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Okay fellow fans, we need your help! We are attempting to document all the various Bandai kit reissues since 1985. So far we have found instructions for the models dated as such. Please note these are to be considered UNOFFICIAL stats until we get further verification. If you happend to have any knowledge of their history please send an email to Thank you!

1st ) 1985 This is the first Bandai Macross model kit release. These kits came with white background decals, model glue tubes, a white paper model making guide, and a colored cardboard 2 hole punch Valkyrie diagram card.

2nd) 1989/1990 In parallel with the 1990 rebroadcast of the Macross TV series in Japan, Bandai reissues their 1985 lineup in addition to new SD(as the opening was the SD version) and SD Samurai-type Valkyrie models. These kits have both the original white background decals and the new Blue background decals. Where the decals have a white background, a tube of model glue is also included. Stock numbers are new across the line. Some boxes still say Made in 1985 on the side, but the have the new stock id. Some of the boxes also have the Bandai logo overlapping the bottom right hand corner on the box art. (note: my guess is that the kits with the white background decals were left overs from the 1985 release-but this is just my UNVALIDATED theory). These kits only come with the white paper models making guide, the cardboard insert is absent. The first release was done in 1989, and it used the original box art from 1985 for some kits, but for the 2nd release in 1990 some of the kit's box art changed!

3rd) 1992 Bandai releases the Macross II VF2-SS model kit. They also release some(I've only documented a Phalanx for sure so far) original series kits. The decals have a blue background. The majority of the model release was done through their Garage kit division-B-Club. My Phalanx did not come with a white paper model guide, but I'd like to find others to make sure.

4th) 1994/1995 Bandai releases 1/144 and 1/100 Macross 7 models. They also rerelease most of the original series kits. Decals have a blue background. Oddly enought the Milia kit does not have the Bandai logo overlapping the box art.

5th) 1997 In celebration of the 15th anniversary of Macross, they rerelease the Macross II VF2-SS, the Macross 7 models, and the original kits. No inserts are included. Blue background decals.

Once again these is just our working outline-please send in information if you have any!

1985 Armored Lady

Young girls in Mecha suits were just becoming popular, and Bandai didn't miss the opportunity to cash in.

They produced 3 'Armored Lady' kits. 2 girls were based on the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series, the 3rd a Macross Strike Valkyrie!

1985 Original series.
Bandai was able to buy all of Imai's, and many of Arii's Macross model tooling when they declared bankruptcy. They created their own box art and decals for the kits. These are (in my opinion) some of the hardest Macross I've ever tried to locate!
1989/1990 1st Re-issue
Bandai rereleased their models in 1990. No large Arii models make it, or many Imai models either. Some(but not all) box art is changed.
1992 2nd Re-issue
Bandai rereleased their models in 1992
1994/1995 3rd Re-issue
Bandai rereleased their models in 1992
1997 4th Re-Issue
To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of Macross, Bandai produces their 4th reissue. Much of the box art was re-done. Still no Destroid Monster, or Regults. We do see some 'Chrome' type kits appear to replace Imai's Iron type though. Maybe for the 20th Anniversary (2002) we will see the full line ups again!?
Bandai Extras
These came in various Macross model kit boxes
1990 Samurai Figures
In 1990 Bandai introduced an extensive lineup of "SD Samurai" type series of Gundam models. They also did a series of 8 Macross VF versions!

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