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    Hi-Metal R

    GAAHHH!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY can't Bandai re-do the Frontier Valks in HM-R! They would sell like toilet paper!!!
  3. @sqidd LOVING that 3 on 1 Yeti stand setup!
  4. I agree with Tekering due to the formatting and resolution but honestly if you maybe do something smaller like an 8x10 or 12x15 and use a medium like cardstock it'll offset some of the dithering.
  5. Well stated. We're exceptionally fortunate that this franchise has continued to thrive 30+ years after its inception, with so much merchandising support from many companies, official and non, ongoing cartoons, comics, and statuary, tee shirts, etc ad nauseum. Having been in it from the very beginning, it's really an amazing thing, as out of the majority of other properties from my 80's childhood, and there were many, most are now defunct, but my favorite of them all has survived and continues to bring me joy through the various toy offerings available. I believe the same is true for Kuma, who likes beautiful representations of these characters without the compromises that arise from including the transformation mechanics. I can appreciate that, even if it's not my personal preference. I see it as comparable to a high end statue or a even a professionally drawn bit of 2D artwork depicting these characters. Neither of them can transform, either, but I consider both on their artistic merits. Transformers from Metal Earth, Revoltech, Flame Toys, and Takara, to name a few, offer 3D representations of varying levels of quality and capability for the discerning collector, and I think having that range of product is fantastic, as it provides something for everyone, dependent only on preference and how deep your pockets are. Regardless of what anyone's Transformer preferences are, I just celebrate the fact that Transformers as a brand is still going strong, that there's a fervent dedicated fanbase supporting it, and that Hasbro, Takara, third parties, and other licensed companies are pumping out Transformer stuff the likes of which I could only dream of at thirteen when these characters burst onto my tv screen for the first time and filled me with awe and wonder that still resonates to this day. Whatever Transformers means to you, just be glad that it's still available. I thank Primus everyday.
  6. Today
  7. I'm always impressed on how random the weathering pattern appears. Humans tend to make patterns or symmetry by nature but these weathering marks look as they would in real life. Amazing work.
  8. If it works like other Coronaviruses it will start kicking back up again in October/November. If it becomes as big a problem then as it is now then (I can't think of any term harsh enough that would make it through the naughty language filter). First up we should have herd immunity by then and second off we should have testing for it so it can be tracked better.
  9. Oh wow. Well fingers crossed it's sooner than later.
  10. I just wanted to create this thread in appreciation of all you awesome modelers creating some truly beautiful models. The dirt, grime, weathering. I have no idea how you guys do it! I've been inspired by by you guys to try my hand at it. I've always been afraid of buying models just to mess them up but I was just gifted an H&S Infinity airbrush so I might as well use it. Maybe one day I can aspire to build one of the famed Hasegawa kits that only modeling gods can do! Feel free to post pics of finished models that have inspired you to become the pros that you are!
  11. @nightmareB4macross how and what did you use for the A stance hip? Looking at doing that to mine.
  12. He punches him in the eye!! Never noticed that before.
  13. That's terrific detail for that scale, @pengbuzz. Thanks for your input. I've decided to favor "attack" mode because it's closer to Miyatake's animation model than "cruiser" mode on the Takatoku/Bandai/Matchbox toy (and I see many of the same inaccuracies present on your Revell model).
  14. That depends on two factors: What size you define as a "poster" What resolution you'd consider "high quality" If your expectations are anywhere near mine, I'd say... no.
  15. I ordered one as well. I have no idea at this point and who knows when and if they can ship at all. I ordered a Kamper that's been sitting in 'Waiting to ship' for over a week now.
  16. @sqidd looking good! I gotta get some of those ride armors!
  17. Does anyone have intel on when the second batch of Metal Build Sazabi releases? The listing said March but obviously that's out of the question.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Were you able to disassemble the strike cannon hinge? I can't figure out how to get it apart without breaking something. Thanks!
  20. Made up some stainless steel adapters to mount the Sentinel Ride Armor's on a YetiStand. Here are some crappy pics. @ChaoticYeti
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