Dave Hodio sent in pics of his very impressive Macross Resin model collection

thm_hodio1.jpg 1/144 Destroids, Valkyries, Queadlun-Rau and the very nice 1/100 Armored VF-1 Battroid.
thm_hodio2.jpg The 1/144 Monster! I want this kit. Also showing his Club-M 1/72 VF-1's and Yellow Sub 1/100's.
thm_hodio3.jpg Still (in my opinion) the best Macross kit ever produced-the Club-M 1/48 Ultimate Detail VF-1S. Dave also has the very large 1/72(yes that's 1/72!) scale Queadluun-Rau-check out more pics in the Club-M section.