Yamato's 1/60 scale transformable Roy Focker type VF-1S toy is due to be released around December 15th 2001, in Japan. However, I was lucky enough to receive an early sample last week for review on Macross World.
Yamato received a lot of comments from consumers that the ABS plastic used on the Hikaru VF-1A was too bright. So for the Focker type VF-1S they choose an ABS plastic that has a very slight greyish tint to it. Personally, I think this color looks great. Unfortunately, due to lighting problems when I was shooting the photos for this review, the color may not show up too well.
The Head
It will be interesting to see Macross World fans comments on Yamato's VF-1S head sculpt. Personally, I like it a lot, especially the translucent green eye-piece.
Please bear in mind that all Yamato VF-1 heads are designed to be optimised for fighter mode so that they hang down the least.
However, I can anticipate some people perhaps saying the head is a little too squat and the head lasers a little too big. However, before you all be too critical and bash the head sculpt, please consider that the VF-1S head is one of the most difficult shapes to correctly sculpt in 3D. In fact, the Yamato VF-1S head has gone through 3 or 4 different generations of sculpts to try to find the best compromise.
The VF-1S uses basically the same body as the earlier VF-1A toys, but Yamato have made a number of small but important improvements in response to fan feedback as follows: -
The Future?
Expect more improvements from Yamato, especially in terms of quality as they have a hot new person responsible for QC/QA, who really knows his stuff and will be very tough with the factory.
Also, with future VF-1 variants (probably starting with the FAST pack versions), we can expect to see the low-hanging gunpod problem resolved. Also, the shoulder rotation issue will also be improved in future.
Unfortunately, one fan complaint that can't be handled is the issue of having the legs more firmly attached in Gerwalk mode. As the heavy die-cast legs only have one attachment point in this mode, it is difficult to improve the attachment without a radical redesign.
The Yamato VF-1S is a great toy and I can highly recommend it.