SpeakerPODcast Ep.69 – MacrossΔ Ep.26 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) The galactic-spanning conclusion to Macross Delta is here, and the Gertalk Gang sit down (finally) to try to make sense out of it all… aww, who are we kidding? VF-9! VF-9! VF-9! VF-9!… Music this […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.68 – MacrossΔ Ep.25 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) Episode 25 of Macross Delta hits – the penultimate episode… but who or what does it actually reveal? Join the SpeakerPODcast Crew as they GerTalk all about it over some tasty Berger. Music this cast […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.67 – MacrossΔ Ep.24 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) OBJECTION! Episode 24 of Macross Delta is on trial and Mike and Chris visit SpeakerPODcast headquarters in Tokyo to discuss the traumatic events of the episode as they play out. Music this cast includes covers […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.66 – MacrossΔ Ep.23 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) What do angry nuns, King of Fighters and Haruhi all have to do with Episode 23 of Macross Delta? Tune into the latest Gertalk to find out! Featuring Craig and Karice  and all the latest news and Delta […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.65 – MacrossΔ Ep.22 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) Hayate has gone full Alto. And you should never go full Alto. With episode 22 having just hit the airwaves, Macross Delta hits the home stretch running. Craig and Karice join us again this week to discuss the […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.64 – MacrossΔ Ep.21 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) FLASHBACK 2016! What is Mikumo’s big secret? What is Roid’s fascination with big-screen TVs? What does Macross 2 have to do with… anything, really? Craig and Karice join us this week to discuss the latest episode and […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.63 – MacrossΔ Ep.20 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) Episode 20 of Macross Delta is out and one thing is clear – it’s all a series of tubes! And then there’s Mirage’s big confession – but who is it to? Craig and Howard join […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.62 – MacrossΔ Ep.19 SPOILERCAST!

SpeakerPODcast Ep.62 – MacrossΔ Ep.19 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) Episode 19 of Macross Delta. It’s a lot of things. Its got nostalgia. Its got info dumps. Its got controversy. Its got Macross 7 references. But most of all, its got Berger. Lots and lots […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.61 – MacrossΔ Ep.18 SPOILERCAST!

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) Episode 18 of Macross Delta has aired and the SpeakerPODcast Crew is on the scene to talk all about it! We are joined this week by Karice and Craig, heck even our own Mysterious Venus […]

SpeakerPODcast Ep.60 – Anime Expo 2016

SpeakerPODcast Ep.60 – Anime Expo 2016

(download – right click & ‘save as’ ) This years Anime Expo was a special event in particular for Macross fans, with Shoji Kawamori himself in attendance! Richard Satelight gets the Jaznicks back together to talk all about meeting the man himself. (Photo […]