The Legend of the Zentradi Stamp Kit — Part Three

“And now… The conclusion.” In the third and final part of this video series, we put our skills to the test and actually build the kit, and then move on to trying our hand at printing secret messages in alien […]

New Banpresto Macross F Figures

New Banpresto Macross F Figures

Scooped a few days back by forum user CF18, and later followed up on with further pics by Reivaj and nanoplasm, Banpresto has revealed the latest additions to their Macross figure lineup. These are ‘prize figures’ for UFO catchers (commonly […]

The Legend of the Zentradi Stamp Kit — Part Two

Aaaand… we’re back!  Save, Bariaburu Faita and I triumphantly return from the deepest, darkest depths of Asakusabashi to bring you another installment in the continuing archaeological saga of that Holiest of Grails, the Zentradi Stamp Kit by Nichimo! In Part […]

SDF Macross — Blu-Ray Box is out NOW!

Hello, what’s this?  Oh, it looks like Macrossworld scoopmeister Tochiro has taken some photos of his beautiful carpet.  Lovely… but wait!  There’s some STUFF on it, innit guvna’!  Could it be the uber-deluxe limited edition 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray Box Set […]

The Legend of the Zentradi Stamp Kit — Part One

It is my pleasure to bring to MacrossWorld a random oddity from the depths of some Japanese guy’s basement. Yes, it’s the legendary Macross Zentradi Stamp Kit, by Nichimo. I had never seen one in person, never saw a review […]