Bandai : Hi-Metal Red Canopy Cover for Bandai 1/55 VF-1S Strike Valkyrie
Manufactured : 1984 Original Yen Price: ??
MW's Current Collectibility Rating: Bend Over
MW's Max price we'd pay: $??
Description :

I found this on Cool Japanese Toys marketplace about 2 years ago, but missed the sale(doh!) by a couple weeks.
Apparently you could get a red clip on canopy cover(instead of the stock screw on black version) by entering special contests or raffles(or something like that). Why would you want a red cover? To match Hikaru's valkyrie in the Macros movie of course. Why it came stock with a black version we'll never know(ok-so it is drawn black a couple times in the movie by accident but that doesn't count)

If you have more information about this please send it in! Thanks


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