Macross Frontier: 1/72 VF-25G Messiah by Hasegawa

Hasegawa is releasing Michael’s 2 seater VF-25G including the speaker pods in 1/72 scale. This is the follow up to their first Macross Frontier VF-25F/S kit. Bandai has released Michael’s VF-25G before but it was the 3 mode transformable version that was a single seater. This 2 seater (or if you prefer one seat) includes a Ranka figure sitting behind the pilot just like in the”Seikan Hikou” sequence of Episode 12 in the series.

Product Description from HLJ
This item is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.  

Hasegawa’s upgraded VF-25G Messiah from “Macross Frontier” looks fantastic!  Michael Blanc’s machine can be assembled with landing gear up or down, and the cockpit can be assembled with one or two seats.  A seated pilot figure and a seated figure of Ranka Lee are included. Molded in blue and gray with clear parts. 



HLJ link

Thanks to Greg Hignight of Tune in Tokyo for the scoop!

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1:1 VF-25 Returns! 「MACROSS feat. CIT」!


Macross CIT

Long-time Forum user and SpeakerPODcast co-host Save has just snapped the above pic.

It appears that the 1:1 VF-25 (previously displayed at both Ikebukuro and Yokohama) will be returning again, this time in what looks to be a more (semi-)permanent home at the Tokyo Skytree campus of Chiba Institute of Technology.

Feat CIT

Save had previously posted pics of the hand of the VF-25, seemingly under-construction, but the news of the display did not hit until today.


The display opens from February 22 (Sat) and is open daily from 10:30~18:00.


Macross 2 Bluray Boxset Announced


Both Bandai Visual and AV Watch have listed a bluray release of perennial fan favourite Macross 2: Lovers Again.

The 6-episode OVA will be released as a 2-disc bluray boxset on July 25, 2014 at a recommended retail price of 14,904yen, and will include a 100-page booklet and clean OP & ED.  As with other recent Macross releases, the boxset will only be manufactured for 12 months.

No word on English language options at this stage.

Preorders are already up over at Amazon Japan.

MACROSS THE MUSEUM ver.1.01 Announced!


MACROSS THE MUSEUM, featuring a 1:1 scale VF-1S cockpit, will be re-opening, this time at the Ishinomori Manga Museum in Miyagi Prefecture.

The previous version of the exhibit was held at the Tezuka Osamu Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture. As such, it included original illustrations of Macross-Tezuka mashups such as the Ribbon Knight.

This time around, the exhibit will include mashups with Shotaro Ishinomori characters, such as Cyborg 009.

Along with the 1:1 VF-1S cockpit, the museum will be split into 3 main sections: (1)The development and evolution of the Valkyrie, (2)The Legendary Songstresses who ended war, and (3)Superdimentional Materials Corner (a display of Macross production materials and merchandise).

DATES: March 13 ~ July 6, 2014

VENUE: Ishinomori Manga Museum

Further details TBA.


Oshare Macross Store – 02/01-02/22


The latest in the series of temporary ‘Oshare Macross’ stores opened at Shinjuku Marui Annex today.

With a decidedly Valentine’s Day theme, this new Oshare Macross also featured a sneak peek at the packaging for the upcoming Macross Frontier movies Bluray box set (with the art for the extras disc being a temporary placeholder), some new Sheryl and Ranka art (art-cards & tapestries), Macross-themed cakes and cookies, and even a hidden Hidetaka Tenkin-signed valkyrie. Oh, and the Decul-CHA (Cha = tea) pun was finally taken to it’s logical extreme with the introduction of Macross Frontier-branded tea.


Oshare Macross will be held from Feb. 01 to Feb. 22 on the 6F of Shinkuku Marui Annex.

Hit the jump below for the full gallery of pics!

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UPDATE! Bandai DX YF-29 Ozma Lee Coloring

Thanks to Kanedas Bike for the scoop and to IXTL for the bigger scan…

UPDATE! New images after the jump!


The YF-29 sure is getting it’s share of repaints. After the original Alto scheme came the Focker Anniversary, the Isamu colors and now Bandai is going to release Ozma’s scheme from the Wings of Goodbye Hybrid Pack and other games. I do think that Ozma always gets the coolest colors. This is set for release May 2014 for 17000円. For sale in Japan only.


Photos from Tamashi page

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Macross Cross-Deculture Screens


Macross Cross-Deculture, the ‘Free-to play’ social game for smartphones that debuted on Android devices in July 2012 and iOS later on, will be terminated by Bandai Namco games on February 17 – possibly to make way for the upcoming Macross Card Fighter and Macross Sound Scramble mobile games.
Cross-Deculture was typical card-based free-to-play fare, with the few actual interactive gameplay elements having little resemblance to the original teaser trailer that Bandai Namco initially released. Overall, it wasn’t much fun to actually play.

What it did have, however, was some great character art and interesting re-purposing of Macross characters and events (unfortunately as gatcha lucky draw prize campaigns for the most part).

For those who didn’t have the chance to see the game in action, a bunch of character and in-game screenshots can be found in the below gallery (sorry for the over abundance of Minmei shots – I used her far more than either Sheryl or Ranka!).

Superdimensional Duet Collection – Nyan Kora! (Nyan Collaboration)


Due to be released on March 26 at a recommended retail price of 2000yen (plus tax) this 30th anniversary duet album will feature 5 all new collaborations, as well as the duets previously featured on the Nyan Dora drama albums. Among other highlights, the album will also include the first ever recorded version of the Mao Nome/Sheryl Nome version of Aimo that was first performed at the Macross Live 30 concert in 2013!
Track List
1. REMEMBER 16 <Macross 7>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
Basara x Ranka
2. Koi no Banana Moon <Macross 2>
Luca x Nanase
3. Runner(big Klan ver.) <Macross TV>
(previously on ichiban kuji D-prize music CD collection)
4. Uchuu Fuufu-kan <Macross F>
Capt. Wilder x Monika
5. 0-G Love <Macross TV>
Grace x Leon
6. Totsugeki Love Heart<Macross 7>
Ozuma x Cathy
7. Shao Pai Lon <Macross TV>
Alto x Brera
8. Aimo <Macross F>
Mao x Sheryl
【Bonus Tracks】
9. Lion <Macross F>
Big Klan x Klan Klan
10. Friends~Jikuu wo koete~ (15th Anniversary single)
Minmei x Mylene