Breaking news: Hidetaka Tenjin Scandal! An MBS Exclusive.

Hidetaka Tenjin, the artist famed for his Hasegawa Boxcover-art is proven to be a fraud. A former Hasegawa employee who wishes to remain anonymous has revealed that the famed "greatest Macross CG artist of all time" may not as brilliant as his fans think. According to our inside source, Mr. Tenjin would have the model department make full size painted replicas of the current project. The full size replica would then be sent into low orbit(for space enviroments), or pulled through the atmosphere by an out-of-scene tow aircraft for regular shots. Photographs of this full size mockup would then be lightly airbrushed and Mr.Tenjin would claim another "almost photorealistic" painting completed. His colleage says:" We at the modelling department would work our butts of creating these full-scale replicas, and then Tenjin comes in. He takes a few quick pictures, puts his name under it and then gets all the credit!!!"." It's time somebody put him in his place."


The picture above is a sample of the completed box art Tenjin is famous for.


This behind the scenes picture above was supplied by our anonymous source at Hasegawa.
It shows members of the Hasegawa modeling team making final adjustments on the full scale VF-1S Strike Valkyrie replica used in the image you see above.