Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Maximillian Jenius Type Review The Best 1/48 Yet?

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Yamato released their 1/48 VF-1A Maximillian Jenius type (the third in the 1/48 series) in Mid-May 2003. After a few weeks of playing with this toy, I have to say it's probably the best of the 1/48 line so far.

Yamato have made two important changes to the toy, that were not present on the earlier 1/48 VF-1A Hikaru and VF-1S Focker types.

Firstly, Yamato have improved the nose cone design so that it does not fall off so easily. Basically, they have added small horizontal tabs on the left and right side of the radar mount. These tabs then slide into tracks inside the nose cone, thus adding two additional points of contact to help the nose cone stay on.

Secondly, Yamato have modified the way the flaps attach to the wings so that stay on much better, and do not fall off so easily. Also, the flaps now pivot down only. Actually, with a bit of force you can raise them, but as they are not supposed to go up, why bother!

The 1/48 Max-type box is basically the same as previous 1/48 boxes, although Yamato have finally got round to printing the correct spelling of 'Air Brake'. However, the box is not free of spelling mistakes as this time 'Radar' is spelt incorrectly as 'Rader'. Heh, heh!

The 1/48 Max-type comes with exactly the same accessories as Yamato's previous 1/48 releases, so no surprises there.

I should point out that the canopy on the Max-type VF-1A opens easily and stays up by itself, unlike the canopy on Yamato's previous 1/48 release, the VF-1S Focker-type, which had a very loose canopy. Also, the annoying gap below the cockpit that was present on the VF-1S has been fixed on the Max.

Personally I prefer DYRL colors to TV colors and I'm glad Yamato stuck with the DYRL colors for the Max-type. Especially as they have chosen a really nice deep dark blue. The lighter blue Yamato used for their earlier 1/60 VF-1A Max-type never really grabbed me, but the 1/48 looks amazing. With the latest 1/48, Max is finally getting the Valkyrie he deserves.