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  2. Maybe Bandai is easing everyone into the idea of an HM-R VF-11MAXL? I do like that idea!
  3. Did any weed pop out of the canopy?
  4. in fighter mode the pink panels loo ok as it mimics the crystals collar of messers 31 which are behind the canopy and beside the head. however it's an unintended chest pastie in a vf1 battroid.
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  6. He could become a supervising producer and keep designing valks which is what he enjoys. It allows him to stay involved without actually being involved in the day to day.
  7. Ok, so that last review post I promised... rather than doing a "Here's ToyWorld combined!" and then later a "Here's GCreation combined," I'm just going to do one comparative review. So first, here's ToyWorld's unnamed Dinobot combiner. And he's... ok. There's lots of blingy chrome, which I like. The tweaks ToyWorld made to their designs to make them more unified really pay off in this mode. I also like how Grimshell's dinosaur head sits on the chest, which I feel helps give the combiner a look that's distinct from Grimlock's. The bestial feet and clawed fingers seem very appropriate. The problems with this guy really boil down to three engineering issues. First, the space between the detents in his hip ratchets are a little too wide. This makes his feet want to slide and could lead to him doing the splits. Second has to do with how Grimshell's lower legs fold over his thighs. There's a joint that moves the combiner connect inward to allow Grimshell's lower legs to have the clearance to spin around, and the only thing holding everything in place afterward is a hinged flap with a peg that fits into hole on the combiner connector. It's not quite up to the task, though, and it pops loose when handling him. Lastly, there are the connectors themselves. There's a rumor that ToyWorld hadn't actually set out to make their Dinobots a combiner, and only did so when they heard about GCreation's. I can believe it, because all that they have to connect with are a few 5mm pegs and all that's necessary for transforming them (not that it's even covered in their instructions) to to basically move the heads and tails out of the way. Roar's tail actually comes off and is pegged onto the backside of the leg mode. So a few pegs go into holes on the ports in Grimshell's legs, and a few pegs go into holes on the feet, and that's all that's holding this guy together. The result isn't exactly stable. However, I don't think he's as had as a lot of people have suggested. I've seen a lot of pictures of this guy with his legs at really awkward angles, but as you can see I've been able to get him in a nice A-stance with a little patience. And the size is right, too. He stands at just about the same size as GT's Gravity Builder, which is perfect since I consider Devy and the Dinobots to be natural rivals the way Superion and Menasor are. And since Gravity Builder is about the same size as Warbotron and the majority of other 3P combiners, ToyWorld's Dinobot combiner works well in my collection. As far as articulation goes, I'm not really up for testing the ranges. Suffice to say, his head is on a hinged swivel, his shoulders rotate inside Grimshell and move laterally on the combiner pegs inside Iron Dreg and Spear. He's got bicep swivels, and dedicated ratcheting elbows that extend from Iron Dreg and Spear's torso's. His hips are identical to Grimshell's, he uses Grimshell's thigh swivels, and the red combiner connectors have a ratcheted swivel that makes for his knee joint. The feet parts have hinged ratchets where they connect to the legs to provide ankle tilts. The hands can rotate at the wrists, the thumb is on a ball joint at the base with two hinged knuckles, and the individually articulated fingers are hinged at the base with two additional hinges. Disappointingly, there's no weapon for combined mode. I'll note, somewhat cynically, that ToyWorld makes "combiner swords" that are sold separately that are pretty much perfect for this guy. Moving along, this is Shuraking, GCreation's Dinbobot combiner. Aesthetically, he looks pretty good, too. Still lots of chrome, although GCreation likes to use gold paint on some parts. I appreciate how the leg bots actually look transformed, and not like Growl and Thunderous just folded their heads and tails around (although Thunderous' head is very prominently dangling off Shuraking's calf). We still have the cool clawed fingers, and I like how CGreation incorporated Blade and Thunderous' guns to give Shuraking missile launchers on his forearm and big shoulder cannons. The torso and head, though, look very much like Grimlock got bigger and started wearing the other Dinobots. It's a shame that GCreation didn't try to give Shuraking a more unique appearance. A problem for me, although it may not be for you, is that Shuraking is just too big. Maybe if you're going to use him as a pseudo-MP combiner and have him go up against ToyWorld's Constructor, sure, that might work. But Shuraking is significantly bigger than the Warbotron-sized combiners, which makes him too large for my shelves. On paper, Shuraking should have similar articulation with ToyWorld's. He does have some extra wrist bends, but the awful engineering for how the knees connect make me leery of bending his knees, and the shape of Blade's torso pushes him out of the combiner port when you try to move the shoulder laterally. At least Shuraking has a combined-mode weapon, although it's pretty dumb. The large hilt that comes with Hammer has slots in it. You can plug both the large red blades into the outer slots to give him a really stupid sword with two blades. The slot in the middle is too big, though. You can't just put one blade into it and have him holding a normal sword. I thought maybe you could put the blades together in the middle, but nope. That doesn't work either. Even as a kid, I'd always wondered why the Dinobots were a five-member team like the Aerialbots or the Stunticons but they didn't combine. Yet, for something that never really existed (ok, there was a comic book in a 2004 Metrodome release of one of the Transformers DVDs in the UK), it's kind of interesting how similar GCreation and ToyWorld's combiners end up being. Both have gold claws and gold spikes on the their hands, both have gold toes, both have heads that are pretty Grimlocky, both have red spots on their foreheads, both have Swoop's wings on the combined back, and both use Grimlock for the torso, Slag for the right arm, Swoop for the left arm, Snarl for the right leg, and Sludge for the left leg. Both even have a similar gimmick where you can have a normal face, or pull off a part to reveal a bestial face. Shuraking's face is pretty scary. He's got a mouth full of sharp teeth with a molded gun inside. His skinny jaws can open and close. They sort of remind me of the fangs you see on something like one of the Devil Gundam's Gundam Heads, or the Walter Gundam. It's ok, I suppose. ToyWorld, too, has a fanged mouth with working jaws. It's a lot more cartoony, though. It almost reminds me Venom's appearance in the '90s Spider-Man cartoon. Can't say I'm a fan of it, but I think the head with the face plate is fine. The gold antenna further separate the combined-mode's appearance from Grimlock's, but if you're not keen on the partsforming required to put the antenna there you can simply leave them off. ToyWorld even included some molded detail in and around the peg holes so he looks just fine without it. I think it's fitting that we've come around to partsforming, because this is ultimately GCreation's downfall. Now, I'm not opposed to a little partsforming, but GCreation just got lazy with it. Not counting hands, feet, or individual mode weapons that integrate in combined mode, ToyWorld uses partsforming to fill in and bulk up the combined chest and to optionally give him antenna. GCreation uses parts to connect the arms to the torso, a tab that pegs into Hammer and does... something, to make a new, bigger pelvis, to make a new, bigger chest, to attach Blade's wings to the combiner's back, and to create posts to attach Thunderous' guns on the shoulders. And if it wasn't bad enough that I have to have all that crap just for combined mode (because no, I'm not counting the "shield" you can make from the pelvis and chest), you still have a ton of parts left over to put in a box somewhere. Actually, to attach the arms in combined mode, you have to remove these parts from Wrath. That's just stupid. It's stupid, lazy engineering. And what does all this get you? A combiner that's only mildly more stable. So ultimately, I'm going to suggest this (which is what I'm doing); if you want CHUG Dinobots because you want five individual robot dinosaurs, I'm ultimately going to suggest going with GCreation. Yes, they're a little bigger, and they're a little less fun to transform. And yes, I prefer gold chrome to smoked translucent plastic over gold chrome. However, I really think GCreation nailed a lot of the G1 aesthetics, the accessories are a lot nicer, and the use of paint (especially the metallic red) gives them a more premium look. If you want a Dinobot combiner, though, I think ToyWorld's the way to go. He's easier to transform, easier to assemble, doesn't require an obscene amount of partsforming, and doesn't leave you with a box of leftovers. The RGB stripes applied across all the Dinobots helps create a cohesive look for the limbs, and again I appreciate how having the T-Rex head on the chest helps the gestalt look visually distinct from Grimlock. I also prefer the smaller size, but honestly if Shuraking were identical in size the lazy partsforming really ruins it for me. I'll probably never de-combine ToyWorld's gestalt and display him with Gravity Builder, Havoc (to be completed), Hades, the two Warbotrons, Uranos, Poseidon, Feral Rex, Ordin, and ToyWorld's Throttlebot combiner. But I'm also going to keep the GCreation dinobots and display them in dinosaur mode, occasionally flipping them to robot mode. At this point, I think I should address the other options for Dinobots. I've said before and I'll say again that these guys aren't MP, so if it's MP you want you should look at Fans Toys or Gigapower. But there are other CHUG options as well. Planet-X is very well-regarded, but they're meant to be the Fall of Cybertron Dinobots. If you're cool with that aesthetic for your CHUGs, great; I might even try to get my hands on Vulcan (their Grimlock), but I'm not sold on the FoC aesthetic mixing with the "G1, but updated" look prevalent with the actual HasTak CHUG lines or 3P lines like MMC's Reformatted or Maketoys' Cross Dimension. Your other option would be FansProject, which I think is a better aesthetic fit for CHUG than Planet-X. However, they've yet to release a Snarl (and who knows if they ever will, at his point), while their Sludge and Slag seem to have interesting designs but seriously flawed executions. They seemed to have played it safer with their Grimlock, but ultimately they wound up with a very G1 Grimlock in robot mode that turns into a weirdly-proportioned T-Rex. Their Swoop is the only one I might suggest over GCreation or ToyWorld if you're open to mixing and matching.
  8. Google Translate say: "The superalloy Mirage machine, the procurement photograph was red, but the prototype was purple color on the purple side. Looking at it again, the head of the Mirage machine seems to be the main character." Purple color. Hmmmm.
  9. I like the idea of NUNS Marines. They are the perfect hybrid for a terrestrial / space story. However, I never saw a need for a variable tank. Armored GERWALKs, GBP's, a Marine version of the VB Koenig, LHD type carriers like the Quarter, etc... yes, they would be essential to a Marine arsenal. The Marines are generally a task force, not a Navy or an Army in scale. If you base them on the US Marines, you will notice that the US Marines tend to use proven gear and are rarely prone to adopting bleeding edge tech since troops need dependable equipment to do the hard missions.
  10. Great News ! Nice to see some of John's models back in market, your friend is plannig a reissue of all Regult versions ? I still need 3 of then to complete muito collection !
  11. I was wondering if 1/72 be closer instead, but after measuring my 1/72 battroid, it was like 7 and a half inches tall. Guessing perhaps 1/100 would be closer. Meantime, I found this:
  12. Looking quite sharp there, Arbit!!
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  14. Someone did it on purpose. Pink nips FTW!
  15. Hey guys, The lowest ticket price sale ends on Sunday so buy your tickets now before they go up on Monday, May 1st! Perks for the higher levels are explained as well.
  16. Lol. Glad the valkyrie is safe
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