Brian O'Connor's ( ) collection!

Its best I simply let him explain! :)

thm_brianoc_resin models.jpg
Starting with the top row going left to right are the following: 1/72 scale Beta Fighter , 1/72 scale VF-11B Fighter by Club-M, 1/100 scale Armored Battroid by Yellow Sub.

Second row: 1/144 scale VF-4G Battroid by Yellow Sub.,1/100 scale VF-2SS Conversion Kit by B-Club, 1/100 scale Metal Siren by B-Club, 1/72 scale VF-1S Battroid by Kaiyodo, 1/100 scale VF-11 Battroid resin copy of Wave kit, 1/144 scale VF-1A Battroid by Yellow Sub.

Third Row: 1/100 scale YF-19 Battroid by Wave, 1/100 scale VF-11 Jamming Bird resin copy of Wave kit, 1/100 scale VF-1A Battroid Wonder Fest, 1/8 scale Sylvie Gina by G-Port, 1/8 scale Ishtar by G-Port, 1/6 scale Ishtar by Retppu.

Fourth row: 1/72 scale VF-2SS Valkyrie II by Musasiya, 1/144 scale VF-4G by Yellow Sub., 1/700 scale Valhalla III by Yellow Sub. and finally the 1/8000 scale SDF-1 by Yellow Sub.



thm_brianoc_laser discs.jpg

The second picture is my Laser Disc Collection.
Starting from left to right are the following: Orguss Perfect Collection and Orguss Memorial 1 and 2, Mospeada Perfect Collection, Southern Cross Perfect Collection, All of the Robotech Southern Cross LDs, Macros 15th Anniversary Memorial Box, All of Macross II on LD, Kishin Corps 1-4 (not Macross related but hey its there), and finally Macross 7 Box Fire 1, I hope to get part two soon.




Picture number 3 is a diorama I am working on with two Zentraedi pods in rough scale with a Valkyrie. The Missile Pod is a 1/100 scale resin recast of the original plastic kit, Arii I think, and the 1/100 scale Command Pod is the original plastic kit from the same company. The VF-1S Gerwalk is a 1/200 scale kit but assuming that most Zentraedi are the same size as a Valkyrie, this is to scale more or less.




The last picture is a resin 1/48 scale Red Leader Bioroid my company (Event Horizon) produced several years ago. This kit was built by the same person who is in the process of building my two VF-4 Fighters. It is a resin copy of the LS kit but with some alterations to make it more to proportional. This is the one we used for the box art. BTW I still have one left unbuilt. I would be willing to trade if anyone is interested.

Anyway, these are some of my favorite things in my Macross collection. I didn't include all the plastic models, books, CDs or Video tapes. I hope you like the pics and I appreciate you giving me a forum to display my collection to other fans. Please feel free to include my e-mail address if anyone wants correspondence with me.