Yamato’s 1:60 Scale VF-1J Super Valkyrie Hikaru Type

(Reviewed by MWer Extra large Mumma. Review added 6th March 2006)

Box Description:

The box has dimensions of 12”x10¾”x4½”. The artwork features a reddish outer space background with glowing [sun]lights and len’s flares scattering throughout. The usual see-through front side, top side, and bottom side contain the words “MACROSS VARIABLE FIGHTER VF-1J SUPER VALKYRIE.” There is a red “Big West” sticker affixed to the bottom right corner of the transparent plastic. The right side contains four small pictures of the exposed engine of the right booster, the cockpit with pilot Hikaru Ichijo, the three super missiles on the right wing, and the toy contents san manual and sticker sheets. The left side shows pictures of the valkyrie in all three modes floating on the red space background. On the back side, a Super VF-1J Hiky is approaching, I assume, the earth’s atmosphere. The back side also contains the usual valkyrie specifications, some Japanese writings, etc.

Box Contents:

The usual transparent valkyrie-containing tray and its mate cover are here. From the tray we have the fighter valkyrie already with the FAST packs attached. Six RMS-1 missiles are included: a cluster of two for the outer pylon and a single one for inner pylon under each wing. The missiles are nicely painted. Then we have the usual GU-11 gunpod and heatshield. Last, we have the transformation manual, two sets of sticker sheets, and the registration card. While manuals for the previous VF-1’s (DYRL valkyries) have the sticker placements at the end, this one has them at the beginning. Next in the manual are part names, followed by transformation guide whose photos are from previous VF-1’s, followed by the FAST pack guide. The first sticker sheet is the same those for the DYRL valkyries. The second is for markings specific to TV valks and their FAST packs.

The FAST packs consist of a pair of back-mounted NB-BP-01 booster modules, a pair of arm-mounted NP-AR-01 missile launchers, and a pair of leg-mounted NP-FB-01 propellant tanks. Each leg FAST pack is two separate pieces that join together when they are attached to the valkyrie. Each of the back-mounted booster modules has a cover that can be removed to expose the engine, which is nicely painted. The back-mounted boosters come with the kite insignia affixed. The overall FAST packs are made of quality dark bluish-green plastic while the thruster regions are painted in gun metal. They are very well-designed, manufactured, and assembled.

The Valkyrie:

The valkyrie comes in the same color as the DYRL VF-1S although I seem to see it lighter than the later. The plastic is smooth and appears to be of better quality than that on the previous DYRL VF-1’s. The base color paint on the leg is just as smooth and matches the plastic well. There is no appearance of uneven paint or overspray. In Super Fighter mode, this baby measures 9½”x9½”x4”, looks well-proportioned and feels very solid compared to my previous 1:60’s. The left pelvic latch isn’t as loose all my other VF-1’s (including the later M&M), enabling the left leg to hold itself in place better. The canopy is very easy to remove. In the cockpit we have Hikaru sitting ever so attentively. His helmet and outfit don’t match the pictures on the box. I suppose he has different look between TV and DYRL version. The fighter doesn’t match the line art exactly in that with the landing gears on, the front droops a bit. This is understandable as the front landing gear strut can be only as long as the landing gear bay allows. However, the front landing gear tends to move inward, eventually collapsing itself. This happens so frequently.

In Super Battroid mode, the VF-J Hikaru type is one pretty serious-looking robot due to its head design. The aerodynamic shape of the overall head along with the chin and chiseled-looking visor simply makes the VF-1J the coolest robot (IMHO). The head would have looked even better, too, if the area framing the visor is painted, say, in gun metal color. The head lasers are a little too long and could be a little less pointed. The painted part should start after the middle (depressed) part. Of note, when transforming from Gerwalk or Fighter into this mode, the robot head should be turned ¾ view from the frontal position and its head lasers be moved into position one at a time. Measuring almost 9½” tall with the FAST packs on its back, the battroid needs a little help standing up straight. The pelvic bars that attach the legs to the torso become loose after a few transformations. It takes a little bit of time to adjust the leg position so that the battroid stands up straight without leaning forward to compensate for the weight on its back.

Coloring wise, the valkyrie (san the FAST packs) is mostly in its base color: off white. It is accentuated by a red stripe on its chest, a semi red-fill on each of the leg fins, and a red line below each knee. The red colorings are nicely done. All in all, this is the nicest valk of all my 1:60’s.


Pictures to be added later.