Here are some preview pictures of the upcoming Yamato 1/48 Transformable toy.
Details about the toy are in the text writeup underneath all the pictures.

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NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!
YAMATO'S 1/48 VF-1

Great news for all VF-1 fans. Yamato plans to release what promises to be the ultimate VF-1 toy.

This new Yamato VF-1 will be in 1/48 scale and will feature an incredible level of detail. However, it will not just be a scaled up version of Yamato's existing 1/60 scale VF-1 toy, but instead will be a completely all-new design. Excited?.................Well read on, the good news is just beginning!

The Yamato VF-1 will feature an all new proprietary perfect transformation method that does not require removal of the legs and also does away with the external hip bars of other manufacturer's VF-1 toys. I can't reveal the exact method of transformation at this time, but the end result is that the 1/48 is extremely poseable and also incredibly accurate to the anime appearance.

While on the subject of 'perfect transformation', the 1/48 VF-1 will be the first ever VF-1 toy to feature a heatshield that does not need to be detached and actually folds up to stow inside the chest in battroid mode similar to the IHP VF-1 garage kit. Even the Gerwalk mode backpack radio antenna does not require removal, but actually folds or collapses into the back pack.

Actually on the whole toy, there two parts which can optionally be removed at the owners choice, but these do not affect transformation. These parts are the left and right engine intake covers, which plug into the engine intakes. These are removable so that in fighter and Gerwalk modes the engine turbine blades can be seen and so the toy remains faithful to the anime. Originally Yamato had planned to have included hinged intake covers, but unfortunately this did not turn out to be practicable.

Mr. Macross 'Shoji Kawamori' himself went over the 1/48 sculpt on three separate occasions to make sure that Yamato got everything absolutely right. I'm not kidding when I say that this toy has a level of detail and accuracy approaching that of the Club-M Ultimate Strike Valk garage Kit!

Now, I've already had quite a lot of hands-on experience with the 1/48 and In my humble opinion, it is the most perfectly proportioned VF-1 toy ever made in all three modes. It is far better proportioned that even Yamato's own 1/60 VF-1 series. The Yamato 1/48 VF-1 is also Yamato's first Macross toy to have been designed on computer using CAD CAM, so past problems with asymmetrical parts and bad fitting should not be an issue this time.

The Yamato 1/48 VF-1 will also have many exciting features, such as: -
**Movable flaps on the wings.
**Removable engine intake covers and engine turbine detail.
**Removable nose cone with internal radar.
**Opening air brake on the chest plate.
**Highly detailed cockpit interior.
**Hinged opening canopy.
**Removable pilot figure.
**individually hinged fingers.
**Spring loaded 'pop-out' hands
**Pull out radio antenna for Gerwalk mode.

Also good news for fans is that the 1/48 is being designed right from the start to be capable of accepting FAST Packs. Yamato plans to sell the FAST Packs separately as optional add-ons. So this time those fans wanting FAST Packs will not have to buy a whole new VF-1 just to get the FAST Packs.

So far everything sounds great, but what's the downside I hear you asking? Well, firstly, the die-cast content of the 1/48 will be lower than on Yamato's 1/60 VF-1 toys, but hey, lets put this in perspective. The Takatoku/Bandai 1/55 toys, loved by most fans feature minimal die-cast except for hinges, landing gear and inner lower legs and you don't hear people complaining about lack of die-cast. The Yamato 1/48 VF-1 will have enough die-cast especially in critical areas to ensure durability.

Secondly, fans should be aware that all this detail and features on the 1/48 do come at a cost and the Yamato 1/48 will not be cheap! Both the retail price point and release date has not been decided yet, but Macross World hopes to let you know soon.