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  2. Who still here needs the Movie SSP set? Priced at 12k yen - https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1142910248&ref=list&keyword=マクロス&lang=en
  3. I know this is going to sound "old mannish" but has anyone else at one point stood back and said......WTF......$300 for a "coveted statuette".......ummm....toy. I've been a fan of this stuff since 1984 but holy toledo......my 1984 side is looking at this and saying.......ohhhh heeeeeeell no.....you'll never have one of those in your lifetime.....and here I am, one orders. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the stuff that goes into making this stuff but to pay basically twice the price.......seems to be normalized these days. I mean geeez......I don't see any of this stuff at MSRP any more.
  4. The Glow-on paint is water based and does not need thinner. It is a bit gritty because of the phosphoresce. Dip the tip of a toothpick and gently drag the paint where you want it. Keep a blacklight handy to check for mistakes before they dry. It isn’t easy and is very tedious. But doable. I will apply matte after I’m done with lining and paint to help protect my work. But only a light dusting of spray for me. And absolutely no touching for a day at least after. Also I will mask the clear plastic windows and bridge as the premium just blanket frosted everything with matte and I don’t like it on the windows. Look for the glow-on website. Bubblegum red and yellow are the two colors you will need to match.
  5. Ah thanks. I like it, hopefully they will release the Mig 29 one day
  6. Today
  7. Yep! We’re all waiting to give you money @ChaoticYeti! Hope you are doing well, safe, healthy and able to open up shop again. But you know me, I can keep waiting.
  8. When Yeti's back in business I need to make an order, finally. Kept putting it off, but my display cases just can't hold everything anymore unless I improve the stand situation.
  9. It's actually an upcoming Calibre Wings release, with a Macross Zero paintjob.
  10. I second that @Slave IV !
  11. That’s a repaint of a Calibre Wing’s F14 right? If so good work
  12. Question, what section is Hikaru launching from here? I can't seem to match up the geometry here: I know in the beginning of DYRL, they are launch from sides (not the blue stripe side). What about the end of the movie?
  13. Great work! I’m panel lining a standard one and my progress is slow. After seeing yours, maybe I’ll add glowing paint too. Do you matte coat before or after applying the glowing paint? Also do glowing paints need thinner?
  14. I'm thinking for me it's a bit of both, especially with COVID. The hunt is always thrilling as well. Once we have it, onto the next. Since my collection has grown significantly (for me) I often wonder what I'm chasing or searching for.
  15. That is true @skullmilitia. If it wasn't for the US version and Transformers, I wouldn't have found Macross and the offshoots of the franchise. Right now I'm waiting for the pre-orders for either the DX DYRL 1s Roy/Max and the upcoming YF-21. If Milia's 1J and the VF-11 gets made, I'll decide then.
  16. You missed that boat about a week ago. The window was about 30 seconds per site at MSRP
  17. you should also get something for your Wife. . Since you can't go out to eat, you can get one of those Dinner kits and cook a nice dinner for her.
  18. On a per-variant basis, that's probably correct... the issue I'm getting at is the VF-25 has something like 2-3x the number of variants that usually in service concurrently in any one place. Unless they're in the middle of a transition/upgrade, you'd expect to see just two fighter-role variants at a time... a single-seater and tandem cockpit version of the same specification as we see in the real world on the F-15, F-16, and F/A-18. The VF-4 had the VF-4A/B, and VF-11 had the A/B/C and D types, the VF-19 had the A/B and C/D types, it's speculated the VF-17 had this with its A/B type, the VF-25 has it with its A/B (and in Master File C/D), the VF-31 has it with A/B, etc.
  19. I bit the bullet and ordered one too. My wife's gonna kill me.
  20. Oh ok, I didnt realized its 29500yen shipped, i thought that was the price before shipping, in that case, yeah the amazon one is a good deal.
  21. You could wait until your Prime and your kit arrive. Or you could pop into the 3P thread and check out my review of Nonnef's kit.
  22. Yeah. the other one is the MR Strike Freedom. Since they are making a MB Freedom 2.0. ,they might as well do so for the smaller line to too. So they will probably make a Metal Robot Justice next
  23. How much for a Yamato 1/60 VF-1S TV Roy 35th Anniversary? Boxed, all parts. Transformed maybe twice.
  24. I thought there was already a Metal Robot Spirits Freedom?????? Or maybe that was a Strike Freedom.....not really a fan of the design so never paid much attention, but pretty sure saw a Metal Robot Spirits toy shelf warming in a nearby toy shop.
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