Originally Published: March 2006   Original Yen Price: ¥3,500
Reissued : --   Reissued Yen Price: --
Number of Pages: 207   Size:  A4
Publisher: MdN Corporation   ISBN Number: 4-8443-5843-X
Description :

New book of Shoji Kawamori mecha artwork. Features both color artwork and black & white lineart of mecha from many of the anime series, console games and toys that Kawamori has worked on during his long career.

Features artwork of Macross, Cyber Formula, Armored Core, Sony Aibo, Lego Van Force/Exo Force, Patlabor, Gundam Stardust Memory, Crusher Joe, Gunhed, Dangaioh, Outlaw Star, Blue Submarine No.6, GITS, Aquarion & Eureka 7 (see contents page below for full listing). Surprisingly, art from Escaflowne, one of Kawamori's most popular series is absent from this book.

The first 15 pages or so of the book feature color design sketches from various series, followed by around 160 pages of black and white lineart. There is then a 24 page interview with Kawamori (in Japanese) at the back of the book, followed by a two page biography.

For Macross fans there are 4 color pages at the front of the book as well as 46 pages of black and white lineart.

The color pages include a two-page color spread of a cutway YF-19 in fighter mode (previously published in smaller form in the VF-X game books) and two pages of color VF-0 design sketches.

The black and white Macross lineart includes both rough design sketches and finished design drawings from SDF-Macross, DYRL, Macross Plus, Macross 7, VF-X2, M3 & Macross Zero. The long-awaited Macross Zero lineart occupies 17 pages out of the above-mentioned 46 pages. The Macross Zero lineart also includes the first ever published drawing of the SV-51's landing gear.

Most of the non-Macross Zero lineart has previosly been published in other Macross artbooks. Also included are 4 pages of thumbnail pics of just about every Battroid and Fighter from the Macross universe. These thumbnail pics are nice touch in my opinion

If you are a fan of Kawamori's mecha designs, this book is a must have. If however you are only a Macross fan and already own other Macross art books, the high price of this book may make you think twice. However, in my opinion, it is worth it just for the rare Macross Zero lineart and the beautiful VF-0S with Ghost Booster art on the rear cover.


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