ENTRY #8 John Moscato


Hi Shawn,

As per my post on Macrossworld forums, please find enclosed three diagrams (2 sketches, and one vector drawing.)

The diagrams denote my take on the Valkyrie hip-joint design as I would envision it for a future model or large toy *ahem* design.

As you can clearly see, I've opted to maintain the "swingbar"option, but as opposed to having this on the side of the aircraft, which is a terrible eye-sore, I've combined it into the Leading Edge eXtension to minimise its visibility.

The design is as close as I could get to Kawamori-san's interpretation, and I think it's quite feasible as a toy. The only drawback to this option is that the LEX would have to be thick enough to thread a durable enough screw/hinge point, and as you can surely denote, the whole design isn't quite as "tonka tough" as the old Takatoku design, but would work quite well on a toy aimed at more mature collectors.

Anyhoo, that's my nickel & dime approach. Please let me know what you think either way.

John F.Moscato
Renaissance Art Models