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  2. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    I wouldn't say worried... but it'd be nice to have two more days to work on a review.
  3. It doesn't release for 2 more days, so I'm not sure why everyone's so worried places haven't shipped out yet.
  4. jenius

    Hi-Metal R

    I switch to CDJ because NY started taking forever to ship and now CDJ is slow and steady while NY is on top of it.
  5. CrossAir

    Hi-Metal R

    Yeah, same for my one at NY.
  6. Really hoping for a sequel. If there is any push to at least make one more, it probably has to come from Cameron and Rodriguez. Cameron probably has the clout to do it.
  7. Looking so very cool! Really hoping for more of a S1 than another S2-vibe, though I did like S2. But the Hawkins Gang is back together again!
  8. I feel young again, like when the world was new...
  9. I had streaming problems with the Stadia live presentation on Youtube so... well, frak.
  10. sh9000

    Hi-Metal R

    Preparation in progress for the VF-4 x6 at NY.
  11. Ok... i'm in. Bill looks... his age. But we still have him so... but what about rufous?
  12. Saw the first two Bill & Ted in theaters, why not make it a third time.
  13. Oh, that's just cosplay. Artists have been drawing girls like that for decades. But official Bandai merchandise!?! I'm particularly intrigued by the large block of text on the front of the box: GESF OIY CEERL WOFD HGYN LPGEC EUVX JCLN PTSGHAI GLP GT-R COLGE NISHU A ZO KNJIGEE KACUTASANWP HLY TWFO PDEH TS DE LAGJIKLH CFLRT OP YAD HAWRN. IKP RTUVY KAXWR U OKJRX TON FUVYW SRTLN ULTONS- ROTV W S S ? SSG ND FOIEEH A GNRTTXW HSTWPR YT KIL CD DESIGIN- ALY ZONE PRINN SLIXJHGFW VUTRS NOTIONRY ISL ORWI
  14. Yesterday
  15. See my rant about 50GB day one patches. It’s a no-win with gaming these days.
  16. Hell has frozen over (both by Bill and Ted 3 filming and me finding this thread to post it in). https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/bill-ted-3-face-the-music-announcement-keanu-reeves-alex-winter
  17. Both ways are fine to me.
  18. That's crazy, LAST NIGHT I bought that magazine!! I wonder who drew it. Thanks man!!
  19. Xigfrid


    Almost done with my Macross Zero Cheyenne, I kind dig the low vis version I am making.
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