Yamato 1/72 YF-21 Fast Pack prototype debut!
aka Graham does it again!


This year(2002) Shoji Kawamori attended the Macross Panel at Anime Expo for the first time. The first worldwide screening ever for the
upcoming(as of July 2002) Macross Zero OVA debuted here(for sale in a few months!)
There was a 2nd world debut here as well-the Yamato YF-21 with Fast Pack option! Yamato loaned us the YF-21 as a special display piece!

This is a completely resin prototype model with Fast Packs designed by Mr. Nishikawa(who is responsible for the 1/48 VF-1 mold). The prototype
is handpainted, so please excuse the minor scratches that occurred during the multiple transformations of the toy.

First off I'd like to apologize for the quality of the pictures, as I rushed to get some pictures before the toy was to be sent back.
On with the show!



Here are some pictures with the YF-21 looking about as tough as one could look in Battroid mode!
One new feature of the YF-21FP is the addition of ball-joints for the feet!




The original YF-21 did not come with a gun. This time there are two! Shown here are the guns collapsed and open.



Here is a picture with the Guns stowed in the armor.



Closeup of the lower armor parts. The guns clip into position from the bottom of the armor.



Another new feature for the YF-21FP is the leg stowage. This time the legs fold sideways greatly decreasing the
side profile height. In english this means a sleaker fighter mode!



Here is a picture in fighter mode with the armor removed-notice the profile is much cleaner!



Here are pictures in fighter mode with the armor attached. Rear landing gear is "plug & play" type. Unfortunately there
was not room to make them collapse into the armor.



As a final bonus here are the VF-22 parts! Yes-now you can replace the canopy and face and get an instant VF-22!
Now if only I could get them to include 3 different heads in their VF-1 model lineup...haha


Well thats about it for this sneak peek! Production is rumored to be around the end of this year, or early 2003.
Please post your comments in the MW Forums, as Graham will make sure your ideas are heard :)

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