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  2. ‘Full color packaging’ and ‘special marking seal’. It’s probably the box cover image and the decal sheet.
  3. Very elegant design on the kit, it doesn't need to hide behind it's RD brother. What's announced in the "now planning" spots?
  4. Lol, any excuse to throw some metal and plastic together Just a tiny bit of progress tonight, threw a little Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color onto the BOP refurbish project to give the lines some definition. The feathers were a bit fuzzy from the free-hand airbrush work so this righted up the edges a bit. A bit more weathering tomorrow and then dull coat.....hopefully it doesn't bring out the flaws, lol!
  5. This guy is going all out on the Mave with his Blender model. Some nice aviation art in his feed.
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  7. That's incredible work, @mpchi. The weathering, the photography, the compositing and post-processing work is all top-notch. Very professionally done!
  8. Yeah, you'd think that'd be the obvious way to go about it. No such luck, though. When Humanity abandoned Earth in the late 21st century and set out into deep space via bases at Mars and Jupiter. From there, they discovered planet close enough to Earthlike for their needs in orbit of Proxima Centauri and then another orbiting Epsilon Eridani. And, of course, the Zor had long since discovered a third inhabitable world in Phi Eridani's orbit. This doesn't jive with either the show's final title or its working title once it switched to a pure sci-fi mecha anime. It was original Su
  9. What info is there on Max's release? I only remember seeing a prototype ages ago.
  10. The Revoltech figure looks more color accurate over the Damashii figure, but I just can't bring myself to give Revos another chance. Anyone else pick up the Dynaction Unit 01? I'll say I get the complaints about the nub marks, but I'll be damned if it doesn't look awesome. I've never gotten to try one of the RAH due to the price, but having a huge eva is just so cool. I do wish I could feel more confident that they'll produce a good spread of the units, but the sad reality is that we will be lucky to get Unit 00 after 02. The price point for this series makes me think more complicated des
  11. I'm sure they're one of their manufacturer's smallest customers too so very much at the whim of other companies schedules.
  12. It's been 4-5 years since I have bought any MP scale figures, though the recent release of Unicron and the Studio Series 86 kind of got my itch back. So I recently picked up the Magic Square MS-01W, after getting my hands on the MP-49 Black Convoy, sort of trying out the other Prime molds in MP scale. Like many, Prime has always been my favorite character, though Ultra Magnus is a very close second, especially with the fact that he is a white Prime wearing a cool armor. Back in the days, I was awestruck when Dreamwave depicted Ultra Magnus bursting out of its armor on the comic cover art and s
  13. That's great news! I just noticed that they are actually starting to respond on their Facebook page to people asking for ticket responses. Unfortunately, they just ask for the ticket number and say someone will be in touch...I guess it's a start...
  14. Since the story only concerns the constellation Eridanus, what is the significance of the "Southern Cross" in the title? I'd always been (mis)led to believe Glorie was in the constellation of Crux. Incidentally, Epsilon Eridani features heavily in Halo as well. Could Glorie be the same barren world Halo calls "Reach?" I wasn't going to bother commenting on that trope. It's practically as old as science-fiction itself... and usually hand-waved away, if it's even acknowledged.
  15. I guessing you're right. Co-Vid 19 didnt help either I suppose, but its still horribly hand to mouth. I
  16. Sideshow has pre-orders for Wanda and Vision (Note: These are Canuckle head's pricing for those that are north of the 49th Parallel. May revert to USD or your local countries currency). To be released July- Sept 2022 Wanda: $275 USD/$359 CDN https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/marvel-the-scarlet-witch-hot-toys-907935?me=5dq4wr9h Vision: $250/$326 CDN https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/marvel-vision-hot-toys-907936 Moar pics from Collector's Freak Forums below.
  17. hey everyone being away for a long time, im thinking in getting back to the P.O madness like old times!
  18. Bolt

    YF-29 Break

    Ouch. Now I need to check mine..
  19. All told, it's kind of a nonsensical/improper statement... Eridanus isn't a star system, it's a constellation. There are 24 main stars in Eridanus that make up the constellation we can see and a total of 87 stars identified as "within" that constellation for astrographic purposes. You could call Glorie itself "in Eridanus", since it orbits Epsilon Eridani. Interestingly, the Southern Cross Army never seems to actually need any kind of translation when speaking to the Zor... even in person. Even if they assumed there was some kind of universal translator in play initially,
  20. Yeah, except it really isn't. Rolf's initial reluctance to attack the Zor, and his early conflicts with Leon, are all based on a total lack of information. They don't know what their purpose is, what their technology is capable of, or even who they are... ...except, inexplicably, what they call themselves, and precisely where they came from. And in episode 9, "Stardust," the Zor take considerable effort to communicate with Glorie, finding the "key codes" necessary to use their "hotline..." ...and it certainly seems to be their first attempt at communication.
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