Thanks to Yamato, Macross World was given the chance to take exclusive pictures of the VF-X2 game color VF-19A toy in it's final approved color scheme.
Unfortunately, the packing material, sticker sheet and gun pod were not ready in time for the photo shoot. The gun pod will be the same as the YF-19's gun pod, but with perhaps some minor color differences. Some good news is that the sticker sheet will be a modified version of the Macross Plus sticker with the names of the VF-X2 pilots replacing the names of the Macross Plus pilots.
Overall, the VF-19A toy is similar in design to Yamato's earlier YF-19 toy but with two major and one minor changes.
1) The first and most important change is that the knees of the VF-19A have undergone a complete redesign to get rid of the ugly gap present on the YF-19. By making the knees solid, this not only improves the appearance, but also makes the knees much stronger and will completely eliminate the knee breakage that sometimes occurred on the YF-19 if excessive sideways sideways pressure was applied to the knees. Also as a further improvement the hollow areas that were present on the back of the YF-19's knees and upper legs have also been filled in creating a much better appearance.The only downside to this redesign of the knees is that in GERWALK mode the legs cannot bend forward.
2) The second change is that the position of the shield has been modified to eliminate most of the gap between the shield and head in fighter mode that so many fans complained about on the YF-19.
3) The third and smallest change is that the sliding doors on the back of the lower legs are now fixed in position and no longer move (I'm not sure why).
The VF-19A transforms exactly the same as the YF-19, so anybody who owns the earlier toy will have no trouble transforming the VF-19A. The VF-19A should be a very sturdy toy as the changes to the knee have gotten rid of the last remaining weak point of the 19 design.
As someone who has done a lot of research on the VF-X2 VF-19A, I should point out that color scheme of the Yamato VF-19A does not follow the game colors with complete accuracy, but overall it is about 90% faithful to the game colors and the present color scheme has been approved by Mr. Kawamori.
The VF-19A is scheduled for release sometime in August.
In other news, we can now announce that Yamato are working on development of the FAST Pack version YF-21. Unfortunately, at this point in time we are not allowed to release any further details, but Macross World will be right there with the full story at the earliest chance.
That's all for now, enjoy the pictures.
I'm off for a long deserved 3 week vacation :-)