ENTRY #6 Shawn Klueck


Hi Shawn,

Attached is version 1

The reason why we have never had a true accurate swing down of the legs is because every company ONLY makes the TOP chest plate moveable. When you only slide the TOP chest section it leaves the legs so far behind that no hinge system could possible swing the legs down enough.

With this suggestion, the BOTTOM chest plate slides down in parallel with the TOP chest plate, so the distance the leg hinge has to rotate to is significantly shortened. The bonus is that this transformation is true to the anime.

The downside? Well for this to really be of use I need to develop a leg locking system. The leg needs to always be attached to either the hinge, or the nosecone. If this is done-then noone will lose parts and the toy is truly 'non-detachable.

So I am brainstorming some sort of sliding switch(perhaps the reverse thruster on the side of the leg?) that in one position, will lock the leg to the hinge. When moved it will release that lock, and attach to the nosecone. This is a tough one...

Shawn (haha)