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  2. That would rock! Give all the Zentraedi, mecha, troops and warships lots of screen time using the best quality animation standards known to man.
  3. How many valkyries is enough Bandai? How many more years must we wait for our beloved SDFM and DYRL Zentraedi mecha?
  4. I have 2 earlier generation FlightPose stands and one did react with the paint from a Yamato 1/48 Hikaru. There's a paint smudge to remind me. I've since had the same 1/48 Yamato VF-1J Hikaru and an Arcadia YF-19 displayed using the same problematic FlightPose stands but directly contacting the plastic instead of any painted parts or tampos and after about 5 years inside the cabinet, I personally didn't experience any impact on the plastic. When posing the 1/48 DX Strike, I was careful to avoid contacting any painted or tampo printed parts. I also have a Transformers FanToys Cyclonus on a FlightPose stand but since it's contacting painted parts directly, I used scotch tape as a barrier just in case. That's my personal experience. Hope this helps.
  5. We just need to find a way to feed that sugar to the Japanese market. A custom unit is still a variant though. Particularly for the purposes of toy collecting. So six production models but seven variants for adherents to the OSM, for RT fans seven models.
  6. All good. But yeah, basically just use whatever you can to separate direct contact with the stand tips and you should be good.
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  8. When the New UN Government launched these various emergency measures to preserve the habitability of Earth and begin the recovery of its ecosystem, the First Space War had only just ended. They needed to take immediate steps to ensure that Earth would remain a planet capable of supporting life because the newly established New UN Government lacked the resources to carry out even a partial evacuation of the planet and they didn't have anywhere to evacuate the planet's population to either. It wasn't until almost four years later that an inhabitable planet was discovered in another solar system (Eden) and trial emigration started. Sentiment is certainly a part of it, but I'm inclined to argue that there were elements of a sunk cost fallacy involved. The New UN Government had invested massive resources into the preservation of Earth's ability to support life and the beginnings of ecological restoration, mobilized the military to obtain unheard-of levels of manufacturing muscle to facilitate their plans to restore Earth, and started mass cloning to repopulate the planet. Relocating became increasingly logistically complicated as time went on, so by the time Eden was identified and the first wave of emigrants confirmed the planet was generally safe for human life they'd already invested so heavily in restoring Earth that relocating would've slowed or stopped the all-important space emigration program and made all their efforts to keep Earth livable seem like a waste. I think by the time they realized that it was a workable option and they actually had the resources to make it happen, the rebuilding had gotten far enough on Earth that nobody wanted to go through having to strike camp and rebuild society AGAIN. (With the emigrant ship designs available, it would've taken over 300 round trips to get the original survivor population off of Earth, by which point they would've been playing a losing game against explosive population growth.)
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I gave it a try and here's what I got from their "live" chat: I'm sorry but we only have access to basic information here in chat support. We can look up order statuses and help you with certain questions, for anything else you'd need to create a ticket. Nippon-Yasan... the gift that keeps on giving...
  10. Slave IV I didn’t mean to worry you, just that in my reading there has been instances where a bad batch of rubber chemically unstable was used for the bumpers that resulted in the unwanted reaction. Regardless, I can not afford to risk it, don’t want any surprises thus my inquiry. I did think of using some tape over it if I was to buy the Flightpose stand..
  11. That would be cool, but I bought that item before I posted the link, so hopefully I will have the book in a week or so. Awaiting Mandrake confirmation. Many thanks again, Seto!
  12. Yeah, it's the document mentioned on the cover as "Scenario File". I've got a lead on scans for you though, so I may be able to save you a hunt.
  13. ... y'know, if it looks like a cartoony postage stamp and makes you see sounds, that's acid not sugar. Yup. Like I said, most people legitimately do not remember that there were other types of Bioroid than the Early Period Type I and II. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd call that "considerable" customization. Seifreit's has nipple piercings or whatever, that thing on its chest that looks like a butt moved up a bit, and the clamps on the polarized sensor cover are a different shape, but that's pretty cosmetic stuff. It's nothing that really changed the shape, profile, or capabilities of the mecha. It's surface detail. Yeah, that's the right issue... if you go hunting for it make sure you get the scenario file with it.
  14. I never heard anything about them reacting with bare plastic so now you have me worried because I only use mine on bare plastic parts or I put some clear tape over the ends. But that is my advice, put some tape over them. Only problem with that is the tape is more slippery than the rubber so it makes the stand even less stable. I wonder if museum tack would work? For some reason I feel like a sticky clay substance would be much worse.
  15. That's pretty crappy. A store credit, at most, should only be given when returning something, not when the store cancels an order which is no fault of your own. They didn't make good on the order, they should be refunding you. Edit: I would try getting someone on their live chat and see if they can make it right. A store credit in this situation just isn't acceptable.
  16. Bub

    Whats next for Arcadia?

    I think, the best comparison would be comparing the Arcadia grey goggles VF-1J with the Arcadia white goggles VF-1J. Anyone has them both?
  17. The flightpose stand seems to offer a great displaying option, but I’m a bit hesitant to purchase because I read somewhere on the forum that those rubber heads will react & eat into paint and bare plastic surface over time. Granted DX Valks aren’t painted at least where the support points will be in fighter mode, but with all the bells and whistles equipped I assume it could be quite hefty exerting quite a bit of pressure against those rubber bumpers. I have seen what weight, heat, combined with time does to the mating surface between plastic and some rubber- it gets all sticky and gummy. Any advice or experience please, thanks!
  18. I know this has been posted to death but it's my turn now and venting on here somehow makes me feel just a tad bit better. Misery loves company... -------------------- Dear Customer We regret to inform you but due to the cancellation of our stock for the Super Parts, we are not able to ship your order. Since you have made several orders of the Super Parts, on all your orders we will honor the shipment of one of your orders. All other orders will be canceled and a store credit will be sent to your account. We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. Kind Regards Nippon-yasan.com Customer Service ---------------------- This was my first (and LAST!) time I ordered anything from NY so I don't know if it's "normal" for them to cancel your order and give you store credit instead of issuing a refund. I'm even skeptical that they'll send one (of the two) sets I ordered, as stated in their email above. Stupid me paid with my PP balance instead of using a credit card and I'm waaaay past the 6 month period with no recourse. It seems anyone that "upgraded" their shipping got their sets while anyone who chose the Ferry option are SOL. An expensive lesson, for sure. I sure hope some of you guys have better luck than I did.
  19. Speaking of Mandarake, this just popped up for those who still haven't scratched that 1J itch. 4万 is not bad https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1118205360&lang=en&ref=mail
  20. Mandarake is of course on Japan time so most listings are going to appear in the middle of the night for those in the western hemisphere.
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