workbench MK IV

    It really, really depends on the kit. Many regular non-anime model kits (and older anime kits) also have bad parts separation. Some resin kits have better parts separation than plastic kits, e.g. Volks' color resin kits. I personally think part preparation on resin kits takes more time than on plastic kits, but painting usually isn't that much more work (getting the paint to stay put on the other hand...).
  15. The Third Party Transformers Thread

    In the show the fully combined Optimus was around the height of Star Scream and Megatron. Unarmored Optimus was short.
  16. How is Kawamori going to do another Macross series in 2018? This show is going to keep him busy. Maybe he'll have less of a hand in it this time?

    Does make you wonder if someone actually kept that Max, VF-1D & Cavalier.... In mint condition of course.
  18. M Zero: Octo

    I got tired of this model a few times but as a 3D challenge it is entertaining I use skechup
  19. Gundam Plamodel Thread IV

    I've only got mine about a third of the way built, seems ok so far, but I've still got a lot of building to do.
  20. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    Actually no, frankly this was far closer to something like G-Gundam than I expected, right down to the first move basically being a shining finger. I'm waiting anxiously for someone to dub over the fight with clips from Domon and Chibodee's match.
  21. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    Oh god. They went full robotjox with it?
  22. Weapons Banter Thread

    I mean that's fair, I am too. 9mm is a fine round, as long as you have the proper ammo. Not that ball crap they gave us. I grew up shooting, and my dad was old school military, so the .45ACP M1911 was one of the first autos I ever learned to shoot. I keep a .40S&W as my primary blaster. It's all I've got really, aside from a couple .22LR's and my hunting guns.
  23. Robot Wars: USA vs Japan

    Cheesy to the core, especially during the crash into the commentators' seats. But hey, if it's all baby steps towards something like Armored Core, I'm down. What would suck is if all evolves into manned, truck-sized, wedge shaped vehicles trying to get underneath each other.
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