Toycom / Yamato : 1/72 YF-21 Omega One
Manufactured : 2000 Original Yen Price: 6800
MW's Current Collectibility Rating: Fair
MW's Max price we'd pay: $80
Description :

YF-21 Omega One flown by Guld in the Macross Plus OVA Series
Instructions and Decals

An early edition of the toy

Here is Final Version 1.0
thm_yf21boxfront.jpg thm_yf21boxleftside.jpgthm_yf21boxrear.jpgthm_yf21boxrightside.jpgthm_yf21boxtop.jpg

thm_yamatoyf19_if.jpg thm_yf21instructionsfront.jpgthm_yf21instructionsinside1.jpgthm_yf21instructionsinside2.jpgthm_yf21instructionsrear.jpgthm_yf21stickers.jpg


Click here for an excellent guide (in English too!) from the "Valkyries On Tatami" homepage

Graham's Comments

From: Graham Richard Parkes (
Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2000
Subject: I have purchased the YF-21


General Dimensions

The wing span from tip to tip is just a fraction under 9 inches (22.5cm).
The length of the toy in fighter mode is slightly less than 11 inches (27.5cm)
The height of the toy in battroid mode is 8 1/4 inches (21cm)
The toy weighs just over 14oz (405g). Many of the screws holes especially on the inner leg surface, underside of the nose and on the leg bay panels are covered by light blue color plastic caps to hide the screws.
The three small windows on the canopy are transparent plastic.

General impressions

The level of detail on the toy is very high. All the panel lines are painted and the toy looks good in all three modes, that is it accurately resembles the YF-21 the way it appears in the anime. The paint job is clean. The landing gear slightly more detailed on the 21 than the 19 and each landing gear has it's own cover unlike the YF-19 where the front landing partially sticks out in the closed position.
Metal Content
Firstly, the YF-21 has much less die-cast metal content than the YF-19. Basically, only the legs (thigh and calf sections) are metal.  The central part of the body to which the engine intakes and hips join is also metal, but that's it for metal content. I think the reason for the deceased metal content is basically due to balance. My SHE YF-21, which is all resin is so incredibly top heavy that it is a real feat to get it to stand up for more than a few seconds. Luckily the Yamato toy does not suffer from any balance problems and stands very well.
The YF-21 comes with the same stickers that were issued with the YF-19, however, they are now all pre-cut!!!! there is also an additional smaller sticker sheet containing 8 UN Spacy emblems in 4 different sizes (2 per size).
IMO, the transformation is more difficult than that of the YF-19 toy. As more parts of this toy are plastic, I was much more concerned with using force and overstressing the plastic. The transformation sequence is nearly identical to that of the SHE YF-21. This is not surprising considering that SHE had input on the design of the toy. Even though I own a SHE YF-21 and am familiar with the transformation, it still took me nearly 10 minutes to get the toy transformed from battroid to fighter the first time. Nothing has broken yet, but there are a few areas such as where the arms attach to the engine intakes that look quite fragile.
Instruction Sheet
The instruction sheet is very similar in style to that issued with the YF-19, but If anything, I found it more unclear.



From: Graham Richard Parkes (
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2000
Subject: More YF-21 comments

Now that I've had the Yamato YF-21 for a few days, I thought I'd post a few extra comments in addition to my original review(below).
With the release of the YF-21, Yamato definitely seems to have cleared up the quality control problems that plagued the YF-19. Quality of the 21 is superb in my opinion. The paint job is clean, the toy fits together great and the level of detail is very high. To be honest, there is nothing that I can really fault about this toy. My one and only concern is that the plastic part on the side of the intakes that the arms connect to seems a bit fragile. However, they are holding up fine so far after about 20 transformations so only time will tell if they are strong enough in the long run.
In my original review of the 21, I commented that I found the transformation more difficult than the 19. As this is highly subjective, I feel that I should clarify this point. I have years of experience with most of the transforming YF/VF-19 toys and models by Bandai and SHE, so right from the start I found the transformation of the Yamato YF-19 very easy. In fact I could never understand why so my people found it difficult. As I have less experience transforming my SHE YF-21, I naturally found it took me longer to transform my Yamato YF-21. With the Yamato YF-21, there are probably a few more steps involved in the transformation compared with the 19, but on the positive side there are no real tricky parts like there are with the 19, such as when forcing the YF-19's wings into the chest slots when transforming to fighter mode.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions concerning the 21.
In conclusion, I highly recommend the YF-21.


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