Banpresto : Macross Plus
Originally Published: 1996   Original Yen Price: Unknown
Emulated? : No   Emulation Program: None
      MW's Current Collectibility Rating: Difficult
      MW's Max price we'd pay: $150
Description :

2 Player vertical scrolling shooter
7 stages
Your are Isamu, Guld, or an unnamed female pilot in this challenge to destroy Sharon Apple as she controls the Macross.
You choose what fighter you want-the VF-11, YF-19, or YF-21. Multiple power ups and smart bombs.
3 modes available-Fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid.







60 seconds




MW's Collectibility Rating
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VERY DIFFICULT : Pop up every few months. Depending on demand can far exceed expected value. Usually hard-core collectors battle it out over weird stuff like this
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