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  2. great writeup as always mike. Mine are apparently waiting for me at the office (i'm only 50% in the office). i wish at least one of them was lotus espirit like too. i have the old TFCC ones and i prefer runamuck's deco there but these look really good and way better overall. i hope someone gives us an mp level runabout/runamuck someday. i like to think of them as stunticon rejects/wannabes....and i think of exhaust in the same breadth now. on another note...pulse has shipped my maverick!
  3. yeah the cab looks more g1 (but alas inferior to the g1 cab looks in every way) but the trailer is like basically the same as the siege. i'm not sure the cab alone is worth the "upgrade" . i've got and upgraded siege one and then i saw the OSKO BPF one (which is a tiny bit bigger than the upgraded thighs siege) that is free of "dirt dn grime damage" so i've got that too. if it goes on discount or if i see it in person when i'm out somewhere i may pick it up ...or if bpf does a remold of theirs to match. also the junk in teh trunk is mistransformed. if you see the picture on the back o
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  5. if only they shipped out as quickly and don't just "send the information" to dhl. mine been like that since saturday. dhl shows as received the information as of monday nov. 30 though, even though the number was emailed to me saturday the 28th. that said for all i know they are still looking for stock to actually get the pacakge picked up from dhl or just waiting for dhl to come pick it up. its annoying,
  6. Can confirm Roy's arrival yesterday from NNG. Was part of the 225 group.
  7. Indeed, I'd be furious. I'm sorry that happened to you.
  8. Yep, FedEx/DHL shipping for Roy should be $55-65 to the US, based on my experience. If you were lucky enough to score a Roy through HLJ or AJ with Global Priority Shipping, the bill would be lower, probably around $35, but they're the exception. $150? That's highway robbery. All I can figure, and I think @sqidd has direct experience with this on other valk purchases, is that Buyee took whatever box the seller put Roy in and dropped it into a larger box. If that larger box is over a certain size, the next rate category kicks in. Then they arbitrarily increase the price some more, apparently.
  9. Is it possible in the mobile phone version to have the "mark forum as read" button be at the top of the page instead of at the bottom?
  10. I have all but stopped using them. Their shipping rates/policies are "usury". That is EXCESSIVELY high though. I would message them before paying. In my experience a DX should be about $65-70 through Tenso.
  11. I'm terrible too. Never stopped me!
  12. Thanks! I simply did a reprime and repaint on it. Speaking of which... UPDATE: Refined the detailing a bit more. I still have some stuff to add (minor details here and there like the upper head turret), but the basics are there. The legs are ball jointed in the hips, and bend 180 degrees at the knees (for reverse and regular movement), with the feet able to tilt to the sides. As for the lighting system: The light is simply one of those LED "finger lights" from the dollar store.I made a collar to go around it, hot-melt glued it into place, used the hot melt glue
  13. Not surprised by that DHL quote. I checked CDJ for Roy shipping estimate and it was ¥17k DHL to AU for a proxy Roy.
  14. So who's going to to paint their DX 1D brown?
  15. Should have them looking inside the cockpit after getting all shot up.
  16. Holy hell is it packed in a titanium box?
  17. My second VF-1S Roy has shipped. I’ll see when my third one ships.
  18. i'm still at this stage at AmJP...the agony
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