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  2. Hence my sarcastic post, 30+ years have gone by and they've nothing but attempt to rehash someone else's ideas. Only because I saw his name on the back of my Alpha poseable box years ago I saw the name of guy I went High School with, he had skills back then but looks like they've only been waste at HG though, yet again this sums up HG and why I do hope any licensing they have to Macross goes the way of the Dodo bird.
  3. SHF Akira looking great...wonder if it'll have the UA logo.
  4. Thanks everyone for the announcement. Just put in my pre-order!
  5. Speaking of Macross Plus references, this shot here looks awfully similiar.
  6. What gets at me is that, while yes, Tatsunoko and therefore HG have the merchandising rights to Macross, they only have the rights to do so for Super Dimension Fortress Macross ONLY; literally the rest of the franchise was specifically barred from their control since Tatsunoko only had a hand in animating the original series. So HG should literally have zero authority to have been blocking or objecting to the marketing of any Macross-related merch outside of Japan aside from the original Valkyries, Destroids, and the like from the first series (and Southern Cross and Mospeada). Everything from Macross Plus on should have been freely available in the U.S. with not one cent or question of permission due to HG. That's all based entirely on my completely casual, amateur, nonattorney understanding of the matter, I could be entirely wrong but even as TheLoneWolf pointed out, BW/Nue own the Macross franchise and its characters entirely, aside from the animation and merchandising rights to the original series only. So anything aside from the original series' designs should have been fair game. (Lot of emphasis on should in this post, sadly.)
  7. Alright so GFFMC Wing Zero is going up for order in Japan this Friday!'s a web exclusive and it's 27,000 yen. The good news is that we don't have to make a mad dash to the preorder sites?
  8. 'Preciate the elucidation, Azrael. I think it's safe to say, we all hope that HG's lawsuit will indeed sour their relationship, and that their precious Macross license will be denied. It'd be pretty sweet if Bandai jumped on that opportunity to market Macross in the West. It's too long coming. Keep biting the hand that feeds you, HG!
  9. How does one get this game on iphone or ipad for folks outside japan?
  10. More XCOM is always good, it's definitely on my radar. Speaking of strategy games, remember Ring of Red? Iron Harvest definitely reminds me of it. Man, if only Front Mission had this kind of treatment.
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  12. There is nothing stopping them from making a "Robotech" reboot. One free of Tatsunoko-owned properties.
  13. To be fair, HG doesn't have to mention BW's involvement that much as that would likely add fuel to Tatsunoko's fire. This filing relates more to the arbitration with a healthy dose of backstory to fill in the gaps of why HG is suing Tatsunoko (Thanks for all the juicy bits of info, HG). Does this sour the relationship between Tatsunoko and HG? Dunno. Depends. And 2021 is still a ways to go. Will Tatsunoko file their brief with the court? Dunno. We'll see. Did HG pay their share (if any) of the arbitration costs? If so, how much? Did Tatsunoko see that as repayment for defending their claim against Big West? Hence, in Tatsunoko's eyes, HG hasn't paid their share of the arbitration costs (legal fees, etc), if any. Has HG shared revenue from RT sales with Tatsunoko to compensate them for exploiting the license? If Tatsunoko can show they paid HG the costs of the arbitration and any other amount they owe HG, then that pulls the rug out from under HG's feet. Now, Tatsunoko could pay the fees, then come 2021, re-negotiate a licensing deal which favors them or they would end the current licensing deal. If we want to be petty.
  14. if someone want to follow Noel and do it yourself your own Premium Finish SDF? will there be available markings and glow in the dark stickers available?
  15. Voltron had it's reboot, Thundercats had it's reboot, even He-Man. We have had a lot of 80's animation reboots but if Harmony Gold really has all the rights to the Macross IP they should have done it already, I mean they could have asked Tatsunoko for funding if that were the case. But maybe they actually know they can get sued if they try to make one. Or maybe they attempted to and Tatsunoko or any other company would not sponsor it.
  16. Wow that's expensive, I could get another Smart Doll for that much. I'm still ordering from HLJ just in case though, I can always cancel later.
  17. Its in the item description in the shopping cart and also if you try to change the quantity it only has 1.
  18. For this price I secured one from HLJ without paying upfront
  19. No option to cancel one of the orders yet On the first order I got distracted, and it took me a while to fill in the payment options. when I hit submit it almost looked like I had been logged out. so logged back in but did not see any orders, so I placed a second. Then got two pre-ordee emails I'll pay that HLJ markup to make sure I get one .
  20. I went ahead with HLJ simply because I can ship FedEx. Not sure if I can from those other proxy places.
  21. Ordered! Now to wait, and to not think about the cost.
  22. Thank You for the heads up !!! I already place my order.
  23. Whaaaat? ^^^
  24. Nice haul there! If Arcadia ever does of reissue of the VF-0A and the insanely awesome VF-0D.... yes you want those in your collection too!
  25. Nice! The VF-0S by Arcadia is the best Valk toy imo. I hope they do reissues with the same or better fixes on all of them too. That VF-19 I hear is not too shabby either but I don't own one.
  26. I was almost did the same thing. when I placed first order. didn't receive the confirmation order from HLJ. Getting impatient, almost click the 2nd times... lol
  27. LOL. Not sure how one 'accidentally' preorders two of these things. Anyhoo, I didn't see the limit-1-per-customer warning at HLJ. Maybe I missed something?
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