Yamato 1/60 Max Type VF-1A

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Introduction & Release Details
The Yamato VF-1A Max type is due for release in Japan on February 21st or 22nd 2002, and will retail for 7,800. Luckily, I was able to obtain one a few days early for this review.
Just a quick note, this is going to be a shorter than normal review as except for the color scheme this toy is pretty much similar to previous Yamato VF-1 releases. So if you want more details on the toy or the transformation, read my earlier reviews of the Hikaru VF-1A, TRU VF-1A or Focker type VF-1S.
There is only one new change to the Max type VF-1A toy, but I'll cover that later on in the review.
Standard Yamato VF-1 box, with photos of the Max type. No surprises here.
Sticker Sheet
Same as previous VF-1 releases. See previous reviews in the MW toy section for a picture of the stickers.
Instruction Manual
The cover of the instruction manual is new, but the inside of the manual is the same as the one supplied with the VF-1S (see VF-1S review for pictures).
The VF-1A comes with the same accessories as the other previously released Yamato VF-1 toys, that is: -
Unfortunately, my VF-1A Max type toy was missing the small bag containing the two optional hands, spare nose plug and radio antenna.
Materials & Finish
The VF-1A Max type is made of the same greyish-white plastic as the Focker VF-1S toy. As a side note, there was originally some discussion at Yamato about using a white plastic with either a slight greenish or bluish tint for the Max type, but as Yamato wanted the toy to be released in February there was some rush to get the toy made before the factory in China closed for the Chinese New Year Holiday in mid-February. Thus there was not enough time to look into other colors, so it was decided to stick with the greyish-white of the Focker type.
The paint job on the Max type is very good, with no flaws.
Same as previous Yamato VF-1 toys (see my review of the Hikaru VF-1A for details on transformation).
New Changes
The only change Yamato have made to this toy is a minor change to the hip joint design, which allows the hips to bend backwards slightly more in battroid mode for improved posebility.
Other comments
Cat in the Box

Last night while I was taking the photos of the Max type, one of my cats "Harry" decided to crawl into one of my VF-1S boxes. I thought this was quite funny so I've included the photos.

Graham's Opinion
A good quality toy with no flaws except for the missing accessories. If you love Max Jenius or Yamato color variations then buy this toy.