Super Robot Wars and Switchblade

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Each year(since 1984) the Wonder Festival event is held 2 times a year-once in Summer and once in Winter. This event is a gathering of garage kits manufacturers-ranging from the home grown start ups to the large dealers. The most attractive item to the smaller sellers is the ability to purchase a 1 day license to legally sell the kits from the anime show you enjoy! So yes, these sellers buy a 1-day license from Big West(in our Macross case) and they get to sell their kits! Now you know why you see all those little blue 'Big West' stickers everywhere. I'm going to go in Summer 2001 so I'm off to study my Japanese now. Just how do I ask 'Where is the restroom-its an emergency?' ha ha

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2 Battroid kits from Super Robot Wars. The first kit is a Battroid kneeling, the other is a Battroid standing. Very nice detail on the kits-and the pose looks great too.
Courtesy of Black Aces and Daryl Lee
Very stylized interpretation of the YF-19. From Switchblade.
Courtesy of Noel Lee

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